Parenting In The Thick Of It with Louise Clarke

Parenting In The Thick Of It with Louise Clarke

Louise Clarke
Welcome to Parenting In The Thick Of It - the place where you will feel heard, supported and be guided through YOUR parenting challenges. If you are tired, stressed, frustrated & struggle with kids not listening/being disrespectful, difficult behaviours, social media, or have a son with ADHD, tune in! From the founder of Your Parenting Partner and creator of The Conscious Family Organizer. Louise is a Mom, Entrepreneur, Certified Parent Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Blogger, Speaker and Manifestor. Please send me your parenting questions via the CONTACT tab on


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Sharing My Story On Having A Son With ADHD
Learning that you have a child with ADHD can be a shock to many parents. It was a shock to me, but also in a funny way, a relief to hear. In this episode I share our story on ADHD and hope that in me sharing mine, it helps you in yours. Here is the link to the You Tube video on ADHD by my then, 15 year old son:
April 6, 2018
How To Connect Deeply To Your Child
Do you feel an increasing sense of dis-connect in communities and in your life as a parent? Being truly connected to your child, family and community is hard today - there are so many distractions. In today's episode I discuss how you can become more connected with your children and family.
March 17, 2018
Dealing With A Controlling Child
This is such a common problem today and dealing with child that wants to control everything is both exhausting and frustrating. In this episode I reply to a frustrated and about to lose it mum who reached out for help. I discuss a few things you can do in order to start bringing about some positive changes. You have to first understand that you have played a part in creating the patterns of control that exist. You can't change your child but you can change the way in which you respond to them. This is key. You are the leader and the guide. There can be no fight if there are not two people willing to fight. Can you pick two things that you continually fight for control of and let go of them. For example: food, clothes, a raincoat, the chair he sits on at dinner. I know, it seems ridiculous when you read it here, but these are exactly the sorts of things we usually end up fighting over! Can you pick two things that you can ask him to start doing for himself. Can you ask him to help you
March 4, 2018
Episode 1
Are you tired of your kids not listening to you? Fed up with them being on their devices ALL. THE. TIME? Done with nagging because it doesn't change anything except continue to drain you? Do you feel like you never get any time to yourself? You are not alone. Welcome! I'm so excited to be here with you IN THE THICK OF IT. I understand where you are at and I'm happy you have found this place: a safe place to land. Send me your parenting questions via the CONTACT tab at the top of my website page: Each week, I'll be picking one and helping YOU through the thick of it. Who is going to be first? PS. It's anonymous. No names.
March 4, 2018

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