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Our American Queen: A Taylor Swift Podcast

Our American Queen: A Taylor Swift Podcast

By Our American Queen
Have you ever wondered what transformed Taylor Swift from America’s sweetheart into a snake? Join two twenty-something sisters as we explore Taylor’s career through the media’s eyes, dissecting all the small digs the media took overtime that ultimately led to Taylor's "big reputation" as a cold-blooded, calculated, victim playing man-eater. Come along as we debate, discuss, and even have some fun talking music!
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The 1989 Era: How Taylor Swift Became a Pop Star
Welcome back! In this episode, we discuss the PR strategy Taylor Swift and her team implemented to make the 1989 era a rousing success. Secret sessions, Swiftmas, endorsements, New York City, squad name it, we're talking about it!  Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
January 22, 2022
Taylor Swift's Re-Recording Era Part 2: Rewriting the Future
In Part 2 of this series, we touch on the significance of Taylor owning her life's work and the possibility of another 2016-level exposure.  Follow us! Instagram: @ouramerqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
December 01, 2021
Taylor Swift's Re-Recording Era Part 1: Revisiting the Past
After a month packed with Taylor content, we're sitting down to debrief the incredibly successful Red TV era, and what has transpired in terms of Taylor's current reputation. In Part 1, we compare Taylor's reputation in 2012 and now, and examine the repercussions of her relationship history getting dragged up once again. Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
November 30, 2021
Red (Taylor's Version)
Today we're breaking down Red (Taylor's Version) and giving our takes on both the re-recorded tracks and the vault!  Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
November 26, 2021
All Too Well Short Film (feat. Lane)
Today we're breaking down our initial thoughts on Red (Taylor's Version) and then diving into the All Too Well short film that came out Friday!   Follow us!  Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod  Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
November 17, 2021
Catching Up On News #5: Vault Tracks, TikTok & Project Acorn?
Red (Taylor’s Version) is right around the corner, and we’re back to break down every single detail this month! Come along as we theorize about the Red TV vault tracks and what we can expect from them. Then, we give our thoughts on Taylor’s new TikTok presence, and a mysterious filming notice that was seen outside of her NYC apartment. We even got a piece of breaking news during this don’t want to miss it!   Follow us!   Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod  Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
November 05, 2021
One Year of Folklore: Taylor Swift's First Surprise Album
Celebrate the one year anniversary of "folklore" with us!  Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod Email:
July 24, 2021
The Nils Sjöberg Saga: Calvin Harris, Twitter Rants and Pseudonyms
This week we're talking all about Taylor Swift's pseudonym, Calvin Harris' twitter rant, and This Is What You Came For!  Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod Email:
July 09, 2021
Catching Up On News #4: Red (Taylor's Version) Announcement and Predictions
We're back! This week, we're catching up on some news we missed. We discuss the new Scooter Braun article, Taylor's return to acting, and our thoughts on Red (Taylor's Version).  Also, we now have an email address...feel free to send us any thoughts or ideas you may have at! Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
June 25, 2021
The Lover Era: An Era Cut Short
This week, we're talking all things Lover! Join us as we discuss how the era got cut short due to the pandemic, Taylor's public perception during the era, and Lover's marketing and singles!  Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
May 10, 2021
Fearless (Taylor's Version) (feat. Alayna)
We're breaking down Fearless (Taylor's Version) this week! We discuss our favorite vault tracks and original track re-records, and also predict what the future re-record roll out will look like.  Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
April 16, 2021
Catching Up On News #3: Ginny, Georgia and Grammys
This week, we're catching up on some Taylor news that happened in March. We cover the now infamous Ginny and Georgia tweet, and share our reactions to the Grammys (Taylor's 3rd AOTY win)! Grammy talk is from 0:00-18:00, Ginny and Georgia is the rest of the episode! Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
March 25, 2021
Controversial Taylor Swift Songs Vol. 2
This week, we're diving into five more controversial Taylor songs!  Re: the discussion on Dear John - to clarify, we are talking specifically about emotional abuse and manipulation as described in the lyrics of the song.  Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
March 05, 2021
Catching Up On News #2: Fearless (Taylor's Version) Announcement and Predictions
Join us as we talk about Taylor's exciting announcement this week! We also theorize about TS10, the unreleased songs, and the album art for the rest of the re-records.    Follow us!   Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod    Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod 
February 13, 2021
Controversial Taylor Swift Songs Vol. 1
This week, we're diving into five controversial Taylor songs! Come along as we discuss how these songs contributed to the negative public perception of Taylor throughout her career.   Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
January 29, 2021
Welcome to New York: Squad Members, Lattes, and a Global Ambassadorship
Let's all take a trip back to 2014! A year where Taylor was living in New York, sipping lattes with her squad, promoting 1989...and acting as a Global Ambassador? Join us as we break down ALL the criticism Taylor got for her move to NYC, and also for her promotional single Welcome to New York!  Follow us!  Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod  Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
January 03, 2021
Evermore (feat. Alayna)
Now that we've had "evermore" for a few days, we're breaking down our favorite songs and lyrics from the album with our friend Alayna!  Unfortunately, we skipped over "tolerate it" in this episode, but we all really enjoyed it a lot!  Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
December 17, 2020
Mini Episode: Evermore Emergency (!!!)
The Cottagecore Queen herself, Miss Taylor Swift, has decided to drop her 9th studio album "evermore" TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! Join us as we dissect the track list and make some predictions! It's another GREAT day to be a Taylor fan! Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
December 10, 2020
Taylor Swift's Dating History: Too Many Breakup Songs?
You know the drill: Taylor has had too many boyfriends, she writes too many break-up songs about them...etc. It's all just exhausting. However, we're more than ready to speak some truth and deep-dive into this facet of Taylor's reputation. Trust us, there are A LOT of things to debunk when it comes to this (mostly sexist) topic!  Follow us!  Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod  Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
December 04, 2020
Mini Episode: The Long Pond Studio Sessions
Here are some quick thoughts we had about Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions...shoutout to Taylor for continuing to provide us with incredible content in 2020! Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
December 02, 2020
Catching Up On News #1: Let's Talk About Scooter Braun
Join us for a rant filled episode about the Scooter Braun situation that has continued to develop over the past week. We have a lot of thoughts and some things to get off our chests. But - we also have some fun speculating about Taylor’s re-recordings and the surprises she has in store! Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
November 20, 2020
Three Years of Reputation: Snakes, Catharsis, and Starting Over
Come along as we chat all things reputation, and answer some hard-hitting questions. Like, why did Taylor decide to take a darker route with this album? How did her social media strategy heighten the era? What does the album mean to us three years later? And most importantly, what's our favorite alcohol reference?   Are you ready for it?  Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod  Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
November 12, 2020
Taylor Swift and the 2016 Election: Apolitical to Outspoken
From apolitical to outspoken, join us as we analyze Taylor’s political involvement (or lack thereof) from the beginning of her career up to the 2016 election. Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
October 15, 2020
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift: Bad Blood and Backup Dancers
The first installment in our series about all of Taylor's most famous "feuds"! This week, we're tackling Katy and Taylor's feud which started with *drum roll* back-up dancers. Although it might seem petty at first, there is a lot to learn from this "feud" in terms of the media coverage of female celebs and feminism at large. Join us!   Follow us!  Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod  Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
October 08, 2020
20 Questions: Taylor Swift Edition
Join us for a Taylor Swift themed game of 20 questions. We'll be talking our favorite songs, music videos, songs we skip, songs that are underrated...and much more!  Follow us!  Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod  Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
September 24, 2020
Taylor Swift and New England: Seawalls, Taxes, and Kennedys
This week, we’re exploring Taylor’s rocky relationship with New England. There's media controversy over a sea wall, "obsessive" mingling with the Kennedy's, a proposed Taylor Swift tax, celebrity parties, champagne seas, and more!  Follow us!    Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod   Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
September 17, 2020
Folklore (feat. Lane)
This week, we're joined by our friend Lane as we rank the songs on folklore! Warning: it does get heated.  To rank the songs, we used the folklore song sorter on Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
September 10, 2020
Hiddleswift: Real Summer Romance or PR?
Join us as we evaluate this infamous couple through the eyes of the media and the (stale) playbook they've always used to cover Taylor's dating life.   Follow us!  Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod  Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
September 03, 2020
Ryan Adams' 1989
This week, we're discussing Ryan Adams' mansplain-y rendition of Taylor's Grammy award winning album 1989, and the subsequent media fawning (and criticism) that ensued! TW: Brief description and discussion of emotional abuse from 45:00-51:00 Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
August 27, 2020
Taylor Swift's Squad: Good, Bad...Evil?
Join us as we explore Taylor Swift's infamous squad! The good, the bad, and the...evil?  Follow us! Instagram: @ouramericanqueenpod  Twitter: @ouramerqueenpod
August 20, 2020
Our American Queen
Join us as we tell you what to expect from our brand spanking new Taylor Swift podcast!
August 09, 2020