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The Paper and Staples Podcast

The Paper and Staples Podcast

By Dave, Blair, Tery, Greg, Oliver, and Mike
The podcast where friends and collectors of notebooks, such as Field Notes Brand, chat about all things paper and staples!
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003. Crop Predictions (Summer 2021)

The Paper and Staples Podcast

009. High Water Marks
The P&S Midwest contingency (Blair, Greg, Mike, Tery) convenes for and end of summer chat! We dip our conversational toes into some freshwater lakes, inks and fountain pens, and all sorts of other stationery goodness. Winners are also announced from the giveaway mentioned during our last episode. 
August 30, 2022
008. Analysis and Stuff
In this episode, Dave, Greg and Oliver chat about the gap between Spring and Summer, what's been out including Creative South singles, SixInch sets, USPS and speculation on the Summer quarterly - plus pencils, Dapper Notes and more! And a VERY COOL GIVEAWAY somewhere in the episode for a set of SixInch and a Creative South single!
July 02, 2022
007. Favorite Famous Faces (Bryan Bedell)
The P&S crew returns for a special conversation with Field Notes’ own Bryan Bedell. This show is PACKED with shoptalk on industry logistics, Signs of Spring, collaboration stories, the Field Nuts Facebook group, and more! We even made sure to dig a few hints out of Bryan for what's to come from Field Notes. Our 7th episode is a long one, but well worth the time.
March 25, 2022
006.A A Dog's Tale
In this mini episode Greg and Tery follow up the story of the lucky dog who found a new home thanks to Tery and fellow Field Nut, Rob D. All because of being part of the awesome Field notes community. Rob's post on Facebook - "Thank you Tee Lock for driving 1000 miles to bring me my new friend. Baby’s new life name will be…Bialy. I love food names for pets and wanted to honor my best friend Bagel who crossed the rainbow bridge 6 months ago. Another round bread product! In case you are unfamiliar with what a Bialy is, I’ve provided a link. Today is the first day of the rest of her life, free of violence and negativity. Note: full name is Onion Bialy with Chive Cream Cheese."
January 12, 2022
006. Year 1 Goals, Revised, Again
Dave, Greg, and Blair come together for an end-of-year recap bringing hot takes and spilling the "tea" as we close out 2021 together. We discuss the latest Field Notes limited edition and other collaborations, the holidays, and more!
December 31, 2021
005. Personal Values
Dave, Greg, and Tery get together to catch up as well as discuss notable releases, design predictions, what "The Good China" means to them, and a letter from a special listener... one might think that we'd read it from the Analog Research Laboratory....
November 10, 2021
004. Hosta Roster
After a summer break the hosts reunite to dive into what all they've missed. This episode kicks off Autumn with a handful of stationary releases, namely two different quarterly editions from Field Notes. Tune in for talk of trails, produce, and paper from the future.
October 07, 2021
003. Crop Predictions (Summer 2021)
We're in the heat of summer and the gang is busy and all over the place. Literally! This episode found our hosts in Chicago, the UK, and ... Hawaii. Listen in as we catch up on life, discuss our predictions for the 51st edition, and answer questions from the mailbag. 
July 16, 2021
002. Quality Patterns
The gang have a light-hearted conversation about what quality means to them, how brand transcends the materials used, the connection to social responsibility, and the appeal of craftsmanship. We also answer the biggest question about one of our favorite brands - "Why Field Notes?" Mentioned in this episode: Field Notes Wilco Field Notes Deaders Field Notes Graduate Hotel Field Notes Heartbeat Wednesday Baron Fig Twisbi Diamond 580 Emerald Peak Design Topo Designs Ruby Coffee Fika Coffee Hobonichi Rite in the Rain Kamikokuen Blackwing Big Delicious Planet Tomoegawa Noodlers Ink GoodINKPressions Question, comment, or episode topic idea? Drop us a message - One lucky submission will win the Field Notes 50th Anniversary Desk Ledger!
June 14, 2021
001. Fifty
Paper and Staples is a notebook and stationery podcast. Hosts Dave, Blair, Tery, Greg, Oliver and Mike share their opinions, experiences and theories about products, releases and events. Join us as we explore! In this episode we discuss the much anticipated Spring Quarterly from Field Notes Brand, what we thought we'd get and what actually dropped, it was fun guessing! We also discuss some other recent editions, plus what we are all currently using. This is our first episode so it's a kind of a 'getting to know you', we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
May 24, 2021