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The Our Effect Podcast

The Our Effect Podcast

By Jake Causley
Join hosts Jake & Siôn on 'The Our Effect Podcast', as they explore key sustainability themes & concepts, and highlight how we can all make a difference on our campus, in our local communities, and across the globe. Start streaming now and discover special guests, top eco-tips, and fun, factful discussions which will equip you with an array of sustainability knowledge and skills!
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4. Shopping Sustainably

The Our Effect Podcast

Sustainable Sort-out: dealing with Christmas waste
‘The Our Effect Podcast’ is back! And we’re kicking off with a new feature-length episode - ‘Sustainable Sort-out: dealing with Christmas waste’. To start the New Year off more sustainably, host Jake welcomes new co-host Siôn Walters - FX Plus’ Graduate Energy Intern - to talk over how we can deal with all our Christmas waste in the most Planet-friendly way. From discarded wrapping paper, to downgraded tech, to real Christmas trees, the festive season can be an extremely wasteful time, but the boys are here to help you become waste warriors and take some big steps for sustainability heading into 2021! This podcast was created by Jake Causley, Sustainability Coordinator for Falmouth University, and features Siôn Walters, FX Plus’ Graduate Energy Intern. Both Jake & Sion are members of the Cornwall Campuses Sustainability Team, who work on behalf of both Falmouth University, the University of Exeter, and FX Plus. If you have further questions about sustainability on campus, or in other walks of life, contact Jake by email at: .​
January 12, 2021
BONUS: Growing A Sustainable Campus
To round off the first series of The Our Effect Podcast, we've got an extra-special, feature-length bonus episode for you all - 'Growing a Sustainable Campus' ! Hosts Jake & George ask what are some of the initial steps towards developing a more sustainable university campus, and how did this journey get kickstarted at the Cornwall Campuses? They speak to two guests who were central to this process: Tony Sanders, former Managing Director of FX Plus; and Prof. Juliet Osborne, former Director of the Environment & Sustainability Institute at the Penryn Campus.
October 16, 2020
10. A Sustainable Offering: Sustainability in Courses (Part 2)
The bad news is, this episode marks the end of the first series of 'The Our Effect Podcast'...But the GOOD news is, it's a super-duper, sustainable spectacle of an episode - we're touching again on the very special topic of sustainability within University courses! Join Jake & George as they welcome another two academics from the Cornwall Campuses who are getting sustainability gold stars for leading the way in incorporating sustainability into Falmouth University's course catalogue! First up, the duo welcome Steven Bond, an Associate Lecturer in Graphics, and general eco-warrior! Steve tells the boys all about his recent 'Choices Choices' module. The module, which Steve rapidly, successfully, and admirably delivered online in response to the COVID-19 UK lockdown, encouraged students to help deliver positive responses to the climate & ecological emergency through design, also enabling students to develop their critical thinking when it comes to sustainability issues as well. Steve also touches on his other sustainability passions, notably his work to bring a renewable biodiesel product to the UK market via his new business ''Other Oils'! Secondly, the wonderful Paul Russell joins Jake & George to tell them all about two new, sustainability-focussed courses he's bringing to Falmouth's School of Entrepreneurship this year – Sustainable Festival Management and Sustainable Tourism Management! Paul tells the boys more about the courses' delivery partnership with the Eden Project, and shares his knowledge on the complex issue of 'assessing' the sustainability of student projects, degree content, as well as products and services in our day-to-day lives.
September 26, 2020
9. Moving Forward: Sustainable Travel
In this episode of 'The Our Effect Podcast', expect a journey of enlightenment and discovery, as we explore sustainable travel! Though one host down, Jake fills George's void by inviting along the other two members of The Cornwall Campuses' Sustainability Team to the podcast - Oliver Milliner, Head of Sustainability for Falmouth University & FX Plus, and Siôn Walters, Graduate Intern in Energy Projects! Ollie & Siôn discuss with Jake the issues of travel when it comes to sustainability, highlight 'active travel' and the benefits of commuting in this way, and share their thoughts on what they think a the future of travel will look like both in Cornwall and across the globe. Furthermore, listen in to hear the benefits of surfing as a mode of transport, a host of recommendations for active travel in the Falmouth & Penryn area, and reasons why petrol-heads need to head over to New Zealand...!
September 26, 2020
8. An Introduction to The Green Council
Are you a student at Falmouth or Exeter University, studying on the Cornwall Campuses, and interested in sustainability? If so, this is a must-listen episode for you! Jake & George speak in this episode to Ellen Monaghan, former Environment & Ethics Chair at The Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union. As part of her role, Ellen oversaw 'The Green Council' - a group of passionate, engaged students who volunteer their time and efforts to help create changes for sustainability across campus. Green Council members help The Campuses' Sustainability Team and University Leaders drive environmental and sustainability related campaigns and events, and instigate institution-level changes. Put simply, if you want to help drive real change for sustainability whilst studying at the Universities, get involved with The Green Council! Ellen, along with the new President Student Experience for The Students' Union, Amelia Banton, tell you just how to get involved, reflect on some amazing campaigns that have happened over the past few years, and - in case you haven't already been convinced! - explain why YOU should join The Green Council! 
September 23, 2020
7. A Lightbulb Moment: Energy & Sustainability
Saving energy - it's a key part of our journey towards a carbon neutral world, but it's not all about big renewable projects and removing dirty fossil fuels! There are steps everyone can and must take in their own lives, if we are to cut our individual and collective carbon footprint and achieve sustainability. So, what can we all do? Fear not! In this episode, Jake & George bring in Dave Lawrence, Energy Manager, and Siôn Walters, Graduate Intern Energy Projects, to help 'illuminate' the challenges and opportunities surrounding energy and sustainability, and 'shed some light' on those important small actions each of us can take to make a big collective difference. Both Dave & Siôn work for FX Plus, Falmouth & Exeter Universities' campus delivery partner for the Cornwall Campuses, and bring a wealth of knowledge and insights into energy use on campus, across the UK, and at home.
September 22, 2020
6. 'Sustainable Societies Speed-dating' ! (Part 2)
Join Jake & George as they bring to you the second helping  of 'The Our Effect Podcast' episodes! Like last Monday, in this episode the pair set you up on some sustainable speed-dates with green societies at The Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union! All your dates are committee members from sustainable societies based at the Cornwall Campuses, and they're ready to give you all the information you need to make a decision as to whether to join a society on future dates, through becoming a member! Jake & George pose all the important questions to your dates - Are there trips? How would you sum up the society in 3 words? Cream tea or pasty? (that last one's important, no?!) So listen into this episode for lots of guests and a variety of sustainability content, and see which sustainable societies take your fancy!
September 21, 2020
5. A Sustainable Offering: Sustainability in Courses (Part 1)
We're rounding off week one of 'The Our Effect Podcast' with a very special episode exploring sustainability within University courses! Join Jake & George in welcoming two academics from the Cornwall Campuses who are leading the way through incorporating sustainability into their course content. First up, Professor Dave Hodgson, who discusses how biosciences, ecology, and sustainability are linked, and sells his new module - 'Rewilding the UK' - to Jake & George! And last but not least, John Boddy, Head of the Fashion & Textiles Institute, who enlightens the pair on how the department is addressing sustainability, outlines their brand new sustainability-focussed course, and discusses his exciting  research on sustainable materials!  Tune in for an overview of how sustainability is being centralised in the course catalogue at both Falmouth University and The University of Exeter on the Cornwall Campuses!
September 19, 2020
4. Shopping Sustainably
In this episode, Jake chats to local sustainable heroine Hannah Pearce, CEO & Founder of 'un_rap', Falmouth's first and only zero waste store! Tune in to hear all about what un_rap is, how it came about, and what goodies you can find in the shop! As well as this, Hannah shares her knowledge and advice surrounding shopping better & with the Planet in mind, whilst enlightening us all with  top tips for cutting plastic use, insights into some key issues with waste & recycling, as well as recommendations for zero-waste treks! Students - be sure to listen all the way to the end...there may just be some cheeky exclusive offers revealed!
September 17, 2020
3. Sustainability & Your SU Presidents
In this episode, we're focusing on the student experience & sustainability down on the Cornwall Campuses, in particular looking to The Falmouth & Exeter Students Union ('The SU') - Where does sustainability fit into The SU? Who is responsible acting on sustainability? What achievements have The SU been made so far in terms of sustainability, and what is planned for the future? Join hosts Jake & George, as they welcome 2 special guests to the podcast: Sarah Redman, former President Student Experience for The SU, and Amelia Banton, the current President Student Experience for The SU. The duo are educated by Sarah all about the development of the sustainability scene here at the Campuses over the past two years, and are inspired by Amelia through discovering all the current and future items on the sustainability agenda! There's top tips from both guests, stories of past and present successes and challenges, as well as details of the ways in which you as students can get involved further with sustainability initiatives whilst studying at the Cornwall Campuses!
September 16, 2020
2. Talking Trash: Waste & Recycling
In this episode, Jake's doubled the fun (and confusion) by welcoming not only good 'ol co-host 'Handsome George', but also 'Bin George' - he's in the know about all things rubbish! Tune into this episode to dive deeper into the processes, problems, and myths of waste & recycling. 'Bin George' (AKA George Wade) enlightens the duo through drawing on his work for 'Binit', a waste management company that "don't believe in waste of any kind", and touches on: the problems with current waste management; how we can all improve our sustainability through managing our waste better; future innovations in the waste sector; and what his favourite type of bin is - yep, you heard it here first!
September 15, 2020
1. ‘Sustainable Societies Speed-dating’ ! (Part 1)
Join Jake & George as they kickstart the series with lots of guests and a variety of sustainability content! In this episode, the pair set you up on some sustainable speed-dates! All your dates are committee members from sustainable societies at The Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union, based at the Cornwall Campuses, and they're ready to give you all the information you need to make a decision as to whether to join a society on future dates, through becoming a member! Jake & George pose all the important questions to your dates - Are there trips? How would you sum up the society in 3 words? Cream tea or pasty? (that last one's important, no?!) So listen in, and see which sustainable societies take your fancy!
September 14, 2020