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Parenting Stuff Podcast

Parenting Stuff Podcast

By forNEPA
Welcome to The Parenting Stuff Podcast, where we believe that no one should parent alone.
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6: Moments of 2019 - Hindsight in 2020.
2019 was a HUGE year for culture in teenagers, and in this episode of the Parenting Stuff Podcast, we're taking a look! In our conversation, we talk about everything from politics, the college admission scandal, students rallying for to fight gun violence, the climate crisis, and much more. We hope we've prompted some ideas for parents to begin a conversations with their teenagers about the big events of 2019. --- Show Notes: Talking Points, North Point Community Church - Lori Loughlin, husband's college admissions scandal trial targeted for October - ‘Our friends are dying, so we march’: Students rally to fight gun violence - Greta Thunberg - Lil Dicky - Earth (Official Music Video) - --- There is SO MUCH to learn, together! -- Let us know what you think! -- Email us your parenting questions at
March 8, 2020
5: Freedom to Fail - Failure might not have to be so painful.
When we think about failure, we tend to focus on the consequences, the damage, the negative side of the topic. In our conversation, we talk about the value of letting teenagers fail sometimes, teaching them to learn from their failure, and modeling failure well for them. These reframing strategies can help us capitalize on the positive parts failure. --- Show Notes: How to help your kids deal with failure - --- There is SO MUCH to learn, together! -- Let us know what you think! -- Email us your parenting questions at
February 1, 2020
Decoding Culture Episode 1: TikTok - Your teens are probably on it, so you should probably know about it!
This is an episode of Decoding Culture, which is a sister podcast to Parenting Stuff. Through Decoding Culture, we want to give people that care for teenagers the tools to have conversations and ask questions about the technology, social media, internet trends, movies, music, video games, pop culture, and other things that are a part of the life of your teenager so that you can better care for them. On this episode, Sam and Chris talk about TikTok which is a social media platform that is gaining a lot of momentum and is expected to become even more popular in the near future. In our conversation, we talk about our interaction with the platform, what TikTok actually is, why a parent might want to know that their teenager is using it, and go over some questions that you can use to begin a conversation with your teenager about TikTok. Sam also sits down with Eryn, a real live teenager, to talk about TikTok from her perspective. There is SO MUCH to learn, together! -- Let us know what you think! -- Email us your parenting questions at
January 25, 2020
4: Stress - It's different from Anxiety.
Our society is under constant stress and our kids are feeling it.  Stress can be a motivator but it can also paralyze us. Join the conversation as we try to help you think through ways to help identify  stress and manage it well. --- Show Notes: 1 in 4 Teens Too Scared to Drive - Teens Stressed Over Summer - Managing Stress for a Healthy Family - Hurt 2.0 - buy the book Sleep and smart phones - Other Resources on Stress - --- There is SO MUCH to learn, together! -- Let us know what you think! -- Email us your parenting questions at
January 18, 2020
3: Surviving the Holidays
We've come through Thanksgiving and we are headed to Christmas and the trauma from Thanksgiving is still fresh!  --- Join Bryan, Chris, Jake, Tim and Wayne in thoughtful ideas on not only surviving but thriving during the holidays! There is SO MUCH to learn, together! -- Let us know what you think! -- Email us your parenting questions at --- Show Notes: -- What If We Saw Everything As The Gift
December 7, 2019
1: Parenting... manual not included!
Chris, Jake, Tim and Wayne share why they feel intentional parenting conversations are very important. Here are some of the highlights from this podcast. // Tell your kids, "I LIKE you!" - A great resource to help your child know they are loved is 5 Love Languages  // Youth workers are a small part of kid's lives - we want to help make parents the rock star! // Helping parents create a framework to create competent adults. // Strive to be present with our kids. // And as much as we've learned... we need each other. There is SO MUCH more to learn, together! -- And we also learned that Jake watches Bluebloods... probably too much! -- Email us your parenting questions at
September 28, 2019
Parenting Stuff Podcast - Trailer
Parenting is not for cowards! We know there is no way to know EVERYTHING there is to know about parenting. We want to help come along side you as parents to help you be the rock-star in the eyes of your child. Have questions for our team? Email us at and join the conversation as we help parents know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
September 27, 2019
First episode is coming!
So excited to have our first episode on the way!  See it here on September 28.
September 12, 2019