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Morning Sushi

Morning Sushi

By Morning Sushi
Important and Outrageous news from our desk to your brain every Sunday Morning LIVE at 9am as Mindy and Special guests talk the weirdest and seriously important topics we can find on the net. Popin' Popes, rubber dinosaurs, hype buttons, and butt stuff discussions have all gone down to date. Seriously, you should probably avoid this show.
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Morning Sushi with Special Guest DJV

Morning Sushi

Morning Sushi 3 - 22 - 2020 with Special Guest Izzy A'Mon!
This week, It is still going for Morning Sushi! Its us this morning doing what we do, Sex, Drugs, and Rock'n Roll! We're Mass Weddings in Mexico, Social Media Stars lick Toilets? and Limes for Corona Virus (COVID-19) with Special Guest Izzy A'mon
March 23, 2020
Morning Sushi 3-15-2020 with Special Guest Professor Sex Returning!
Today we bring you a sushi boat of sashimi like you have never seen. Non Profit for trans teens for New Wardrobe, Body shamming slammed by Billie Ellish, People Stuck b/c of stupid disease, and a cure for HIV? What? Let's discuss.
March 16, 2020
Morning Susgi 3-8-2020 with Special Guest James Michael Acton
This morning we are talking Poland decides to go back to Nazi Area rules banning LGBT people, Teacher suspended, sues, donates LOVE and MONEY to LGBT Kids, Female wrestler beats the boys of her school to become first state champion, by beating all the boys!! This week and James Michael from River City PRIDE in Jacksonville!
March 16, 2020
Morning Sushi 3-1 with Special Guests Sir Devin Wilson and Miss Anna Caravalho
Morning Sushi, its a bento box of Hotel for the Homeless, JASMYN rocking the new HOUSE! Disney throws it's first "Official" LGBT c haracter, Trans Son's transition party and more! PLUS Special Guests Sir Devin Wilson and Miss Anna Caravalho from our AWESOME LEATHER COMMUNITY. Bring it Sunday Moring!
March 16, 2020
Morning Sushi 2-23-2020 with Special Guests Serenity, Abbie, and Chase!
Good Morning! Morning Sushi! Bring you more for your morning plate than most breakfasts can fit. This week we're talking Dog Collars! We wear them off camera but this one actually curses. Republican shenanigans continues, Wendy Williams Apologizes for Talking out loud, and more!
March 16, 2020
Morning Sushi 2-16-2020 with Special Guest Geexella!
Serving Sashimi today, IS SPIDER-MAN BI? Will Toby Maguire be a boyfriend. PLUS Poor straight hateful's get rejected from an adoption agency, because they would do conversion therapy. Two Trans women threw down on 2 harassers, Iowa sends home permission slips to say the G word, and YES, lets outlaw this stupidity on hair hair style hate. This and more NOW!!
February 17, 2020
Morning Sushi 2 - 9-2020
Morning Sushi comes to you live from Springfield in Jacksonville Florida. We're rocking it this morning with Gay Elsa, Billy Porter, trans Flag emojis AND Super Bowl ads, they kinda sucked but not all!
February 10, 2020
Morning Sushi 2-2-2020 w/ Special Guest Stacey Bennett
Morning Sushi comes slinking back for another Sunday Morning. This week Special Guest Stacey Bennett is back to help Mindy talk Drag Queens, Drag Queens part 2, Super Bowl, Virginia, Kanye, and Ellen. Wait, did this show get serious?
February 4, 2020
Morning Sushi with Special Guest DJV
Back again with more internet shenannigans! What does Grinder and Anti-LGBT Preaching have to do with one another? According to Pinknews a lot! Same Sex Birt Certificates are hot in the news, Librarians jailed for Drag Queen Story time? TF? Boys can now be Princesses and our special guest DJV who makes this bit of magic happen from behind the scenes as our producer!
January 29, 2020
Morning Sushi with Special Guest Professor Sex!
Watch this week as Mindy bitchslaps the queens wave with one of her own while taking on Prince Harry and Meghan Markel. The POPE will make an appearace and bless us all. Nikkie Tutorial, she is rocking! And how to get expelled by Nazi's for having an Awesome Birthday Party. TODAY with special Guest Professor Sex of "Sex from A to Z!"
January 20, 2020
Morning Sushi with Special Guest Love Reigns!
Listen to Mindy and Taryn play dinosaurs and talk it raw this morning! Nearly naked males, Naked philanthropy, no naked pastors, Poly Women and why are we here when Taco Bell is paying general managers 100K???? All on MORNING SUSHI!
January 20, 2020