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Over-the-Counter Culture

Over-the-Counter Culture

By Jonathan Lynn
As an artist I'm always inspired by my community of family, friends and fellow lovers of surfing, yoga and the great outdoors. This series looks at the people, places and stories behind my work. Visit the website at and follow on Instagram @mrlynnprints and @duttonisland
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Nestor Gil- The Practice
Nestor Gil and his wife Brandi are two of my favorite people who I greatly respect. Nestor came down to Florida from PA recently, and while he was here we did an art trade, because he is an excellent artist and Brandi wanted one of my prints so we did a trade. One of Nestor's practices is breadmaking, which as I understand it, gives hime a creative practice to enjoy without expectation that acts as a counterpoint to his creative practices that do carry expectation, as a practicing artist and professor. I never thought of bread in this way before, but it makes me want to start baking. Thanks for coming on the show Nestor; much love to you, Brandi, Harvest and Sol.
September 23, 2020
Alexis Asplundh of A2Swimwear
Meet Alexis, the owner operator of A2Swimwear. She's part of our north Florida surf community who handmakes swimsuits from neoprene for all those folk who enjoy being active in the water. We were out surfing one day and got to talking, discovered that sewing and tailoring is in both our families, and then a few months ago Alexis came over to the front porch on a rainy day, and over a couple cups of tea, shared her story. She's from Pennsylvania and a few years ago set up shop here in Atlantic Beach, and we're glad she's here. Check out her website and on Instagram @a2swim 
July 23, 2020
The Practice Episode 4- Don & Barbara Lynn
This is an episode of The Practice, a short form series that talks to people about things they do in their lives on the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc... that make their life better. In this episode I talk to my parents, who are two of my favorite people. They have lived quite the life, beset, as all lives are, by blessings and challenges. One of the things I respect most about my folks in their thoughtful nature, which has served them well. My mom is a life long educator who specializes in early childhood education while my dad is a man of the clothe, first serving in the Southern Baptist Church before transitioning into a career as a hospital chaplain. They moved our family to Jacksonville Beach in 1982, still live in the house that we grew up in, and are part of a deep and wonderful community. I'm proud to say that a few years back the Beaches Leader and the Beaches Historical Society recognized them as Beaches Legends, a honor for which the truly deserve. It is truly a blessing to be their son and I love them to the moon and back.
July 13, 2020
Argie Mitra- Designer, Stylist, Seamstress, Artist, Yogini
Argie is amazing, a ball of light and energy who we're lucky to have in the northeast Florida arts community. Really enjoyed talking with she and Amanda Holloway about Argie's story and the world of creativity in fashion and textiles. Argie is currently making masks for $10 each and if you buy one she makes another to donate to health care workers in need. Find her on Instagram at @argiemitra and online at
April 01, 2020
Creating Public Value with Professor and City Councilwoman Georgette Dumont
Georgette Dumont is a city councilwoman of Jacksonville Beach, FL and a professor  at the University of North Florida (UNF). I first met her in 2010 as a student in UNF's Master of Public Administration program when she, and her husband George, joined the faculty. Their energy was a shot in the arm for the program, and for the community of Jacksonville Beach that they call home. One of the things I've always admired about Georgette is how she engaged with the community, volunteering for events, participating in public activities and meets, sitting on the zoning commission, and in 2018, running for and winning a seat on the city council. I appreciate her civility and willingness to have meaningful discourse and debate over policy, a trait that much of our body politic would do well to emulate. It was fun talking to her and George on the porch about her upbringing in New England, her route to being a professor in higher education, why she chose a life of public service and her thoughts on some of the issues facing Jacksonville Beach, and other small municipalities across our nation. Visit her website to find out more about what she's up to, and thanks so much for stopping by the show.  You can find me on Instagram @mrlynnprints and at my website
February 18, 2020
The Practice Ep 3- Essential Oils with Emily Ussery
On this episode of The Practice Emily Ussery is a yoga teacher in north Florida who is a proponent of essential oils, using them daily in a variety of ways to make her life better. My knowledge and use of essential oils is limited, but once I did receive a diffuser of oils once as a gift and enjoyed it. I found that when I diffused the oil it made my house smell amazing, without the smokiness of incense or the fake chemical smell of a plug in. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed it until the diffuser broke, and I promptly bought another. Emily uses oils in a variety of interesting way that was fun to learn about. If you're interested in yoga and/ or essential oils you should reach out to her at  or find her on Instagram @atlantic_roots_co
February 11, 2020
Music Takes You Places with Caroline Pond
Caroline Pond is one of my favorite people on the planet. She's a top shelf musician on the fiddle and banjo, has a captivating singing voice, and above that is just a super nice wonderful person. Her energy is invigorating; and to me she's a big ball of sunshine.
February 06, 2020
The Practice Ep 2- A Sentence a Day with Andy & Layla Breed
I recently went for a surf with Layla and Andy, their kids and some of the local surf crew from Hanna Park, at the North jetties, a super fun wave on the north side of the mouth of the St Johns River.  I had recently heard that they keep a book in which they write something each day; which connects o a practice I keep at times which is, when I write a to-do list (typically on a note card), I'll write one sentence of what I am thankful for at the top of the card. Then I cut off the sentence and keep it in a mason jar in my kitchen. I feel that writing things down helps make real our inner life, and that can be helpful if you need to get rid of some sad or negative feelings, or if there's a dream you hold inside that you're keeping quiet that needs to be heard; basically it's good for all the things. I appreciate Andy and Layla for taking the time to share this practice of theirs, and encourage you to write on the daily. I believe that it will do you right.
January 27, 2020
Seeing Things Different with Photographer Tom Schifanella
It was great to sit on the front porch and talk story with Tom on a breezy afternoon wind afternoon, with the windchimes chiming and life in full bloom. We talked surfing, because we both love it and frequent the same surf spot at Hanna Park. Born in Alabama and raised in north Florida, Tom has spent a life telling stories and fostering creativity with his work at the Shepard Agency. About four years ago he pivoted at the company to focus more on photography, an artform he fell in love with at UNF with professor Paul Karabinis, and has since delved into the medium. His work first caught my eye on Instagram (find him; his photographs had a pop to them that was technically brilliant, but that were also captivating in an intuitive way. His pictures tell a story, and frame things in a unique way that really brings the viewer into the image. Go look at his photographs of Rock Springs Run and I guarantee you'll want to jump right through the frame into those beautiful crystal clear waters. Tom is doing some really important work documenting the effects of climate change in northeast Florida, and sharing the beauty of our natural world of which we are a part of, and whole health we depend of=n for survival. I super appreciate all he does and thankful that he's sharing his story with us. You can find more of his work at his website (click here). 
January 25, 2020
The Practice Ep 1- An Introduction, with Kristen Huth
The Practice is a new short form series here on Over-the-Counter Culture where we dive into the day to day practices and routines that people have in their life to live better. I, Jon Lynn your host, am going first to talk about my morning routine which is anchored by 1-5 minutes of movement, usually a few sun salutations and some cat/ cow postures. I used to be wrapped up in time expectations with my physical activities, exercise and what not; thinking that if I didn't do a hour of yoga, a couple hours surf session or a long bike ride, then why do it? What's the point? My friend and yoga teacher Kristen Huth, who is featured on this episode, helped me realize that it's not how long you move that's important, but THAT you move, regardless of the duration. I found that movement begets movement, and how the simple act of rolling out of bed and moving for five minutes in the morning before doing anything else can really set you day on a good course, and change your life. I challenge you dear listener, to try it. Doesn't have to be yoga, it could be 5 sit ups, a simple twist, touching your toes or some neck stretches (a favorite of mine because my neck can get tweaky on me). The point is to move, and if you do I would love to hear your feedback. Also, if you have a practice in your life that you'd like to share I would love to hear about it and feature you on the show. Email me at of find me on Instagram @mrlynnprints  Have a great day, and live well JLynn
January 21, 2020
Building Community with Elizabeth Porter
It was a December day and my kids wanted to see some snow, and since we live in Florida and don't have any I called Elizabeth who I thought was living in Asheville, North Carolina to see if there was any snow in the mountains. Unbeknownst to me she was not in Asheville, but working in the middle east, which once you hear her story won't surprise you at all, and it didn't me. She said she would be coming in town for the holidays to which I responded how much I would love to get together on my front porch and talk story, because she got a good one to tell. Elizabeth is a product of Atlantic Beach, Florida and we went to high school together, but became friends at the legendary 90s era creative gathering on the riverwalk in downtown Jacksonville called Vaudeville. It was a collection of artists, performers, poets and all around wonderful and interesting people who would gather once a month by the river to share stories and entertain each other. This is before Art Walk and One Spark and the Jaguars at the Riverside Arts Market and CoRK and all the wonderful things our city had to offer. This was when Einstein's at the beach and the Milk Bar in town were the city's cultural pillars for us youngsters.  After high school Elizabeth moved to Germany and England to get her schooling before becoming a university professor here in Jacksonville, then New York, Asheville and elsewhere. She's traveled all over the world as an economist working on development projects, and it's from this we got into talking about community and its importance in societies large and small. Elizabeth is a north Floridian who moved away and is now out in the world doing great things, repping the 904 and making us proud.. Many thanks to Caroline Pond and her band Snake Oil Medicine Show for letting us use their music on the show. They are from North Carolina and will be playing the French Broad River Festival on May 1-3 in Hot Springs, NC.   , after which she moved to Germany to get her schooling.
January 17, 2020
Dylan Van Pelt- Ramblin' Around
Dylan is a brother to me and I'm very thankful that we got to sit down and deep talk about his story. He and I took part in the north Florida tradition of growing up local, then moving far away; he to the Rockies, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, and then back to Florida before now settling in the Pacific Northwest. It's interesting to me why people leave their hometowns, what they aim to find out in the world, and why they sometimes return, and I think all of us can recognize some of Dylan's story in ourselves. Now that I'm back and settled in my hometown of north Florida, I miss those who have gone and not returned, but I respect them for the going, for following their path and for living the path they're called to leave, and I'm grateful to share stories like Dylan's. Aside from being a traveler, husband, surfer, snowboarder, fish farmer and all around excellent human being, he's also a fantastic printmaker. Go check out his work on Instagram @island_daydreams A big shout of thank to Nicholas Edward Williams for letting me use his music for the show. The tune Ramblin' Around was featured which seems appropriate with all Dylan's ramblings. Check out Edward at @nicholasedwardwilliams on Instagram and click here for his website.  Thanks to all who listen, subscribe and support. If you could leave a rating and review on your favorite platform it would be much appreciated. Wishing everyone a great 2020. Cheers, Jon Lynn
January 05, 2020
Sunni Myers- Gogh Create
Sunni is one of my fantastic art teacher friends, a great teacher and quality human. She's a product of old school Atlantic Beach, raised back by the Intracoastal Waterway when the roads were dirt and the tunes were analog. Now she teaches art at the elementary school which is my alma mater, San Pablo, spreads creativity and joy with her company Gogh Create, and is an important part of the art education professional community in northeast Florida with positions on the board of both the Northeast Florida Art Education Association (NeFAEA) and the Northeast Florida Scholastic Art Awards (NeFSAA). Many thanks to Caroline Pond and the wonderful music of the Snake Oil Medicine Show. Love bluegrass and reggae? Of course you do! And so you'll love this band.  
December 28, 2019
Tal Hazlehurst of FishBird Surfboards- The Noble Pursuit of Surfing
Had a wonderful time talking story with Tal about the art of surfboard building, beekeeping, and how he found his way from Ortega, on the banks of the St John's River where he was raised, to the Keys, to all over, and now to Hanna Park, where his innovative mid-length and longboards can be found under the feet of some of north Florida's finest surfers. You can find his shapes on Instagram @fishbirdsurf Many thanks to the wonderful and talented Caroline Pond and the Snake Oil Medicine Show for lending their sweet tunes for this episode. Caroline is an incredible musician from North Carolina who lives in Hawaii and is a gigantic ball of light. Check out her and the band here and find her @carolinepond 
December 17, 2019
Tiffany Oliser of Jax Surf & Paddle- Sharing the Stoke
It was great to talk story with Tiffany about life, surfing and the building of her company. What really resonated with me is her love of surfing and how important it is to share that stoke with others. Surfing is magic, and medicine, and I appreciate all she does to build community and share that with others. It truly does make the world a better place. Introducing people to surfing is important, because even if they don't become surfers you can't helped but be changed for the better by spending time out in the ocean and the natural world. You can find out more about what she does at Jax Surf & Paddle by clicking here or go visit the shop on Atlantic Blvd in Neptune Beach, just a couple blocks off the ocean. Thanks to Nicholas Edward Williams providing sounds for the show. He makes such good music which you can find here. I highly recommend buying his album and going to see him in concert. If you live in north Florida you should see him, or anybody really, at Blue Jay Listening Room in south Jax Beach. Cara, the owner, has created a wonder musical experience there. She has excellent taste in music so you don't even have to worry about who is playing, just go and treat yourself to a fantastic evening of music. 
December 07, 2019
Amanda Holloway- Create Anyway
So thankful and excited to have the lovely and talented Amanda Holloway on the show. She is one of the most creative people I know, producing across a wide range of platforms and activities. I love how she not only creates, but teaches what she is passionate about, as a middle school art teacher (check out here website here) and a yoga teacher (she teaches at Alma Yoga in Jacksonville Beach). Thank you Amanda for pushing the knowledge forward and sharing what you love with the world. It's important. You can find her on Instagram at @createanyway, and next week Thursday December 5th at the Atlantic Beach Artisan's Faire which will be at 5-9pm at the Adele Grange Cultural Center (and I'll be there too:) Thanks again to Dread Clampitt for letting me use their music on the show. They are super talented and incredibly nice. You should go to the Suwannee Roots Revival and Suwannee Spring Reunion festivals out at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park as they are usually in the lineup of wonderful musicians those festivals feature. Take you family and/ or go with some friends you will not be disappointed.   
November 29, 2019
Scott Whatley- Artist, Dad, Surfer
Scott Whatley is many things: a dad, artist, surfer and musician. Recently we sat down on his back porch to talk about his journey and path to accepting and embracing who he is (a talented and inspired creative) and the importance of cultivating a good community in which to live. I appreciate Scott for sharing his story, and next time you are looking for some quality design, video or content production click here to visit Scott's website or find him on Instagram at @scottwhatleycreative. And if you are running in the Donna marathon this year and come across a drummer throwing down some sweet beats on 1rst Street in Neptune, that would be the talented Mr. Whatley (and me on guitar:) Over-the-Counter Culture  is created and produced by Jonathan Lynn. Visit for more info on this and other projects, and also kick over to look around on Instagram @duttonisland & @mrlynnprints Thanks for stopping by, and have a fantastic day, JLynn
November 22, 2019
Eddie Pitts of 911 Surf Report
Super excited to have Eddie Pitts on the show today. Eddie is a long time North Florida surfer who has traveled the world and worked through a few careers while riding countless waves, which gives him more than a few stories to tell. He is the man behind the popular surf report  which provides beautiful photographs of the surf and surfers at Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Florida on the daily. He's also a musician, family man and pretty much the nicest guy in the world. I thoroughly enjoyed talking story with him on my front porch. Special; thanks to the excellent band Dread Clampitt for letting me use their tunes on the show. They're out of the Florida panhandle and are fantastic songwriters and top shelf musicians. Most importantly, they are super kind and generous people. If you get the chance to get out to the Suwannee Roots Revival or Suwannee Spring Reunion festivals out at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park the fellas from Dread are often on the bill and that is a show not to be missed.    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the show. Please subscribe, rate and comment on your favorite platform, and check out the rest of my work at or @mrlynnprints on Instagram Have a fantastic day, Jon Lynn
November 15, 2019
Ryann Tillman- From Tennessee to NYC to India
Ryann is one of my favorite yoga teachers due to her knowledge, skills and patience to answer my many questions. She teaches at Bella Vida Yoga, Sawgrass Country Club, and internationally with Lotus Retreats. We sat on the front porch on a cool November evening in northeast Florida and talked about life and yoga, volleyball and personal growth. If you're looking for a good teacher in Jacksonville Beach or thinking about a yoga retreat abroad, look her up.
November 07, 2019
Kristen Huth & Inna Bell- Best Friends and Style Bandits
These wonderful people are besties and the subjects of a couple of my recent prints. I got to know Kristen as one of my yoga teachers in Atlantic Beach, FL who changed my life by suggesting that I do a couple sun salutations and a few minutes of meditation when I first wake up in the morning. Funny how a small suggestion can have such a big impact on life:) Well, it did, and partially as a thank you, and partially as a way to highlight role models for my daughters, I decided to make a print of Kristen enjoying our favorite pastime of surfing. i asked her if she had any other friends who would be a good subject for a print, and she recommended her fellow style bandit and good buddy Inna Bell. I have long wanted to couple my prints with a corresponding  recorded conversation, and these two seemed the perfect subjects. So, in mid October we al met with friends, kids and dogs to have a chat. Aside from Inna and Kristen, also on this episode you'll hear talented textile artist, and all around good human, Clair Devoe. If you like please subscribe to the show and feel free to check out all the goings on with Inna (@innabell_realtor), Kristen (kristen_huth), Claire (devoeofficial) and myself (@mrlynnprints & @duttonisland) on Instagram. Also of note, I'm publishing a book soon called Fish & Bird that I am super pumped about. We're launching a Kickstarter to fund the printing and I'm over the moon about the whole experience. Stay tuned for more details....
October 31, 2019
Greetings and an Introduction From Your Host- Jon Lynn
Hey there, greetings and welcome to Over-the-Counter Culture! This introduction does what the title suggests, which is to describe what the show is about, why it was created, and tell a little bit about myself, Jonathan Lynn. Please subscribe on your favorite platform, leave comments, suggestions or a rating, and follow along on Instagram at my personal page @mrlynnprints or my creative space @duttonisland. 
October 30, 2019