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Go Lead Yourself

Go Lead Yourself

By Paige How
Go Lead Yourself is a leadership podcast hosted by Paige How (she/her).
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How to support your mental health *TW/CW*
In this episode I talk about ways you can better understand your value/humanity and support your mental health.  *TW/CW There are brief references to someone in my community who took their life. I try to touch on this very gently and it is not the focus of the episode but please skip this one if you think it will be at all harmful for you to hear allusions to this. Look after yourself and know that there's support if you need. Call or text 1737 if you're in NZ and need help. You. Are. Worth. It. With mana and aroha xx
October 26, 2021
How to communicate boundaries (listener q&a)
In this follow up episode to episode 4 "How to set boundaries" you'll learn to release yourself from the other person's reaction/response to you setting a boundary and that boundaries can be set WITHOUT communication if that's more comfortable for you. The aim is to move forward towards your needs, it's okay if that process isn't smooth or perfect xx
October 26, 2021
How to see the value in being over doing - I'm back ;)
I'm back! Thanks for your patience xx In this episode I talk a little about the importance in seeing your value as you are and not always basing it in what you do. Hope it helps
October 26, 2021
How to shift from knowing to doing
On this episode you'll hear why knowing doesn't automatically equal doing and how to support yourself through that. You'll learn the four stages of competence (Unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and unconscious competence) and why you need to be along for the learning journey and have compassion for yourself, not just expect immediate change. 
August 26, 2021
How to recognise and work through discomfort when receiving support
If you're the sort of person that prefers to help others rather than receive help, this episode is for you. In it, there's an acknowledgement of where this discomfort crops up, awareness built around how we avoid situations because of this discomfort and encouragement for you to keep working through and showing up despite this and seeking out opportunities to support yourself, because that's the best way to get the growth you want.   
August 25, 2021
How to support yourself through big changes
A reminder that adapting to change is a cycle and you will approach things differently and have different needs depending on where you're at. This episode helps you become more self-aware and also apply that outwardly to people around you. Big love xx
August 17, 2021
How to restore your energy
It can be really difficult to support yourself when you're the one who usually pours all of your time and energy into supporting others. On this episode you'll learn some practices that can help restore your energy and avoid the burnout/productivity cycle. You got this xx
August 09, 2021
How to set boundaries
This episode is for anyone who thinks they're "not good at setting boundaries". In it you'll hear the 5 steps needed for successfully setting boundaries (Check in, Define ownership, Communicate, Celebrate and Re-align). Setting boundaries isn't easy but with this blueprint you'll start seeing your own progress step by incremental step and that's worth celebrating. Thanks for listening, you got this xx  
July 15, 2021
How to stop overthinking and overplanning
In this episode, you get a brief intro into what leading yourself means and how it can help you take more control of your life and positively impact others around you. This first episode focuses on helping you move from overthinking and over-planning into taking some helpful first steps towards whatever goal you're trying to achieve next. Welcome!
July 06, 2021