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By Palaver
A BMX Podcast highlighting the life and times of a few friends of mine.
Captain sweatpants throws the shocker!
Colin Varanyak is on fire, I share a Brian Foster quote about buying more time as an over 30's pro BMXer, the Supreme S&M Dirt Bike is now on eBay for $18,500*, and I get all choked up toward the end of the podcast! Enjoy! *Shipping not included!
June 1, 2020
What a feeling!
Once again, no guest.  Random ramblings and thoughts. And, once again, a podcast episode named after an 80's pop song!  
May 10, 2020
She's Got The Look
Random talk, information, and stories.  Just had some fun and BS'd for a little bit.  
April 28, 2020
Morgan Wade
What can you say about Morgan that hasn't been said already? Morgan exploded on to the scene in the early millennium and has maintained a solid career in BMX for over 15 years now.  X Games medals, Nora Cups, video parts, etc... there's very little that Morgan hasn't conquered in his career.  Even with all his accolades and accomplishments, Morgan refuses to slow down and continues to bring his riding to, quite literally, new heights! This interview comes hot off the heels of a stellar year on the bike having just medaled in this year's X Games and winning best trick at Battle Of Hastings.  Even though once labeled as a "loose cannon", Morgan is extremely calculated and - dare I say - brilliant when it comes to his style of riding.  He can break things down and explain tricks in ways that I've never heard any other rider be able to do.  Even though I was slightly unprepared for this interview, I really love the way that it turned out... and I hope that you like it, too!
October 18, 2019
Todd Walkowiak
Coming from the legendary P.U.S.H. trail scene in Pittsburgh, PA, Todd Walkowiak made a big splash in BMX when dirt jumping was at it's peak.  Todd's riding was technical, creative, and consistent which brought him to the top of podiums in various dirt jumping contests around the world.  Todd is also THAT GUY that is seemingly good at everything he tries and, even though he's talented and smart, he's incredibly humble, saying "If you're prepared then things are easy...".  Listen to find out more about one of my favorite riders of all time, Todd "Barspiniak" Walkowiak! 
September 27, 2019
Ryan "Biz" Jordan
Hailing from Lynn, Massachusetts, Ryan "Biz" Jordan has had a BMX career that has spanned over two decades... and shows no signs of slowing.  From the trails to the rails, there's very little that Biz hasn't conquered during the course of his career.  Biz remains, to this day, one of the most gifted (and underrated) all around BMXers of all time.  At the age of 38, Biz has most recently put out a hard-hitting street part in Mike Mastroni's "Headlights" video.  Biz is very current in BMX media therefore I didn't want to try to create a story where there wasn't one or try to delve into BMX philosophy.  This is simply two friends sharing some stories, talking some shit, and having some laughs.  Enjoy! 
September 6, 2019
Stew Johnson
Stew Johnson took an early organic approach to making BMX videos by simply documenting the travels and sessions that him and his friends were a part of in the mid 90's.  Little did Stew realize, the video's that him and his friends would make would help inspire BMXers of multiple generations.  Armed with a strong work ethic and a non-stop passion for BMX, Stew has become one of the most respected film makers in the BMX industry and, to this day, remains a staple of the BMX industry.  Listen and find out more about Stew Johnson! 
August 16, 2019
Jerry Bagley
A natural on a BMX bike, Jerry Bagley rode a wave of success as top-ten dirt jumper at a time when BMX dirt jumping was at it's peak.  Jerry's professionalism on and off the bike landed him some of the most high profile sponsors in the modern era - case & point, he was the first North American athlete to represent Red Bull.  True to his nature, Jerry doesn't hold back his feelings, and talks openly and honestly about the payoffs and pitfalls of his professional BMX career.  Enjoy! (Big thanks to Ryan "Biz" Jordan for being my co-host and carting me around southern California!)
July 19, 2019
Chris Stauffer
Chris Stauffer was born and raised in the BMX trail mecca that is Bethlehem, PA.  With his surroundings and the abundance of talented riders in Bethlehem to ride with in the late 90's, Chris would go on to develop one of the most iconic and respected trail styles in all of BMX.  With a starring role in the BMX bible that is "Anthem 'Home Of The Brave'" Chris's career got spring boarded into a life of traveling the country/world to showcase his signature style.  Like many BMX professionals, Chris had his fair share of ups and downs and even totally quit riding for a couple years.  With the support of some close friends, Chris battled though his dark times and eventually found his way back to his bike and back to the trails! Even though Chris has been out of the BMX spotlight for a few years now, he still has one of the most respected trail styles and one of the best tabletops OF ALL TIME! Listen to find out more! 
June 7, 2019
Anthony Napolitan
Next up, Anthony Napolitan.  Anthony has been in the BMX spotlight now for nearly 15 years.  He has countless accolades including the Dew Cup, X Games medals, World Championship titles, etc... On a personal level, it's been awesome watching - first hand - as Anthony grew from a little kid at Section 8 skatepark to being one of the world's best bike riders.  It was really fun to kick back and reminisce about some of our sessions at Section 8 and chat about some the riders/characters from that time period.  Listen and find out more about Anthony Napolitan!  Also, if you feel like you're missing any visual cues, you can watch this interview on YouTube at Palaver BMX.  
May 30, 2019
Jay Roe
Jay Roe left behind the possibility of playing collegiate (or possibly pro) hockey for a life of packing boxes, shipping orders, planning road trips, and 15 passenger vans - a dream job according to him.  Jay is, perhaps, one of my most interesting friends and offers a unique/refreshing perspective on BMX and life in general.  We cover his life as a BMX TM, his diet, and of course... his... blanket? Listen and find out more about my friend, Jay Roe!
April 24, 2019
Darryl Tocco
A true renaissance man, Darryl Tocco took an early DIY approach to BMX by highlighting his own scene centered around a small group of good friends.  Darryl's work on both sides of the camera soon attracted the attention of the BMX industry world wide, landing him sponsorship deals with a variety of BMX sponsors... all while continuing to provide video content for multiple BMX brands.  No slouch ON the bike, Darryl has filmed respectable video parts in an array of BMX videos.  In 2015 Darryl received a silver medal for his filming/editing work in X Games "Real Street" with rider, Colt Fake.  Darryl's clean professional aesthetic on the bike and behind the lens continues to inspire and motivate the BMX hardcores and veterans alike, and promises to do so for years to come! Listen and find out more about Darryl Tocco!
April 4, 2019
Casey Smith
As a kid from Wisconsin, Casey watched from the sidelines as countless BMXers from the midwest threw their hats in the pro-BMX ring.  Instead of joining the flock, Casey entered into a life-long career in the Navy, focused on being a young husband and father, and enjoys BMX at a core level.  Casey has a deep affinity for old school BMX, he has strong opinions, strong morals, and was fun to chat with! Give this a listen and find out more about Casey Smith!
March 22, 2019
Steve Buddendeck
Steve Buddendeck is one of my most favorite people ever. The list of things that Steve has been a part of and contributed to in BMX is incredible.  He has been present for so many monumental moments in BMX and has been a pillar of the BMX industry/community for over 25 years.
March 2, 2019
Kris Bennett
Bennett came out of a small town to make it in the BMX big time. From multiple X Games appearances to putting out hard hitting video parts, Bennett was/is well respected by BMXers from every generation. In the last few years, Kris has stepped away from the BMX spot light and now focusses on family and his current career as a real estate developer.
February 17, 2019