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Paranormal Chicklits

Paranormal Chicklits

By Kinsley Adams, R.E. Butler & Tami Lund
We are a group of cray-cray authors who thought it would be totes fabu to all write and release #paranormalchicklit books together. And then we decided we wanted to talk about them, too.

A new episode every two weeks!

Be sure to check out our website. It's constantly updated with new paranormal chick lit books for your reading pleasure:
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Fun Times with Co-Authors Liza Street & Keira Blackwood
In our latest episode of Paranormal Chicklits, RE Butler and Tami Lund chat with Keira Blackwood and Liza Street, who co-write the hilarious Forbidden Fangs series. We talk vampires and funny yet frustrating cats, strange author abilities (or inabilities), and more.  Bonus: Our co-host, Kinsley Adams, narrates the first chapter of Billionaires and Bodybags, the first book in this series.  Bonus #2: You can grab a FREE prequel to the Forbidden Fangs series, right here:  Keira Blackwood & Liza Street's latest release: Check out the Paranormal Chick Lit website:  Come back for our next episode in two weeks!   
February 23, 2021
If You Love Cats With Your Chick Lit...
Join Kinsley Adams, RE Butler, and Tami Lund as they discuss RE Butler's brand new release, Must Love Familiars! They talk cats and owls and turtles and dogs with no sense of personal space. Find out how RE Butler came up with the idea for her series, Sable Cove, and learn what Sable Cove itself it based on. Oh, and RE explains her writing process... and why she can't write in coffee shops.  As if that isn't enough, your three hosts talk about writing sex scenes. Bonus: Kinsley reads the first chapter of Must Love Familiars!  You don't want to miss this episode! Grab Must Love Familiars here: Check out the rest of the Paranormal Chick Lit books here: Thanks for listening! 
February 9, 2021
Paranormal Chick Lit Authors Talk Witches in Charge...
Paranormal authors Celia Kyle and Marina Maddox give us the 411 on their latest release, Witch in Charge, which is about a hapless witch who has appeared in a bunch of other books, and was such a funny secondary character that she needed her own book! Added bonus: the series is called "Real Men Love Witches" and if that doesn't get you all kinds of excited, we aren't sure if this podcast is for you. Just kidding! Have a listen and let us know what you think!  Oh, and if you want to read Witch in Charge, here is Celia Kyle and Marina Maddox's website: And don't forget to check out the Paranormal Chick Lit website for a list of all the latest books from our favorite authors:  Thanks for listening! 
January 26, 2021
As it turns out, demons are funny...
Today Kinsley Adams, R.E. Butler, and Tami Lund talk about Tom Ellis, wine, Napa Valley, real life romance, and Tami's latest release, The Demon You Love. Bonus; Kinsley reads the first chapter of this funny take on demons! Need to catch up on all the Paranormal Chick Lit latest releases? Here's the website: 
January 12, 2021
Chatting with author Carrie Pulkinen
In today's episode, we chat with paranormal chick lit author, Carrie Pulkinen about crows, murder, morning walks, and how it all leads to one heck of a funny book called Flipping the Bird. Bonus: our very own Kinsley Adams narrates the first chapter for your listening pleasure!  Yep, you're gonna want to pop in those earbuds and take a walk or jog or chill on the couch and have a listen... In case you want to grab Carrie's new release: Check out all the Paranormal Chick Lit books here: 
December 29, 2020
Welcome to Paranormal Chicklits!
Meet your hosts, authors Kinsley Adams, R.E. Butler, and Tami Lund. They'll share funny antidotes and explain what the heck this podcast will be all about.  Want a taste of what the books we write are like? Download our freebie anthology, Sassy Supes, here: Want to hang with us on Facebook? Here you go: Want to check out our website? Right here:
December 15, 2020