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The Output Stream Project

The Output Stream Project

By Zacchaeus Nifong
The Output Stream Project is a real-life story about the sloppy underbelly of digital agency life. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter to launch a project on time, or poured over hundreds of typefaces to nail a creative? Then this podcast is for you. Digital marketing and advertising are two of the most misunderstood career fields of all time. Your host Zacchaeus Nifong, a 10-year marketing professional, is changing all that. He takes you on a journey of sweet triumphs and biter defeats both he, and those he interviews, have faced in agency life. Come for the stories, stay for the practicals.
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Auto-Categorizing Expenses with FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks
Have you ever tried to categorize an international business expenses using the auto-categorization setting in FreshBooks? Yeah, it doesn't work. Let's say you pay for Atlassian every month for your digital marketing agency or web design firm and every month you're billed by Atlassian $20. Well did you know that there's international bank transaction fees that your bank will charge you if that company is overseas? Yeah, it's a bummer. But did you also know that those small bank fees automatically get categorized by FreshBooks as being "from the vendor?" In other words, the FreshBooks software can't tell the difference between the international bank fee and the vendor's actual charge, because both transactions have "Atlassian" in the meta data. This is a problem. QuickBooks allows you to set "rules" for your transactions, but FreshBooks only allows you to "remember this." Well, it never works like it should. Listen in as I break down the options and ways to fix this.
March 06, 2021