Painting Helicopters

Lets throw it back

An episode of Painting Helicopters

By Adam Taylor
A podcast covering all things entertainment, from Marvel and DC to Music and TV with everything in between. Hosted by Adam and 8bit Ray.
Hip to the Hop
Adam and Ray get together and talk about their fav hip hop albums and artists, somehow end up talking about metal and weird stories based around metal gigs. We discuss our animal ideas as usual and new ways to obtain the coveted helicopter. As usual its a bunch of crazy talk by an American and a Brit bought together by their love of geekdom
May 14, 2019
Drug Stories
Adam and Ray discuss their funny Drug stories of yester-year, touch on some TV and Gaming as usual but mostly....DRUGS. As usual this podcast is entertaining throughout while touching on the darker side of the comedy spectrum
May 1, 2019
Roll Of Dimes
Ray's wife joins us for this one, she tells us all about Ray in a whole new light - we also talk about our favorite Disney movies and some movies we just love to hate. Plus Ray is abused for the majority of the podcast.
April 24, 2019
PJ Holden
PJ joins Adam and Ray to discuss old school comics, British TV movies and his favourite comics growing up. We also touch on how PJ became a comic artist, his favorite artists and much much much more. As usual Painting Helicopters is your journey into Popular Culture with a twist of weird entertainment. 
April 14, 2019
Let's talk gaming
The guys get into DC online, Apex Legends and why Ray REALLY needs to beat Tyson. Add that to some comics and movies and the usual funny story and we got another week of awesome content
April 7, 2019
Sugar Dicks
Adam and Ray are joined by Danny and BJ from the Horns Up podcast and Brenden Nunes from the Kings Pulse podcast - a nerd round table like no other, Words cannot describe the shannigans that ensue during this episode! Easily the best podcast of 2019. Now also on Podcoin
March 31, 2019
Lets throw it back
Ninja Turtles, Power Ranges, My Secret Identity - Adam and 8Bit discuss some of the oldies but goodies, join them for some online shopping recommendations and retro gaming throw backs along the way. Lets keep painting helicopters
March 24, 2019
The Beginning
Adam and 8Bit Ray cover a huge range of topics in the inaugural episode, covering Captain Marvel, Aladdin, Idle Hands, Dumbo and much much more. Get in on the ground level of the newest and best entertainment podcast.
March 17, 2019
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