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Conversations on current events in the Independent Hip Hop scene, Paying Homage and Pushing The Culture Forward!
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Episode 52 (Lyric Jones Interview)

Out Da Box Talks

Episode 54 (Hezekiah Interview)
In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks Host Cril talks in depth with Emcee, Producer, Singer "Hezekiah" on his vast career experiences as an artist as well as the inspiration and meaning behind his latest Album "The Universe Does Not Reward Fear".  We talk about everything from his beginnings as an artist to to his growth in the music biz, him overcoming a brain aneurysm, getting back to his career and looking at life differently.  One of the significant topics that comes up prominently on the new album is that of "Forgiveness" and the importance of it, and we delve in to this topic thoughtfully in the interview.  Hezekiah also talks about his experiences being mistaken for the famous Gospel Artist "Hezekiah Walker" and share stories about his experience with developing the Beat Society "Event Series" back in the early 2000's and the variety of artists he was able to build a successful relationship with. We talk about some of his earlier collaboration work with other artists like "Ishe, Chief Kamachi and Lady Alma", and Hez also talks about his comradare with other philly artists and the benefit it has brought to him in his music career.  He also talks about bringing his music to yoga sessions and more.  This is a very in depth interview so I hope you are able to listen through it all and gain some valuable insight on what Hezekiah represent as an Artist and Quality contribution to Music Today. Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Donate to Out Da Box Media Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
November 27, 2020
Episode 53 (One Be Lo Interview)
In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with Talented Michigan Emcee "One Be Lo" on his earliest experiences pursuing Hip Hop, the development of the group/movement "Binary Star", and his inspiration and experience moving to the country of Egypt.  He also talks in depth about his conceptual approach to his albums, as well as themes and lyrics expressed on his highly anticipated LP out now, entitled "B.A.B.Y. Being A Black Youth".  We even talk a bit about his recent EP "C-Section" and tap into some of the lyrics and meaning behind the project.  This interview was one of the longest interviews I've done for Out Da Box Talks but I believe it's well worth the listen, as it features a truly creative and talented Artist of our time.  Take the time to listen when you can. Enjoy! Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Donate to Out Da Box Media Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
November 20, 2020
Episode 52 (Lyric Jones Interview)
In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with native Boston Emcee/Singer, Producer "Lyric Jones" about her journey and development as an artist, growing to a place of getting appreciation for her music, collaborating with Phonte of "Little Brother" as executive producer on her latest Album "Closer Than They Appear", the meaning behind the title of the project and more.  Lyric even takes time to break down a  number of lyrics displayed  on the album as well as the significance behind some of the concepts on the project.  She also takes time to speak about her 2019 project "Ga$ Money" produced by Nameless, her recent NPR Tiny Desk home performance and gives insight into reasons why black men and women sometimes have conflict in understanding and respecting each other.  The interview definitely goes in depth and has more content as it clocks in about almost 2 hours.  I certainly hope that this listen is an insightful one.  Enjoy! Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Donate to Out Da Box Media Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
November 13, 2020
Episode 51 (Uptown XO Interview)
Host Cril talks with Washington D.C. Emcee "Uptown XO" on his early journey rap, growing and developing as an artist in D.C., collaborating with Oddisse and yU to form the Hip Hop group "Diamond District", his 2 new projects "Culture Over Corporate 1 and 2", the significance of the title and more. Enjoy Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Donate to Out Da Box Media Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
November 6, 2020
Episode 50 (Host Cril Talks!)
In this Episode 50 of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril decided to do a LIVE show without the usual artist interview to Celebrate the 50th Episode, give updates on Out Da Box Talks, and share Hip Hop News.  The show originally aired LIVE on Mixcloud on Wednesday October 28th and included music which can be heard over at our mixcloud page  this weekend.  But over here you can check the main Talk audio from host Cril with a guest phone call from Co Host A-Level near the end of the show.  We talk about Emcee "Rapsody's" recent Lyricist of The Year Award from BET, Dope Hip Hop Albums and EPs recently released, Raekwon The Chef's Upcoming Memoir, Purple Tape 3, his upcoming Documentary, Common's New LP and more.  Enjoy and feel encouraged to support our Out Da Box Movement by hitting up any of the links below.  Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Donate to Out Da Box Media Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
October 30, 2020
Episode 49 (ILLOGIC Interview)
In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with Emcee/ Producer “ILLOGIC” about his inspirations to rap and also produce, he talks about his experimental approach to music, the purpose of the successful “Super Duty Tough Work Podcast” he shares with fellow Emcee “Blueprint”, how he defines success as it relates to the podcast, his recent "Cosmogramma Interpretations EP" and the inspiration for the project.  For the remainder of the interview, ILLOGIC takes the time to delve deep into the sounds, the themes and some of the lyrics on his latest Solo Album entitled “Autopilot”. He talks about his hands on approach to the LP, his first album where the rapping , producing, mixing and even photography is all done by him. He explains why he chose to title the project "Autopilot" and uncovers the meaning behind some of the intriguing lyrics on the album. This interview was a special one! I approached the questions with the intention of learning as much as I could about the Autopilot LP to get a better understanding of ILLOGIC's creative approach with the project.  I certainly hope you enjoy and if you listen to the album, it enhances your experience! ILLOGIC's "Autopilot" is currently available on his bandcamp page and will be coming to streaming services soon. Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
October 23, 2020
Episode 48 (Napoleon Da Legend Interview)
In this Episode 48 Of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Native D.C. Emcee "Napoleon Da Legend" on his inspirations to Emcee and have a career in Hip Hop, he also talks about his upbringing and how it has influenced his perspective and thought provoking rhymes, how he got the name Napoleon, maintaining consistency as an artist and eventually getting to a place where one can enjoy the fruits of their labor.  He also talks about the themes and inspirations for his recent "Street Universe LP" with producer Giallo Point, his "The Stuff Of Legend" project with Ro Data and his latest "Dragon Ball G" project produced by himself.  The interview is quite insightful and gives a good glimpse into the creative mindset of Napoleon Da Legend.  His catalog is extremely vast and there's so much to uncover with his clever approach to Hip Hop albums, but hopefully this interview introduces you if its your first time learning of him.  If you are already familiar, then hopefully the conversation enhances your experience with his music.  Be Inspired, Enjoy! Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
October 16, 2020
Episode 47 (Jamil Honesty Interview)
In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with native Staten Island, now Baltimore, MD Emcee "Jamil Honesty" on his inspiration to Rap, growing up in Staten Island, moving to Baltimore and developing as an artist.  He also talks about his collaboration with Producer "Hobgoblin" and the Marty Music series, as well as some of the themes on the latest project, telling his truth in his music, his approach as an artist and much more. Jamil's sound is very reminiscent of the raw 90's Wu Tang, East Coast Hip Hop sound but he demonstrates in his own unique way.  Definitely a sharp lyricist who has a lot to offer to the hip hop artform.  I certainly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this interview. Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
October 9, 2020
Episode 46 (J. Sands Interview)
In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with native Pittsburgh Emcee "J. Sands" on his inspirations to Emcee and pursue music, his beginnings with Hip Hop group "Lone Catalysts" comprised of himself and producer "J. Rawls", learning the music business and growing as an entrepreneur and independent artist, his latest project VFBOYAB "Vote For Biden Or You Aint Black", why he chose to title the Album after the said Joe Biden comment, the "Karen" track which takes a thought provoking approach and critically expounds on the popular "Karen Meme" as well as the idea of white privelage, his new single "Da Rona" reflecting on the effects of the Corona virus and the impact of the pandemic,  his previous "The Black Revolution Album", some of the subject matter and themes on the LP and more. Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
October 2, 2020
Episode 45 (Speech of "Arrested Development" Interview)
Originally aired on our youtube channel: Out Da Box TV, Hosts Cril and A-Level talk in depth with native Milwaukee Emcee, and southern Hip Hop pioneer "SPEECH" of the Grammy Award winning Hip Hop group "Arrested Development" on his early ubringings, his inspirations to pursue music,  growing with Arrested Development, from the good times to the challenges and good again, his current relationship with the original members of the group, who AD comprises of today, their Brand New LP "Don't Fight Your Demons", collaborating with Producer "Configa", his Christianity faith and how he views it, the impact of the late but important "Baba Oje" and what he meant to Arrested Development, his docuseries "The Nigga Factory", consciousness in Hip Hop and much more.  Check out he full video of the episode on our youtube channel Out Da Box TV.  Be inspired! Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
October 2, 2020
Episode 44 (Es Interview)
In this Interview Host Cril talks in depth with Mississauga/Toronto Ontario Emcee "Es" on his inspirations to Emcee, the Underground Hip Hop scene in Toronto, his successfully produced 2017 album "We Are Only Getting Older" along with some of the important themes that the project dealt with.  We talked about everything from Emcee's developing lyrical maturity and being more conscious of their lyrics, to what it looks like to age gracefully as an artist,  and finding the balance between music biz life and taking care of responsibilities with family life.  Es also takes the time to talk about times of doubt he experienced with pursuing his artist career and one of the things that helped him to overcome.  We also talk about his recent 2019 EP "Social Meteor Vol 1: Inspired by my Timeline", the inspirations for the project title, and some of the thought provoking concept records on the EP.  Fast forward to 2020, Es also gives a glimpse of the inspiration behind his latest project released earlier this week entitled "The Connected EP" with Producer "Pandamonium" the reasoning behind the project and what's been happening lately for him as an artist.  I feel like Es is one of the names in Hip Hop who embodies maturity and thought provoking content and is  important to the notion of pushing the culture of hip hop forward.  I had a good time building with the Ontario Emcee and certainly hope you are inspired! Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
September 25, 2020
Episode 43 (A-F-R-O Interview)
In this Episode 43 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Southern California Emcee "A-F-R-O" on how his inspirations to Rap, meeting his favorite Emcee "RA The Rugged Man" and eventually traveling the world and meeting some of his other favorite Hip Hop artists.  He talks about how his Emcee name A-F-R-O came to be, releasing his AFRO Polo project with Marco Polo in 2016 and why he's yet to release his first official Full Length album after a number of years of him making music.  He also takes the time to talk about his strengths as a Lyricist and what has helped him to be successful at freestyling and other aspects of his lyricsm.  In the interview A-F-R-O speaks on some of his challenges growing up from being bullied as a youth, and experiencing a car accident as a teenager along with how he was able to overcome and gain positive insight out of these experiences.  He even talks about his clever ability to do the fast rap, without jumbling or skipping over words yet still making the rhyme make sense. As a talented as the brother is, he's definitely one of the most humble artists I've interviewed.  If you are a true Hip Hop lyric fan and respectful of artists who truly contribute the progress of the Emcee Artform, I think you'll definitely appreciate this interview.  Be Inspired! Enjoy! Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
September 18, 2020
Episode 42 (Boog Brown Interview)
In Episode 42 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with native Detroit Emcee "Boog Brown" on her inspirations to rap, her experience moving from Detroit to Atlanta, becoming involved in the ATL Hip Hop scene, her Album/EP catalogue ranging from her original project with Apollo Brown entitled "The Brown Study", how the Remix of that project came to be, as well as her Sun Up, Late Bloom, Boog Brown and recent "Summer Daze Vol. 1 EP"  with Producer "Spitzwell".  She also talks about Dope Girl Magic, Black Girl Magic, the representation of Women in Hip Hop, shares thoughts on Cardi B and Megan the Stallion's popular WAP video, the impact of Black Love and much more. This is definitely an in-depth interview and gives viewers an insightful look into the thoughts and career of Boog Brown. A very talented Emcee who has offered a solid catalogue of Quality Hip Hop projects but has so much more to offer.  The interview is a little over 2 hours long but definitely worth the view/listen.  Hope you are inspired and enjoy! Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
September 11, 2020
Episode 41 (Pruven Interview)
In this Episode 41 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with NY Emcee "Pruven" on his inspirations to Emcee, collaborating with Vast Aire of the classic Cannibal Ox Hip Hop group, the inspiration for the artwork on his successful "Clandestine Rituals LP", working with producer Jak Progresso, specific lyrics and themes on the album as well as his newer "Asiatic African Arts LP".  This interview is a quite in depth one and especially interesting if you are a fan of deciphering lyrics and appreciate intellectual talk.  I'm particularly proud of this interview because I was able to explore the meaning behind some of the thought provoking themes on these 2 projects in which Pruven actually released this year.  If you are already a fan of Pruven, I believe you'll certainly appreciate the interview.  If this is your first time learning of him, hopefully you'll be inspired to explore his music with an open mind.  Enjoy and Be Inspired! Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
September 4, 2020
Episode 40 (The Good People Interview)
In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with NY Hip Hop duo "The Good People" consisting of Emcee "Emskee" and Producer "Saint".  In this interview the duo talk about their history with Hip Hop and how the came together as a group, they also talk about their benevolent name and its significance to them.  They also talk about their soulful boom bap sound and how they've been able to maintain that vintage vibe in 2020.  The interview touches on themes like diversity in Hip Hop, reasons why thought provoking records are often unheard on commercial airwaves, giving recognition to the culture's original elements and valuing quality.  The interview also examines the possibility of one who has bias or a false perspective being able to change his/her viewpoints for the better, it also touches on the subject of Black and Brown people standing strong and "NOT Self Destructing" despite the numerous incidents of police brutality and acts of racial injustice.  We go on to talk about Producer "Saint's" jazzy soulful production and what inspires him to consistently create that sound, the meaningful lyrics but upbeat vibe of their music that you can also dance to, how the group came together with Emcee's Horror City, Carta P and Quentin Gilmore to form their most recent EP project entitled "The Starting 5ive", the authentic NY Hip Hop sound and more.  Overall this was an insightful interview and if you're not familiar with "The Good People" I hope you feel encouraged to listen to their music, which really embodies their name in my opinion.  "The Good People" make "Good feeling" but meaningful music! Become an Out Da Box Media Patreon Subscriber (Get exclusive Interview Clips and more) Get Out Da Box Media Merch (T Shirts, Sweaters, Snapback Hats etc.) Visit our Website (Subscribe to our Mailing List)
August 28, 2020
Episode 39 (Sareem Poems Interview)
In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Cali native, now Michigan Emcee "Sareem Poems" on his inspiration to become and Emcee, choosing to work with single producers on a majority of his albums,  how he met producer "Newselph" and what inspired the concept for their new album entitled "The Art Of Living", the significance behind the cover artwork and a number of topics referenced on the album dealing with everything from Family responsibility, appreciating the simple things in life, having gratitude, the importance of relatable Hip Hop records and the relatable presence as an Artist, planning for the future in the present, the difference between surviving and living and much more mature and thought provoking conversation.  I really enjoyed this interview, I think it resonates well with the idea of Fatherhood, Marriage, putting family as a priority and still maintaining balance with ones passion or artistry, yet appreciating life in its simplest form.  I truly believe that this is an inspirational interview and hope you certainly Enjoy! Sareem Poems and Newselph - The Art Of Living Visit to subscribe to our email list to keep updated with Out Da Box Talks
August 21, 2020
Episode 38 (Substantial Interview)
In this Episode 38 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Maryland Emcee/Producer "Substantial" about his inspirations to be a Hip Hop Artist, growing up in Maryland and how he was able to develop relationships with DMV artists.  He also talks about his new compilation album "What I Been Saying" and his efforts and ability to maintain inspiring and uplifting lyrics throughout his career.  He also talks about his work as an Educator and the ways in which is has helped him to grow and benefited his outlook as family man.  He shares his love for producing and the feel it provides, what gets in the way of people living out their full purpose, how he's been able to overcome certain obstacles with resilience, and much more. This interview is close to 2 hours long but definitely worth checking out.  I hope you are inspired! This Episode is also available in Video form on our Out Da Box TV Youtube Channel
August 14, 2020
Episode 37 (Cashus King Interview)
In this Episode 37 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with LA Emcee "Cashus King" on a number of topics, including how he first got inspired to rap, meeting fellow LA Emcee "Blu" and developing a friendship. He also talks about the inspirations for his previous Emcee Name "Co$$" and why it changed to "Cashus King" as well as the meaning behind the cash symbolism in the two titles. As the interview continues, "Cashus" takes time to talk about his latest project "Weightless" including the significance of the artwork, the exclamation points in each song title, as well as some other themes the album touches on like, mind power, friendship, gravity and more. Cashus also takes a moment to talk about his unique vocal presence as an Emcee and what inspires his sometimes commanding voice in his music. He even talks about the state of the Black American in response to one of his newest tracks "Triggered, A Beast of No Nation" and delves into more thought provoking topics. Hope that this interview is inspiring!
August 7, 2020
Episode 36 (Host Cril and A-Level talk Hip Hop News, RIP Malik B, Black Thought, Raekwon's OB4CL2, Black Star LP, Nas, Classic Hip Hop Versuz battles etc.
In this Episode 36 of Out Da Box hosts Cril and A-Level talk Hip Hop News and Giving Homage.  The show starts off with a R.I.P. and recognition to the late, talented  Emcee "Malik B", the segues into "Black Thought" and his upcoming Streams Of Thought Vol. 3 LP with producer "Sean C".  Raekwon's 25th Anniversary of his Classic Album "Only Built 4 Cuban Link" and the anticipation for a Part 3.  We also take a serious critique of "Meme Culture" and its negative effects in general, but specifically recently to Black Women in response to Artist "Megan Thee Stallion" recently being shot in her feet, and the status of the highly anticipated Black Star Sophomore LP.  We also speak on Lupe Fiasco's insight that he recently reached out to Nas with the interest of collaborating on a new project, and the conversation segues into lots of talk about Nas, the producers he's chose to work with over the years, and who we both would like to see him collaborate with.  The show closes out on a Classic note, highlighting the successful Verzuz battles and dialoguing on the possibility of a Classic KRS-One vs LL Cool J or Rakim Verzuz.  Host Cril and A-Level both dissect the possibilites of both matchups and their outcomes as well as which matchup actually is a better one.  Overall this  Show was fun to do, and it was pretty cool to have co-host A-Level back for another show.   Note:  Full show in now available on Youtube at OutDaBoxTV
August 7, 2020
Episode 35 (StaHHr Interview)
Host Cril of Out Da Box interviews native Atlanta Emcee "StaHHr" on a number of insightful topics, including how she first was inspired to emcee,  why her name was initially StaHHr the F.E.M.C.E.E., and why she decided to drop the latter acronym.  She also taks about the inspiration for the the theme and cover art for her first Album "Almost Neva Was", her experience of developing self and growing spiritually throughout different stages of her journey.  She talks about how she first met MF DOOM, to having different features on a number of his Albums including her solo track "Still Dope" appearing on DOOM's "Born Like This " Album, words of advice she received from him and more.  StaHHr also takes the time to talk about her sophomore and most recent LP "Mother Nature with a Molotov", her independent and tireless effort to release that album, the positive impact her music has had on other women and girls, her brand new maxi single release with Crazy DJ Bazarro, potential producers she would like to work with for another album and so much more.  This interview is very indepth.  I certainly had a wonderful time building with StaHHr and look forward to seeing her musical career continue to develop.  Enjoy!   This Episode is also available to watch on our youtube channel Out Da Box TV Note from producer: This Interview was initially live streamed however there was an echo and my vocals as host came out a lot louder than StaHHr's so I had to edit the video in post production.  You may also recognize moments of background noise in the video, as I was unable to do a proper monitoring of the audio while the stream was live so my apologies for those sounds as well.  I really enjoyed doing this interview and I believe viewers will still be able to view and listen to this interview decently (even with the background noises and audio adjustment) so I certainly hope you enjoy.  
July 31, 2020
Episode 34 (Wordsworth Interview)
Host Cril fo Out Da Box Talks, interviews Brooklyn Native Emcee "Wordsworth" on his New Book "What Words are Worth Vol. 1", his moving from New York to Florida, becoming a Music Teacher, earning his Masters, working with different producers, his brotherly relationship with Masta Ace, eMC,  his overall growth as a man, as an artist and much more Episode also available for view on Youtube at our Out Da Box TV Youtube Channel
July 31, 2020
Episode 33 (Cymarshall Law Interview)
In this New Episode of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Central New Jersey Emcee "Cymarshall Law" on his New collaboration LP with "Acewonda" entitled "Crossroads", the importance of Self Love, how he's kept his integrity as an artist, his passion and love for Hip Hop, Fatherhood, Friendship and more.  This is definitely an indepth interview and we certainly hope you are inspired!
July 24, 2020
Episode 32 (REKS Interview)
In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Lawrence Mass, Emcee "REKS" on his introduction to Hip Hop through music and as a career, how he got originally linked up with fellow Massuchusetts Emcee "Termanology" and eventually collaborating with Producer "DJ Premier".  The interview goes on to talk about how REK's was impacted by Hip Hop from an educational standpoint and later taps into his upcoming New LP entitled "T.H.I.N.G.S." as well as the message he hopes to convey.  We also talk about the Artwork for his new single "Legacy Driven" and why he chose to display a representation of African People migrating from antiquity to present day.  The interview also touches on everything from violence in the black community to overcoming longstanding obstacles due to colorism and much more.  This interview is truly a thought provoking one, and I was grateful to have an important dialogue with brother Reks.  I certainly hope you are inspired by this insightful interview!
July 17, 2020
Episode 31 (Black Star LP Update , Madlib, Open Mike Eagle's New Podcast Network, Hip Hop's Protest against Police Brutality)
In this Episode 31 of Out Da Box Talks, Hosts Cril and A-Level speak briefly on Kanye West's recent announcement to run for President, the update on the anticipated New "Black Star" album featuring "Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey and Madlib" and the possibility that it may not be released.  We also talk about Madlib and his impact as a musician, while highlighting some of our favorite collabo projects from him.  A-Level takes the time to speak highly about his classic collabo Album entitled "Jaylib" with J. Dilla and the impact the project had on his experience with Madlib.  We also take the time to recognize Artist "Open Mike Eagle" on the launch of his New Podcast Network "Stony Island Audio" and some of the great things he has in store for this endeavor.  The show closed out on a strong note as we highlight Hip Hop's longstanding voice against police brutality long before social media and recognize artist like Public Enemy and dead prez among many others throughout hip hop history through to today that have continued to be a music voice for the people against systematic racism and oppression against black and brown people.  There are no guest/artist interviews in this episode but its definitely worth checking out.   Note: Also, I would like to apologize for some of the clipping/ distortion in the audio as the recording came out a little funky.  However, I still decided to put this episode up, to make sure we had a show release this friday, even with periods of clipping in the audio I feel listeners would still be able to appreciate and understand this discussion.  Hope you certainly do!
July 10, 2020
Episode 30 (Eloh Kush Interview)
In this Episode 30 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with New Brunswick, NJ Emcee "Eloh Kush" on a number of thought provoking topics.  The interview starts with Eloh giving a history on how he got started in his career as an artist, to connecting with fellow Emcee Lil Sci (John Robinson) and collaborating together.  He talks about the focus of his music and the inspiration behind the spiritual and conscious references in his music, how Black Women and Men can begin to develop more respectful relationships with one another, and what he think causes some of the divide.  Eloh also talks about what motivates him to continue to be consistent with releasing music, his efforts to educate the youth and what he learns in return from these interactions, as well as what it means to have a free mind in 2020 and much more.  I certainly hope you enjoy!
July 3, 2020
Episode 29 (Che Noir Interview)
In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Buffalo Emcee "Che Noir" on a number of topics including her inspiration to start rapping, how she got connected with Emcee 38 Spesh, growing up raised by a Single Mother and the wisdom she gained from the experience.  Che also talks about choosing the route of integrity / thought provoking lyrics  over the hyper sexual provocative female rap image.  She gives insight into her upcoming Album with Detroit Producer "Apollo Brown" and how her collaboration with the Legendary Black Thought came to be.  The interview also touches on the current challenges that some Black Women and Black Men share against each other and takes a glimpse at ways we can begin to communicate and develop better respect for each other.  Che also talks passionately about how she would like her music to be inspirational to young girls and boys who grow up in the struggle that she's come from and expresses how comfortable she felt making such relatable and thought provoking music on her new album "As God Intended".  Che is definitely a talent I will be looking forward to see grow in her music career and can't wait until this Apollo Brown LP is released on July 10th.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this interview!
June 26, 2020
Episode 28 (Cambatta Interview)
In this Episode 28 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with Emcee "Cambatta" on his upcoming LP "LSD" Lunar Solar Duality due for release on July 21st on Mello Music Group alongside a number of other topics.  The interview starts off with Cambatta explaining how he was able to perfect his lyrical craft and develop a strong delivery as an Emcee.  He then talks about the inspiration for the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) references of Netcheru and other  Dieties from the different Spiritual and Mythological backgrounds in his music.  He also gives insight into the reason why human beings are so gullible to systems of Religion as opposed to Spirituality.  He takes the time to speak about his creative approach to his music an gives examples of how he was able to achieve success with certain rhymes.  Cam also gives insight into his experience with and reference to Psychedelic substances as well as how it has impacted his music.  The interview talks about everything from achieving goals to elevation to overcoming fear as a distraction, to understanding the difference in shifting of consciousness from the 3rd dimension to 4th dimension and so forth.  In the interview Cambatta also shares what it was like to collaborate with legendary Emcee "Canibus" and what lead up to their collaboration "Canibus/\Cambatta".  The interview also touches on what fans can expect with his new LP "LSD" on July 21st and how it distinguishes itself from his other projects.  This was a very insightful interview.  We certainly hope you enjoy!
June 19, 2020
Episode 27 (MH The Verb Interview)
In this Episode 27 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Emcee "MH The Verb" on his new Album "Space Ninja"and more. At the beginning of the interview MH gives some insight into his journey as an artist and explains what inspired the Space Helmet which he expressively dons in some of his music videos and album art. MH also goes on to talk about empowering Generational Communication between the Elders and the younger folks as well as what he thinks it would take for Police Brutality and years Racial Injustice to be finally over and done. We also talk about everything from astrology and its effect on these days and times, his inspiration for the track "Jupiter Sunrise" and what he would say to an Extraterrestrial Life form if he were to ever meet one. He gives insight on how he see's mental health as well as his activism today. The interview is very Thought Provoking and gives you a good glimpse into MH's perspective on a range of topics addressed in his New "Space Ninja" album. MH also released a really dope album entitled "Afronauts" in 2017 and I encourage you to check that one out as well. Both Projects are now available on digital and streaming networks. Be Inspired Enjoy!
June 12, 2020
Episode 26 (United Front Interview)
In this Episode 26 of Out Da Box Talks, Hosts A-Level and Cril talk in depth with United Front Emcees "Deedle Green" and "Bomani UFG" about a number of topics related to the Liberation of African People in America and Abroad.  They speak on their message as Emcees and define their sound Afrikan Insurrection music which reflects the harsh pain that Black people throughout the diaspora have had to face for centuries under Slavery and Oppression.  The interview also asks the question Why has there been an absence of Social commentary from premiere rap talent in today's genre and what solutions would it take to overcome white supremacy considering everything that has been going on due to Police Brutality and other countless tragedies related to Racial Injustice.  This was certainly a deep interview that delved into Deedle and Bomani's perspective which is reflective of the pains that African Americans and other Africans around the world have faced due to years and years of Oppression, Slavery and Injustice.  Please listen with an open mind! 
June 5, 2020
Episode 25 (Focus The Truth Interview)
In this Episode 25 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Queens Emcee "Focus The Truth" on his New Album entitled "Immortal" alongside some of the Thought Provoking topics expressed in his lyrics.  He takes a moment to explain how he came up with his Emcee Name and why he decided to title the Album "Immortal".  We talk about his outlook on his home town "Queens NYC" and its successful impact on Hip Hop as well as his clear delivery as an Emcee and what inspired his conscious approach to rap.  In the interview, Focus also takes the time to reflect on the influence his Father had on him as an Entrepreneur and how he's been able to use the wisdom to encourage him in his music career.  The conversation goes on to talk on subjects which range from thinking positive in negative circumstances to brief thoughts around combatting police brutality as well as how he would like his Legacy to be remembered as an Emcee.  Definitely check this interview out when you get a chance.  Focus The Truth's vocal delivery and thought provoking messages as an Emcee make him a name worthy of recognition in Hip Hop for today and years to come. Hope you are inspired!
May 29, 2020
Episode 24 (Passport Rav Interview)
In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril speaks in depth with Emcee/Producer "Passport Rav" about his Brand New EP "Dual Citizenship".  At the beginning of the interview, Rav explains how he got started as an Emcee and what lead to him developing a respectful relationship with the Legendary "LL Cool J".  He also explains the inspiration for the consistent "Travel Themes" that appear in the majority of his music.  Passport Rav explains how he came up with the title "Dual Citizenship" and what he wanted to convey with the EP.  He also gives insight to thought provoking themes on the EP, like "Outter Riches, Inner Poverty" and what it would take to make a shift to a more consciously progressive path as a people.  He speaks briefly on the concept of the "Circadian Rhythm" and what his intentions were in creating a song named after the title. He talks about learning to live with "Loss and Gain" and attempting to see it in the most positive way in this day and age, while reflecting on the great things he's learned from loved ones like his deceased Uncle Charles.  He even takes the time  to ponder what it would be like if the late great "Malcolm X" were alive today and using Social Media  to navigate beyond the distractions/ trolls in order get his message across. The interview is packed with a lot of significant topics dealing with everything from Improving Self to growing in Spiritual Awareness, Black Pride, Healing and more.  I certainly hope you  listen with an open mind and will be inspired positively by this awesome interview. Enjoy!
May 22, 2020
Episode 23 (Squeegie O Interview)
In this Episode 23 of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Staten Island Emcee "Squeegie O" on his Brand New LP "From Niggaz to Godz".  He explains how the music came together with Producer "P Soulist" and what inspired the Album Title and significance of the Album Cover.  Squeegie also takes the time to answer the question "What it would take for the average Hip Hop fan to wake up and demand more substance from Artists?", while also recognizing the negative outcomes of following fraudulent Rappers and valuing the importance of Conscious lyrics over hustle and business in Hip Hop. Host Cril also talks to Squeegie about lines referenced from his tracks "Step Brovaz, Saturdayz and Negro 911" that reflect on thought provoking topics dealing with Self reflection, the misconceptions of the "Hood", the perception of the "Real Nigga" and more.  Indeed this was an insightful interview and if you're a fan of that authentic NY Hip Hop sound reminiscent of artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Tragedy Khadafi, Capone-N-Noreaga and others alike, I think you'll enjoy Squeegie O's new LP "From Niggaz to Godz".  In addition, his lyrics are consistently thought provoking and conscious minded, questioning the degrading aspects of the Hip Hop industry and its impact on the today's generation.  I certainly hope that this interview will inspire you to check out his music if you haven't heard it already, and enhance your appreciation for him as an artist if you have.  Either way, I hope you enjoy!
May 15, 2020
Episode 22 (POW BUNDY Interview)
In this Episode 22 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril chats with Ohio Hip Hop duo "POW BUNDY", comprised of 2 Emcees (Cas Metah and Blast Mega).  The interview mainly focuses on themes and topics addressed in their New Self Titled LP released in late March of this year.  The duo starts off the interview by giving a brief history on how they initially met and came together for the "Pow Bundy" album.  They also talk about the significance of the "Married With Children/ Al Bundy"  theme which is showcased on the cover art and how the Bundy name correlates with the Blue Collar/ Working Class message of the album.  The duo also break down the meanings behind certain songs and lines on the album as the interview continues.  Cas Metah and Blast Mega talk about the track "Panic" and reflect on the "Panic" that's taking place in today's current Pandemic climate, while also looking at its pros and cons.  Blast Mega talks about the inspiration for his raps on his solo feature "Trauma" (Which involves a tragic story in the scope of Police Brutality).  He also takes the time to analyze what it would take for Police to improve and develop respectful and truly fair relationships with Black and Brown people of America.  Cas Metah also speaks on his line in the thought provoking track "Murica" (pronounced meerica) where he talks about recognizing the real prejudice plaguing america since the settlement and shows solidarity in fighting for the rights of People Of Color.  Both Cas and Mega also break down some of their lines from their track "Space Craft" which is about bringing awareness to and raising questions about what is known about outer space and life in the extraterrestrial world.  There's so much to uncover in listening to this "Pow Bundy" LP but one thing is for sure, is that it speaks clearly on the injustices and and common struggles of the working class, blue collar majority.  If you're into thought provoking Hip Hop, expressive of social political and economic challenges of the people then this "Pow Bundy" album is certainly worth a listen.  It's definitely cohesive in the theme and represents Hip Hop in its most outspoken form.   Hope this interview is inspiring! 
May 8, 2020
Episode 21 (MidaZ the BEAST Interview)
In this Brand New Episode of Out Da Box Talks, host "Cril" talks with Orlando Emcee/Writer "MidaZ the BEAST" on his new Album "Where The Sidewalk Ends" as well as how he's been able to establish a name and recognition in Hip Hop coming out of Orlando.  MidaZ delivers some insightful words in this interview about the process of creating  "Where The Sidewalk Ends", working with Producer "Delle Digga", and the inspiration and significance behind the music, as well as the album cover art.  Cril gets MidaZ to break down the meaning behind some clever quotables (lines) from the album, creating the atmosphere for appreciating more of MidaZ's lyrical prowess.  MidaZ also takes the time to explain how he would like to be defined as an artist and shares a bit of insight into upcoming projects he has in store for the rest of 2020 and beyond.  I had a lot of fun doing this interview! especially during the quotable moments.  If you're a fan of MidaZ or his new Album "Where The Sidewalk Ends", I think you'll truly enjoy this episode. If you're new to MidaZ then I think you're in for a treat in learning about a really dope Artist.  Either way, I hope you certainly enjoy! Be Safe, Be Inspired, Be Healthy!
May 1, 2020
Episode 20 (Jay Electronica and Royce's New LPs, New Releases of 2020, DJ Premier and Rza)
New Episode up today from Out Da Box Talks hosts Cril and A-Level.  I "Cril" apologize for putting this show up so late on this Friday, its honestly been a tough week for me, but wanted to get this one up for the Out Da Box fans/ listeners.  I hope you all stay safe and healthy during these challenging times we are facing via the Corona Virus Pandemic.  In this episode Cril and A-Level speak on  Jay Electronica's long awaited LP "A Written Testimony" and why we appreciate it for what it is among other compliments.  We wanted to focus on the good instead of the negatives.  We also talk about some other dope  Hip Hop releases of 2020 so far and reflect on the Historic DJ Premier and Rza DJ battle that took place on Instagram recently.  Hope you enjoy this one and stay inspired and stay loved during this time.  Enjoy!
April 25, 2020
Episode 19 (Supa Nova Slom Interview)
In this episode of Out Da Box Talks, Hosts Cril and A-Level speak in depth with Hip Hop Medicine Man "Supa Nova Slom" who has been involved in Holistic Wellness, Living and promoting the Healthy lifestyle for the majority of his life.  He is a Holistic Health Coach, a Published Author, a Combat Veteran and Vegan Body Builder among other titles.  We were so grateful to have him on our show, especially at a time where the world is experiencing the Coronavirus Pandemic.  He takes a moment to share how he was introduced into the Wellness Lifestyle being raised by his Mother, the renowned Holistic Healer "Queen Afua" .  He also talks about  his efforts and passion to impact the Hip Hop community through years of teaching and empowering our generation about Wellness.  He gives insight on everything from maintaining  good Mental Health to ways people can keep physically healthy and boost their immune system during times like this and beyond.   When asked about the role Hip Hop can play in activating its voice to empower and uplift during the time of this pandemic, Nova champions the Underground Artists as the ones who have always spoken up for the people whether in times of crisis or not and expects the same to happen.  However at large we understand that Hip Hop still has a long way to go in dealing with real matters that affect the people vs the frivolous, materialistic lifestyle that it often perpetuates.  He makes it clear that the Grassroots/Underground representers of Hip Hop is where we will continue to hear the impactful voice in Hip Hop and hopefully the mainstream will follow.  Nova also give a glimpse of what it was like to maintain his Plant Based Lifestyle while serving as a Soldier in Afghanistan and how he was able to inspire others on the path. Overall this interview was quite a successful and empowering one.  For anyone interested, Supa Nova currently has his successful book available digitallly for FREE at his website TheRemedyBook.Com and you can also visit the website of his plant based supplement company shared with his Brother "Ali" and cousin "Kazi" called  Supa Nova has been on the front lines of Wellness and Healing for our Hip Hop generation for many years.  We hope you are inspired and motivated to keep Healthy from this episode! As Supa Nova says "Wellness Salute!" and Safety to you and yours! Enjoy!
April 10, 2020
Episode 18 (STIC of dead prez) Interview
In this Brand New Episode 18 of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Emcee "STIC" of the successful Hip Hop group "dead prez".  We talk about his newest LP "The Workout II" and the significance of the album, as well as how it differs from Part 1.  He also gives insight into how he's been responding to the current corona virus pandemic and shares some insightful words on how to stay inspired and motivated in these times. We talk about the term "Discipline" and how he's been able to implement it along with "Inspiration" as two essential wings of the RBG Fitclub Culture to keep motivated on the path of Health, Fitness and Wellness. He also shares insight on what it means to "Trust The Universe"  (a song titled on the album) and why it's important, as well as the success of his relationship with comrade "M1 of dead prez" from years of experience sharing with each other, to attending his recent wedding ceremony, and valuing their individual growth.  Stic's new LP "The Workout II" is one of the most inspirational displays of music to come out in 2020 and couldn't have come at a better time, whether you're into physical fitness or not, the project shares a wealth of lyrical motivation for anyone to listen to as it does not have any explicit content on it.  It can be found via his website now as well as on itunes as "The Workout II".  I certainly hope that this interview brings you inspiration in these current times.  Stay Safe and Healthy! Much Love!
March 27, 2020
Episode 17 (The Last Emperor Interview)
In this in depth Episode of Out Da Box Talks, hosts Cril and A Level chat with Philly Super Lyricist "The Last Emperor" about his journey as an Emcee and the beginning stages of his music career going back to his early days signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath, and moving on to Rawkus Records.  He talks about his debut album "Music Magic and Myth" finally being released on Raptivism Records as well how the project came together.  The Last Emperor talks insightfully about some of his struggles and wisdom gained through navigating through the music business while maintaining his  love for the artform of lyricism in Hip Hop and keeping his integrity.  He also gives us a hint into what's next for his music career.  We had the humble pleasure to have an amazing conversation with the brother and certainly hope you enjoy! 
March 13, 2020
A Woman's Perspective On Hip Hop (Bonus Episode)
For Women's Month of March, Out Da Box Talks brings you a one of kind episode featuring some special ladies to hosts Cril and A-Level regarding their perspective on Hip Hop, its past, present and future.  Sister's Fabulous Lez, Taliagem and Sister Bea talk insightfully with hosts "Cril and A-Level"  about everything from their 1st experience with hip hop to their favorite Female Emcees, and the state of Women in Hip Hop today.  The ladies also discuss the subject of Sex Appeal in Hip Hop, whether or not there's a limit, and how much is too much.  They also respond to the question around the male's portrayal of women in hip hop and which artist is representing in an inspirational way.  This was indeed a special interview. We chose to have these ladies give their perspective because we wanted to get their take on Hip Hop because we believe that women are just as valuable to the culture as men.  Hopefully this inspires our listeners both male and female to further consider and open their minds to the value and perspective of women in Hip Hop! #HappyWomensHistoryMonth
March 9, 2020
Episode 16 (John Robinson Interview)
In this Episode 16 of Out Da Box Talks, hosts Cril and A-Level start the show off by discussing the topic "Has hustle and business success become more rewarded than conscious subject matter in Hip Hop?" A conversation they dissect from the standpoint of having a passion for the artform of Hip Hop music.  During the full remainder of the show they talk with Emcee "John Robinson" about his journey as an Artist/ business man and how he's been able to keep his integrity throughout the years with his artistry.  John Robinson also gives insight on the importance of Ownership and Enterprising within Hip Hop and drops a number of jewels about being successful going the independent artist route.  This was a very in-depth interview and we really are grateful for J.R. granting us this special phone interview.  Take a listen now. We certainly hope you are inspired! For questions or suggestions on guests you'd like to hear on our show please don't hesitate to reach out at We'd love to hear your perspective about our show.
February 28, 2020
Episode 15 (Mase and P. Diddy, J. Dilla's Legacy, Story Telling In Rap, Jay Electronica's New LP)
In the 2nd Episode of 2020, Out Da Box Talks hosts "Cril" and "A Level" converse about the topic "Is There Room For Morality In The Record Business?" A topic inspired from the recent tweet made by 90's Harlem Rapper "Mase" calling out P. Diddy over past business practices he felt was unfair.  We also talk about the late legendary Hip Hop Producer "J-Dilla" and what his legacy has evolved to 14 years after his demise.  We even get into some Dilla music gems.  As the show progresses, Cril and A Level switch themes to talk about "Story Telling In Hip Hop" and how the concept is worthy of Ice Cube's accolades that it is one of the highest levels of emceeing.  A conversation that we can do a whole other show on! We continue the show by giving light to Jay Electronica's anticipated debut album, which according to him, will be released sometime this March.  A Level calls this segment the "Jay Watch" and indeed we're watching to see that it actually comes out on the said date.  We had a wonderful time doing this show and certainly hope you enjoy as well.  Feel free to spread the word about Out Da Box Talks and hit us up if you have any questions or suggestions for topics of the show. We'll be taking guest phone calls alot this year so let us know if you'd like to be on an upcoming show.  Email:
February 14, 2020
Episode 14 (Out Da Box Talks)
Host Cril and A-Level connect for the 1st episode of 2020 (Season 2) of #OutDaBoxTalks relaunch.  They speak on a variety of topics including the Out Da Box plans for 2020, the recent tragic passing of the great Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, the Grammy Awards of 2020 and Eminem's new LP.  Near the close of the show Cril and A Level take the time to highlight Rappers doing good in hip hop by giving recognition to Emcee "Wordsworth" and his role as a music teacher in middle school.  Be on the lookout for much more insightful episodes this year as well as guest phoners from audience members and artist interviews.
January 31, 2020
Episode 13 (Homeboy Sandman Talks DUSTY LP)
In this 13th Episode of Out Da Box Talks 2019.  Host Cril talks with Native NYC emcee "Homeboy Sandman" about his latest LP "Dusty" now available on Mello Music Group.  He gives insight on how the album title came to be, his relationship in working with DUSTY's producer "Mono En Stereo" as well as the most valuable things he's learned from his experience releasing music with Stones Throw Records.  At the request of host "Cril", Homeboy Sandman takes the time to explain the meaning behind some of his intriguing lines from songs like "Easy" and "Live and Breathe" and he even expounds on some mindful convo inspired by his recent interview with Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97 Radio.  If you're a fan of Homeboy Sandman as a creative artist especially his lyrics on DUSTY, this interview will be an insightful one to check for.  Enjoy!
November 8, 2019
Episode 12 (Pharoahe Monch's debut re-release, Yasiin Bey's New Project, Nas tired of celebrating Illmatic)
In this Episode 12 of "Out Da Box Talks", Hosts Cril and A-Level talk about Pharoahe Monch's re-release of his solo debut "Internal Affairs", Yasiin Bey's (Mos Def's) new studio album, De La Soul being one of the most underrated Hip Hop groups and Nas expressing how he's tired of celebrating Illmatic as referenced from his recent interview Haute Living.  Enjoy!
October 25, 2019
Episode 11 (Responsibility Of Hip Hop)
In this episode 11 of Out Da Box Talks Hosts Cril and A-Level speak on some of the dope Hip Hop Albums recently released including Little Brother's "May The Lord Watch" as well as Skyzoo and Pete Rock's Retropolitan, Von Pea's "City For Sale" and Ghostface Killah's new LP.  Cril and A-Level also talk about Legendary Emcee "Rakim" and his brand new Book "Sweat The Technique" reflecting on his interview recently with The Breakfast Club.  They also talk about Impact of Hip Hop music and the resonsibility that lies on both the listener and artists.  This is a long but insightful show and we were excited to have this discussion since its been a minute from our last podcast.  Check out the full audio online at, Spotify or Apple Podcasts by just searching for "Out Da Box Talks".  Props to Break Bred studio in Brooklyn who's location we've recording this epiosde in.  Look for more dope shows from us as 2019 continues
October 4, 2019
Throwback Rapsody Interview
In this Throwback Episode, Host Cril of Out Da Box Radio is happy to bring you a special interview he did back in 2013 with North Carolina based Emcee “Rapsody”.  We got the chance to chat with Rapsody about a number of topics related to the progression of her career. The 1st, discussing the history of her relationship with N.C. Hip Hop crew “Kooley High”, as well as her introduction to 9th Wonder and the success she’s been able to experience working with the "Soul Council". We also spoke on the influence of “Lauryn Hill” and the impact her music has served to young girls. The talk continued, as Rapsody discussed facing music industry obstacles and her willingness to break the barriers that have held female emcees from getting the same respect as males. We also talked about her absence of making the XXL Freshman Cover and how she’s used the outcome to motivate her career. Fortunately, Rapsody was selected to perform at this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards Cipher, and received some great responses about the event. She also took some time to tell us all about the experience. We had a wonderful time buildin’ with Rapsody for this interview and certainly hope you learn more about her story and why she’s important to hip hop. Definitely take the time to check out the interview when you get a chance and feel free to spread the word if you like what you hear. We hope you are inspired!
August 30, 2019
Throwback Episode (Planet Asia Interview)
In this throwback episode, Out Da Box Radio is happy to  share an interview host Cril did  talented and accomplished West coast Emcee "Planet Asia". In this in-depth interview, Planet Asia takes the time to speak to us about a number of interesting topics including his humble beginnings, his influences from the East Coast and his ability to stay relevant throughout his music career. He also speaks on working with Mello Music Producer Gensu Dean, as well as with "The Alchemist", his new group the Durag Dynasty and possibly doing a collabo project with acclaimed Stones Throw Producer "Madlib". When asked about new talent he's impressed with, Asia also names Pro Era front man "Joey Bada$$" as one he's currently checking for. Although the interview clocks in a little over an hour, I believe there’s so much here to keep your interest. So definitely take time to listen and feel free to spread the word. Enjoy!
August 2, 2019
Episode 10 (Nas, Dapper Dan, Freddie Gibbs, MF DOOM)
In this Episode 10, Out Da Box Talks hosts Cril and A-Level speak on Jaden Smith and dead prez "doing good in hip hop" and the impact of fashion icon "Dapper Dan" coming off the heels of his recent press campaign surrounding his new book "Made In Harlem: A Memoir".  We also talk about the new Freddie Gibbs and Madlib LP "Bandana" and respond to Freddie's recent claims of being a better Rapper than MF DOOM.  Cril and A-Level also take the time to talk about rapper "Nas'" new LP "Lost Tapes 2" and dig into what makes him great as an artist while being aware of what we perceive as mistakes he's made when it comes to choosing beats and producers to work with. This interview definitely goes in-depth on all mentioned subjects.  Enjoy!
July 19, 2019
Episode 9 (Is Hip Hop Still A Culture?)
In Episode 9 of Out Da Box Talks, hosts Cril and A-Level speak on their picks for the best Hip Hop albums of the year (so far) and Talk in depth about whether or not Hip Hop is still viewed as a Culture instead of a Game?  This episode was inspired by a Sway In The Morning interview  which featured the renowned Jungle Brothers hip hop group and sparked the topic of "Hip Hop Culture vs The Game and what happened" for hosts Cril and A-Level to dissect.  This is a topics that we likely see a part 2 episode happening  with and would like to get feedback from our listener base on their opinions.  Definitely feel encouraged to take a listen and enjoy!
July 5, 2019
Episode 8 (Elzhi Interview)
In our latest Out Da Box Talks Episode, Host Cril builds with Detroit Michigan's super lyricist "Elzhi" on a variety of intriguing topics including his inspiration to become an emcee, his experience being a member of the successful Detroit group "Slum Village", working with J. Dilla and his writing approach as an emcee.  During a point in the interview Elzhi reflects on his experience dealing with depression and how he was able to overcome the challenging period.  Elzhi goes on to talk about his lyrical inspirations including which emcee's have highly inspired his pen game, and collaborating with Producer "Khrysis" for the Jericho Jackson album.  The interview gets in-depth about Elzhi's talents as an emcee and his overall approach to writing music.  Its definitely was one of the special interviews I was honored to do, as Elzhi is literally in my top 3 of favorite emcees today.  If you're a fan of Elzhi or just a fan of superior lyrical skills, I believe you'll definitely like this interview.  Enjoy!
June 21, 2019
Episode 7 (Coach Nym Interview)
In this brand new Episode of Out Da Box Talks, host "Cril" builds with "Coach Nym", a current Emcee, Producer, Personal Trainer and RBG Fitclub representative.  Nym is also an original member of RBG People's Army crew affiliated with the legendary Hip Hop group "dead prez".  He recently released a full length hip hop album entitled "Healthy Gangsta"  which serves as a strong inspiration for those who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle through fitness, diet and mental discipline.  During the interview, Nym takes the time to talk about his inspiration for creating the new album, his journey from growing up in the south bronx to moving to Miami South Beach and changing his lifestyle towards better health.  He also talks about his history with the renowned hip hop group dead prez through the People's Army RBG crew, his experience as a Jiu Jitsu student and the benefits he's gained from Martial Arts ever since his time as youth.  He has had success in training clients who are suffering with Parkinson's Disease and is the owner of "Active Is Fit" a company dedicated to help others through fitness and wholistic Health.  You can find his instagram at @coachnym and @activeisfit.  His album "Healthy Gangsta" is available on all streaming/ digital music platforms and features emcee Stic.Man of dead prez along with motivational lyrics and energetic beats by Coach Nym himself.  Be Inspired and Enjoy!
June 7, 2019
Throwback Interview with Producer/Emcee "Oh No"
In a throwback “Artist Spotlight” Episode (originally aired on Out Da Box Radio). Host "Cril" was granted the opportunity to chat with Producer/Emcee "Oh No". He gave us some insight into his upbringing, growing up in a Jazz/Soul Household and experiencing life with his older brother "Madlib" in that setting. Oh No also spoke on growing up with the birth name “Michael Jackson” and how his Mother came to naming him. Later on in the interview, Oh No took the time to describe his signature sound and express his involvement in the last #Gangrene album, along with the years of relationship he’s built with fellow producer "Alchemist". With Alchemist being older and sharing a birth date very close to his brother "Madlib", Cril asked if there were any similarities between the two and with an agreeing response, Oh No replied "Yes, We’re all clowns”. He also spoke on his connection to the late "J. Dilla" with Jay Dee being very aware of Oh No's music and even owning some of his records prior to meeting him. We later spoke on his success with #StonesThrowRecords and how impactful the label was in helping to develop his career. He closed the interview with talks on some future collabos, which will include the likes of Chicago’s “Psalm One”and a full length project with “Tri-State” of (Du-Rag Dynasty) (Update: Now Released). This was definitely an insightful interview and there was so much more discussed that did not make this description, please take the time to listen as soon as you get the chance. You will certainly Enjoy!
May 10, 2019
Episode 6 (Steele of Smif-N-Wessun)
In this in-depth interview, Host Cril talks with "General Steele" of renowned Hip Hop Duo "Smif-N-Wessun".  The discussion begins with the inspiration for Smif-N-Wessun's latest LP "The ALL" and takes it back to how the group came to be.  Steele gives dope insight into how he originally met members of the distinguished Boot Camp Clik, reflecting back on their days of coming up in Brooklyn.  Our Host "A-Level' was not present for this show but sent in some intriguing questions about the 1995 Source Awards and what is was like for Smif-N-Wessun to be a part of the Award nominations that year as well as the tense scene with NY hip hop meeting artists of the South and West Coast for one of the first collective times. Steele also took time to talks about his relationship with the Late Great "Sean Price" as well as his experience working with the Late Great "Tupac Shakur" as well.  This interview clocks in almost close to an hour including so much more topics and takes on a really relaxed vibe.  Much Props to General Steele for granting us the time to build and big ups to Tek who wasn't able to be present for the interview on both releasing what I consider to be one of the very best Hip Hop albums to come out this year entitled "The All".  It definitely is sure to make my top 10 if not top 5 and already one of my favorite "Smif-N-Wessun" Albums of all time.  Be sure to check out the full audio interview here, on spotify or itunes as well as on our Out Da Box Radio station and look for the video soon on youtube. Special thanks as well to Cynical for hooking up this wonderful interview, shout to Taliagem for recording the video and assisting in the interview and thanks to Cast Sound lab studios for the recording space. Enjoy!
April 26, 2019
Ash Cash Interview (Episode 5)
Out Da Box Talks host Cril talks with Financial Expert "Ash Cash" on variety of topics relevant to the financial upliftment of the african american, working class & hip hop community.  Topics are inspired by Ash Cash's successful literary work entitled "The Wake Up Call" a book inspired by accomplished Artist "Jay-Z" which Ash took the time to decipher financial jewels displayed by Jay on this impactful album.  Ash speaks about everything from his upbringing in Harlem's St. Nick Housing Projects, and gives his professional insight on topics of ownership, passive income, real estate, stocks, starting your own business and more.  We talk about how hip hop lyrics rarely reflect education when it comes to making business moves and how he's making a difference as an author/ financial expert contributing to the culture.  He even gives us some insight into his upcoming book inspired by the financial/business minded lyrics quoted by the late great Artist "Nipsey Hussle".  This was definitely an insightful interview that many could learn from for now and years to come.  Enjoy!
April 12, 2019
Episode 4 (Masta Ace Interview)
In this special Out Da Box Talks show.  Hosts "Cril" and "A-Level" speak in-depth with Legendary Brooklyn Emcee "Masta Ace" on a range of topics, including his beginnings in hip hop, collaborating with Producer Marco Polo, his interesting experience working with MF DOOM, his approach to concept albums, keeping his integrity and remaining relevant.  His word of advice to the younger generation and even the older headz.  Ace also talks about living with Multiple Sclerosis, how he was able to change his diet,  his experience collaborating with Spike Lee on the Crooklyn Dodgers song for the "Crooklyn" film soundtrack and working with  the legendary Juice Crew.  He even took the time to share words of wisdom from his 17 year marriage.  This was a very insightful convo and we had a wonderful time buildin' with such a respectful and humble veteran in hip hop.  Masta Ace's presence in Hip Hop is certainly a jewel and one we highly value for his ongoing contributions.  Much thanks to him for being open to speaking with us.  Enjoy!
March 29, 2019
Episode 3 with Cril and A-Level
In this Episode 3 of Out Da Box Talks.  Host "Cril" talks in studio while co-host "A-Level" speaks via phone on topics of Breakdancing and the Olympics, De La Soul vs Tommy Boy Records and Offset's (of Migos) belief that Swag music is dying while music with content is coming back around
March 15, 2019
Episode 2 (JSWISS Interview)
#OutDaBoxTalks Hosts "Cril and "A-Level" speak with NY Emcee "JSWISS" on his purpose as an artist  as well as his experience as an developing his music career.  JSWISS gives us a sneak peak into his upcoming album "Every Word Is A Dollar" and stays in the studio to chop it up with us on "Spike Lee's" recent Oscar Award and the anticipated new De La Soul Album(s) produced by Pete Rock and DJ Premier.   
March 1, 2019
Out Da Box Classic (7L & Esoteric of CZARFACE) Interview
Host Cril speaks in-depth with DJ 7L & MC Esoteric about their album with Inspectah Deck "Every Hero Needs A Villain" under their group name Czarface.
February 24, 2019
Out Da Box Talks Episode 1 (Relaunch) with Cril & A-Level
Hosts Cril & A-Level speak on the importance of Underground and Conscious Hip Hop, reflection on the recent Grammy Awards, the greatness of J. Dilla and more
February 15, 2019