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Partners in Crime in the 19046

Partners in Crime in the 19046

By Jenkintown Arts Garage
Follow Miss Chrissie and Steve's adventures in Jenkintown and beyond along with a variety of interesting guests from the worlds of music, dance, technology, and more...LIVE from the 19046!
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#103: Getting "Emotional" With Greg Sover
This week, the PIC welcome to the pod blues and rock guitarist extraordinaire, Greg Sover, to talk about his musical inspirations, the stories behind our favorite songs, surviving the pandemic as a working musician, and much more! We end the show by bringing back an old favorite, A Game Called Something! Along the way, Greg and Steve bond over shared birthday seasons, their desire to #SaveTheManuals, and the theory that Tom Cruise is a vampire. Meanwhile, Chrissie's Australian Siri has eclectic musical tastes and she dreams of living large on a dirty beach. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Greg’s Musical Inspirations - Haiti, Brooklyn, Philly, Glenside - Potholes - #SaveTheManual - Making a Living With Music  - Thanks Ron DiSilvestro! - The Snow Dance! - The Story Behind "Emotional" - The Story Behind "Heroes" - Greg’s Philosophy of Music - Untitled New Album - Pandemic Stories - A Game Called Something   - Siri’s Musical Taste - Movie Talk     - Top Gun: Maverick is awesome! - Turn the Tables: What prompted this podcast? - Where to Find Greg!       - IG: @greg_sover     -     -     - Intro music sample: Sover, G. (2018). Emotional. On Jubilee [Audio file]. Retrieved from
September 22, 2022
#102: The Deal With the Wheel
This week, the PIC are sans guest, but full of pizza after attending the soft launch of Jenkintown's newest awesome eatery, Pizza Wheel! Brought into existence by the great minds behind West Ave Grille, this newest pizza restaurant is a little bit different and a definite step up from much of the competition. Steve may nitpick some stuff, but in the end, both of the PIC came away extremely impressed and very full. Listen in to hear our rambling thoughts on our first dinner (at 4 in the afternoon) at Pizza Wheel...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Pizza Wheel soft launch experience!     -
September 08, 2022
#101: The Jenkintown Night Market With Ben Bergman
This week, the PIC welcome Ben Bergman to the POD to talk about the Jenkintown Night Market, what it is, how it came to be, and what may lie ahead! Along the way, we also discuss the quirkiness of Jenkintown, Chrissie questions Steve's wardrobe choices, and there is a digression into what to the call the 2000s. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Welcome Ben Bergman, manager of the Jenkintown Night Market - History of the Jenkintown Night Market     - The Jenkintown Night Market         -     - JCA         -     - Omnivore’s Dilemma Inspiration         -     - How the Night Market started     - Branding!     - Vendors at the Night Market         -     - The Night Market continues through September!         - Apples!     - Scoop: New Vendor: Five Saints Distillery starts Tuesday - - Passion - Jenkintown Support - Red v Blue v Purple - Questioning Steve’s Wardrobe Choices  - Nostalgia Tripping - The Spaghetti O’s Decade - Penn’s Treaty Co-Working     - - Glenside Local No Mo’? - The Jenkintown Triangle
August 25, 2022
#100: Return to Argument Park With Joe Gunn
We're back! After a brief hiatus, the PIC have returned for episode 100 along with special returning guest, Joe Gunn! We discuss the completion of "Argument Park," Jose Pistola's quinceañera, post-pandemic life, Joe's trip to the greatest place on earth, Dollywood, NFT chickens, and so much more! This is an episode you won't want to miss. It's interesting, it's funny, it's just what you hoped for when you subscribed to the pod...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Rent Joe Gunn’s House - Argument Park - Quizzo Hosting at Human Robot Jenkintown - Jose Pistola’s quinceañera party - Post-Pandemic restaurateur life - Restaurant Staffing Issues - Gunns in Dollywood  - Steve’s Epic DMV Rant - Gaming Headphone Trouble - We’re Famous…In a Google Search - The McSweeney Club - Brewery Acoustics - Beach vs Mountains - LCB BS - The House That Chickens Bought
August 11, 2022
#99: Cheaper Than an Uber to Camp
It's a grab bag of Chrissie Topics this week! But first, just in time for Steve's COVID recovery tour, Gobletstock 8 is happening this Saturday! Find out why it's awesome and listen to the PIC plan their weekend on a podcast! Then, stick around because Chrissie's laptop repair saga continues. The laptop's still broken, but Chrissie learns an iPhone magic trick that may finally let her move this process along. Plus, Steve calculates exactly how much it would cost to Uber to summer camp, Chrissie survives working with her teenage daughter, and a moment of accidental technical literacy makes Chrissie's home life a little bit smoother. All that and some talk about PDAs...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Gobletstock 8 this Saturday!     -     - - Chrissie’s laptop repair saga update - Taking the silver sedan to camp     - - Surviving work with your teenage daughter - Accidentally proficient calendar usage
July 14, 2022
#98: The Gift of COVID
Miss Chrissie didn't just give Steve a Simpsons pint glass from her trip to Disney and Beyond, she gave him COVID, too! This week, the PIC talk about Encampo and flashlights that look like candles before Steve goes into some detail about his first bout with COVID. All that and the weird side effects of Paxlovid...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - JDA Encampo! - Steve Got COVID! - Side Project Saturday at The Haus - Post Show: COVID & Heart Rate
July 07, 2022
#97: To Disney World & Beyond!
The PIC took a week off because Chrissie decided to go to Disney world WITHOUT STEVE! Learn about Chrissie's solo + 4 adventure in the most magical place on earth, plus be awed by the Mouse's insane merch game, and finally Chrissie provides some excellent tips to keep in mind before you too decide to take multiple planes down to Florida to spend all your money standing in lines, baking in the sun. All that and a little more...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Recital Photography & Video     - JDA YouTube Channel - Chrissie goes to Disney World! - Disney Merch - Random Disney Parades - Chrissie’s Disney Tips
June 30, 2022
#96: Sixth Grade Graduation
This week was Sixth Grade Graduation in Jenkintown and the PIC were in attendance. Our conversation was recorded *before* the event and Chrissie speaks about why what most may see as a mundane transition is such a big deal here. Meanwhile, Steve struggles to recover from a persistent sinus infection and escape roofers. All that and some strategic censor bleeping...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Jenkintown 6th Grade Graduation - Hibernating Steve - A Busy Week Ahead Including *BLEEP* - What Not to Wear to a Graduation
June 16, 2022
#95: Top 5 WWDC22 Announcements For "Normies"
This week Chrissie is busy with Peter Pan and Sixth Grade Graduation, so Steve has been unleashed in all his nerdiness to record a solo episode exploring some cool stuff announced at WWDC22, Apple's yearly developer conference, or as Steve calls it, "Developer Christmas." Bonus! The artwork for this week's episode was created using some iOS 16 Beta features! Get a glimpse of the future of your Apple-life...LIVE from the 19046! WWDC22 ADA Winner: Slopes! Top 5 WWDC22 Announcements!      1. New MacBook Air!      2. Lock Screen Changes!      3. Photos Shared Library!      4. Continuity Camera!      5. iMessage Changes!
June 09, 2022
#94: Ramen Sunday Funday
This week, Color Day paints Jenkintown in red and blue while a gaggle of tweens invades Chrissie's house! Then, the PIC take a trip downtown to eat some of the best ramen in Philly and take a ride on a carousel. Finally, it's your chance to become a VIP! All that and a gender reveal involving a Mustang...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Jenkintown Color Day!     - Reds rule, Blues drool!     - A Gaggle of Tweens - Burnout Gender Reveal     - It’s a boy! - Terakawa Ramen     - - Chinatown & Franklin Square Adventure     - - Become a JDA VIP!     -
June 02, 2022
#93: Beer Pancakes!
It was a busy weekend for the PIC in and around Jenkintown! First up, we review our experience at The Royal in Glenside to see friend of the show Jason Ager and fellow musicians perform an eclectic songwriter's round! Then, the duo nearly melt at the first Red & Blue Fair in two years! Finally, while Chrissie went to archery, Steve ate beer pancakes and hung out with local Jazz legend and realtor extraordinaire Alex Bartlett as he performed during a Sunday brunch at Human Robot "The Haus." All that and some spicy takes on lemon sticks...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Songwriters Round at The Royal in Glenside     - Jason Ager and friends!     - The world's worst chair     - The Royal:     - The Ways: - Jenkintown Red & Blue Fair     - Steve nearly caught fire in the sun     - NSFW lemon sticks - Jazz Brunch at Human Robot Jenkintown “The Haus”     - Alex Bartlett in The Haus!     - Beer pancakes!     - The Haus: - Jenkintown Summer Music Series is Back!     - Jenkintown Night Market:     - Summer Music Series Announcement:
May 26, 2022
#92: Kickboxing a Prius
This week, COVID hits the PIC close to home, Chrissie learns to kick things, and Steve takes a ride in a Prius to catch some grunge. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!  Topics Discussed: - COVID hits close to home…again! - Chrissie learns to kick butt! - Prius Grunge Rock - Non-Partisan, No Vote
May 19, 2022
#91: Chrissie Finds Peace
This week Chrissie finds peace in Project Runway re-runs and Salsa dancing while Steve sits through the adult version of school announcements and it's the end of an era, RIP iPod. Topics Discussed: - Chrissie’s peace - Project Runway & tea - Concrete Cowgirl coffee tangent - Salsa Dancing…for peace! - Steve’s meetings are like school announcements - Steve’s Friday night activities - RIP iPod
May 12, 2022
#90: Push the Button!
This week the PIC discuss growing your business by improving your customer acquisition pipeline! In other words, Chrissie added a button to her website! Learn how Trello helps Chrissie track client interactions and how even a simple Google Form can enhance a potential customer's experience in a high-touch business like a dance studio. Along the way, Steve uses the acronym "MVP" and can't remember which one is Ren and which one is Stimpy (WHAT!?). It's all fun and games until the History Erasure button is pressed...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying - Chrissie’s current enrollment pipeline system - Using Trello as a CRM tool - Book a trial class button
May 05, 2022
#89: The Great Boba Shortage
The PIC have noticed that everything has been getting a bit expensive lately. This week, Miss Chrissie and Steve discuss everyone's favorite topic, inflation! From asparagus, to maple syrup, to Steve's "practical" fashion sense, this conversation has many twists and turns. Stay until the end to learn how the PIC are hedging against this economic scourge via the worst website in the history man. Stock up on expensive shorts and wood because it's another episode...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Asparagus is expensive! - What caused all this inflation? - The most terrifying words… - $60 shorts!? - What do the kids think is inflating? - The worst website in the history of man.
April 28, 2022
#88: Chrissie's Easter Miracle
Easter Sunday was over the weekend and though neither of the PIC are religious, they do have their own Secular Easter traditions. Well, mostly Chrissie has traditions. Steve just cares about food. Learn all about it and the possible proof that we live in a simulation...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Chrissie's Secular Easter traditions - Steve's mac & cheese obsession  - Chrissie's "miracle" in the kitchen - Something about some weird balls
April 21, 2022
#87: Steve vs. Duct Cleaning Spam
Leap Into Spring was a success despite feeling more like winter and Steve shares his tips for battling the scourge of Facebook groups, duct cleaning spammers. Topics Discussed: - Follow-Up: Leap Into (Frozen) Spring     -     -     -     -     - - The Never-ending battle against Facebook duct cleaning spam     -     - Michigan Air Duct Cleaning Discussion:
April 14, 2022
#86: WTF is the Metaverse?
This week, Chrissie asks Steve to try to explain WTF is the "metaverse" and since this is an impossible task, an amusing conversation ensues. Plus, this is your last chance to get tickets to see Jason Ager LIVE at our Leap Into Spring event! Topics Discussed: - Leap into Spring with Jason Ager - What is the "metaverse?" Links: Leap Into Spring Tickets: Joanna Stern's WSJ video: iJustine's video: Episode Art:
April 07, 2022
#85: Babies That Are Not Babies
Chrissie returns from sick leave and the PIC discuss visiting "The Haus" for some live music in Jenkintown. Chrissie tries to prevent casualties at a roller skating event with Amelia. Steve goes on a philosophical digression about the "Tent of Thesseus" and asks for clarification about what exactly is a "baby." The duo wraps things up with Steve trying, but failing, to remember the 1993 classic film, "Airborne." Finally, Chrissie provides an excellent safety tip in this week's parting words. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed - Leap into Spring with Jason Ager - Acoustic Keys in "The Haus" with beer foam  - Controlling chaos at a roller skating fundraiser - Ice Skating at the Beach - Defining exactly what is a "baby" - Skating at high speed down steep hills
March 31, 2022
#84: Camera Thief Lives!
This week, Steve is solo again to talk about the epic Camera Thief Album Release Revival show at Broken Goblet over the weekend. This was a show that was delayed two years due to the pandemic (almost to the day!). If you are a frequent listener, you know Steve loves Broken Goblet and Camera Thief, so it was a really special night. Check out the bands: Dan Gober, Bitchfork, Camera Thief Topics Discussed - The epic return of Camera Thief!
March 24, 2022
#83: Top 5 Take-Out Options in Jenkintown
Budgets are tight and inflation is going to the moon, so if the PIC get take-out, it's gotta be worth it. This week, the duo list five great choices for take-out in Jenkintown. These options are in no particular order and there are more than five great places in town, but we had to keep this POD under 30 minutes! Topics Discussed - Mister Rick’s Hoagies - West Ave Grille - Teng Da Asian Fusion - Bella’s - Lilly’s - Leap Into Spring - Get Your Tickets!
March 17, 2022
#82: Steve Reacts to "Peek Performance"
Miss Chrissie is in another castle this week, but the algorithm must be fed! So, this week, Steve solos the show and gives his thoughts and reactions to the latest Apple event, "Peek Performance."  The Apple Insider article mentioned can be found here. Topics Discussed - Steve Reacts to "Peek Performance"
March 10, 2022
#81: Elbows & Shins
This week the PIC return to one of our favorite places, Broken Goblet, for good company, great music, and amazing beer! Plus, the ongoing supply chain troubles have put Chrissie into "Costume Hell," but she got a respite recently modeling as the elbows and shins of a teenage girl! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed - An Update From Costume Hell - Kevin Rovner Rocked Broken Goblet - Chrissie Becomes Elbows & Shins  - See the amazing sculptures of Zenos Frudakis
March 03, 2022
#80: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
We take a break this week from our usual programming, whatever that is, to bring you a special stream of consciousness "review" of one of the PIC's favorite shows, "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," now back for Season 4! Topics Discussed: - Steve & Chrissie "Review" The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
February 24, 2022
#79: Red Squirrels vs Yams
We forgot about the Super Bowl and scheduled our HELLO movie premiere at the same time! No one showed up, but it was still fun and we finish up our film class discussion with a brief retrospective. Then, Chrissie tells Steve who was playing in the big game before talking about how relaxing she finds Curling. Steve is bored by speed skating and Chrissie tries to explain the difference between Ice Dancing and Figure Skating. The PIC wrap things up by figuring out how to actually watch TV in 2022. Watch our movie! Topics Discussed: - Chrissie was a Star Trek booth babe - HELLO Premiere - Red Squirrels vs Yams - Curling is relaxing - Speed Skating Slow Mo - Ice Dancing vs Figure Skating - How to Watch TV in 2022
February 17, 2022
#78: HELLO
Our film class is over! This week, we discuss the experience as a whole and what we got out of it. In the middle there is a digression about a giant "Ninja Bug" that may be hunting Steve in his apartment and Chrissie reveals a newfound love of cartoon spiders. We end by announcing the world premiere of our second movie, "HELLO," this Sunday at 7PM on YouTube! Watch our film premiere: Topics Discussed: - Film Class Retrospective - Lucas the Spider - Steve’s Weird Bug: The Animated Series - HELLO film premiere announcement
February 10, 2022
#77: Normal People
This week, the duo discuss how the premiere of "The 7 Wonders of Jenkintown" video went on Youtube over the weekend. They also talk about filming their next movie, HELLO, in the middle of the street, during a snowstorm! Plus, Steve thinks about designing a utili-kilt, the PIC just miss getting their first hater, and Steve searches (probably in vain) for "normal people." All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Steve's Utili-Kilt Idea - The 7 Wonders of Jenkintown YouTube Premiere - Filming HELLO in the Snow - "Normal People"
February 03, 2022
#76: Chrissie's Wonders
Our film, "The 7 Wonders of Jenkintown," is in the can! This week we engage in a brief retrospective and discuss some lessons learned. Then, we announce the YouTube premiere of the film this Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 7PM on the Jenkintown Arts Garage YouTube channel. We will be in the chat on Sunday; subscribe today so you don't miss it! Topics Discussed: - "The 7 Wonders of Jenkintown" Film
January 27, 2022
#75: Touristing is Hard
This week, we talk a little about filming our "7 Wonders of Jenkintown" movie without giving away too much, Steve yells at his computer and rants a little about stupid Philly mandates, and we finish up with yet another fourth wall breaking tangent about app prototyping. It's a tasting menu of PIC topics and tropes...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Fashion Design Class begins next week! - Filming the "7 Wonders of Jenkintown" movie - Stupid Philly mandates - Yelling at Final Cut Pro - Breaking the fourth wall - Touristing is hard
January 20, 2022
#74: The PIC Go to Film School
Our Casey Neistat film class has begun! This week, we talk about our initial experience in this online course, how it works, and our first film idea! Plus, a dog once ate Steve's cellphone, a toddler ate Chrissie's iPhone, and Chrissie is a leaf on the wind. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Steve's Dad’s Birthday Bash - Canines and Toddlers Eating Cellphones - Casey’s Film Class Experience So Far - Our Movie Idea
January 13, 2022
#73: Pandemic Battleship
The new year starts with a bang as COVID gets a hit in our ongoing game of Pandemic Battleship! Plus, the PIC talk about the cringe-fest that was New Year's Rocking Eve, Chrissie's non-negotiable NYE traditions, and spend most of the episode trying to understand WTF happened in two of the Spider-Man movies. All that and some Omni-thingy...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Pandemic Battleship - New Year's Rocking Cringe Eve - Out of Sync Pots and Pans - 12 Grapes and "Kid Wine" - How Do You Become Spider-Man? - Emo Tobey - Scattershot Spider-Man Conversation
January 06, 2022
#72: Forgetting Where We Live
Christmas is over and we all now exist in the no man's land between holidays, but fear not, the Partners in Crime are here with a brand new episode to get you through the doldrums! This week, we discuss our Christmas experiences and favorite gifts, briefly forget our zip code, and end with a special Amelia interview! All that and Chrissie singing her special soap song...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Forgetting Where We Live - Chrissie's Christmas & Gifts - Die Hard Face Time - Steve's Christmas & Gifts - Chrissie's Special Soap Song - Special: A Post-Christmas Interview with Amelia
December 30, 2021
#71: Infinite Roast Beast
It's the final POD before Christmas! Chrissie and Steve are taking off next week, but they are leaving this holiday aural gift for your enjoyment. This week, Chrissie sits next to something disturbing and discusses her Christmas Village adventure with the cousins that includes sausages, grinches, and divorce ornaments! Then, the duo discuss their favorite Christmas movies and debate which is the Greatest of All Time! All that and a Merry Christmas...LIVE from the 19046! ## Topics Discussed: - 11 Days till Christmas (at time of recording) - Disturbing Amazon boxes - Fashion Design Class is Enrolling Now! - Christmas Village Fun Times - Favorite Christmas Movies     - Chrissie: Rudolph     - Steve: Die Hard     - The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!     - The Nightmare Before Christmas - Parting Words Links: - Intro to Fashion Design Class
December 16, 2021
#70: Property Shrinkage
The Christmas season has officially begun and Chrissie has been busy decking the halls and filling her living room with trees covered in bizarre and embarrassing ornaments. Meanwhile, Steve has been busy writing an app, so he missed Santa in town square, but did get to explain to Chrissie that "property shrinkage" is not a thing in Swift. Finally, the Partners in Crime announce they are taking a film class created by Casey Neistat! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Chrissie's Fire Hazard Tree - Christmas Ornaments - Light up the Square - Steve's Writing an App - Property Shrinkage - The Partners in Crime are Taking a Film Class! - New JAG Fashion Design Class Links: - Filmmaking & Storytelling with Casey Neistat - Intro to Fashion Design Class - Side Project Spotlight
December 09, 2021
#69: A Hallmark Thanksgiving
Back from stuffing ourselves with food over the long holiday weekend, Steve and Chrissie return to the Pod and share their Thanksgiving holiday experiences and dinner spreads. Steve goes on multiple tangents about Hallmark movies and Brandon Routh. The duo describe what it's like to see fireworks in the freezing cold at a bank and Amelia learns math as her epic Christmas countdown begins. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - How to Watch a Parade in 2021 - Steve's Hallmark Thanksgiving - Chrissie's Poconos Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving Dinner Shokugeki - Chrissie's Thankful Game - Hallmark Superman - Fireworks at a Bank!? - Amelia's Christmas Countdown Begins
December 02, 2021
#68: Cynthia in the City
The birthday trilogy is complete just in time for the holiday! Chrissie and Steve talk about the Feels Like Home recital that took place over the weekend, Chrissie wraps up birthday month talking about a surprisingly normal Mexican meal downtown at a place with "fascinating" bathrooms, then recalls giving birth on Thanksgiving, 15 years ago, before the duo discuss holiday plans and Chrissie tries to make dip. Happy Thanksgiving from the Partners in Crime in the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Feels Like Home Recital - Birthday month, part 3/3 - Fascinating bathrooms - Giving birth on Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving tacos - Chrissie "cooks" dip
November 25, 2021
#67: Jocelyn & The Chocolate Frontier
This week Miss Chrissie goes on a birthday adventure with her middle child and a clown-car full of tweens. But, first, an interlude about *almost* giving birth in a bank. Steve adds an appropriate Nicolas Cage movie to the queue, Chrissie gets trapped in a parking garage, the most interesting gift-giver is revealed, and we end with a useful tip for your own restaurant adventures. It's birthday month, part 2...LIVE from 19046! Topics Discussed: - Birthday month, part 2/3 - Almost giving birth at a bank - Chrissie’s clown car/TARDIS - Napster vs Tapes - Chocolate for dinner - People can’t drive - The most interesting gifts - Chrissie's tip of the week
November 18, 2021
#66: Into Filthidelphia
Miss Chrissie turned 43 and the weekend was jam packed with fun! But, before the fun times could begin, Chrissie had to do some adulting and take a trip into "Filthidelphia" while the city was literally on fire. Then, Chrissie and Amelia have fun controlling Steve's lights with a new HomePod mini and we try out Newbolds pizza for the first time and are impressed. Finally, Chrissie and Steve get out of the house and out of town for a songwriter's round featuring the Uber-talented, John Faye! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Into Filthidelphia - Birthday gifts and Newbolds pizza - Croquettes NOT Croquet - HomePod mini fun with Steve's lights - John Faye birthday sing-along - Spicy chili is better than sweet - Chrissie hates pumpkins
November 11, 2021
#65: A Refreshingly Normal Halloween
This week was Halloween! Miss Chrissie used her +9000 luck to snag some last minute costumes. Her kids brought back an obscene amount of candy and we learn that at least one child has good taste in music. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! Topics Discussed: - Refreshingly normal Halloween - Chrissie's superior costume luck - 14 pounds of candy! - Shocking! A teen with good taste in music! - Belly button oranges - Overly complicated Jack o’ Lanterns - We are going to see John Faye and Joey DiTullio for Chrissie's birthday!
November 04, 2021
#64: A Long Line of Yikes
This week, Miss Chrissie and Steve talk about one of the best movies of all time, Back to the Future! **Spoiler warning for a 36 year-old movie.**  Topics Discussed:  - BTTF plot summary - Why BTTF is a "Perfect" movie - The script - Why Marty is NOT a Slacker - Nature vs. Nurture - The Best McFly - Timeless SFX - An Earned Ending - Favorite Scenes Cover Photo by Sebastiano Piazzi on Unsplash
October 28, 2021
#63: Maybe Budgets are OK?
This week we debut a new segment called "Jenkintown Spotlight" where we spotlight a local business or happening in Jenkintown that we think is cool and worth your attention. This week, we talk about the recently opened The Art of MBB gallery. Then we discuss Chrissie's first steps towards upping her adulting game by embracing budgeting using Steve's favorite budgeting software, YNAB.  Topics include: - The Art of MBB - The YNAB Way - Chrissie's root canal and "cap" - Fashion Design class at the JAG
October 21, 2021
#62: Butler's Pantry
This week, Miss Chrissie and Steve review season 2 of Ted Lasso (**SPOILER WARNING**)! But, not before saying "Butler's Pantry" way too many times and there is a digression about Halloween socks. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! Cover photo: Diego Muya (IG: @yadiemugo)
October 14, 2021
#61: Bloody Unicorn Horn
We missed last week because we had a Garage Jam! In this latest episode, Miss Chrissie and Steve discuss the latest Jam featuring KA.DAY.SHA, belly dancing, and more! Plus, Chrissie goes roller skating with 9 year-olds and survives. Steve games with Amelia and the “A Gods,” eats too much pizza, and learns that the cake was a lie! All that and more…LIVE from the 19046!
October 07, 2021
#60: Is Hawkeye an Archer?
Miss Chrissie and Steve take Amelia to archery class to learn how to kill things with arrows! Chrissie doesn't know who the Avengers are and Steve rants about masks outside. Stay until the end to learn who is belly dancing at our upcoming Garage Jam Open Mic!
September 23, 2021
#59: Creepy Meat Sandwich
The kids are back in school and the drama has already started! Chrissie and Steve discuss the first week of school, Steve's "creepy meat" sandwiches, school lunches, and picky eaters. There is some minor COVID drama, Steve doesn't understand the obsession with sixth grade, Chrissie gets confused using Google Classroom, and a new season of JDA dance begins with a new teacher! We also preview JDA's participation in this Sunday's Jenkintown Arts Fest. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
September 18, 2021
#58: School Chicken
Chrissie is back from vacation and school is back in session! Tune in to learn about Chrissie's beach adventure while Steve was dodging tornados back home. Apparently, Steve missed out on ice skating, old timey photos, two pools, boardwalk fun, sitcom episodes IRL, and a jewelry-free waterslide of doom! Meanwhile, Chrissie missed a mini-apocalypse complete with tornado alerts, torrential rains, flooded cities, destroyed buildings, and crazy local news reports! Finally, with the school year beginning, lunchtime becomes a battleground where only the most educated chicken survives.
September 10, 2021
#57: 90s Mom Jeans
Miss Chrissie recounts her 5-hour back-to-school shopping trip at the mall and there are multiple Wikipedia tangents as the dynamic duo unravel the mysteries of 2021 teen pop-culture.
August 27, 2021
#56: Camp Crud & Triple Vaxed!
This week Chrissie recounts her struggles with a sick child during COVID times and Steve gets triple vaxed and lives to tell the (anticlimactic) tale!
August 20, 2021
#55: All Crab, No Filler
Miss Chrissie and Steve travel Havre de Grace, MD to visit a tiny lighthouse, eat expensive crab cakes, and celebrate Steve's birthday with the one and only E.JOSEPH!
August 12, 2021
#54: Chrissie & Steve Watch The Suicide Squad
It's almost Steve's birthday and it's been an eventful week! Steve photographs a concert for the first time in over a year, then says farewell to fellow Philly CocoaHead and legendary developer of the Slopes app, Curtis Herbert, over delicious cocktails downtown. But, that's not all! Chrissie and Steve review The Suicide Squad as well as indulge in some dunking on the puzzling semi-negative review by Grace Randolph that has had film Twitter all a tizzy. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
August 06, 2021
#53: Blackout
Did you miss us? Miss Chrissie and Steve are back after a nasty storm knocked out power and Internet last week and a new storm front forces the cancellation of the Jam this week! Chrissie recounts her harrowing tale of rain, wind, and hale during last week's storm while Steve confuses Chrissie with words like NAS and UPS. The duo discusses their brief time at the amazing Gobletstock 7 with surprise guest appearances by 1/2 of Calla Bere and the Attitude! We got this one posted *before* the next storm hits! Huzzah! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
July 29, 2021
#52: Camp Root Canal
Miss Chrissie learns an expensive lesson in oral hygiene this week and recounts her first experience with serious dental work! The duo then discuss camp: dance camp, day camp, karate camp, and even Camp Crystal Lake, but surprisingly, not computer camp. Plus, will Steve ever recover from Amelia's cold? All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
July 16, 2021
#51: Welcome to Earth
Miss Chrissie and Steve discuss their Independence Day visit with Steve's Dad! There was swimming, sandwiches, a little philosophy, personal growth, a naked basketball, and of course, FIRE! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
July 08, 2021
#50: Sixth Grade Summer Bucket List
Miss Chrissie and Steve talk about the beginning of summer vacation with Chrissie having "too much freedom" while Steve gains a new, alliterative nickname! The duo explores the nature of the phrase, "I'm bored," and Steve learns about splash grounds that are like playgrounds, but in the form of a fountain! In the second half of the show, Chrissie interviews and is interviewed by special guests, Jocelyn, Amelia, and Scarlett about summer vacation bucket lists and Chrissie's "obsession" with Wonder Woman. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
July 01, 2021
#49: The Bright Side of Life
Miss Chrissie and Steve battle a summer cold to pod about how excited they are that live music is roaring back! After a digression about anime, the duo discuss the return of the Jenkintown Summer Music Series (featuring friends of the Garage, Acoustic Keys), how awesome it is to see Steve's photo being used to advertise the return of Calla Bere & the Attitude to a stage near you, and remind their 12 listeners that TONIGHT is the second Garage Jam Open Mic (this month with PROFESSIONAL SOUND)! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
June 24, 2021
#48: Nobody Cares About Your Underwear
Miss Chrissie and Steve discuss the details and philosophical implications of a Target run that leads the duo dangerously close to becoming a parenting podcast. Steve proves that he would be a terrible "class mom" and details of the upcoming Garage Jam are revealed! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
June 17, 2021
#47: The Chrissie Button
Miss Chrissie and Steve are super busy! The dynamic duo must each face their own time management challenges this week with Steve “attending” WWDC21 and Chrissie getting ready for recital! The first half of the show is a discussion of some of the cool stuff Steve has seen at WWDC followed by the challenges Chrissie is facing with recital just around the corner.
June 10, 2021
#46: Garage Jam
This week Miss Chrissie and Steve talk about how the first ever Garage Jam (featuring Bitchfork!) went. It was quite the exhausting time, but the duo learned a lot and the lessons learned will be rolled into the next Jam! The artists were all great with both music and dance performances, including possibly the last "Chance Dance" that will use handcuffs for a while! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
June 03, 2021
#45: Punk Rock 80s Weekend
Miss Chrissie and Steve step back out into the world! First stop, the Jenkintown Arts Garage outdoor movie night to laugh at some murderous tomatoes and snack on popcorn popped in a 1995-era microwave! Then, the dynamic duo ventured Into Philadelphia for a stop at the Punk Rock Flea Market so Chrissie could find something to cover her Bebe butt! Finally, Chrissie and Steve make their triumphant return to Broken Goblet Brewing for a 1980s themed evening of catch-up, live music, and Steve indulging in his favorite beer, the great Bubba's Tea Bag! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
May 27, 2021
#44: Tytans of Rock
Miss Chrissie and Steve discuss what it was like to photograph one of their favorite bands, the Stereotytans. Plus, a bonus interview with Amelia about her epic day of skating, drone piloting, and meeting the Tytans in person! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
May 20, 2021
#43: Vaxed and Dangerous
It's Miss Chrissie's "vaxibirthday!" Now that both Partners in Crime are "fully vaccinated," they are ready for new adventures! The duo discusses upcoming plans, Miss Chrissie once again demonstrates that she is a mutant, and there are multiple digressions about what the future may be now that the pandemic is ending in our part of the world. Listen until the end for Chrissie's drunk lyrics for the ice cream truck music to make your summer that much more entertaining. You're welcome.
May 13, 2021
#42: Life, the Universe, and Roller Skates
Miss Chrissie and Steve return to their podcast roots with a random slice of life episode! They recount Steve’s adventure becoming reacquainted with inline skates before digressing into discussions of their failures skiing, cycling, and skateboarding. Steve nerds out about the 1995 films “Hackers” and “The Net” and Chrissie reveals her secret history as a magnet for vehicular collisions. All that and more…LIVE from the 19046!
May 06, 2021
#41: Doctor Moose
Miss Chrissie and Steve talk with Doctor Moose, winner of the first Jenkintown Showdown!
April 29, 2021
#40: Jenkintown Showdown
This week Miss Chrissie and Steve talk about the upcoming Jenkintown Showdown and are joined briefly by special guest Mr. B Eazy!
April 22, 2021
#39: Raising the Roof
Miss Chrissie and Steve discuss butts, bidets, and the housing market! The dynamic duo imagines the layout of a hypothetical third floor addition to Chrissie’s tiny house because building 1/3 of a new house is cheaper than buying an existing whole house nowadays! Steve reminisces about his grandparents’ quiet house and there is an extended digression about butts and bidets. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
April 15, 2021
#38: Crossing the Streams
Miss Chrissie and Steve talk about how they livestream outdoor events at the Jenkintown Arts Garage on the cheap! They discuss their current tech stack, what software and services they use, and offer some tips to help you up your production quality without breaking the bank. Steve does most of the talking because he’s a NEEEEEERD!
April 08, 2021
#37: Filling a Hole in Jenkintown
Miss Chrissie and Steve discuss the what, where, and why of the Jenkintown Arts Garage. There is also talk about how a misuse of bleach led to the creation of Miss Chrissie’s infamous chair.
April 01, 2021
Going Through the Change of Life with Jason Ager (Part 2 of 2)
Miss Chrissie and Steve are joined once again by Jason Ager, Philadelphia-area musician, song writer, college professor, and friend of the show for part 2 of our conversation. In this second half, we focus on Jason's music catalog, some of our favorite songs and the stories behind them, plus some hints of music to come. We end with a rousing Game Called Something. Enjoy! Jason will be performing at the Jenkintown Arts Garage on March 27, 2021!
March 25, 2021
Adapting to the Times with Jason Ager (Part 1 of 2)
Miss Chrissie and Steve are joined by Jason Ager, Philadelphia-area musician, song writer, college professor, and friend of the show! In this first part  of our conversation, we focus on what we have been doing for the last year, how we adapted to the pandemic challenges in teaching and learning, and a bit about staying creative during a very strange year. Next week, in part 2, we focus on Jason's music catalog. Enjoy! Jason will be performing at the Jenkintown Arts Garage on March 27, 2021!
March 18, 2021
Vaguely Aware of Your Existence with Lorne Behrman
Miss Chrissie and Steve are joined once again by Lorne Behrman, musician, writer, New Yorker, and awesome guy. We talk about Lorne's upcoming EP release, moving to Harlem, the SoCal lifestyle, some philosophical principles to live by, and in a reverse-interview, Steve recounts how he and Miss Chrissie met over a giant pile of plastic egg shells and mounds of candy. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
March 11, 2021
Entertain Yourself with Paul Lyons
This week, Miss Chrissie and Steve are joined by the very funny, Paul Lyons, who is performing a stand-up show later in March at the Jenkintown Arts Garage. We have an interesting conversation about the purpose of comedy, how Paul got his start in the biz, his book, Carpe Diem Mañana, our favorite streaming TV shows and NYC haunts, what's cool about Manyunck, and we end with a rousing Game Called Something where we learn of Chrissie's longing for van life! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
March 04, 2021
Naming Things with Pasquale DeFazio
Miss Chrissie and Steve are joined by the “Jenkintown famous” Pasquale DeFazio. He is a talented filmmaker at FRANK and a phenomenal musician in one of our favorite bands, Camera Thief. We have a great conversation touching on his time in NYC, his musical and filmmaking careers, that he has an uncanny ability to name things, and much more...LIVE from the 19046!
February 25, 2021
Tara Got Her Water Back with Tara Gillespie
In this bonus POD, Chrissie and Steve are joined by Tara Gillespie from Austin Texas who describes her experience with the great Texas deep freeze.
February 23, 2021
A D-Cell Battery in a AA Cartridge with Uncle Scott
Miss Chrissie and Steve are joined by special guest, Chrissie’s Uncle Scott! In this laughter filled episode, we delve into Chrissie’s mischievous youth where we learn that she learned to drive stick with the wrong hand, hung out with a sod farm heir, unwittingly wore drug paraphernalia to school, and survived regular attendance at the “luncheon.” All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
February 18, 2021
Learning to Dance in the Rain with Jocelyn
In this special episode, Miss Chrissie interviews and plays A Game Called Something with special guest and middle daughter, Jocelyn!
February 14, 2021
Born to be Mr. Josh with Joshua Schwartz
Miss Chrissie and Steve are joined by the multitalented Joshua Schwartz, the latest addition to the JDA family. Josh discusses his journey from Brooklyn to Jenkintown, how much he is enjoying the suburbs, working as a talent manager for AFRO, and his time on set with J-Lo! Chrissie and Steve become fascinated by Josh's dad's amazing Instagram and a discussion about Coney Island devolves into a story about Steve stapling a guy in the crotch! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
February 11, 2021
An Artsy-fartsy Computer Guy with Kotaro Fujita
Miss Chrissie and Steve are joined by Kotaro Fujita, freelance developer, designer, game jammer, and all-around cool guy. Chrissie and Kotaro bond over hair care problems, Kotaro explains WTF a wireframe is as well as the difference between UI and UX, Steve remembers Kotaro’s talk about using fruit as a game controller before Kotaro describes how game jams work, Chrissie and Kotaro start designing a video game, and a rousing Game of Something leads to talk of Pho, Hawaii, and van life. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
February 04, 2021
Completely Coincidental with Alyssa Garcia
Chrissie and Steve are joined by the super talented Alyssa Garcia, who will be performing at the Jenkintown Arts Garage on Jan 30, 2021. The gang discusses the proper way to pronounce Chrissie's cousin's stage name, "Tell-R," everyone realizes that Jenkintown and Drexel peeps are legion, Alyssa describes how she's kept busy during this pandemic and her current musical influences before Steve and Alyssa chat about Filipino food, Chrissie and Steve update everyone on their search for tasty fake meat, a round of "A Game Called Something" reveals Chrissie almost changed her name, and we top it all off with a reverse interview where the guest becomes the host! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
January 28, 2021
A Clear Path to Survival with Joe Gunn
Miss Chrissie and Steve are joined by Joe Gunn, Jenkintown neighbor and proprietor of several Philadelphia restaurants, including Jose Pistola's. Joe and Steve explain the concept of friends to Chrissie, Joe discusses surviving the pandemic as a restaurant owner, the gang discovers dining yurts are a thing, everyone laughs about "Argument Park," Chrissie and Steve try to explain to Joe the plot of "Tiny Pretty Things" on Netflix, and Chrissie recounts her warp speed childbirth adventure. All that and much, much more...LIVE from the 19046!
January 21, 2021
Punk Rock Glam Retro with Paige Campbell
Miss Chrissie and Steve are joined by Paige Campbell of How Tragic to talk about starting a rock band, Air BnB hosting during the pandemic, Chrissie’s interior decorating acumen, dancing your way around the world, the greatness of forever friend Lorne, and during a rousing Game of Something, we learn that Steve is a weird human (who knew!?). All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! Paige’s band: How Tragic How Tragic Instagram Jenkintown Arts Garage on Facebook
January 14, 2021
The Wonderest Woman
Miss Chrissie and Steve survived 2020 and start the new year off with a review of JAG/JDA happenings including the Holiday Happening and the Dance & Media Camp, Chrissie channels her inner Diana Prince, the outdoor studio hits a nor’easter sized setback, and Steve has some thoughts about WW84. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
January 07, 2021
Wandering Home to Jenkintown with Amelia
It’s a Christmas miracle! Chrissie and Steve sit down with Amelia for a Holiday Bonus episode where we discuss role playing as jerky geese, super hero socks, Sun Over Hades, and Amelia tells us all the true meaning of Christmas. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
December 27, 2020
Christmas Tree Anger Therapy
Miss Chrissie and Steve celebrate Chrissie’s imminent release from Corona isolation, count down the top PODs of 2020, talk about favorite gifts, and wonder why women don’t sell Christmas trees. All that and more on this super-sized season finale...LIVE from the 19046!
December 17, 2020
Dancing for Sandwiches with Katherine Pangaro
This week Miss Chrissie and Steve talk to one of Chrissie's oldest friends and NYC restaurateur, Katherine Pangaro, about the ancient times of the mid-to-late 1990s and early 2000s Brooklyn life, working three jobs, subways, illegal living accommodations, the restaurant business during the pandemic, and recount the not-so-sage sandwich advice of Chrissie's Uncle Uncle. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046! LINKS
December 10, 2020
Wieners and Butts with Laura & Joe
Miss Chrissie and Steve are joined by the awesome Laura and Joe who recently played a virtual show at the Arts Garage. We talk about music, how we all met, post-pandemic travel goals, how Joe loves old things, and question why Chrissie has a single crouton in her fanny pack. All that and much more...LIVE from the 19046!
December 03, 2020
Backup Slippers
Miss Chrissie and Steve discuss gratitude, slippers, and the surprisingly great shopping experience provided by Walgreens! Then Chrissie gets into a groove listing all the weird things for sale this weekend at the Garage including a Japanese poncho and an “Irish Thing.” All this and more...LIVE from the 19046!
November 26, 2020
Dad Band Punk Rock with Lorne Behrman
Miss Chrissie and Steve have a delightful conversation with the one and only Lorne Behrman about punk rock, dad bands, and old man tea! The gang waxes philosophic about the name “Sun Over Hades” and the world learns Steve’s dark family secret! All that and a little more...LIVE from the 19046!
November 19, 2020
Feeling Fresh with Ed Foley
This week Miss Chrissie & Steve chill with former mayor and recent Jenkintown Arts Garage guest, Ed Foley, to discuss trench foot, relentless art, fields of dreams, dance battles, and Chrissie’s favorite place, the bathroom! All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!
November 12, 2020
Birth Impending!
Miss Chrissie and Steve discuss The Jenkintown Arts Garage, drink disgusting, holiday-themed shots, talk about Chrissie’s birthday staycation plans in the Jenkintown Triangle, and finally lose a guest, but gain a Tante! All that and a little more...LIVE from the 19046!
November 05, 2020
Happy Hawk-ween!
Miss Chrissie and a gang of zombies re-enact an 80s music video to Thrilling results, then she is almost eaten by a Hawk! Meanwhile, Steve won’t stop saying “ween!” All that and a little more...LIVE from the 19046! Links: JDA Thriller Dance & Tutorial Jenkintown Dance Arts C&S Productions
October 29, 2020
Swallowing the Worm
Miss Chrissie and Steve discuss working out around town, voting by mail, Steve rants a little about taking down the party duopoly, Miss Chrissie's fashion sense is questioned, and the conversation ends with ROAD TRIPS and shots of sketchy alcohol. All that and a little more...LIVE from the 19046. LINKS - ROAD TRIP Video - Beloved Former Jenkintown Mayor, Ed Foley's Soundcloud
October 22, 2020
Chaotic Neutral Things in Jenkintown
Miss Chrissie and Steve explore the upside of pandemic-times, recount a harrowing (for Steve) adventure at the Dollar store, and ask the question, “Is Steve a shut-in?” Spoiler: Kinda yes. Lol. All this and a little more...LIVE from the 19046!
October 15, 2020
Tiny Little Boxes
Miss Chrissie and Socially Distant Steve experience tech problems, but the third take of the pod is totally worth it. Trapped in tiny little boxes, we’re LIVE from the 19046!
April 30, 2020
Happy Quaranteaster!
Miss Chrissie and Steve try to create a podcast with actual content about homeschooling, running a business during the apocalypse, and details about an upcoming virtual open mic...LIVE (in quarantine) from the 19046!
April 18, 2020
Socially distant and bored, Chrissie and Steve decide to revive the POD for a short ramble about our collective Corona-cation and our lives in lockdown. Welcome to Season 2!
March 30, 2020
POD #8 ~ Primordial SEPTA Scream
We return from hiatus just in time for Steve to ramble on about SEPTA Key. Recorded in Steve’s car with the worst audio yet (sorry)...LIVE from the 19046!
January 02, 2019
POD #7 ~ Playing Ketchup
Miss Chrissie and Rec Board Steve discuss Arts Takeovers, being eaten alive, free time, tracking Steve's period, and what's in Chrissie's performance bag this week...LIVE from the 19046!
September 08, 2018
POD #6 ~ I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream...
Miss Chrissie and Rec Board Steve recount muddy adventures, meeting Girl Scientist, the superiority of DQ ice cream cakes, and we all learn what exactly is in Chrissie's fanny pack...LIVE from the 19046!
September 02, 2018
POD #5 ~ Give Me Some of Your Tots!
Miss Chrissie and Rec Board Steve discuss the Liberty Music Fest, drone dances, and what's in Miss Chrissie's purse...LIVE from the 19046!
August 26, 2018
POD #4 ~ What did you do today?
Miss Chrissie Rec Board Steve return from Canada and discuss Montreal, an upcoming Happening, and the 1 year anniversay of Chrissie changing her life...LIVE from the 19046!
August 07, 2018
POD #3 ~ We're Gonna be Okay
We're back! Did you miss us? Miss Chrissie and Rec Board Steve are joined by friend of the show Basil Khan for some live music and a discussion about art, music, and re-invention...LIVE from the 19046!
July 19, 2018
POD #2 ~ Summer Happenings
Miss Chrissie and Rec Board Steve (plus special guest) ramble on for 30 min and eventually get to some semblance of a point about some summer happenings around town...LIVE from the 19046!
May 24, 2018
POD #1 ~ Inspiration & Patios
Miss Chrissie and Rec Board Steve are inspired by YouTube, Gambinos, and brick patios in the 19046.
May 13, 2018