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Morbid Tales

Morbid Tales

By Morbid Tales podcast
I tell scary and creepy fiction stories and creepy pastas that I have written. I would also love to tell people’s true scary stories. Whether they are paranormal, supernatural, or just outright creepy. If you like my podcast and would like me to tell your story, email me at
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2 True Scary Paranormal Stories From Reddit
These are some terrifying stories I found on Reddit. I hope you enjoy this narration. All credit goes to the original Posters. I did not write these stories, I just narrate them. First story -u/offmychestandontours. Second story-u/maxncheese
January 23, 2022
“Vampires exist, but they’re not what you think” | CreepyPasta
This is my first original creepypasta. This is more of a practice episode as it’s my first time recording an episode and first time narrating. Stay tuned for episode 2
May 10, 2020