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Paradox Jukebox

Paradox Jukebox

By Caitie Thompson
An unconventional podcast for unconventional musicians. Brought to you by Music On The Move Studios, a women lead company working to help musicians move their careers forward through education and live events. Paradox Jukebox aims to bring you content from industry professionals with knowledge to spare, and emerging artists that span various genres.
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PJ Ep. 10 Artist Interview: "Buggie"
Host Caitie Thompson interviews pop-alt artist "Buggie". Not only is Buggie a musician, but she is a highly talented visual artist and on her latest project, she's created a completely immersive experience that couples her love for music, and visual art.  Buggie's Links: Find Us At: "Shakin' In My Boots" By Erin McLendon
June 19, 2021
PJ Ep. 9 Artist Interview: "Lauren Anderson"
Host Caitie Thompson interviews Blues/Rock Nashville recording artist Lauren Anderson. Caitie and Lauren bond over their roots in classical music, they discuss Lauren's podcast, being torn down by industry professionals, and what it means to not allow yourself to be put in a box as an artist. Lauren's Links: Email Caitie at: "Shakin' In My Boots" By Erin McLendon
June 19, 2021
PJ Ep. 8 Artist Interview: Meg Williams
Caitie invites Nashville blues recording artist Meg Williams onto the show to discuss her new album "Live and Learn", the team she chose to work with, and how spending time in her home state of New York during COVID inspired the album. Meg also discusses her residency at BB King's, and Bourbon Street Boogie and Blues with Jenny Teator, and what it is like to be a member of the backing band "The Hellcats" for Music On The Move Studios. "Shakin' In My Boots" By Erin McLendon
June 5, 2021
PJ Ep. 7 Interview with Producer/Engineer "Mark Abrams" of
Host Caitie Thompson interviews her long time friend and mentor Mark Abrams, of and Vaughan Music Studios. Caitie and Mark dive deep into his beliefs about how to choose the right production team for your record, plugins and microphones he's partial to, how he came to work for, and the culture he and Cindy Vaughan have built at Vaughan Music Studios in Columbus, Ohio.  Mark Abrams' Links: Shakin' In My Boots By Erin McLendon:
June 5, 2021
PJ Ep. 6 Artist Interview: "Kelli Johnson"
Host Caitie Thompson chats with Nashville based songwriter, Kelli Johnson. Kelli dives deep into what it is like to pursue songwriting professionally, how to navigate splits, what it takes to have a successful co-write, and what it means to build meaningful relationships in the Nashville songwriters circle. "Record High" By Kelli Johnson Music On The Move Studios "Shakin' In My Boots" By Erin McLendon
May 21, 2021
Ep. 5 Artist Interview: "Berry"
Paradox Jukebox host Caitie Thompson interviews Nashville based pop artist, "Berry". The two Ohioans bond over their love of disco music, platform shoes with goldfish in them, and how pop music is changing the way females are perceived in the music industry across multiple genres. Shakin' In My Boots By Erin McLendon
May 21, 2021
Ep. 4 Artist Interview: "Monte Mader"
Host Caitie Thompson interviews rock artist Monte Mader. Caitie and Monte discuss her tumultuous yet life and career defining twenties, living out of compact cars, Monte's personal training business, traveling the metropark systems across the U.S., and of course her new single "Crystal Meth".
May 21, 2021
Ep. 3 Artist Interview: "Mary Jennings"
Paradox Jukebox host Caitie Thompson interviews dark pop/rock artist Mary Jennings who hails from Nashville, TN. Mary is a wealth of knowledge on working odd jobs, sync licensing, and getting in touch with deep, dark scary places in her music. They discuss playing at the "Music On The Move Studios All Female Showcase" and the release of her new song "Matriarch", which Caitie will feature on the episode.
May 8, 2021
Ep. 2: Artist Interview "Catalina"
Host Caitie Thompson interviews latina artist "Catalina". They discuss what it has been like for Catalina to be a latina artist in Nashville, TN, how she never thought her song "Multifacética" would touch so many, and her wonderful relationship with her fans.
May 8, 2021
Ep.1 "Welcome To Paradox Jukebox!"
Brought to you by Music On The Move Studios, host Caitie Thompson introduces "Paradox Jukebox". An unconventional podcast for "unconventional" musicians who are looking for fresh music industry content, new music, and a community dedicated to helping eachother grow. On this episode, Caitie interviews the founder of Music On The Move Studios, Erin McLendon, and the two discuss how Music On The Move Studios came to be, and their vision for the community they're trying to build.   Music On The Move Studios Music Lessons With Caitie & Erin "Shakin' In My Boots" By Erin McLendon
May 6, 2021