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The Pace Podcast

The Pace Podcast

By Pace OD Consulting
The Pace Podcast brings you insight into effecting transformation in companies by advancing real organisational development practice.
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Leading in Crisis (feat. Jim Kouzes)

The Pace Podcast

Leading Fearlessly (feat. Amy Edmondson)
This week on the PACE Podcast, we are joined by Amy Edmondson - scholar, thought leader, author, and Novartis Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School. She joins us this week to discuss her book, The Fearless Organization, and the importance of creating psychological safety in the workplace.
September 28, 2020
Rebuilding Team Motivation in Covid-19 Times (feat. Helle Bundgaard)
Helle Bundgaard, founding partner of Motivation Factor, shares her insight on how leaders can continue to motivate their people through the current uncertain climate. We discuss energy drainers and the importance of creating strategies to manage both our own motivation, and our employees'.
August 25, 2020
Leading in Cynical Times (feat. Dr. Barry Posner)
The current crisis is unprecedented. We’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s easy to fall into complacency or cynicism. What can we as leaders do to support those around us? Dr. Barry Posner, renowned leadership coach, global thought leader and best-selling author, joins us to discuss his 2005 article and how relevant it is, now more than ever.
July 27, 2020
Getting Through The Rough Patch (feat. Dr. Daphne de Marneffe)
Living together has taken on a whole new meaning under government-imposed lockdowns. All around the globe, people are finding it harder to manage relationships as the domains of work and home life collide in the same space. With an inevitable strain on familial relationships, how can we better manage our behaviour and get through this rough patch? Dr. Daphne de Marneffe sheds some light on how to approach relationships in this new era while our founder Dr. Lily Cheng expounds on how this is relevant and crucial in the world of business. 
June 25, 2020
Employability in Crisis (feat. Oliver Tan)
Conversations in Crisis - CEO and co-founder of ViSenze, Oliver Tan, shares his insights with us on the employability crisis many people are facing today as a result of the pandemic. How should leaders decide between saving cost and saving jobs? How much responsibility is on leaders to ensure sustained employability of their team? Although ViSenze's niche is in Artificial Intelligence, Oliver's insight is widely relevant and sure to benefit all industries of work. 
May 27, 2020
Leading in Crisis (feat. Jim Kouzes)
Conversations in Crisis - As the coauthor of seminal bestseller, The Leadership Challenge, Jim Kouzes offers us a wealth of wisdom about leading in and through a time of crisis. Our founders, Dr. Lily Cheng and Dr. Peter Cheng, pick his brain on how leaders can ensure their organizations are crisis-ready and what they can do in crisis-triggered failure.
May 18, 2020
Lessons Learnt from COVID-19 (feat. Dr. Edgar H. Schein)
Conversations in Crisis - Our first episode features Dr. Edgar H. Schein, a leader in the field of organizational development in many areas, including career development, group process consultation, and organizational culture. In this session, he shares with our founder, Dr. Lily Cheng, his personal takeaways from the global COVID-19 pandemic. 
May 06, 2020