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Out of The Box Podcast

Out of The Box Podcast

By Out of The Box Podcast
Comedian Rosie Tran interviews a motley crew of her friends, colleagues, and contemporaries in an interview and conversational style podcast that delves into various topics from comedy to the nature of the human spirit. Please listen, like, subscribe, comment, share, and donate to the podcast! Your donations and support keep the podcast going!
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Episode 103 Sam Dogen - Personal Finance Blogger/Financial Samurai

Out of The Box Podcast

Episode 103 Sam Dogen - Personal Finance Blogger/Financial Samurai

Out of The Box Podcast

Episode 129 - Open Relationships and Polyamory
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews David Epstein and Amanda Wilson (@hashtagopen) about their Polyamorous Life, Open Relationships, and their new dating app, #Open, for those curious about the lifestyle. From kink parties to alternative relationships, this power couple is breaking the barriers on conventional relationships. Fun and thoughtful interview about one of the bending one of the last taboos - monogamy. Check out Hash Tag Open Website | Instagram | YouTube
August 10, 2020
Episode 128 - Isaiah Jackson: Bitcoin and Black America
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Isaiah Jackson also known as Bitcoin Zay (@bitcoinzay) about his new book, "Bitcoin and Black America".  Isaiah explains Bitcoin as a means of peaceful protest, wealth and asset building. Also as a tool against a corrupt financial system that can help those disenfranchised to rise above.  Intelligent interview with an educated and well spoken guest!
August 2, 2020
Episode 127 - Marcia Davis: The Childfree Life
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Childfree author and advocate, Marcia Davis. Marcia talks about her book "Confessions of a Childfree Woman" and her fight against taboo and stigma since her infamous 1974 60 Minutes Interview, after which she received backlash, death threats, and was fired from her job simply for stating that she was childfree by choice. Marcia is a feminist and advocate for women to chose any life they want, whether that life involves children or not. Amazing interview with a true trailblazer in women's rights!
July 26, 2020
Episode 126 - Julie Peters "WANT: 8 Steps to Recovering Desire, Passion, and Pleasure After Sexual Assault"
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Yogi and Author, Julie Peters (@JulieJCP), about her new book, "Want: 8 Steps to Recovering Desire, Passion, and Pleasure After Sexual Assault". This fun and empowering self-help book provides tips on regaining your power, learning boundaries, and understanding yourself after the trauma of sexual assault. Julie is light hearted, charming, and inspiring with her positive take on self-healing. This is not just a book or podcast for sexual assault victims! Julie has wonderful information for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and their sexuality! Great episode! 
June 30, 2019
Episode 125 Cheryl Leutjen - Environmentalist/Author of "Love Earth Now"
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews environmentalist and author of "Love Earth Now" Cheryl Leutjen (@LoveEarthNow). Cheryl is a former attorney turned writer and environmentalist. Cheryl discussed the greatest issue of our modern World, Global Warming. Her book offers practical tips and stories about how we can live a more Earth and nature centered life. We all must take steps on a daily basis to help solve the major environmental issues of our day.   Connect with Cheryl: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
May 28, 2019
Episode 124 Sean David - Life Coach/Author "Vision Based Living"
 Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews author and vision coach, Sean David (@SeanDavidLive) about his new book "Vision Based Living." Sean talks about his long journey from overworked entrepreneur to truly leading a vision based life. The book provides the tools for people to really hone in on a purpose driven life. Connect with Sean David: Website | Instagram
May 3, 2019
Episode 123 Dixie Perkinson - Actress/Blogger of "Eat My Prune"
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Dixie Perkinson (@DixiePerkinson) about her blog "Eat My Prune". Dixie discusses dealing with family and childhood trauma and abuse and the power of finding your own voice. Powerful episode about speaking your truth and finding your authentic voice as an adult.  
February 19, 2019
Episode 122 Parham Parastaran Author of "Perfect Pain"/Mental Health Advocate Entrepreneur
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interview author and entrepreneur Parham Parastaran (@ParhamPain) about his new book, Perfect Pain. Parham was refugee from the Iranian revolution and lived the American dream as a successful entrepreneur, but struggled with mental health issues his entire life. His new self help book, Perfect Pain tells his story and advocates that more people seek help for their mental health issues. Inspiring and positive guest!
December 20, 2018
Episode 121 - Davina Kotulski - Author of 'It's Never Too Late to Be Yourself"
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) Interviews author and clinical psychologist, Davina Kotulski (@drkotulski) about her new book "It's Never Too Late to Be Yourself." Davina talks about the importance of being your authentic self. By using our inner voice as a compass, we can live a life full of freedom, love, and authenticity!
December 1, 2018
Episode 120 Gabe Roth - Fix the Court Brett Kavanaugh
Gabe Roth is back ! Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Gabe Roth (@FixTheCourt) CEO of Fix The Court, a bi-partisan advocacy group demanding reform within the Supreme Court. This is Gabe's second interview with Out of the Box! He returns to talk about the recent Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and why the process has become more partisan. Gabe discusses why we need overhaul of our government now, more than ever - especially in order to hold the highest court in the land to a more fair and transparent standard. Very knowledgable and intelligent guest!
November 13, 2018
Episode 119 Jonathan Brandstein - The Sicario Effect
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Jonathan Brandstein (@sicarioeffect) about his amazing journey from talent manager to podcaster and storyteller. Going to Columbia to meet Jhon Jairo Velasquez Vasquez alias “Popeye” was Pablo Escobar’s trusted lieutenant and chief sicario (assassin) for the Medellin Cartel. He’s publicly admitted to having personally killed 300 people. In 2014, after 23 years in prison, Popeye was released. Rather than lay low and enjoy his new freedom, he took to the internet and became a social media star, “Popeye the Repentant”. Jonathan shares his fantastical story of how the one on one interview with one of the most dangerous members of the Medellin cartel came about and talks about his new serial-style podcast "The Sicario Effect" the documents the entire journey.
October 22, 2018
Episode 118 David Neagle - Financial Coach How Are You Thinking?
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews financial abundance coach, David Neagle (@DavidNeagle) about financial abundance. After a horrific accident that left him near dead, David was able to change his life by shifting his mindset and creating financial abundance from poverty. Amazing and positive guest that explores the power of your financial and limiting beliefs and how to transform them into what you want to create in your life!
October 6, 2018
Episode 117 Matt McKeever - Real Estate Investing/Youtuber
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews popular Real Estate and Financial Independence Youtuber, Matt McKeever (@mattmckeever85), about his journey from corporate nine to fiver to financial independence and freedom through real estate and the creation of his highly successful youtube channel! Matt talks about taking the forced leap into early retirement and why everyone, even if you don't plan to retire early, should be investing!
September 24, 2018
Episode 116 Dr. Mark McLaughlin Neurosurgeon - The Anatomy of Fear
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Neurosurgeon and former Wrestling Hall of Famer, Dr. Mark McLaughlin (@MMcLaughlinMD) about his upcoming book. Dr. Mark explains how the lessons he learned in wrestling and neurosurgery can help anyone in their every day life! He also talks about the power of meditation, thinking before you act, and other helpful and useful tools for living our best life!
August 14, 2018
Episode 115 Arnaud Collery Chief Happiness Officer - You Have Something Important To Say
Comedy Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Chief Happiness Officer, World Traveler, and Ted Speaker, Arnaud Collery (@ArnaudCollery) about his time volunteering in Africa, and the formation of his business coaching firm. Arnaud was a high paid banker working in finance before giving it all up to be a comedian and actor in Hollywood. Blending his knowledge of the creative, entrepreneurship, and business, Arnaud coaches the business world on bringing happiness to increase productivity, well being, and joy to the workplace! Very positive and fun episode with an empowering and quirky guest!
June 4, 2018
Ep114 Yoshi Obayashi - The Failed War on Drugs
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews comedian and host of Yoshi Didn't Podcast, Yoshi Obayashi (@YoshiObayashi) about his work with Illegal Magazine and drug addiction as a health crisis. They discuss the U.S. failed War on Drugs Policy and a practical, science based solution for cleaning up the Epidemic in America which has been tested in Portugal. Very interesting and thought provoking episode that will change your mind about our current drug policy and open your eyes to a new way of thinking about addiction!
May 6, 2018
Episode 113 Therese Shechter - Is Being Child Free for Me?
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews documentary film maker, feminist, and childfree advocate, Therese Shechter (@TrixieFilms) about her new film, "My So-Called Selfish Life". Therese explores the choices of successful and fulfilled childfree women and the extreme pressures of motherhood that society places specifically on women. The podcast is filled with a wonderful conversation on a truly taboo topic! Great out of the box thinker!
October 9, 2017
Episode 112 - Lucas Handwerker Mentalist/NLP Expert What Are Your Limiting Beliefs
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews hypnotist, mentalist, and Neurolinguistic Programming expert, Lucas Handwerker (@Lucashandwerker). Lucas started out as a hypnotist doing shows for entertainment and has evolved to using his NLP expertise to helping people discover their highest potential. This Tedx speaker explains the basics of NLP and how we can use it to overcome personal obstacles and how to alter reality with our minds. Very profound episode on the power of our own unconscious minds.
July 3, 2017
Episode 111 - Rachelle Lamb NonViolent Communication What Are Your Needs
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews NonViolent Communication Coach, Rachelle Lamb (@Rachelle_Lamb). NonViolent Communication is a communication technique that teaches us how to communicate in a more empathetic way, focusing on our human needs instead of how we have been taught to communicate, which focuses on criticisms and judgements. Rachelle elaborates on her work coaching and teaching workshops on how to communicate more effectively, as well on giving some examples to help listeners utilize this powerful tool!
June 14, 2017
Episode 110 Dr. Rachel Partiali - Clinical Psychologist
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews clinical psychologist, Dr. Rachel Partiali about the importance of dealing with trauma for healing and going to seek mental health help. Rachel works mainly with clients with sexual trauma but really expresses how important it is for everything to seek help for improving their mental health. They discuss different types of trauma, barriers to entering therapy, and most importantly the affects on future generations. Very informative and encouraging episode for anyone on the cusp of seeking help!
May 5, 2017
Episode 109 Tom Corley - Financial Advisor/Bestselling Author and Researcher
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Tom Corley (@richhabits), financial advisor and best selling author. Tom has done extensive research on the wealthy and successful and shares the simple habits that differentiate the wealthy and successful from poor and unsuccessful. This surprising and motivational podcast may change some of your daily habits!
April 3, 2017
Episode 108 John Opdyke - Founder of Activist
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews political activist and founder of, John Opdyke (@OpenPrimaryUSA). John talks about how the current political system needs reform to avoid corruption in elections and how the current primary system favors the political parties and not the people. His mission is to spread the message of an open primary system that empowers all voices in the American narrative and educate the people about the political process. Thought provoking and smart guest with a lot of interesting information about reforming our current system! John is a true Out of the Box thinker!
March 5, 2017
Episode 107 Graham Elwood - Founder of LA Podfest/Filmmaker
Orginal Out of the Box Podcast guest, Graham Elwood (@grahamelwood) is back for round two! Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Graham in a very special episode! Graham has just wrapped on his new documentary film, Earbuds: The Podcasting Documentary. Graham hosts the film review podcast, Comedy Film Nerds, and is the founder of the LA Podcast Festival, as well as a National touring comedian, director, and producer. This intriguing interview is the ultimate episode for podcast nerds! They talk everything podcasting!
January 2, 2017
Episode 106 Davina Kotulski - Author/Life Coach/Psychologist
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews psychologist, author, and life coach, Davina Kotulski (@drkotulski) regarding her new book, "Behind Barbed Eyes". The novel is based on Dr. Kotulski's work working with women in prison for many years. Dr. Kotulski discusses the dire need for rehabilitation in the prison system, which is primarily filled with abused, neglected, and underprivileged low income and women of color. Very informative episode with a thoughtful and activist guest!
November 14, 2016
Episode 105 Scott Santens - Universal Basic Income Advocate/Writer
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interview Basic Income expert and advocate, Scott Santens (@ScottSantens) about the concept of a Basic Income. With growing unemployment, massive government bureaucracy, and lack of individual freedom in the current welfare system, Basic Income is a bi-partisan policy that has been proven in many test samples to solve some of our current issues. This passionate and thoughtful podcast guest explains many of the misconceptions about this progressive policy.
October 4, 2016
Episode 104 David J. Ley PhD - Clinical Psychologist/Sexuality Expert
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews clinical psychologist, sex expert, and author, David Ley (@DrDavidLey) about sex addiction and human sexuality. David is the author of several books about human sexuality and has appeared on Dr. Phil, Anderson with Anderson Cooper, and The Today Show as a sexpert. This fun and funny interview focuses on sex as a self-expression as well as sex education and acceptance of one's self, desires, and preferences. Very positive and educational podcast!
September 19, 2016
Episode 103 Sam Dogen - Personal Finance Blogger/Financial Samurai
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews personal finance blogger, Sam Dogen (@financialsamura ), who runs the popular website, Financial Samurai. Sam started his blog in the depths of the recession to show how he engineered his own layoff, got out of the rat race in his 30's, and his continuing efforts to teach people about personal financial independence through the right mindset and abundance thinking! Sam is known as one of the premiere personal finance "hackers" online, providing private coaching and free advice to spread the knowledge and help others reach their goals and dreams. Very fun episode with a thoughtful and true Out of the Box guest!
June 23, 2016
Episode 102 Sandylu Guerrero - Life and Business Coach
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Life and Business Coach Sandylu Guerrero (@uhaveachoice) about her transformation from divorced and losing several loved ones to getting her life together and now inspiring others with her Life and Business coaching business! Sandylu is an executive business and life coach who helps people to see what they are doing that's working and not working in their lives to create amazing results. This inspiring, smart, and motivated woman shares her knowledge with Out of the Box listeners.
May 11, 2016
Episode 101 Yasmin Lee - Transgender Advocate/Adult Film Actress
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Yasmin Lee (@TSYasmin), a transgender rights advocate and actress. Yasmin talks about what is means to be transgender and her transitioning from male to trans. This is a great episode with lots of interesting information for anyone curious about this truly Out of the Box personality!
January 2, 2016
Episode 100 Martin Winiecki - Tamera Healing Biotope 1
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Martin Winiecki, member of the Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal. Tamera is an experiment on living a new way of life which is based on love, trust, and the order of the Natural World. Members of Tamera practice absolutely honesty, feedback, free love, support, and peace in a sustainable biotope. Martin talks about one of the founder's , Dieter Duhm's, new book "Terra Nova: Global Revolution and The Healing of Love" which explains this concepts in detail. Truly revolutionary ideas in an amazing and thought provoking podcast!
November 27, 2015
Episode 99 Jennifer Hadley - Therapist/Minister/Spiritual Teacher/Life Coach
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews therapist and spiritual coach, Jennifer Hadley (@JenniferHHadley) about her life's work! Jennifer is a profound teacher who teaches how to get over grudges and get your life back. This positive guest talks about how to get out of your head and into your heart to solve most of life's problems. This is a very fun and inspirational episode with a wise coach and teacher!
October 24, 2015
Episode 98 Rosie Tran - The Matrix are you in or out?
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) talks about the real life "Matrix" that we all live in. "The Matrix", as Rosie describes, is the self-created reality that we all live in, which includes the "masks" that we wear at work, with friends and family, and sometimes with ourselves. Rosie teaches you how to get out of this World by first recognizing that it exists and then discusses the steps to break free and be more authentic!
October 5, 2015
Episode 97 Bonnie Rotten - Los Angeles Podcast Festival (LA Podfest) with Bonnie Rotten
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) goes LIVE from the Los Angeles Podcast Festival (@LaPodFest) for the first time! This special episode with guest, @TheBonnieRotten, was recorded in front of a live audience at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills. Bonnie is the AVN 2014 Performer of the Year (the adult film industry equivalent of The Academy Awards). They talk about everything from Bonnie's personal story to her transition from adult film star to new mommy in this unique episode!
October 1, 2015
Episode 96 Saleem Khatri - Founder of Instavest/Entrepreneur
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews CEO and founder of Instavest, Saleen Khatri (@goinstavest) about his investing start up. Instavest is a new platform that allows people to leverage each other's knowledge to make smarter investments and provides transparency to those that are making the recommendations. Basically, if someone is making a recommendation, their portfolio needs to be visible. Essentially Instavest is asking investors to put their money where their mouth is! Fun and informative guest!
September 16, 2015
Episode 95 Keni Styles - Former Adult Film Star/Human Trafficking Advocate
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews former adult film star Keni Styles (@KeniStyles). Keni is truly one of the good guys! From orphan to adult film star, Keni has transformed his life and is now serving women in Southesast Asia who are victims of sexual trafficking! Keni works with various groups to help victims, some as young as 11 years old from the chains of sexual slavery. Many women are beaten, forced, and psychologically abused into this industry. Inspiring and amazing voice from an intelligent and true leader. This episode is a MUST LISTEN!
August 31, 2015
Episode 94 Michael Strasner - Transformational Life Coach
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews transformational life coach Michael Strasner (@MichaelStrasner) about his new book, "Living on the Skinny Branches" and his work as a trainer and life coach for over 30 years! Michael is committed to changing people's lives for the better by helping them to see what is working in their life and what isn't working by using techniques like understanding the feedback that the World around you is constantly giving out to shift your life in the direction that works best for you. Very powerful and informative episode with a very smart guest!
August 24, 2015
Episode 93 Sochua Mu - Nobel Peace Nominee/Human Rights Activist
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews human rights activist and member of Cambodian parliament Sochua Mu (@MuSochua). Sochua is the equivalent of a secretary of state and has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize for her work in human rights, woman's rights, and helping to stop the spread of sex trafficking. Sochua has been inspiring and working towards empowering those oppressed by the corrupt system to become active in their political world and their communities to make a positive change!
August 17, 2015
Episode 92 Tobi Skovron - Founder
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews entrepreneur and founder of Zingy Pet, Tobi Skovron (@ZingyPet). Zingy is a new app that connects dog owners with safe, respectable, and highly rated pet care takers. Tobi talks about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, stay inspired, and keep yourself going in the tough World outside the 9 to 5! Fun episode with an outspoken and passionate guest.
August 3, 2015
Episode 91 Andrew Morgan - The True Cost/Documentary Filmmaker
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews documentary film maker, Andrew Morgan (@Andrew_Morgan) about his new film, The True Cost. The True Cost delves into the dark world of fast fashion, exposing the human cost, negative environmental impacts, and sociological and psychological affects of the fashion industry's disposable fashion and the profit/bottom line mentality. Amazing podcast with ideas and empowering steps on how you can change your life with small changes that can really make a difference for our World!
July 27, 2015
Episode 90 Tim Kasser - Professor of Psychology/Author
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Professor of Psychology at Knox College and author of, "The High Price of Materialism" Tim Kasser about happiness and materialism. They discuss how our corporate society pushes extrinsic values to sell goods and services and feeds off of our insecurities, while intrinsic values are actually what makes people genuinely happy. Tim offers many alternative options to feel empowered and start to really make a difference in your own life as well as that of society. Very informative and important episode that can change your life and the way you look your world!
July 20, 2015
Episode 89 Rosie Tran - Belief Systems Belief it or Not
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) talks about the most powerful thing in the world, the power of our beliefs. Our beliefs control everything we do, but where do they come from? Rosie Tran delves deep in this solo podcast where she asks you to question everything you know in order to rise above to your highest potential.
July 13, 2015
Episode 88 Gabe Roth - Fix The Court/Transparency Advocate
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Gabe Roth (@FixTheCourt) CEO of Fix The Court, a bi-partisan advocacy group demanding transparency within the Supreme Court, the highest court of the United States. Gabe was a former journalist who became frustrated with the lack of transparency within the Supreme Court. Gabe talks about the corruption and ethical issues with the Supreme Court, from lifetime appointments to conflicts of interest, he makes very intelligent points for reforms within the system. Intelligent and thought provoking episode with a knowledgeable guest!
July 6, 2015
Episode 87 B Patrick Lewis - Teacher/Author
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews B. Patrick Lewis (@ChoiceWithin) about who we really are. B. struggled with addiction and other unhealthy beliefs before getting clean and learning that everything that was missing in his life could be found in the stillness. Through meditation, quieting of his mind, and going inside, he learned to deal with his problems and channel his authentic self! Very positive, uplifting, and informative episode!
June 22, 2015
Episode 86 Evan Karadimov - Marketing/Branding Expert
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Evan Karadimov, business director of Vultus Agency, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Evan left the traditional nine to five to start his own digital ebranding and marketing agency. They talk about failure, what it takes to become an entrepreneur, and how relationships are the center of everything. Inspiring and smart episode with a knowledgeable guest.
June 15, 2015
Episode 85 Dale Stephens - Education Hacking/Alternative Education Advocate
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Dale Stephens (@DaleJStepens) author of "Hacking Your Education". Dale was raised through "unschooling" and dropped out of college after just one semester from his frustrations with the traditional college system to found They discuss his program "Gap Year" which helps kids to study the school of life for a year, with life coaches that teach emotional intelligence, communication, and other important subjects not taught in traditional college, but that everyone needs to succeed. This is a shorter, but very interesting episode with an intelligent, compassionate entrepreneur!
June 8, 2015
Ep 84 Rosie Tran - Communication what is it good for?
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) special communication and relationships episode! Rosie talks about what the main purpose of having a relationship is and how we can achieve those relationships by choosing people in our lives that can help us self-actualize into who we want to be.
June 1, 2015
Episode 83 Aron Kader - Palestinian Comedian/Actor/Writer
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Palestinian comedian, actor, and writer, Aron Kader (@AronKader) about politics, religion, and his experiences of being Arab American in a tough time in America. This is a very "Out of the Box" and thought provoking political conversation from an intelligent guest. They discuss forgiveness and acceptance as methods to peace as well as coming to terms with the atrocities of our past and that we, as a society, are still committing. The interview is funny, witty, and charming despite the heavy subject matter!
May 25, 2015
Episode 82 Amiel Handelsman - Business Coach/Author
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Amiel Handelsman (@AmielHandelsman) about effective communication and dealing with difficult people. Amiel is a successful business coach brought in to help managers and executives to become more effective in their workplace. He talks about the importance of dealing with your emotions and emotional intelligence, as well as giving positive real life examples of how to become a better person and more effective communicator. Very informative and positive episode with a smart and intelligent guest!
May 18, 2015
Episode 81 Rosie Tran Personal Finance - Part II
Part II of Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) special personal finance episode! Rosie discusses the three easy steps to becoming financially abundant. From eliminating credit card debt to gaining assets in your portfolio. This episode is a very general idea of the steps to take to gain financial independence and become wealthy on any income!
May 11, 2015
Episode 80 Venus Lux - Transgender advocate/Adult Film Actress/ Entrepreneur
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Asian transgender adult film actress, Venus Lux (@VenusLux) about her life as a transgender woman! Venus talks about her transition from a Chinese boy into a transgender adult film star. Venus discusses all trans issues including cultural, bullying, social, and sexual. For anyone wanting to understand more about the trans world, this is a great episode. Very interesting and informative episode with a funny and thought provoking guest!
May 4, 2015
Episode 79 Rosie Tran - Solo Episode Personal Finance Part 1
Part I of Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) special personal finance episode! She discusses the psychology of money and how our belief systems affect our attainment of wealth. Very important topics to understanding what is standing in the way of you and your financial abundance!
April 27, 2015
Episode 78 Joel Ward - Magician
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews magician Joel Ward (@joelward) about the world of magic. He talks about some of his biggest magic fails, which helped him to learn to move forward and stay inspired towards his goals. Joel started as a magician at the tender age of 7, and has a wealth of knowledge about the industry and the world of magic! Very funny and light episode with an interesting and intriguing guest.
April 20, 2015
Episode 77 Brayden Yoder - Director/Military Vet/World Traveler
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews film director and military veteran, Brayden Yoder (@Breakdown_Film) about his interesting and unique journey from the islands of Hawaii to Iraq, Australia, and then in film school in India. Brayden talks about the culture shock of studying abroad and how he learned patience through being exposed to another culture. Amazing and uplifting episode about a US Vet really trying to make a difference after his service to our country and learning a lot about himself along the way!
April 14, 2015
Episode 76 Joseph Neibich - Producer/Founder "Faith Film Festival"
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Joseph Neibich, founder of the "Faith Film Festival". After working with a colleague on a Christian themed film, the--then non-religious--Joseph realized that there was a strong demand for faith based films and media. Joseph is trying to share the message of all religions. Whether Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, or whatever your beliefs, Joseph wants to unify the World by showing the similarities in many of the World religions and feature positive and uplifting films with a spiritual or religious message. Great and positive episode with interesting information about one man's journey!
April 6, 2015
Episode 75 Lisa Betts-LaCroix - Alternative Ed Advocate/Independent Educator
Comedian Rosie Tran (@Rosie Tran) interviews Lisa Betts-LaCroix (@LisaBL) about unschooling, independent alternative education programs, and "home schooling". Lisa creates content for and is an advocate for alternative education. They discuss the positive benefits of thinking outside the box for your children's education and the negative aspects of the traditional school system. Plus, why college is a failing institution in the new century! This is a MUST LISTEN episode on education for all parents!
March 30, 2015
Episode 74 Steven Summerstone - Therapist/Podcaster/Author
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews therapist and host of the "Nurturing Truth" podcast, Steven Summerstone (@sirsummerstone). Steven is a strong advocate for nurturing your inner child and healing yourself before you decide to have children. He talks about how to raise healthy and emotionally stable children by not punishing them and instead facilitating them into their greatness. For those who chose to bring human lives into this World, the importance of really listening and helping them to grow and learn and be their best is the one main job of parents. Very positive and informative episode!
March 23, 2015
Episode 73 Jacki Rigoni - Tiny House Movement/Blogger
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Jacki Rigoni about her move from living in a million dollar home in San Francisco to a small, tiny biodome on 9 acres of land. Jacki is part of the growing, anti-consumerism movement, which focuses on self-sustainability, recycling, and small or "tiny homes". This is such an informative interview on the true meaning of "less is more"! Jackie talks about how enriched her and her family's lives have become by downsizing considerably. Great episode with an inspiring and true out of the box thinker!
March 16, 2015
Episode 72 Bri Seeley - Fashion Designer/Women's Advocate
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews fashion designer and women's advocate, Bri Seeley (@Briseeley) about her project, "The Inspirational Woman Project" in which she inspires everyday women to become empowered. They also discuss her issues with becoming childless. Bri decided early on that she wanted to devote her life to a bigger vision, which did not include children. She talks about the trials and tribulations of trying to receive permanent surgery to become childless. Informative and interesting episode about women's issues, fashion, and more! This is a not to be missed episode with a guest that is trying to truly look beyond her small self and make a BIG difference!
March 9, 2015
Episode 71 Hosanna Horsfall - Model/Yogi/Meditator
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews New Zealand's next top model runner up, Hosanna Horsfall (@HosannaHorsfall) about her experience on the realty series. They also discuss her 10 day silent meditation retreat in New Zealand, where many people learned how to meditate and control manic thoughts. Hosanna was introduced to meditation by her friend, Russell Simmons, and started the practice to help with her thoughts. This is a light hearted and informative episode for anyone who is interested in learning about meditation, love, and light!
March 2, 2015
Episode 70 Hannah Braime - Life Coach/Author
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews life coach, author, and blogger, Hannah Braime (@becomewhour) about how to become your authentic self. This is a great episode with tons of great information about how to transcend judgement from others by surrounding yourself with a supportive group of people, while working to grow, learn, and evolve into a better person. Hannah is a life coach who works with people to expand their definition of who they are, by shedding the masks that we all put on to "fit in" and "please others". This is a fun and positive episode with many gems of information from a well rounded and wonderful guest!
February 23, 2015
Episode 69 LIz Stewart - Comedian/Writer/Actor
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews comedian, writer, and author, Liz Stewart (@LizStewartComed) about comedy, love, and more! The two funny ladies cover every topic from internet trolls to Liz growing up in Houston to relationships in this fun, light, and up-beat episode!
February 16, 2015
Episode 68 Rosie Tran - The 12 Step Program and Happiness
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) talks about the 4 different areas of happiness and how the "12 Step Recovery Program" is actually a no nonsense personal development tool that anyone can use, not just those recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction. She talks about how she has used the program to help herself become a better person. She discusses misconceptions about the program being "religious" in nature. This is a great every day tool that can be used regardless of religious affiliation to deal with problems and make amends of wrongs in your past! Positive and fun solo episode!
February 9, 2015
Episode 67 Dr. Sandeep Jauhar - Doctor/Author
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews cardiologist and author, Dr. Sandeep Jauhar (@SJauhar). Dr. Jauhar is a NY Times Best Selling Author and doctor in NY. After working for some corrupt doctors and becoming a spokesperson for Big Pharma, Dr. Jauhar feels disillusioned with the American medical system, where he says it's tough to be an "ethical" and honest doctor who cares for his patients. Dr. Jauhar talks about his journey from excited medical student to disillusioned doctor, having an almost existential medical crisis. He offers some solutions to the broken system and talks about the importance of preventative care. Great interview with a smart and knowledgeable medical professional! This is a MUST listen episode!
February 2, 2015
Episode 66 Jackson Perdue - Comedian/Author
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews comedian and writer Jackson Perdue. Jackson is a comedy veteran for over 37 years! He was one of the original Comedy Store comedians in the comedy heyday of the 1980's! Jackson is about to release his new self-help book called, "Man on Fire" about how to deal with relationships, heartache, and break ups. This is a MUST listen to episode for anyone dealing with love and loss. Jackson talks about the power of self love and healing yourself first, so that you can attract quality people into your life. Amazingly deep and wisdom filled podcast episode!
January 26, 2015
Episode 65 Jake Desyllas - Entrepreneur/Author/Financial Freedom Advocate
Comedian Rosie Tran interviews entrepreneur, financial freedom advocate, and author of, "Becoming an Entrepreneur", Jake Desyllas (@thevoluntary). Jake is currently working on his new book on getting out of the rat race to help people achieve their goal of financial freedom. This is a very interesting and fun podcast. They discuss the psychology behind financial freedom and the baggage that many people have associated with money, the importance of being on the same page as your significant other, and why less is always more! Great tips on breaking out of the employee mindset and becoming a free thinker!
January 19, 2015
Episode 64 Jim Coughlin - Host of "Left of Wrong" Podcast
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews comedian, actor, writer, and host of the "Left of Wrong" political podcast on Radio Titans network, Jim Coughlin (@MrJimCoughlin). They talk about politics, covering the instant run-off technique for elections and how it can represent voter's more accurately than the current system. Jim, a St. Louis native, also discusses the various issues with the Ferguson, MO protests, police brutality, and racial divide in that area. They discuss in depth "invisible" taxes on the poor, such as traffic and parking tickets. Rosie also offers tips on how to fight tickets when you get them! Very interesting episode with an educated and well informed guest.
January 12, 2015
Episode 63 Matt Walker - Comedian/Twitter Personality/Writer
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews comedian, writer, and twitter personality, Matt Walker (@FunnyMatt) about his new album, H8ter. Matt was voted best comedian on @twitter at the 2012 Shorty Awards, beating out huge stars in the comedy world, like Jim Norton. Matt is releasing his debut comedy album on Amazon Prime. They talk about social media and tech issues, like the Sony hack of "The Interview", internet haters, and cyber bullying. Very fun episode with an interesting guest!
January 7, 2015
Episode 62 Ashley Carey - Blogger/Youtuber/Computer Tech
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews political blogger and youtuber, Ashley Carey (@ashleycarey), about the police brutality issues currently sweeping America, among other things. They talk Ferguson, Eric Garner, police tactics, and race in America. The interview is diverse and far reaching, covering other topics such as net neutrality, 9-11, terrorism, and government overreach. Intelligent, fun, and lively conversation about politics and social issues!
December 30, 2014
Episode 61 Rosie Tran - Special Holiday Episode
Special holiday episode from Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie). Comedian Rosie Tran does a special Holiday episode of Out of the Box podcast for those dealing with turmoil during the holidays. She talks about different techniques for dealing with stress and why you should trust your emotions. This episode is focused on self-help, emotional intelligence, and transformation. A must listen for those wondering what is our purpose in life!
December 22, 2014
Episode 60 - Dante and Rebekah Director/Comedian/Actor
Special, first time ever double guest episode! Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews famous comedian and film director, Dante (@Dantethecomic), and his wife, actress, comedian, and host, Rebekah Kochan (@RebekahKochan) about their new film, "Bro What Happened," a college buddy comedy in the vein of "The Hangover", which Dante directed. The film stars Jamie Kennedy, Bobby Lee, and Lorenzo Lamas. They also talk gay marriage, and Rebekah's hosting of the AVN Awards, known as the Academy Awards of the adult film industry. Very hilarious and fun episode with some unique and fun people!
December 15, 2014
Episode 59 Mike Siegel - Comedian/Actor/Travel Expert
Comedin Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Mike Siegel (@FunnyMike). Mike is a funny comedian, host, actor, and travel expert who started comedy in the famed Chicago comedy scene in the '90's.He is also a travel expert and has his own podcast, "Travel Tales". They talk comedy and travel, including Mike's recent safari adventure, his trips to Vietnam, and his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro! Very funny episode with a great personality!
December 8, 2014
Episode 58 Marina Adshade - Economist/Author/Professor
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Marina Adshade (@DollarsandSex) about her new book, "Dollars and Sex" which talks about the economics of relationships, dating, and marriage. Dr. Adshade is a professor at the Vancouver School of Economics and founder of Big Think, which Time magazine named the #1 news and information website online in 2011. Marina explores how finance and money affect every aspect of our relationships from the low prospects of marriage in black communities due to incarceration to the phenomenon of older, more educated women marrying much younger men! This is a must listen interview about sex and money!
December 1, 2014
Episode 57 Nemr Nassar - Comedian/Actor
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Nemr Nassar (@Nemrcomedy) about being the first stand up comedian in Lebanon! Nemr is known as the "Lebanese King of Comedy", and has toured internationally, as well as being on the cover of "Rolling Stone" in the Middle East. Nemr rose to fame in the Middle East by promoting his own shows and also promoting the mantra of, "Unity. No politics. One Love." His comedy seeks to unite the various middle eastern cultures and promote understanding and tolerance. Hilarious interview with a smart and funny comedian!
November 24, 2014
Episode 56 Glenn Lopez - Doctor/Social Activist
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interview Dr. Glen Lopez about his work creating mobile health clinics for the poor and under served. They also discuss his neighborhood walking program. Dr. Glen found a way to save large hospitals money and also help people in the community who desperately need medical attention. Leaving his conventional and high paid position, he founds the mobile health clinics that help those who need it most. Interesting conversation about how our health care system needs major reform!
November 17, 2014
Episode 55 Kevin Le - Travel Hacking/Podcaster
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews travel hacker, Kevin Le (@kevle). Travel hacking is a technique used to travel very cheaply through mileage clubs and other tricks. Kevin talks about his first study abroad and how he got hooked on the idea or traveling for little money. Since then, he has gotten free flights, been upgraded to first class, and even stayed for free at 5 star hotels and resorts through his travel hacking practices. Very fun, light, and interesting conversation with a unique and well traveled guest.
November 10, 2014
Episode 54 Brianna Wu - Video Game Developer/Feminist
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Brianna Wu (@Spacekatgal), head of video game developement at Giant Spacekat, about her recent articles in the press. Giant Spacekat is one of the few all female gaming companies, designing games with strong female characters in a heavily male dominated field. Brianna was recently featured in multiple online articles, including and interviewed on NPR, regarding her experiences in the gaming world. From death and rape threats, to daily online harassment, many women in gaming have had to leave the industry due to misogyny, sexism, and blatant hatred towards women who seek to create games beyond the typical "cute and pink" genre or who refuse to create female characters who are purely sexual in nature. Empowering and enlightening interview with a true trailblazer in her field!
November 3, 2014
Episode 53 Lee Cholodenko - Entrepreneur/Public Speaker/Facilitator
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Lee Cholodenko about leaving his small business on a mission to spread the idea of unconditional love. Lee has studied with prominent spiritual teachers, Byron Katie and Paul Ferrini, who is a best selling author and advocate on spirituality, healing, and self-love. This is an extremely positive and practical episode on how we can all love ourselves more and accept ourselves for all of our flaws and issues, even if we have had a very dark past. Lee talks about how unconditional love is at the core of who we are and has nothing to do with religion, but is an extremely humanist idea. Amazing talk with a bright and positive light!
October 27, 2014
Episode 52 David Seaman - Journalist/Alternative Currency Advocate
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews independent journalist and bitcoin advocate, David Seaman (@D_Seaman) about his involvement in the alternative currency, Hyper. David is an independent journalist who has been featured on the Young Turks, RT, The Joe Rogan Experience, as well as countless other independent outlets. He is a known advocate for Bitcoin, alt, and crypto currencies, and has written several eBooks on the subject. They discuss how alternative currencies are on the way to revolutionize how banking and finance work, and alt currencies as the future of money and transactions. Very informative and interesting interview and easy to understand for beginners interested in learning about alternative currencies!
October 20, 2014
Episode 51 Nola Hennessey - PTSD Advocate/Author
Comedian Rosie Tran (@outoftheboxpodcast) interviews PTSD advocate, Nola Hennessey. Nola is a avid speaker, spreading awareness about the life altering condition that she herself was affected by for over 20 years, due to various childhood traumas. They discuss solutions, awareness, healing, and the importance of mental health. Inspiring and eye opening interview for soldiers, trauma survivors, and victims of war.
October 13, 2014
Episode 50 Danny Cho - Comedian/Actor/Writer
Comedian Rosie Tran (@outoftheboxpodcast) interviews comedian, actor, and screenwriter, Danny Cho, about his new film, "K-town Cowboys." Danny talks about what it is like in the business, trying to make it as an Asian American and also about writing, producing, and getting funding for his debut film, which he was able to raise half a million dollars to shoot! Danny is a true independent film maker trying to break the negative Asian stereotypes in Hollywood! Amazing, real, and inspiring interview with a rising talent!
October 6, 2014
Episode 49 Crypto Cayce - Crypto Currency Developer/Professional Poker Player
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews professional poker player and crypto currency developer, Danny Johnson, who goes by the online name, Crypto Cayce. Danny talks about his life as a professional poker player and how he became a developer for the alternative currency, Pink Coin. This very in depth discussion explains the basics of crypto currencies, like BitCoin, how they work and breaks the misconceptions, myths, and stereotypes out there that many people have about alternative currency. Extremely informative interview with a lot of insights into the alternative currency World.
September 29, 2014
Episode 48 Davina Kotulski - LGBT Activist/Therapist/Life Coach
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Internationally known LGBT activist, therapist, and life coach, Davina Kotulski about being your authentic self. Davina talks about the importance of the LGBT struggle with marriage equality in the US and how by honoring your true identity and authentic self, whether your sexual orientation or just your passion, creates leaders and role models that can change the World. Personal development and self love are always the key with healing and solving any issue in life. Extremely fun, funny, and positive interview!
September 22, 2014
Episode 47 Kevin Griffin - Buddhist/Meditation Teacher
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews World renowned Buddhist and meditation teacher and author, Kevin Griffin. Kevin has taught at spiritual retreats around the Globe. He studied under Jack Kornfield at the famous, Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Northern CA, still teaching there to this day. A former alcoholic and rock guitarist, his spiritual awakening has inspired his new book "Buddhism and the 12 Steps," which is a self-help 12 step based guide on how to integrate Buddhist spirituality with an addiction recovery program. Inspiring and very deep interview!
September 15, 2014
Episode 46 Dean Lorey - Executive Producer/Writer
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews executive producer and writer, Dean Lorey, about his career and his new book "Romance for Men." Dean is a seasoned Hollywood writer and producer, having worked on "Arrested Development" as well as penning various screenplays and even co-writing a fitness memoir! Very fun, silly, and informative podcast about how Hollywood works!
September 8, 2014
Episode 45 (Part II) - Self-Help/Personal Development/Transformation
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) does her first solo podcast! She talks about personal development and explains how to deal with problems in life, giving a great action plan on how to get started by looking at the things that bother you and working on rigorously dissolving inner issues. This episode has multiple examples to help illustrate the complex way to override our ego and see our blind spots by using our emotions as a compass.
September 4, 2014
Episode 45 (Part I) - Self-Help/Personal Development/Transformation
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) does her first solo podcast! She talks about personal development and explains how to deal with problems in life, giving a great action plan on how to get started by looking at the things that bother you and working on rigorously dissolving inner issues. This episode has multiple examples to help illustrate the complex way to override our ego and see our blind spots by using our emotions as a compass.
August 25, 2014
Episode 44 Chris Cerrone - Podcaster/Entrepreneur
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews podcast host and entrepreneur, Chris Cerrone (@bluegeno), about his bold move quitting a six figure salary job to pursue his dream to inspire others through business podcasting. Chris show "The Cerrone Show" is a top rated business podcast, which features some of the leaders in business and entrepreneurship. They delve deep, discussing the power of personal development and looking within to find answers.
August 18, 2014
Episode 43 Peter Hecht - Journalist/Author
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews journalist and author, Peter Hecht, about his new book Weedland. They talk about the medical marijuana industry in CA and how it has spread from small collectives to a multi-million dollar industry that still evades the federal government to this day. Peter, who is not a medical marijuana advocate, started out covering the story for the Sacramento Bee political desk and became obsessed and infatuated with the illicit and complicated world of legal and illegal marijuana. In depth and eye opening interview about the controversial drug with a very informed expert!
August 11, 2014
Episode 42 Open Mike Eagle - Independent Rapper/Educator
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews independent rap artist, Open Mike Eagle(@Mike_Eagle), about his critically acclaimed new album, Dark Comedy. Mike is an interesting rap artist who doesn't rap about the typical gangster life, money, and women. Instead, he tries to rap about parody/satire, politics, and social commentary. A former school teacher with a degree in psychology, the interview delves into the school system, parenting, and personal development! This out of the box interview goes deep into real issues!
August 4, 2014
Episode 41 Sarah Taylor - Meditation/Reiki Healer
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews mediation teacher and Reiki energy healer, Sarah Taylor (@SarahTSarahT). They delve into the beneficial aspects that meditation has for your mental and emotional health, as well as talking about different types of meditation and techniques. Deep conversation that discusses not just the theoretical aspects of this practice but also the science behind the practice. Great interview for beginners, as well as people who want to know more about meditation and Reiki in general.
July 28, 2014
Episode 40 Tom Peter-Independent Journalist
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews freelance and independent journalist, Tom A Peter (@TomAPeter), about his experience after being kidnapped in the middle east while on a story. Tom talks about what it takes to be an independent journalist in our modern era and some interesting stories throughout his career. In depth interview with a smart and intelligent journalist!
July 21, 2014
Episode 39 Steve Cooper - Comedian/Radio Host
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews comedian and radio host Steve Cooper(@CooperTalk) about his life as a stand up comedian and now radio host. They discuss the business, Hollywood, Steve's start, and how he ended up with his top rated radio show, Cooper Talk, interviewing some of today's biggest celebrities, actors, musicians, and artists. Enthusiastic and very fun fast-paced interview with a show business veteran.
July 14, 2014
Episode 38 JoAnn Buttaro - Public Speaker/ Women's Advocate/Date Rape Survivor
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews date rape survivor and women's advocate, Joann Buttaro (@JoannSpeaksOut) about her experiences helping to put a serial rapist behind bars. After she was drugged and date raped on a date by a sociopath, Joann is contacted by the Philadelphia PD to testify in what turns out to be a case against serial rapist. Joann now speaks at events and universities across the country as an advocate for victims. Very courageous and unique story from a brave survivor!
July 7, 2014
Episode 37 Vinnie Tortorich - Personal Trainer/Author/Podcaster
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews celebrity fitness trainer, Vinnie Tortorich (@VinnieTortorich). Vinnie talks about his humble beginnings as one of the first personal trainers ever, before the career even existed. He tells us about his start from a trainer in New Orleans to being one of Hollywood's top and most sought after fitness experts, working with celebs like Margaret Cho and Howie Mandel. They also discuss the unique and "Out of the Box" way Vinnie self-published his best selling book, "Fitness Confidential," after it was turned down by every major publisher. Vinnie has a top-rated podcast with over 300,000 monthly downloads called, "The Angriest Trainer Podcast". Interesting insights from a Hollywood outsider turned insider, who is still making waves using alternative thinking!
June 30, 2014
Episode 36 Tim Peterson - Psychologist/Author
Comedian Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie) interview psychologist and author Tim Peterson (@MenTalkQuotes) about his book series, "Men Talk" and his existentialist point of view on therapy and helping patients with their problems. "Men Talk" is a compilation book of unfiltered and uncensored male thoughts and ideas that Tim has gathered over the years counseling hundreds of men on their issues and problems. Tim offers insights on getting help, the idea of karma, and talks about his own journey from a troubled home to helping others solve their dilemmas. Out of the box and alternative viewpoints explored in this unique episode!
June 23, 2014
Episode 35 Lewis Howes - Professional Athlete/Lifestyle Entrepreneur/Podcaster
Comedian Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie) interviews Lewis Howes (@lewishowes), professional athlete, lifestyle entrepreneur, and host of the hit podcast, "The School of Greatness". Lewis recounts the story of his life changing injury, which took him off his path to becoming an NFL professional athlete, and how he changed his life and became an internet millionaire before he was 30. He now hosts a top rated podcast, with millions of downloads and consults others on how to reach their goals and be a success. Inspiring story with a deep and out of the box thinker!
June 16, 2014
Episode 34 Mr. Money Mustache - Investor/Blogger/Financial Freedom Advocate
Comedian Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie) interviews popular finance blogger, Mr. Money Mustache (@mrmoneymustache), about investing and financial freedom. They talk about his blog and his techniques for retiring early and getting out of the rat race for good! Mr. Money Mustache tells his story of searching for financial freedom in a consumer obsessed society, where people are maxed out and overspent. He explains how him and his wife, retired in less than ten years and are now living the life of their dreams, debt free, with residual income, and all the free time to follow their passion, dreams, and raise their family!
June 9, 2014
Episode 33 Jon Miller - The New Thought Movie/ Filmmaker
Comedian Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie) interviews independent documentary filmmaker, Jon Miller (@NewThoughtMovie), about his film, The New Thought Movie, which explores and delves into the history of the New Thought Movement, a positive spiritual and religious movement that is evident in all aspects of our modern society, but rarely credited or understood. New thought ideas are embodied within the positive thinking movement, positive psychology, self-help, and even mainstream every day catalyzers for change like Joel Osteen, Tony Robbins, and Oprah.
June 2, 2014
Episode 32 Bobbie Oliver – Author/Comedian/Teacher
Comedian Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie) interviews author/comedian/teacher, Bobbie Oliver (@thebobbieoliver). Bobbie is the author of the book, “The Tao of Comedy: Embrace the Pause” a spiritual book about stand up comedy and life in general. She owns Tao Comedy Studio in L.A. and has been a teacher and coach for many years. She is also a feminist, successful comedian, blogger, and podcaster. They discuss Taoism, spirituality, feminism, and women’s issues in comedy.
May 30, 2014
Episode 31 Peter Warren – Editor for AVN Media Network
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Peter Warren (@PeterWarren), the senior editor of the AVN Media Network, one of the premiere and leading authorities on the adult film industry. AVN produces the AVN awards, the Academy Awards equivalent in the Adult Film Industry. They talk about the business in general, including the constantly changing and evolving structure, new up and coming stars, and Warren’s non-porn related film, Jews at Sea. Fun interview!
May 30, 2014
Episode 30 Brent Phillips - Author/Healer
Comedian Rosie Tran(@FunnyRosie) interviews Brent Phillips(@ThetaBrent), creator of the “Unleash Your Inner Millionaire” Series, which helps to unlock subconscious blocks to wealth, success, relationships, and happiness. Brent has an incredible story of wealth and success with a painful fall from Grace, as a debilitating industry almost took his entire career, health, and well-being. This rise from the ashes, Phoenix comeback is an amazing and truly unique story of a man who tried everything to heal himself and finally found a cure that can help us all rid ourselves of the subconscious blocks that hold us back.
May 30, 2014
Episode 29 -Warren Ellis – Graphic Novelist/Writer/Producer
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews graphic novelist, writer, and producer, Warren Ellis (@WarrenEllis) about his upcoming projects, cosplay, experience working in Hollywood, and rise in the industry from a lowly and struggling comic book writer in England, struggling for a job to an internationally renowned graphic novelist, working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.
May 30, 2014
Episode 28 - Felicia Williams – TechCrunch /Youtube curator
LIVE from Stitcher (@Stitcher) studios in San Francisco, Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews TechCrunch producer, Felicia Williams (@reelfeed) about her interesting career path from TV production to content curators at Youtube to producer at TechCrunch. Felicia was one of the original content curators at Youtube, handpicking the videos that appeared on the landing page and launching dozens of internet celebrities into the viral world. She essentially controlled and created what went viral in the early days of Youtube! Funny, charming, and outgoing personality with a very unique background!
May 30, 2014
Episode 27 Preston Smiles - Love Mob/Actor/Model
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews actor/model/activist and founder of the Love Mob, a global love movement for change, Preston Smiles (@prestonsmiles). The Love Mob started as a reaction to the SandyHook School Shooting and other acts of violence and hatred constantly being broadcast in the mainstream consciousness. Preston, along with two other partners, created the movement of peace, which has spawned into love mobs across the country and now globally, based on random acts and displays of love, committed to showing the World that the power of love is stronger than violence, hatred, and fear. Powerful and uplifting episode with many wise “gems”!
May 30, 2014
Episode 26 - Conner Habib -Author/Writer/Gay Adult Film Star
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Conner Habib (@ConnerHabib). Conner is a contributing writer to Vice,, and various other online websites. He has a book coming out this Fall on the Disinfo label:”Remaking Sex”, and is also a gay adult film star. Rosie and Conner discuss his upcoming book “Remaking Sex”, which explores the belief systems we have been brought up around sex and many of the misconceptions that are taught in society that create for an unhealthy relationship with sex. Conner says, “Question everything.” Amazing, fun, and heartfelt interview with a major Out of the Box thinker
May 30, 2014
Episode 25 - Micheal O’Neal -Entrepreneur/Podcaster
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Michael O’Neal (@solohour), host of the Solopreneur Hour, a top rated podcast on iTunes about being an independent entrepreneur. They discuss the must read books Michael suggests for being your own business and getting out of the 9 to 5 mentality. Positive and fun guest with lots of interesting and insightful knowledge.
May 30, 2014
Episode 24 - JD Walker Screenwriter/Director/Professor
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews writer and director JD Walker (@PostWomanMovie) about her Sundance contest-winning screenplay, The Postwoman, about an African American postwoman who comes out of the closet to her family. JD talks about indie film making, activism, and sheds light on why Hollywood is still a white man’s game and the need for diversity in writing from women and people of color. JD also talks about her upcoming screenplays and projects!
May 30, 2014
Episode 23 Matt Staggs - Podcaster/Writer/Editor for DisInfo
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Matt Staggs (@MattStaggs), writer and editor for, an alternative news source online. Disinfo focuses on stories that the mainstream media ignores, doesn’t cover, or minimizes. They also talk about Matt’s background growing up, martial arts, and Matt’s podcast, StaggNation.
May 30, 2014
Episode 22 Jake Desyllas – Investor/Podcaster
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews financial freedom advocate, investor, and host of The Voluntary Life Podcast, Jake Desyllas (@thevoluntary). They discuss the various ways to escape the rat race. Jake talks about the different techniques he has discovered, including unjobbing, extreme savings, business ownership, investing, and more. Also, in depth discussion on the importance of personal and self development in the process of financial freedom.
May 30, 2014
Episode 21 Chris Ryan – Author/Podcaster/Intellectual
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Chris Ryan (@ChrisRyanPhD) about his book “Sex at Dawn” and also discusses polyamory, open marriage, non-monogamy, and how our origins in a tribal society and our genetics go against our social conditioning in relationships. Interesting and fun conversation about alternative relationships and thinking outside of the box.
May 30, 2014
Episode 20 Champ Chong – YouTube Celebrity/Gamer
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews, Champ Chong (@ChampChong) about his rise as a Youtube celebrity and gaming expert. Allen, also known as Champ, talks about the hard work, ingenuity, and luck it took to help him, not just make money on Youtube, but transform himself into a viable personality in the gaming world, as well as an extremely successful career path. Champ now travels all around the World consulting on and reviewing new games. With millions of organic and unique views on his Youtube channel, Champ is turning heads in the mainstream media world.
May 30, 2014
Episode 19 Ryder Skye – Adult Film Actress/Porn Star/Feminist
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews pro-sex feminist and adult film actress/porn star, Ryder Skye (@ryderskyexxx). They talk about sex, women and empowerment, and Ryder’s path to becoming a marriage, relationship, and sex therapist. Ryder explains her viewpoints on why the porn industry should be looked at as a pro-feminist and female-oriented industry and challenges the idea that women in porn are victimized. Very unique, thoughtful, and funny guest with alternative ideas.
May 30, 2014
Episode 18 Jordan Brady – Director/Comedian/Podcaster
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews film and commercial director, Jordan Brady (@iamcomicmovie) about his documentary film, I Am Comic, his life as a stand up comedian, and his podcast, “Respect the Process.” They also discuss his directing career and working with some of Hollywood’s heavyweights, such as Charlize Theron, Luke Wilson, Ben Affleck, and more, before they were big stars. Funny and lighthearted guest!
May 30, 2014
Episode 17 Aiko Tanaka – Comedian/Model
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Japanese-American Comedian Aiko Tanaka (@aikotanaka) about growing up and stand up comedy. Aiko is a regular on the Ding Dong Show Podcast and a DeathSquad Regular. They also discuss Aiko’s career as a carshow model, Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, and show business.
May 29, 2014
Episodes 16 Lorenzo Hagerty - Psychedelic Advocate/Podcaster
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Lorenzo Hagerty (@PsychedelicLozo), host of the podcast, Psychedelic Salon. He talks about his interesting life from convervative Texas lawyer to Psychedelic advocate and peace warrior. Discussion of positive use of psychedelic drugs for therapy and exploring drugs in a safe and healthy way to increase awareness, consciousness, and expand your mind instead of just “getting high”.
May 29, 2014
Episode 15 - Daniele Bolelli – Author/Professor/Podcaster
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) talks religion and spirituality with the author of the best selling book, Create Your Own Religion, Daniele Bolelli (@DBolelli). Daniele, an Italian by birth, has written several books, as well as being a professor, and also has his own podcast, The Drunken Taoist. He has been heard on many other podcast, including the Joe Rogan Experience. In depth and deep discussion which covers the guidelines for picking a belief system that works for you and how spiritual and good people need to learn to stand up for themselves in a sometimes non-spiritual friendly World.
May 29, 2014
Episode 14 Leo Foti – Director/Producer/Actor at 7 Waves Entertainment/Yogi
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews indie director/producer/writer/actor and founder of 7 Waves Entertainment (@7wavesent) Production company, Leo Foti, about his experiences as an independent producer, his film festival, being Italian, and his life as a Hollywood Yogi. In depth discussion about short film production and his experience at the Cannes Film Festival, advice for new filmmakers, and YOGA TALK. Interesting, fun guest with varied topics.
May 28, 2014
Episode 13 BJ Mendelson - Author/Social Media Marketer
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews social media marketer, BJ Mendelson (@BJMendelson) about his book “Social Media is Bullshit” which follows his attempts to utilize social media platforms and his fails and successes. They discuss the publishing industry and corruption of mainstream media outlets. Interesting guest with great insights!
May 28, 2014
Episode 12 Dekoven Ashley- Founder of ThrdPlace, Philanthropist, and Activist
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews the founder of internet start up , (@ThrdPlace), Dekovan Ashley. They discuss community, connections, and their mutual love for the City of New Orleans, and how it inspired Dekoven to take action to founding an online marketplace for community outreach and development. Thrdplace has been described as a kick starter for community projects.
May 28, 2014
Episode 11 Mick Betancourt – Comedian/Producer/TV Writer
Comedian Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie) interviews, Comedian/Producer/Writer Mick Betancourt(@mickbetancourt) about how he broke into the world of television writing. Great insights on the entertainment industry, as well as motivational thoughts from Mick about making in a tough business.
May 22, 2014
Episode 10 Everett Stern - HSBC Whistleblower
Comedian Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie) interviews Everett Stern (@sterneverett) about his experience working as a compliance officer investigating HSBC funding of terrorist activities, his secret connections with the CIA, and his protest on Wall Street with the Occupy Wall Street movement on his birthday. They also discuss his love of PF Chang’s. Great in depth interview with an interesting guest. Check out Everett’s Website
May 22, 2014
Episode 9 John Lee Dumas - Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast
Comedian Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie) interviews John Lee Dumas (@johnleedumas) host of Entrepreneur on Fire, the No. 1 small business podcast on the net! John is a trailblazer in the World of podcasting, teaching average people how they too can launch their dreams and promote their businesses through podcasting. Inspiring and fun episode!
May 22, 2014
Episode 8 Marianne Williamson – NY Times Bestselling Author/Candidate for CA Congress
Comedian Rosie Tran(@funnyrosie) interviews Marianne Williamson (@marwilliamson), NY Times best selling author of “A Return to Love”, “Illuminata”, and “The Law of Divine Compensation” and spiritual guru about her decision to run for Congress in CA in Los Angeles District 33. They discuss government corruption and big money in politics, free college and education, privatization of the prison system, and food safety issues with Monsanto.
May 22, 2014
Episode 7 Horace "Hobbie" Jordan – Filmmaker – Scarface/The Goonies/Tron
Comedian Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie) interviews Horace “Hobbie” Jordan camera man about his work on Tron, Gonnies, and Scarface.
May 22, 2014
Episode 6 Stacey Storey - Indie Film Producer/Former Miss Alaska
Comedian Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie) interviews Indie Film Producer Stacey Storey (@staceystorey) about raising money for her independent film “Best Friends Forever” through kickstarter, and the film festival circuit.
May 22, 2014
Episode 5 Brady Hallongren - Documentary Filmmaker/Producer/Political Activist
Comedian Rosie Tran talks to indie film producer and political activist about his controversial film, “Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for American POWs” directed by Bill Dumas, including discussions on the POW issue and government corruption. They, also, talk about his other film, “The Long Green Line” directed by Matthew Arnold, about cross country coach, Joe Newton.
May 22, 2014
Episode 4 Tessa Lane - Adult Film Actress/Pornstar
Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) and adult film actress and pornstar, Tessa Lane (@ItsTessaLane), talk about women and sex.
May 22, 2014
Episode 3 Dominic Labriola and Sasha Maxim – Real Estate Entrepreneur/Professional Tennis Player
Comedian Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie)interviews Dominic Labriola, real estate entrepreneur and youtube marketer, and Sasha Maxim, former professional tennis player and coach-turned real estate entrepreneur, talk about business, real estate, and investing.
May 22, 2014
Episode 2 Yoshi Obayashi - Comedian/Podcaster/World Traveler
Comedian Rosie Tran interviews “Yoshi Didn’t” Podcast host and comedian, Yoshi Obayashi (@yoshididnt), about his passion for travel and how he got into stand up comedy.
March 4, 2014
Episode 1 Graham Elwood -Comedian/Podcaster
Comedian Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie) talks to Comedian/Filmmaker Graham Elwood (@grahamelwood)about his documentary film, Laffghanistan, which documents his USO tours overseas for the Troops.
February 24, 2014