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Fake People, The End Times, and The War on Christmas

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Antitrust, Social Media, and The World of Lawyer Advertising
In this week's episode of Out of Focus, we talk about the dark hand of Facebook and the power it has over our businesses as seen by the blackout last week. I talk to Greg Steele, a lawyer in South Carolina about what it is that we can even do about the power that Google, Facebook, and Amazon have over all information. Spoiler: Probably nothing.  Greg also brings us insights from the world of Law Firm Advertising, a world known for cheesy commercials. Now that people are watching TV less and less, where do lawyer ads go from here?  Referenced Clips: Alex Jones/Bon Iver mashup Jamie Casino Lawyer Super Bowl Ad Facebook Congressional Hearing Google Congressional Hearing Follow Will Malone on Instagram Check out the Print Shop on willmalone.com, use promo code WMP20 for 20% off your purchase.  Sign up for the Will Malone Photography newsletter for deals on photography packages, print promos, and other content. 
March 21, 2019
Bonus Ep: My Week with Robert Schoolfield
Hey guys, didn't plan on making this episode, but after finally thinking about last week and the craziness of all the travel for Robert Schoolfield's project, I use this episode to reflect. It's raw, the audio quality isn't great, but I needed to get this out there.  Go follow the rest of Robert's project, Special Delivery on Instagram: @rhschoolfield
March 21, 2019
Special Delivery w/ Robert Schoolfield
I've been on the road this week with artist Robert Schoolfield documenting his project Special Delivery, where he's dropping off paintings across the US in various public spaces. I've had the honor to shoot photos and video of the project, and Robert is gonna tell you what it's all about in this episode of the podcast! Enjoy! Follow Robert: @rhschoolfield on Instagram His website: schoolfieldart.com Follow Will: @willmalone on Instagram My website: willmalone.com 
March 15, 2019
Movie of the Month: Captain Marvel
We're back! Starting Out of Focus with a new monthly tradition: Movie of the Month! I'm a big movie buff and I need a place to talk about this stuff, so why not talk movies once a month on the podcast? It's part of the visual arts, right?? Stay tuned for Robert Schoolfield's return next week as we go on the road for his project "Special Delivery"! We'll be headed to DC, Philly, NYC, and Chicago, and I'll be documenting the whole way.  Follow me on Instagram: @willmalone Sign up for my weekly newsletter for promotions and other goodies: https://www.willmalone.com/wmpnewsletter
March 9, 2019
Out of Focus Returns!
Out of Focus is back! Next full episode will be out later this week! Sign up for the Newsletter on willmalone.com!!! Instagram is @willmalone
March 5, 2019
Season 2, Detaching Ego, and Not Being A Brand
Hope you’re have a great 2019! I’m changing things around a bit due to my busy schedule and respect for yours. I will be treating this like a TV show and release it in seasons rather than every single week right now. Listen for more info on that, the future and my thoughts about the photo industry. Pardon my out of breath-ness I recorded this quickly right after a work out. You can follow me as always on Instagram @willmalone and my website is willmalone.com! Seeya soon!
January 10, 2019
You, Me, and Carol 2018: The Man Who Invented Christmas
Guys, it's here.  For those who don't know, my wife and I have an annual Christmas podcast where we talk about a different film version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. I've decided to release it on this feed as well this time around, but you can access the official You, Me, and Carol feed here for all past episodes of the show.  This year, we watch the origin story to The Christmas Carol titled "The Man Who Invented Christmas". We had a great time with it, and we highly recommend that you watch it as well! Sit back, grab some cookies, and listen to two total professionals talk about Christmas Carol related dealings.  Merry Christmas, Everyone.  Will Malone's Instagram  Will Malone's Website 
December 24, 2018
Fake People, The End Times, and The War on Christmas
Last episode of the year! (You, Me, and Carol is next week!) On this episode, Aaron Fortune comes in from Switzerland to talk about technology's place in the world and how to respond to it. We talk about fake photos made by AI, how technology could usher in the end times, and we call you to arms to help us fight in the War on Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone! See you next week for our annual Christmas Carol podcast, You, Me, and Carol! Follow me on Instagram: @willmalone My website: willmalone.com
December 20, 2018
The 2018 Year End List Episode
There will be another episode next week, but we are going ahead and doing a year end list thing this week. We talk about things we've learned, our favorite things we did in 2018, and then we move into our favorite movies and tv shows of the year. It starts heavy and then becomes light, airy and fun at the end. Thanks to everyone who has been listening over these 7 weeks! Looking forward to spending 2019 with you! Instagram: @willmalone Website: willmalone.com
December 14, 2018
Starting from Scratch, Creative Discipline, and the Fractured Photo Industry (Ep. 6)
Hey guys! Sorry we're a little late with this one. I'll be better, I swear :) Kelsey came all the way to SC for this one, and she kind of ended up interviewing me, which wasn't planned in the slightest. We talk about having a system in order to stay creative, starting from scratch, and I go on about the weird nature of the photo industry (if it can even be called that). Leave a review and subscribe to the podcast if you like it! Follow Will Malone on Instagram: @willmalone Shownotes are on willmalone.com
December 9, 2018
Working out the Creative Muscle, Road Life, and Blue Man Group Banana Spray (Ep. 5)
I talk with my wife about more tales from the road! (We'll go back to our regularly scheduled programming next week....whatever that means) I talk about the reminder I got over this trip that creativity is a muscle, and it needs to be worked out daily. Two movies we've watched recently, Creed II and The Man Who Invented Christmas (for our Christmas podcast) share this theme of fighting writer's block. Follow the final leg of the road trip on my Instagram: @willmalone Shownotes are on willmalone.com
November 29, 2018
Road Trip Update, The Coastal Triangle, and Starting On Your Own With A Camera (Ep. 4)
Greetings from New Mexico! (That's at least where I am posting from this week) In this episode, I talk to my dad, Charlie Malone, about his video series, The Coastal Triangle, where he gets to share stories from the locals of the Gulf Shores area of Alabama. We also talk about starting on your own with a camera, and Anna and I give you a quick update from the road. You can follow The Coastal Triangle on Instagram: (@thecoastaltriangle) and watch the longform videos on Facebook by searching for The Coastal Triangle's page. As usual, my Instagram is @willmalone, and shownotes live on willmalone.com/blog
November 23, 2018
Moving, Driving Cross Country, and Multiple Instagram Accounts (Ep. 3)
Will has his wife on the show to talk about moving from Chattanooga, TN to Greenville, SC, their upcoming cross country trip, and why Will is anti-multiple Instagram accounts. Follow Will on Instagram: @willmalone, and go to willmalone.com for show notes and other comings and goings.
November 14, 2018
Banksy, The Value of Art, and Being Yourself w/Robert Schoolfield (Ep. 2)
In this episode I sit down and have a chill conversation with artist Robert Schoolfield. We talk about the difficulty of being ourselves, Banksy, and the Value of Art. Follow Robert on Instagram: @rhschoolfield Robert's website: schoolfieldart.com Follow Will on Instagram: @willmalone Will's website: willmalone.com
November 5, 2018
It's All About People w/ Kelsey West
In this episode, my sociologist professor friend, Kelsey West comes on the podcast to talk about how people work, and that we're really all sociologists deep down. Follow Kelsey on Instagram: @kels_megan Follow Will Malone on Instagram: @willmalone Website: willmalone.com
November 1, 2018
A Photography Podcast For Everyone (what that even means)
A mini-episode that further explains what "A photography podcast for everyone" even means. Spoiler: it's not a podcast about camera gear! Follow Will Malone on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/willmalone/ Website: willmalone.com
October 15, 2018
a "shocking" sneak peek of episode 1
here's a sneak peek of episode 1, where kelsey west tells us about a "shocking" sociology experiment.
October 8, 2018
episode 0: who am i and what is this?
welcome to out of focus, a photography podcast for everyone! in this podcast we'll talk photography, but i'll also be talking to people in different fields other than my own. i'm a portrait photographer for a living, and i'm very excited to get started. stay tuned for episode 1 coming soon!!!!! my instagram: @willmalone my website: willmalone.com see you soon!
September 25, 2018
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