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ParenTween Connection Talks

ParenTween Connection Talks

By Clarissa Constantine, Founder of The ParenT(w)een Connection
Get insight from experts about the vast array of topics relevant to life with kids between the ages of 10 and 20!
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Katherine O'Brien - What IS a College Consultant?
Katherine O'Brien of Celtic College Consultants is one of The ParenTween Connection's Founding Trusted Experts, and she brings a WEALTH of information about the college admissions process. Since a lot of folks aren't familiar with the idea of a college consultant, Katherine & I talked about what these professionals do and how they partner with families to help teen find their next best step in life! You can also view this interview on YouTube!  Learn more about The ParenT(w)een Connection! ParenT(w)een Connection on Facebook  ParenT(w)een Connection Facebook Group
May 28, 2021
Elisabeth Stitt - Middle Schoolers - What Happened to My Baby???
Elisabeth Stitt has a wealth of background with middle schoolers, with more than 20 years of teaching experience in addition to her role as mom & step-mom. Now she helps families navigate those sticky middle school years. We talked about some really important topics, including why you WANT your middle schooler to 'pop,' how to prepare before they 'pop,' and how to shift from being 'captain of the ship' to 'admiral of the fleet.'  Join Elisabeth's Middle School Moms Facebook group! Learn more about The ParenT(w)een Connection:  Online Facebook Group Facebook Page 
May 28, 2021
ParenT(w)een Connection Talks Teens, Phones, and Sex with Evynne Fair, Esq.
In this episode, ParenT(w)een Connection Talks Teens, Phones, and Sex with Evynne Fair, Esq.  Evynne is an attorney at Oakmont Law Group in Colorado. Evynne (pronounced “Evan”) has extensive experience in dealing with criminal justice matters.  She has worked as a law enforcement officer, a Child Protective Services (Dependency and Neglect) caseworker, and has also prosecuted cases for the Adams County District (CO) Attorney’s Office. Her unique experiences give her valuable insight into how your case may be handled by the District Attorney’s office and how their internal systems work. Her law enforcement experience can help her find errors or inconsistencies in police reports and investigations. This interview is purely informational and can not be taken as legal advice. You can see the video version of this interview on YouTube, too.  Here are the links Evynne mentioned as good resources for teens and parents: Learn more about The ParenT(w)een Connection. Join us on Facebook!
May 28, 2021
ParenT(w)een Connection Talks Foundations of CONNECTION with Clarissa Constantine
Welcome to The ParenT(w)een Connection! This interview with Founder, Clarissa Constantine, covers the Foundations of CONNECTION and gives you an idea of how we can support you in the future!   Visit us at to download your own copy of the Foundations of CONNECTION.   Join our Facebook group. Watch this interview on YouTube.
May 28, 2021