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By Louise Clarke
Welcome to the Parenting In The Thick Of It show - the place where you will feel heard, supported and guided through YOUR parenting challenges. If you are tired, stressed, frustrated & struggle with kids not listening/being disrespectful, difficult behaviours, social media, or have a son with ADHD, tune in! By taking inspired action steps, I can help you re-align & create the life you deserve as a parent: to be the parent you know you can be and the parent your child needs you to be. You can find out more about me and get some great FREE parenting tips and tools at
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Episode 40: Do You Know What Has Helped Me MOST As A Mom?
Jun 18, 201813:09
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Episode 40: Do You Know What Has Helped Me MOST As A Mom?
Jun 18, 201813:09
Episode 39: How To Stay Calm In The Thick Of It? There Is A Way...
Jun 18, 201811:08
Episode 38: Arghhhh... I'm So Caught Up In It
Jun 18, 201806:26
Episode 37: Top Strategies For Discussing Report Cards With Your Kids
Jun 15, 201813:39
Episode 36: Fed Up With The Kids Bugging Each Other & Fighting?
Jun 14, 201812:30
Episode 35: Instagram... Are You On It? Do You Follow Your Kids On It?
Jun 13, 201808:11
Episode 34: "My Son Is Soooo Disrespectful"... R.E.S.P.E.C.T... Show Me Some!
Jun 12, 201812:52
Episode 33: OMG... Teenagers! They Are So Amazing And Yet So...
Jun 11, 201812:33
Episode 32: All Families Need To Do This... Do You?
Jun 8, 201815:10
Episode 31: Hot Topic Alert! Devices, Screen Time, Social Media... It's A Biggie!
Jun 7, 201810:32
Episode 30: The Most Encouraging Parenting Tip I Can Think Of...
Jun 6, 201815:49
Episode 29: Dealing With Things In The Heat Of The Moment
Jun 5, 201810:13
Episode 28: Wait Till Your Hear My Consequence Story!
Jun 4, 201813:36
Episode 27: Teenagers...Parties, Alcohol, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll
Jun 1, 201813:11
Episode 26: Exams, Tests, End Of The Year Pressure...Help!
May 31, 201810:28
Episode 25: How Do I Get My Kid To Eat?
May 30, 201812:33
Episode 24: Why It Is Vital To Hold The Limits
May 29, 201816:16
Episode 23: You Ask Once, Twice, Thrice And Then What?
May 28, 201812:45
Episode 22: Why The Parenting Books Don't Always Work
May 25, 201810:47
Episode 21: Why Judging Our Kiddos Is So Toxic
May 24, 201811:38
Episode 20: How To Help An Anxious Child Before They Go To Sleep
May 23, 201806:59
Episode 19: You Just Lost Your Sh*t, Exploded And Stormed out...Now What?
May 22, 201808:59
Episode 18: When We Let Fear Drive Us
May 21, 201809:35
Episode 17: What To Do When Things Don’t Go To Plan
May 18, 201811:22
Episode 16: Preparing Ourselves For Report Cards
May 17, 201811:57
Episode 15: Is Your Behaviour "Good" For Your Kids To Copy?
May 16, 201813:28
Episode 14: Bribes, Rewards, Punishment... Do They Really Work?
May 15, 201811:25
Episode 13: How To “React” When Your Kids Interrupt You
May 14, 201811:08
Episode 12: WT*... Did My TEENAGER Really Just Say That!
May 11, 201812:30
Episode 11: Arrghhhh Picky Eaters
May 10, 201813:53
Episode 10: Why You Need To Be An Unabashedly Badass Mom!
May 9, 201808:58
Episode 9: Are Your Kids On Their Devices ALL.THE. TIME?
May 8, 201810:49
Episode 8: Why Managing Your Expectations Plays Such A Vital Part In Parenting Well
May 7, 201811:02
Episode 7: We Cannot Parent Each Child The Same Way!
May 4, 201808:18
Episode 6: Teenagers And How To Tame Your Reactivity When Dealing With Them
May 1, 201809:00
How To Get Your Kids To Listen - Listen In!
Apr 30, 201808:56
Sharing My Story On Having A Son With ADHD
Apr 6, 201816:21
How To Connect Deeply To Your Child
Mar 17, 201811:01
Dealing With A Controlling Child
Mar 4, 201807:13
Episode 1
Mar 4, 201802:54
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