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By Overthinking & Anxious
A guy & a girl sharing real life stories, insight and wisdom with a touch of humour. Real people, real perspective. Thanks for listening! Marty & Paryse
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Overthinking pis Anxious (Version Française)- Episode 1
Voici la nouvelle version française/Chiac de notre podcast! On est deux acadiens du Nouveau-Brunwick(Canada). On adore notre langue et notre culture donc, on voulait créer une version française de notre podcast.   Ici, on parle tout! La vie, le bonheur, la santé mentale, la santé, la société, les sports etc!   Surtout beaucoup d'humour!!! Merci et prenez soins de vous autres! Marty et Paryse O&A
March 4, 2021
Superbowl, Anxiety- ''How equipped are our kids''- The public education system and more
Superbowl, Anxiety- ''How equipped are our kids''- The public education system and more Hope you enjoy Follow us on social medias
February 16, 2021
Extra episode- A Great Vibes Chat with Dylan Sessler
Hey everyone! In this episode, Dylan and I go everywhere in our discussions! This one was an awesome one. Life is awesome when you have a Dylan Sessler on your side!  Dylan is a 30 years old author and entrepreneur. He talks candidly about his father’s suicide when he was only 6 years old followed by the physical abuse he endured from his step father. He tells an AMAZING story of survival and victory. He uses his life experiences as tools to help guide others on their journey. He is a true empath. Contact Dylan
February 10, 2021
Episode #13- Many laughs as usua! We talk about Bon Iver, Hockey injuriesm Black History month, Acadian culture
During this episode we talk about Bon Iver, the Tripeuses Trotteuses, Reaching out, weather, Hockey Injuries, Black History month, Acadian culture, reviews and Marty talks about his Facebook page and the ups and downs with his calorie deficit. As usual, many laughs Thanks again for listening!
February 7, 2021
Episode #12- Overthinking & Anxious- Marty picks on Paryse the ENTIRE episode- US president Biden, Mainstream Media, Weightloss
It's been a while but here it is! Episode 12, it's a long one !! Marty picks on Paryse...the WHOLE episode We talk about supporters, the new US president, Mainstream Media and the oldest man in Canada. We also give a weightloss update, discuss Marty's new first solo album and more!  Oh and prepare yourself, Marty breaks into random songs...pretty much whenever lol As always, thanks for listening and hope you enjoy.
January 31, 2021
Overthinking & Anxious Episode #11- Marty & Paryse talk about domestic terrorism, hockey, Joe Rogan, Julien Dionne and lots of laughs as always
Episode #11 is here!! We give an update on Marty's ''self diagnosis'' and covid in general, we also talk about the Julien Dionne show Podcast and a Joe Rogan podcast episode, Capitol Hill, dealing with being lonely, depression and Hockey.  As always lots and lots of laughing...and a few weird noises this time.  Hope you enjoy Follow us on social medias
January 10, 2021
Overthinking & Anxious- Episode 10 is here! Death, holiday binge eating, refocusing, New years resolutions and WEED
Episode 10 is here!!!!   In this episode, Marty practices self diagnosis, we talk about death, holiday binge eating, refocusing on exercising, the struggles of change, weed, New Years resolutions and more.   As always, thanks for listening.  Much love. Reach out to us:
January 2, 2021
Overthinking & Anxious Episode #9 - Hockey talk, Holiday diet, coughing attack by Marty, financial & family tensions during holidays
Episode #9 is here !!!  Hockey talk? We've got it covered! We give a mini upd on our journey. We discuss our holiday plans, eating during the holidays...Marty then coughs up a lung, then we get to finish talking about the holiday struggles from finances to family tensions. We talk about being nicer and the importance of mindset. Enjoy the episode and we wish you Happy holidays.
December 23, 2020
Overthinking & Anxious Episode #8- Guilt, shame, forgiveness, aliens and laughs
Episode #8 is here!!  They give an upd on Journeys, the struggles of the season and diminished motivation.  Marty thinks they have their 1st "fight" caught on tape which he finally accepts as a compliment.  They also talk about Aliens, guilt and forgiveness.  Thanks for listening ~ Much love
December 17, 2020
Overthinking & Anxious Episode #7- Needing to make a lifestyle change; the breaking point, getting started, calorie deficit, acceptance and breaking the silence. And as always, LOTS OF LAUGHTER
In response to an email, Episode #7 focuses on needing to make a lifestyle change; the breaking point, getting started, calorie deficit, required changes, acceptance and breaking the silence. And as always, we can't go an episode without lots of laughter. Reach out to us:
December 14, 2020
Overthinking & Anxious Episode #6- A chat with MelissaMC about weightloss journey, calorie deficit, ,mental health, exercise and more
Super excited to present episode #6, where we have our first guest Melissa, a friend we met on tiktok and who's hit a huge milestone! We'll talk about her weightloss journey and everything that came along with it; nutrition/calorie deficit, routine/exercise, toxic relationships, support, the ups and downs. We of course laugh at Paryse and check out a few emails Find us on social medias:
December 10, 2020
Overthinking & Anxious Episode #5- Judgement, society mold, not giving up, toxic relationships, pandemic and breaking the silence
In episode 5 we talk about judgments, society molds, not giving up, toxic relationships, adapting, pandemic impacts, breaking the silence and humor mixed in all of it.  Thanks for listening!!
December 7, 2020
Overthinking & Anxious Episode #4
Tune into episode #4 of our podcast!  Quitting smoking, fear, failure, anxiety and humor, we cover it all!!  Thanks for listening.
December 3, 2020
Overthinking & Anxious Episode #3
Hi! Have a listen to episode #3 where we talk about the fear of the dentist, some of our favorite podcasts, mental health awareness, the public school system and a little of everything else. Enjoy! 
November 30, 2020
Overthinking & Anxious Episode #2
Have a listen to our latest podcast. A guy, a girl, their stories and lots of laughter. In this episode we'll talk about how we chose our name and let the conversation lead us from there! Thanks for listening!
November 26, 2020
Overthinking & Anxious Episode #1
A guy and a girl discuss real life
November 23, 2020
Episode #19- Blended and Winning with Joaquin and Stacey
Joaquin and Stacey Loper have a strong marriage connection today. After having adapted themselves to each other, this social media influencer  couple have found what works and what makes compatibility shine in a couple. This is a moving interview.     CONTACTS     Joaquin and Stacey   email:  TikTok: @thatloperlady  instagram: @blended_and_winning  Facebookl: @blendedandwinning  Website:   Contact the me (Marty) email:    Follow me on instagram: Follow me on Facebook: TikTok: goodvibesmartyb Twitter: @GoodVibesMartyB
June 24, 2020
Episode #12- An honest chat with Natacha about Pospartum depression, life and health
Hello everyone! Thanks for listening to ''The Good Vibes Show'' On this episode, I chat with Natacha from Canada about her journey with postpartum depression and health. One thing I love about chatting and meeting all these new people is that I get to also chat about life in general and get other people's perspectives and mindset. CONTACT To contact me (Marty): Follow me on instagram: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on TikTok: martyroots Follow Natacha Ouellette Website: Instagram: Facebook: Natacha Ouellette Email: Thanks! Much Love! Marty
June 15, 2020
EPISODE #10- Margaret Bonner- A woman's journey to health starting as 560 lbs
Everyone! Thanks for listening to ''The Good Vibes Show'' On this episode, I chat with Margaret Bonner from Florida. Her life has quite the twists and turns. She tells all and she also explains her perspective on the batlles of weight gain/ eating emotions. She has lost alot of weight and is very interesting to listen to! CONTACT To contact me (Marty):  Follow me on instagram:  Follow me on Facebook:  Follow me on TikTok: martyroots Thanks! Much Love!  Marty
June 12, 2020
Episode #8- Come off the ledge with Carl Chase- Discussing Bipolarism and life
Thanks for tuning in to The Good Vibes Show with Marty B In Episode #8, I discuss life, bipolarism with Carl who deals quite well with the diagnosis in his personal and professional life CONTACT US! To contact me (Marty): Follow me on instagram: Follow me on Facebook: TikTok: martyroots To listen to Carl's podcast (Come off the ledge) THANKS FOLKS! REMEMBER TO SPREAD LOVE IN THE WORLD! IT NEEDS IT! CIAO FOR NOW! MARTY
June 10, 2020
EPISODE #2- I’m sick of being sick because I’m fat
Hey everyone! Thanks for following my podcast In this episode I talk about my own struggles with weight... Its been a life journey Marty B info To contact me (Marty): Follow me on instagram: Follow me on Facebook: TikTok: martyroots
June 3, 2020