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OX Seven

OX Seven

By Will Grashoff
A little bit recruitment related, a little bit not. Mostly not.

Having a chat with good people.
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Lewis Ellis and Will Grashoff
Will takes over the podcast & chats with Lewis Ellis from Hussel Marketing, Hiddn Travel and 2019's The Apprentice Alan Sugar tattoo guy. 
July 22, 2020
Hire Write Talent and Mollie Adams
Wise words from some of the, well, wisest. Mollie got vegan snacks and invited Sarah Potter, Kiera Tsenti and Tim Wood round. The usual business podcast stuff.
March 13, 2020
Jo Watson and Mollie Adams have lunch
This is basically a mukbang with no visuals.  Here you can listen to Mollie fangirl over Jo for 59 minutes.  If you've ever wondered what two writer-y people talk about over crunch food, then it's your lucky day.  Also, if anyone is curious about what the blanked out words are - send Mollie a message. 
February 5, 2020
Dr Marcia Goddard
Probably easier to list things not covered in this chat with Marcia.  She's a Neuroscientist and god does she know stuff.  Now you can know stuff, too. 
January 8, 2020
Mike Winnet & Mollie Adams
"Let my guard down a bit for this one..." Mike has a little chat about his army selection, contrepreneur series, and mental health.   Mostly suitable for playing out loud at work. We deleted the bad bits. Maybe they'll come out to play one day when we're feeling confident. 
November 27, 2019