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Outside The Box Model

Outside The Box Model

By Ethan Eisenhard
A deep dive into the human experience of software development and the impact of open source communities.
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#2 - Bill Luo
Welcome to Outside the Box Model I’m your host Ethan and today we have an incredible guest. He’s an open-source industry leader, creating several awesome projects that include React Hook form, React Simple Animate, and little state machine, Welcome Bill, thanks for coming out.
May 19, 2020
#1 - Jacob Schatz
Welcome to Outside The Box Model, I’m your host Ethan and today we have a spectacular guest, Jacob Schatz. He’s written two books, published many open source content, worked at top companies as a software engineer, now is building his own venture at Tilig, a Password manager for everyone, and still has time to play the piano.  About Jacob Schatz: @tilighq employee #1 · · The password manager for the rest of us! · Previously early engineer and Lead Frontend and UX @gitlab and @meltanodata
May 11, 2020