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Chronicles of a Girl that found Grace

Chronicles of a Girl that found Grace

By Oyinkan_Godstreasure
Oyinkan-Godstreasure’s intent would mostly be about different encounters of grace found with God, times when her experiences have turned into testimonies, She would also be using different bible stories and characters to reference her journey. Like she always say: “I am a proof that God’s Grace is real!!!!”
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Be Still
God is always Speaking….can we be calm enough to listen?
June 12, 2021
Even If
God never promised it would be easy, but He did promise we would never be alone......Stay Joyful regardless😊
April 08, 2021
24 Hours
We all need to die to self so that our eyes will focus on the most important thing.... seeking HIM first, loving others like we claim we love Him. Some people are opportune to have a few days, months, or hours to re-amend things but the question is: what if you don't get the chance?  are you confident enough that HE would say welcome home or well-done when we finally get there?
April 19, 2020
There is more to this cloud I see
This is a piece I wrote about five years ago who would have thought it would be relevant in this times that we are in...... I had this obsession with the cloud and I became worried at some point that something was wrong until I discovered that it was a just a reminder and a promise that there would be peace in the end!
March 24, 2020