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Art of Biz

Art of Biz

By Pablo Casilimas
Art of Biz is a show where we share the stories of distinct entrepreneurs, as well as their successes, failures and lessons they have gleaned along their journeys. Art of Biz is hosted by Pablo Casilimas and Marty Schaffel.

Marty Schaffel ( is the Founder of AVI-SPL, he took the company from $0-$100,000,000+ in annual revenue and grew it to over 2,000 employees while holding 100% ownership of the company.

Pablo Casilimas is the Founder/CEO of Rootex (, Chairman of the ONESIXONE Group ( and the Host on the ONESIXONE Report.
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Making Bets on Products and People
Robert P. Miles interviews Marty Schaffel and gets him to open up about how he almost burnt out his top sales people by making a fruitless bet on a product he thought would be disruptive. Marty also discusses his criteria for investing in other startups, including two examples of startups he invested in, one failure and one success. Then Marty opens up about his class at the University of Florida, whether entrepreneurs should drop out of college or not, and he quickly covers a variety of other topics including podcasts he listens to, the importance of mentors, and his curiosity about business and entrepreneurship. 
April 25, 2020
Landing a Multimillion Dollar Contract with Disney
The roles are reversed as guest Robert P. Miles interviews co-host Marty Schaffel and gets him to share what he believes are some of the traits that most successful entrepreneurs have in common. Marty shares the story of how he managed to land a contract with Disney and then dives into the importance of listening, not just when sitting down with potential clients, but also when meeting with employees and new-hires. 
March 9, 2020
Panic to Nirvana
Marty Schaffel shares one of his scariest moments as an entrepreneur, in which he had 3 days to pay $100,000 or he would be out of business; he discusses how he navigated the situation and the lessons he learned from it. Marty then unveils a concept he coined 'Management Nirvana' and how he was able to achieve it with over 2,000 employees working under him while he served as the CEO of AVI-SPL, the company he founded in 1979.
March 9, 2020
The Genius of Buffett with Bob Miles
Robert P. Miles, author and international keynote speaker, shares his story about how he became the world's leading expert on Warren Buffett. He dives into the story of how he first met Buffett and how his first book was publicly recommended by Buffett. Finally, he reveals some of the insights he has gleaned from studying Buffett over the past 30 years, from his management philosophies to his investment strategies, and how your day to day entrepreneur can apply some of these lessons.
March 9, 2020
A Born Entrepreneur
Pablo interviews his Co-Host: Marty Schaffel. Marty discusses his first handful of ventures that he started as a kid, then dives into how he started Audio Visual Innovations with $10,000 that he didn't have at the time and finally, talks about reinventing himself, as well as his company in order to stay relevant and continue to grow.
May 1, 2019