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Overthinking Everything with Josh Brandon

Overthinking Everything with Josh Brandon

By Josh Brandon
Welcome to Overthinking Everything. I'm Josh Brandon, actor, voiceover artist, and entertainer. Content Creator?

My Buffet for the Brain podcast episodes, are where I discuss anything and everything, but from an academic and scholarly perspective! A SMORGASBORD OF CEREBRAL SUSTENANCE!

From discussions about voiceover to acting to parenting to bits and chats with my kid and random people (Conversations with Human Beings on Planet Earth), and guests and experts. A podcast where anything is possible.

If there can be a show about nothing...then there can be a podcast about anything!
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Overthinking Everything: Episode 107 - Finding Faith: A Culture of Cultism
Drawing back the curtain a little on my own spiritual journey to uncover some answers about a certain segment of our culture who are falling victim to charlatans and conspiracy theories.  I step back from my own faith, explaining some of the others I've come across along my journey, and redefine a new set of "Human Standards" by which we can all agree to live, regardless of our specific faith.     The Truth is revered as sacrosanct in every major spirituality of our people.  Why, then, do we allow liars to lie and pants to go afire so much?    How could someone profess a faith in Christ, but also swear undying loyalty to a MAGA flag?   Follow me at  Twitter: JoshBrandon Snapchat: JoshBrandon Instagram: JoshBrandon TikTok: JoshBrandonVo Facebook:  JoshBrandonMedia
February 26, 2021
Overthinking Everything: QUICK THOUGHTS! Positivity
A little motivational message about maintaining a positive perspective.  
October 19, 2020
Overthinking Everything: QUICK THOUGHTS! The NFL and Activism
Thinking about the NFL and the current BLM protests, I recall a time when I got my feathers ruffled because the NFL hijacked my experience with their activism.  
October 14, 2020
Overthinking Everything: QUICK THOUGHTS! Human Rights
Taking a quick look at Human Rights and why not just fighting for YOUR OWN rights is essential.
October 14, 2020
Overthinking Everything: Cracking The Commandment Code - Can We Celebrate Columbus Day?
In this episode, we Overthink Columbus Day and the many holidays we set aside to honour individuals.  What does it say about us and our beliefs when we celebrate maligned men through the kaleidoscope of historical perspective?  What do we hold sacred and dear?  Plus, is Columbus even worthy of celebrating?!  Who is?   Find out more as we Overthink Columbus Day!  
June 22, 2020
Overthinking Everything: (Episode 4, but really actually the 1st?) - A New Hope
An introduction of sorts!  Welcome to this cranial overload of every imaginable type of sustenance.  Buffet for the Brain, folks!  Pile the plate high.  This, just a feel free to peruse the offerings of what's to come. This is the first episode of our journey. But, the 4th I've released.  Hence, a Lucasian reference, A New Hope.  Because, that's kind of what this whole new chapter is for me.   Enjoy!  
March 14, 2020
Overthinking Everything: The Human Hat Rack
Why do people demonize education?  Why do you sometimes struggle under the weight of the world on your shoulders?  It's probably because you're wearing too many hats!  If you're going to be a Human Hat Rack, at least create a strong foundation so you don't topple over.   This episode is all about the many roles we play and how education plays into them.  
March 7, 2020
Overthinking Everything: Party Crashers - The Extended Cut
Who doesn't love a party? America, that's who!  Taking an historical romp through America's political parties and stopping to focus on all the blunders of ONE party in particular - and how it translates to today!  
February 29, 2020
Overthinking Everything: The Progress of Bored Games
Hey kids, welcome to class!  Today we're going to "rap" about that big ol' elephant in the room of 2020.  Today we're going to learn about all the political games Washington plays to control the narrative in the media AND in our own minds.  We're going to talk about a deliberate movement to silence the voice of the people, and the new movement that's speaking louder than any right now!   Today, I'm going to give you rich history of.... Democratic Socialism!  AND, I'm gonna tell you why, even if you are strongly opposed to the idea, you're already supporting it in practice.  I'll tell you why people are SO afraid of it.   So, bring me my apple, dammit...and get ready to take notes because today...we're moving our pieces around some very bored games. 
February 11, 2020