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The Paperback Romance Book Club

The Paperback Romance Book Club

By Melissa Haskins
Let’s talk about Romance Novels! From the ones we saw on our mother’s night stands to the ones at thrift stores and everything in-between! Classics like Pride and Prejudice, to some newer classics like Me Before You. Let’s see what these books have to say about what we want or need in a romantic relationship and how does the relationships hold up to today’s standards!
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Chapter Thirty-Nine: In the Search for the Perfect Vampire
In this episode, Melissa talks about her new search for finding the perfect vampire book. Must be tall, pale, Spike level energy, but will also want cuddles. In this first installment, Melissa talks about the current vampire books she's reading and talks about Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost the first book in the Night Prince series. There's also a surprise at the end of the episode! 
October 18, 2021
Chapter Thirty-Eight: May I Introduce the Ravenels
In this episode, Melissa covers the first book in the Ravenel series; Cold-Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas. While this book is a romance book between Kathleen and Devon, we also get the groundwork for the rest of the series for the Ravenel family. A family that is in dire need of therapy and tight hugs. Take a listen to know why other romance readers put this on their comfort reading list! 
October 11, 2021
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Up Next! An Irish Time Traveling Family!
In this episode I cover Nancy Scanlon’s Mist of Fate series. A four book saga is about the O’Rourke family, finding your soulmate, and learning a thing or two from the past! For anyone who loves time travel romance and all the twist and turns that go along with it!!!
March 16, 2021
Chapter Thirty-Six: A Ménage in the Highlands
In this episode, I wrap up my February book challenge (to myself) by covering Nicola Davidson's Scandalous Passions as well as a very brief summary of Brooke Stanton's Breaking Josephine. What works in a thruple relationship and what doesn't and why you shouldn't go around spanking your employees. New Episodes will be coming to you weekly on Tuesdays! 
March 06, 2021
Chapter Thirty-Five: Soft & Hard Limits (a review of Leather and Lace by Samantha A. Cole)
Hello, Hi, and Welcome back! In this season 3 starter episode I cover Leather and Lace a Trident Security book 1 by Samantha A. Cole. This month of February I'll be covering all Erotica Romance books and let me tell you something, there are some FANTASTIC books out there in this category, but there are also not-so-great ones either. Take a listen to which one I think this book belongs to! Remember to know what your soft and hard limits are! 
February 17, 2021
Chapter Thirty-Four: Please Go Read This Book
In this episode, I cover The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. It was Goodreads best book of 2018 and omg you guys this is probably one of the best contemporary romance books that have been written! Have a listen then go read the book! You will not be disappointed! 
September 05, 2020
Chapter Thirty-Three: Irish I were a Hartigan
Are you looking for the ultimate girl squad goals? Body positivity, romance tropes that are just perfect? Oh and hot, hot, hot pages?? Look no further! In this episode, I talk about the world of Avery Flynn! Harbor City and Waterbury, we meet the Hartigan family and the ladies who steal some of their hearts! We also get the hockey romance books that are the definition of hot comedy!!!! 
July 23, 2020
Chapter Thirty-Two: Sometimes a Spam Email from Africa is Legit
I cover Alyssa Cole's A Princess in Theory. If you like getting on an emotional rollercoaster ride and having your heart pulled along with you, well this is definitely the book for you! 
July 15, 2020
Chapter Thirty-One: And Hockey Romance gets the Power Play
Hockey Romance... I cover four different hockey romance books and talk about what makes each of them fun, exciting,  and why you should 100% give hockey romance books a try!1! 
June 30, 2020
Chapter Thirty: Cinnamon Roll Meets a Grumpy Young Man
In this episode, I cover Cat Sebastian's The Ruin of a Rake... holy emotional rollercoaster people! This book will make you smile, roll your eyes, laugh, cry, and just leave you feeling all warm inside. Courtenay and Julian might be one of my favorite couples I have read in a VERY long time!  Get your copy here!
June 23, 2020
Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Year in a Hour
A year in hour. A year(ish) of 162 books.
June 11, 2020
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Come On Baby Light My Fire
I cover my first firefighter books with Melt for Him and Consumed by Him both by Lauren Blakely. Not only are these books fun and EXTREMELY sexy but they normalize mental health, PTSD, and a lot of other things!
May 28, 2020
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Self Rescuing Princesses
This week I cover Molly Harper's Mystic Bayue series.... you guys I'm putting this series up there with Victorian Rebels so you know it has to be THAT amazing! (and it is!) If you want to dip your toes into Paranormal Romance or are already a big fan of the category then this is the series for you!!! 
May 17, 2020
Chapter Twenty-Six: It's Getting Hot in Here, So Take off Your Cravat
In this chapter, I cover Lisa Kleypas's Suddenly You... which is now on my top ten favorite books of all time! 30-year-old virgin "spinsters", a publishing tycoon, disapproving older sister, and a few scandals thrown in there!  Get the book here! 
April 25, 2020
Chapter Twenty-Five: Don't Pull a Parent Trap Before Your Wedding
In this episode, I cover (very roughly) Tracey Ann Warren's The Trap Trilogy.  The Husband Trap, The Wife Trap, and The Wedding Tap. We start off with Violet (our Twin B) who replaces her identical twin sister Jeannette (our Twin A), who refuses to marry a Duke (it's okay to gasp).  But Violet is kinda-sorta madly in love with Adrian (the Duke and now her husband). In the Wife Trap, Jeannette gets her serving of humble pie. And in the Wedding Tap, it's (probably my favorite out of all of them), it's full of a little bit of everything that makes up Romance books!  The Husband Trap : The Wife Trap: https: // The Wedding Trap: 
April 18, 2020
Chapter Twenty-Four: Don't Tattoo Your S.O's Name On You
I guess getting your significant other's name tattooed on you is a kiss of death for the relationship. In this episode, I cover Elizabeth Hunter's Ink (book one of Main Street and 7th). This was a great book, with a few minor hiccups (in my opinion) and I'll tell what worked and what didn't work and why it's more a slow burner than an opposite attract type trope. All I have to say is Bookshop and tattoo shop combination is brilliant and I need it in my life! 
April 11, 2020
Chapter Twenty-Three : The Rocky Gothic Romance Horror Show
In this chapter, I talk/review Work of Art by Mimi Mathews. Hold on to your corsets! it's a dark and twisty story with such a beautiful love duet! I cannot recommend this book enough! Romance,  Murder, Creepy distant relatives, runaway wedding, oh and RESCUE DOGS! Seriously listen to the episode- go read it and then let me know what you think!!!!
April 04, 2020
Interview with KAH Publishing!
Ever wanted to know what to do after you've written your book? Want to know the process of publishing a book? Or how a publishing company works (besides very hard!) Join me as I interview KAH publishing founder/publisher/writer/fantastic human Katherine Hardeman! 
March 20, 2020
Chapter Twenty-Two: When in Quarantine One Must Read ALL THE BOOKS!
Hey everyone! I hope you are staying safe and washing your hands! If you are home from work or home with kids, or you know just home hiding from the rest of the world (I see you fellow introverts!) then you OBVESSLY need some books to read! This episode is all about book series to check out from Highlanders to Hockey Players! All books will be on the Instagram page if you need a virtual reference! 
March 17, 2020
Chapter Twenty One: I'm BACK! Also Hitmen have a soft side!
Hello! Welcome back! I'm back! Yay! Okay to kick this off I'm going back to the first book series I read in 2020!! The book I'll be talking about and spoiling for you is Last Kiss (Hitmen #3) by Jessica Clare! If you need something completely different (in a good way) good check this book series out- it has hot Russians, Hitmen, Hitmen with big hearts, and this one has an MC with Asbergurers!!!!!! This is going to be good! 
March 03, 2020
Chapter Twenty : 2019 Book Recap
I do a quick recap of the books I've read in 2019! 105 books in 2019.... next year the number is 128! 
December 30, 2019
Chapter Nineteen Part II: Waltzes on Airships and Sleeping Curses
In this episode, I cover the second book in Nancy Campbell Allen's Steampunk Proper Romance : Kiss of the Spindle. It is a steampunk retelling of Sleeping Beauty! If you have ever been curious about steampunk and steampunk romance seriously just check this series out!!! 
December 10, 2019
Chapter Nineteen Part I: Tale as Old as Time and It Never Gets Old
I take a look at the first book in the Steampunk Proper Romance: Beauty and the Clockwork Beast by Nancy Campbell Allen. In this chapter, I talk about Beauty and the Beast the Disney animated version and this book and what makes this book so freaking amazing! Seriously go read it! This part one of three for each book in the series gets its own chapter! 
November 25, 2019
Chapter Eighteen: This Ain't Your Granddads Mafia Story
This is really Meghan March's world and we are just living in it. In this Chapter, I cover her Dirty Mafia Duet - Black Sheep and White Knight. Seriously what did I just read (well technically I listened to both on audiobooks)... seriously the mafia never sounded so freaking sexy!!! (This episode has spoilers lots and lots of spoilers) 
November 17, 2019
Chapter Seventeen: Bad Guys with Big Hearts and Repeating Yourself is IMPROPER
In this chapter, I cover the Victorian Rebel series by Kerrigan Byrne, the 23 audiobooks I've listened to in the span of a month, and go on a slight rant about repeating yourself in Schooling the Duke by Christi Caldwell. Also happy NANOWRIMO!  
November 09, 2019
Chapter Sixteen: Nicola Italia Author Interview
Please welcome author Nicola Italia to the show! She is the author of books such as The Sheik and the Slave, Sea of Revenge, and (my personal favorite) The Alchemy of Night. Her latest book (#14) is due October 28! 
October 27, 2019
Chapter Fifteen: Are You There God? It's Me a Single 30 year Old?
In this episode, I am joined by my long-time best friend and soul sister Meghan! She is a Youth and Young Adult Ministry Director in New York, so as a guest I let her pick the book! We are talking Christian Romance, and I was actually surprised by how low key and powerful book this was! The book is My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade! 
October 20, 2019
Chapter Fourteen: Surprise Surprise a Healthy Relationship in a Historical Romance!!
Please welcome Emily Edwards (my first guest!!) as we talk about what a healthy relationship looks like in Sarah MacLean’s Brazen and the Beast!! This episode does contain spoilers for the book! 
October 12, 2019
Chapter Thirteen: She-Ra and the Viking
This is our first Trope episode! I talk about Vikings, Time Travel, and our very first Romance Novel Trope! The He-Man Women Hater/the She-Ra Man Hater! I talk about The Fortress of Time by Mariah Stone Called by the Viking Book 1. Join me and my caffeine buzzed head on this time travel adventure! 
September 30, 2019
Chapter Twelve: I'm here for the {Pirate} booty
Why not celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day with a Pirate Time Travel book series,  slightly ranting, and other books!
September 21, 2019
Chapter Eleven: Upside Down, Turn Around, It's a Full Moon
Full Moon? Friday the 13th? This only mean one thing: Werewolves! Well Werewolves or Shifters? Help me dig through this new age genre and no this isn't a Shifter episode it's a Werewolf episode.... or are Werewolves and Shifters now the same thing? 
September 16, 2019
Chapter Ten Part II: Kathy Bates would make a good Elizabeth and other Opinions
Part II of the Pride and Prejudice episode! I bring on my husband to talk about the 2005 film adaptation and get his take on this beloved book!
September 08, 2019
Chapter Ten Part I: I’ll take Pride and Prejudice for 200
THE PRIDE AND PREJUDICE EPISODE!!!! Part I of II - [WARNING- this episode/book has assault triggers]. I talk about Pride and Prejudice book adaptations - Dirty English by Ilsa Madden-Mills.
September 07, 2019
Chapter Nine: The Bear Necessities - get a safe word
Another shifter book. This episode is short due to me not having a whole lot to say about it. ALWAYS HAVE A SAFE WORD!
September 01, 2019
Chapter Eight: Be Smart, Be Like Loraine Part II of Don’t be an Immature Debutante
A complete opposite of last weeks book! This book has everything I’d ever wanted in a Regency Romance Novel; someone smart, witty, can hold her own and drink with the guys! Also there’s a womanizer who DOES change! And a HEA ending.
September 01, 2019
Chapter Seven Part 1- Don't Be an Immature Debutante
I realized that this is my first Regency Historical Romance book that isn't Jane Austen! WHAT! This is Part 1 of 2 (coming next week) looking at one kind of Regency Romance books. Does it live up to the expectations of it's book title? 
August 17, 2019
Chapter Six: July Book Reviews and Going to Target by Yourself
7 books down for the month of July, let’s go back to the beginning of the month and that time I as a mom got to go into Target by myself!
August 03, 2019
Chapter Five: Cajun Dragon and losing the big V
My first Shapeshifting romance book (EVER!) and some personal stories and opinions about the big V!
July 27, 2019
Chapter Four- this is NOT your mother’s romance book!
Tattooed covered Army vet helping a women who just left everything behind- can they see past their differences to realize that they just need to kiss already!!!
July 20, 2019
Chapter Three- Cowboy Butts: A Western Soap Opera
Mamas please please please let your babies grow up to be cowboys! A badass city doctor finds that maybe cowboys aren’t that bad.... also other family drama
July 12, 2019
Chapter Two: This would make a great Hallmark movie!
1890’s Wyoming- yep Historical Romance- yes please! A homesteader with a tragic past- YES! A high society women who wants to marry for love? Yes yes yes! Did I just describe a T.V movie or a book?
June 28, 2019
Chapter One- Lairds, and Tartans and Time Travel OH MY!
My favorite genre.... Scottish Time Travel! Let’s look at a new trilogy that takes a crack at this genre and see how it holds up!
June 20, 2019