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Party on a Podcast

Party on a Podcast

By mark'd
Every Sunday we bring you the life and times of mark'd, to get you through the day and kick off your upcoming week! Including changes as an artist and upcoming events, mark'd gives you raw, uncut, and authentic stories all translated into a vocal diary. Over the coming months, anticipate special guests and surprise appearances to truly bring you an experience worth listening for!
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4. Influences & My Music History
Why did all of this start? Who helped influence my music? What am I doing now versus when I started making music. Take a listen to Episode 4 to find out these answers and how my music career has developed over the years.
October 26, 2020
3. Indigenous Fisheries & More Local Music Talk
Although Party on a Podcast is supposed to celebrate music and local talent, along with kicking off your week on a positive note, we are brought together through another incident involving race, more specifically the indigenous fisheries right here in Nova Scotia. Take a listen and find out more, along with talks on upcoming music and future episode topics.
October 18, 2020
2. New Addition/Edition
After taking a week off for family events ramping up to his younger brother's wedding, mark'd is back with some updates and to TRULY explain the name change that he previously mentioned in episode 1. Take a listen to find out what went down over the past 2 weeks!
October 5, 2020
1. Party on a Podcast Debut = Trials & Tribulations
In Episode 1, I introduce you to Party on a Podcast, which is another platform for me to introduce you guys and invite you into my life, as an artist, entrepreneur and human being, aside from what you just see on IG or Facebook. This is the first of many but the debut of my very first podcast. Today we talk music, career, and life in these crazy times.  ALSO, if you've followed me on IG or Facebook, I've been talking about and teasing a new artist name, and in this episode, that name is finally released. Tune in to find out more!
September 20, 2020