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By PaRANTing
"This podcast is about kids, but by no means should you let them listen."

A podcast about parenting and our world with kids in it. Sarcastic, irreverent, and ridiculous. Hosted by Mark Adam and Katie G.
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Episode #28 - Adapting To Change
If there is one thing we can all relate to (especially this year) is how being able to adapt to change plays a huge role in our lives from childhood to adulthood. This week, Katie G and Mark Adam discuss how as kids their friend groups would change depending on which sport they might be playing at the time and how that also applies to changing jobs/moving as an adult. On a more holiday-themed note, they talk about the financial struggle with Christmas right around the corner but Katie G reads out some hilarious kids' letters to Santa to put them back in the holiday spirit.
December 09, 2020
Episode #27 - Life Is Crash-tastic
2020 isn’t over yet! There are still a few weeks left of WTF moments and this week was no exception. Mark Adam tells us about the multi-car accident he was involved in just an hour before recording! Thankfully everyone is okay but this year is testing us all. Speaking of tests, Katie G talks about how her oldest step-daughter, Alison, passed her beginners test and now she is mentally preparing to teach Alison to drive a standard. Pray for her clutch.
December 04, 2020
Episode #26 - Doing Our Best
Sometimes in life, all you can do is your best. Whether it's being a parent/step-parent or just a human in society, we can only do so much! Katie G. discusses her hilarious attempt at salvaging a surprise birthday dinner for her step-daughter’s Sweet 16, then tells an interesting story about an impromptu “family reunion” while helping her and Mark Adam’s grandmother move into her new place. Mark Adam gives us a lesson in how Manitobans pronounce their seemingly obvious street names. Try pronouncing one... you’re definitely wrong. 
November 26, 2020
Episode #25 - Live, Laugh, Lockdown
The struggle is REAL in 2020 and I think most of us feel that way (except those pesky anti-maskers). Some of us are back in lockdown (or on our way there) so Katie G and Mark Adam discuss their respective situations. But this episode is not made up 100% of our hosts complaining FOR ONCE. Katie G provides some ideas to keep us sane through another lockdown including a fun DIY advent calendar for your kids and, more importantly, an adult version [aka booze]. Mark Adam is also hoping for some tips on how to balance work life with homeschooling his kids. How do YOU prioritize and stay organized? Leave any ideas or suggestions on any of the podcast social platforms! They need all the help they can get.
November 19, 2020
Episode #24 - Step(ping Up) Parents
This week continues the 2020 saga of “WTF’s” and “OMG is this over yet?“ Mark Adam had a rough weekend with both car and computer troubles, while Katie G. just doesn’t know what day it is (classic). The struggle of step-parenting is the hot topic this week. Whether bringing your own child into a blended family setting or just getting an "instant family," our hosts discuss how both methods of becoming a step-parent have their own ups and downs. Moral of the story? Adulting is hard. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make fun of your kids… we actually encourage it. Send your own stories/struggles/funny moments to Mark Adam and Katie G on any of the PaRANTing social media platforms. They need to know they’re not alone… so needy, right?
November 12, 2020
Episode #23 - Sarcastic Parent = Sarcastic Kids
Join Mark Adam and Katie G. this week as they reminisce about the “good ol’ days” when a stern look from their parents could stop them in their tracks and as long as they were out of their parent's hair, they didn’t seem to be too concerned with what they were up to (when they definitely should have been). They also discuss how being a sarcastic parent means you undoubtedly will end up with sarcastic children, which is hilarious but also infuriating. How dare they use our awesome personality traits against us!? Speaking of personalities, Mark Adam tells us about a great personality test (the Meyers-Briggs) and how it provides a great insight into who we are as a person, a parent, a partner and a friend. Take the test (only takes about 10 minutes) and let them know your results (Mark Adam is an ENFP or "Campaigner") on any PaRANTing podcast social media platforms! (Take the test at - #notsponsored)
November 04, 2020
Episode #22 - Happy Hallow-teens
Teens can be awful - enough said? I think not. This is a ranting podcast! Katie G. and Mark Adam chat about how we go from being shitty teenagers to half-decent adults our own parents kind of want to be around. They are still uncertain as to why. Halloween 2020, panicking when your phone rings, and never-ending house repairs are just a few topics that are discussed. Buckle up for a full-on rant fest this week! Also, be sure to send along any Halloween themed stories and/or pictures to be shared on our socials.
October 29, 2020
Episode #21 - Context Is Key
This week Katie G. attempts to start off the episode but, not surprisingly, fails completely as her week (along with the rest of 2020) has been a disaster. Mark Adam is preparing for his first parent/teacher conference. Also, he gives us the low down on how he nearly broke his toe and managed to not utter one curse word in the presence of young ears. They also discuss how there are hilarious parenting jokes out there and that we all need to laugh about how hard it can be - at our own expense or the expense of our children. Context is key for those who are easily offended! **Warning: SO MANY curse words this week -- blame Katie G.**
October 22, 2020
Episode #20 - Parents Have Feelings?
This week, Mark Adam and Katie G provide a brief update on their respective COVID-19 situations in Winnipeg and Halifax. They also discuss how difficult grocery shopping (and going out in public in general) is with kids at different ages and how we, as parents, try to keep our shit together and not cry in the middle of an aisle. Mark Adam gives us an example of how a simple question from his daughter was totally devastating and how kids innocently ask us or tell us things that completely bring us back down to earth and flare up those lingering insecurities we all have. Having an ego while raising kids is almost impossible. Halloween is just around the corner and our hosts discuss how they are approaching the holiday during the pandemic. Katie G gives some tips on doing a Halloween themed scavenger hunt rather than the typical door-to-door asking strangers for candy.
October 14, 2020
Episode #19 - Guess who's back?
Mark Adam and Katie G. finally reconnect after what was intended to be a “small break” but turned into “OMG life is hard, what do I do? Which way is up? …ok bye!“. One year ago they announced they were coming back “SOON” and in adult time, one year sounds about right! Mark Adam gives us an update on how he has made some huge changes in the last year and how he and his daughter, Amelia, are adjusting to the first year of school and the loss of their beloved cat, Lex. Katie G. provides some insight into how important it is to talk to your kids about how they are processing their feelings and dealing with certain situations while also pretending like we know what we are doing as parents. Welcome back to the ranting!
October 08, 2020
Episode #18 - FamCast
This week Katie G is joined by her family in their first-ever podcast experience!  In this episode, Katie G asks her 14 and 12 year-old step-daughters and their father some random questions from the good ol' interweb which resulted in some interesting answers.   *Headphone Users Beware* - towards the end of this episode, the girls got a little too close to the microphone so prepare your earballs!
May 18, 2019
Episode #17 - Easter: Must. Contain. Sugar.
Happy Easter Weekend Y'all! This week, Katie G and Mark Adam catch up on their weeks and discuss how Mark Adam has been struggling with parenting a high energy 4 year-old and how Katie G got pulled over by the police (for doing "nothing"). They also discuss how a mother boarded a plane, took off, and THEN realized she forgot her baby at the airport terminal. Another story brought up the question whether kids should have to give consent before getting their ears pierced. At the end of this episode, they brought up our education system and it's flaws which will be discussed more in depth next week! Also, a new segment was introduced by Mark Adam and he got Katie G good with a dad joke. 
April 21, 2019
Episode #16 - Some Kids Rock
Katie G and Mark Adam bring you a feel-good, pull-at-your-heart-strings episode! They discuss how a Michigan public school robotics team helped a family in need by building a wheelchair for their 2 year-old son with a rare genetic condition that limits his mobility, and how a 13 year-old boy traded his Xbox and some cash he earned by doing yard work for neighbours in order to buy a car for his single mom. Also, if you like puppies (of course you do) then you'll love the story of a 6 year-old boy who has helped his mom rescue over 1,000 dogs from high-kill shelters in Texas. 
April 07, 2019
Episode #15 - Spoiled
Katie G and Mark Adam announce the winner of their 2nd giveaway. The winner receives one of our new t-shirts and a Google Chromecast! They also discuss the University scandal involving Aunt Becky from Full House leading them to discuss levels of "helicopter parents" and how spoiling your kids can be more harmful than helpful.  Also, they discuss the new car seat regulation coming into effect on April 18th. 
March 31, 2019
Episode #14 - ZERO Fucks Given
Katie G and Mark Adam start off Episode 14 with more technical issues (insert sarcastic "Whaaaaaat?" here). Once they get things back on track they discuss their Saturday hangovers (classic) and how kids just do not give any f*#ks about our self-inflicted suffering. Katie G also tells us how she forgets to be professional and constantly puts her foot in her mouth at work. They also briefly discuss the new Leaving Neverland documentary and how there were even more cases of measles reported.
March 24, 2019
Episode #13 - Haircuts and Piercings
Katie G and Mark Adam dive into a feel-good podcast this week. They discuss how a group of teens helped out a snowed-in neighbour by shovelling her driveway so she was able to make her dialysis appointment. Another group of teens banded together to help out a fellow classmate who was going through a tough time. They do also chat about the 44 year-old bus driver from Pennsylvania who dropped 30 high school kids at a gas station, flipped them off and told them to go f*#k themselves. They then decide to discuss when they were kids, and how their parents bad decision making lead to some horrible hair styles and unfortunate piercings. 
March 17, 2019
Episode #12 - Kids Speak Truth
Katie G and Mark Adam discuss the residential schools in western Canada and how, until as late as the 1960s, kids were taken from their homes to be taught "Canadian values" rather than their own Native culture. Amelia, Adam's 4-year-old daughter, makes an unplanned guest appearance in this episode... because that's how you podcast with kids! They also discuss how kids tell all the truths whether you want them to or not. 
March 10, 2019
Episode #11 - No Mo' Momo
Katie G and Mark Adam discuss national anti-bullying day and how bullying has effected them personally. They also talk about the "Momo challenge" and how disturbing messages are being maliciously integrated into kids videos on YouTube. 
March 03, 2019
Episode #10 - Money, Money, Money
Katie G and Mark Adam discuss the importance of teaching our kids about the value of money and how one credit card company encourages people to acquire debt with the slogan "Don't Live Life Without It".  They also discuss the update on the suspect in the Amber Alert from Ontario last week, as well as the tragedy that occurred this week in Halifax which brought the whole community together.
February 24, 2019
Episode #9 - What's In An Amber Alert
Katie G and Mark Adam catch up after Katie G was in New Brunswick last weekend with a bunch of kids in a cold rink. Mark Adam gives us the adorable details of his Daddy-Daughter Valentines Day date and how he hopes to set the standard for his daughter of what defines a good man. Also, things get heavy-hearted as they discuss the tragic event that happened following an Amber Alert from Brampton, Ontario this week.
February 17, 2019
BONUS - The Only Dirty Table (Ep 001)
The first episode of our new bonus series, "The Only Dirty Table" brings you server horror stories and tales of customer service from behind the scenes. Expect anger and rants on many levels. Mark Adam and Katie G would like you to join them on this rage-ride. Ep 001 features a few rants, a basic explanation of how "tip-out" works, and what happens (to the server) when you don't leave a tip.
February 10, 2019
Episode #8 - The Week of the Polar Vortex
Katie G and Mark Adam discuss their opinions on how to discipline children of various ages, they check in on those parents who have been stuck inside with their kids all week due to the polar vortex, and they react to a couple kid stories from their listeners. They also bring the message; "VACCINATE YOUR CROTCH-GOBLINS!"
February 03, 2019
Episode #7 - Not Raising Shitty Humans
Katie G and Mark Adam discuss how kids can pull at your heart strings when it comes to explaining the way they see the world. Things get very "ranty" when they discuss the Egard Watches commercial in response to the Gillette advert they featured last week. Also, they take a moment to point out Volkswagen's poorly chosen ad theme.
January 27, 2019
Episode #6 - Make Men Great Again
Katie G and Mark Adam discuss how a child was thrown from a car while strapped to her car seat, how 2 teens took the "Bird Box Challenge" to the next level, and how a study showed that kids are most misbehaved around mom. Also, they discuss the very controversial Gillette commercial.
January 20, 2019
Episode #5 - Life Is Hard, Math Is Harder
Katie G and Mark Adam discuss the old and new ways of learning "the maths", their first Throw Back Thursday posts, and how Mark Adam looked like Fred Savage from The Princess Bride. Also, they chat about how Mark Adam pulled a jump-scare prank on his 4-year-old daughter and how Katie G wants to start a prank war of her own with her teenagers.
January 13, 2019
Episode #4 - Help Katie G
Katie G and Mark Adam discuss how much kids can do on the internet, how electronics are taking over Katie G's home, and that she needs your advice. Also, Mark Adam's 4-year-old daughter created probably the cutest mini-podcast called "The Together Podcast with Me and You" that you should go check out. You won't be disappointed. 
January 06, 2019
BONUS - The Together Podcast (Ep 001)
A teaser for the members-only content on the PaRANTing Patreon page. Mark Adam's 4-year-old daughter created her own podcast and you are in for a treat. Episode 1 includes a duet between the two of them. Get your heart-strings ready for a good tug.
January 04, 2019
Episode #3 - What's In A Dad Joke?
Katie G and Mark Adam discuss his daughters quick rise to fame, her first ever "diva" moment, and how edgy Sesame Street has become.  They also continually get off-topic but manage to make their way back, NASCAR style. Plus, what does a dad joke actually mean?
December 29, 2018
Episode #2 - Butt Quakes & Eye Sores
Katie G and Mark Adam discuss how kids think, how people want to ruin kids shows, and how backyard rinks are a problem for certain assholes. Plus, they both admit how far behind they are with Christmas prep.
December 22, 2018
Episode #1 - Children Left Here Will Be Eaten
Katie G and Mark Adam talk about Christmas, candy canes, and eating small children.
December 15, 2018