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World's Class Every Day Teacher Heroes

World's Class Every Day Teacher Heroes

By Pamela Mei Ying Tseu
Everyday teachers from around the world shed light on their successes and challenges. We'll talk about classroom management, our students, cultural aspects and showcase our passion for teaching no matter where we are in the world. We'll see our differences but more importantly we'll discover our very exciting similarities! We'll learn from each other! The world is our class. Join us!
Chapter 1:Episode 1. Shelby Sumner on Sadness, Snakes and Self Care
Learning about, from and with teachers from all across the world. Watch this interview of a teacher who puts her heart and soul into her 7th grade science (snakes) classes, how she does classroom management and her encouragement to all of you!    Website for more resources.   Join Facebook at  Instagram:  Twitter: #Behaviormanagement #teachersIntheClassroom # Springville #USATeachers #classroom management
May 27, 2022