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OuhSnap's Podcast

OuhSnap's Podcast

By Robin Klose
Founded in 2018, our goal was to unite Photography Enthusiasts all over the globe to build a loving and caring community. – Today, with the publication of "An Antidote To The 9-5 Way Of Life" we are focusing our efforts to help people unhappy with their current situation.

Making money on the internet has become an achievable goal in today's society. That's why being stuck in a job, that doesn't fully satisfy your needs and dreams is a waste of energy.

Let's learn new skills, widen our horizons and strive for greatness together. Do what makes you truly happy and stick with it.
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An Antidote To The 9-5 Way Of Life [Excerpt] - Passionfinding and Critical Problem-Solving
The E-Commerce sector collected all-time high profits during the past few months while other companies were struggling to make ends meet.   How is that even possible you may ask?    It’s simple: The consumer mindset hasn’t changed during the quarantine.    What has changed though is the availability of groceries, clothes, hobby-equipment and much more.  The only logical thing to do now for most people is to shop online - even more than before because of the constant boredom.  A well-known example is Amazon, which shares reached a new high during this pandemic.   Why am I telling you all this, you may be asking.    Well, I want you to not be affected by economic recessions anymore.  And the easiest way to become independent is by starting your own online store!  You see, finding a passion is closely bound to becoming successful.  But you have to be smart enough to turn it into something you can live from.    That’s where we come into play with our new book ‘An Antidote To The 9-5 Way Of Life’.  It’s a hands-on, step by step guide that our readers can follow along.  What You’ll Learn:   How to manage multiple social media channels at once by utilizing native content the correct way and therefore driving insane sales.  Facebook and Instagram advertising secrets that are going to blow your mind. Seemingly simple changes in your ad copy have huge impacts on your profits and we explain why.   Building honest relationships between your brand and the prospects by assembling super targeted email sequences.   An exact blueprint to our most successful landing page and funnel yet. You’ll erase every single doubt that may come to your prospect’s mind and leave him/her no other choice but to take that call to action!
October 18, 2020
How To Market Your Business in 2020 With Gary Vee's 'Crushing It'
Good morning, good evening or good afternoon to all you fellow dreamers and creators and welcome back to OuhSnap! In today’s podcast I want to talk about how YOU can leverage the power of social media to your advantage with the help of Gary Vee’s 2018 book “Crushing It!”.  This book is basically a revised version of one of his former books called “Crush It!” and at the core of its message are the endless opportunities modern social media offers for creators, businesses and freelancers, so people just like you and me, all over the world.  We all spend so much time at work, why waste that time doing anything other than what we love most?  Life's too short for that. And when it comes to professional opportunities, today is the best time to be alive in humankind, because as he puts it: Social Media=Business; and he doesn’t want anyone to waste these opportunities.
December 29, 2019
How To Live The Life You Want!
We human beings are blessed with some of the characteristics that other living creatures don’t have. One of them is to imagine and dream. Hence, we dream about those things that we don’t have, but in this race of achieving our dreams, we forget to live the best of our present. This is the reason that we have come up with this new video that is going to tell you, “How to live the life that you want”.
December 16, 2019
Our Top 10 Books Recommendations + Honorable Mentions
In our first official YouTube video we feature our top 10 book recommendations for aspiring entrepreneurs or people looking for improvement in their lives in general. Our picks include mainly non fiction but we also included some fictional stories such as 'I am Legend' and 'The Alchemist'.    Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, explained that he likes to read a healthy mix of fiction and nonfiction, whereas he prefers thrillers and fantasy books over self improvement books for example.   The books mentioned range from people looking for metaphorical treasures, lawyers who decided to live like Indian monks, apocalyptic scenarios all the way to some 'pure' guides about life. Some of the best self improvement books simply tell important life advice in every chapter and give examples in real life scenarios. This is really helpful when starting to feel lost in today's day and age.
November 3, 2019