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Travel Heads Radio

Travel Heads Radio

By Roklan Land
This is the Podcast that accompanies the YouTube Channel Passport Kings. I will have guest and discuss issues in the Travel Industry. My name is Roklan. I'm a travel advisor. I make Passport Kings Travel videos to inform, review and excite you about vacation destinations and other travel related information. Engage!!
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Living in Atlanta Replay (Live Questions and Answers)
This episode is a replay of the Live that I did on YouTube. I was tasked with answering any questions about moving to Atlanta from my audience. My entire Moving to Atlanta Playlist Series can be found on Youtube. I’m always looking for guest to be on my Travel-cast: Do you have a travel story to tell, some valuable information about travel destinations or travel group events you want to promote? I am inviting you to be a guest on the Travel Heads Radio. All you have to do is submit your info to and make the subject (I want to be a guest) If we can set up a date that works well for us both, I will interview you and feature you on the show. If you are a tour operator local to your country, you must speak frequent English and be aware that I will put a disclaimer at the beginning of the show, letting the listeners know that using your services is at the listener’s own risk... And until I personally go on your tour, I cannot vouch for it. Thanks again for listening and I will speak to you guys next time on Travel heads Radio. Also: When you’re ready to travel again, I'm not saying you HAVE to use my services to book your flight, but at least give a chance to earn your business. Remember if you want to support Travel Heads Radio you can by clicking the Support Now Link If you are about to travel and need an AirBNB to use this link:
February 10, 2021
Travel heads radio come back tour
Yes, it's been a while. But Travelheads is back and we are here to stay. Today's episode is really just a mic check. I will be uploading a full episode tonight and then a new one at least twice a week. Set your calendars because travel heads radio is back. 
February 4, 2021
Passport Kings is a SERVICE here to help you. (And Me!)
I will never beat around the bush...  with the fact that I would appreciate you using to book flights, rooms and other travel services.. Remember if you want to support Travel Heads Radio you can by clicking the Support Now Link If you are about to travel and need an AirBNB use this link:
April 23, 2020
We need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. (Changing our state of mind)
When this Quarantine is over and you are ready to travel again, I'm not saying you HAVE to use my services to book your flight, but at least give a chance to earn your business. I played myself making a show about me being tossed off of YouTube. Whining is something men should never do. Although I had plans about what I would do next to combat how I feel I was being treated, we as men need to always show strength and especially strength during adversity. Our Mind state can change the entire circumstances around us. Remember if you want to support Travel Heads Radio you can by clicking the Support Now Link If you are about to travel and need an AirBNB use this link:
April 13, 2020
Depressed from not being able to Travel
Remember if you want to support Travel Heads Radio you can by clicking the Support Now Link Today's episode is another rant. This staying in the house and not traveling the word has thrown me into a funk. Hopefully expressing it will be the beginning of recovery. I also tell you guys about the work from home experience that changed my life and is available to you all. I end off talking about Racist Algorithms again though I didn't spend much time on it. I just wanted to say what I've noticed. I still haven't been able to get my phone systems working the way I would've liked so give me a few more days for live interviews and phone calls Here is the AirBNB link that I promised:
April 9, 2020
Racist YouTube Algorithm ends Passport Kings
I used software that tells me how much each YouTube is getting paid. It's become painfully obvious that YouTube feels that the content I create is not worth being shared with all types of viewers. Even in the how to genre of YouTube, one of my favorite creators to learn tips on how to grow on YouTube is Roberto Blake. I watch his videos along with other people who create the same type of videos.  His are LIGHT years ahead of theirs. They are way more informative. Yet the other people in his genre of a different race has double the viewership and following. They've pigeonholed me into the travel for sex content creator genre and I really don't see a way to get this channel out or if I should!.  . People may say I'm pulling the race card but I am determined to find out if what I now believe is true or untrue. This is not only about me. This problem effects content creators that I looked up to and wanted to be like. Since they are obviously having the same issue. I am making drastic changes to my priorities. By the way, if you want to book a flight or vacation, book with Passport Kings Booking
April 8, 2020
Charles Tyler: I recap the interview we did 4 years ago.
This was me and the late great Charles Tyler first interview on his station, Living off the Grid. Charles Tyler was well known for his iconic travel group "Afro Americans VS Afro Brazilians, would you date." Join me as I take a trip down memory lane and  we discuss the issues in America for Black Men. And why we should be travelling first.
April 8, 2020
Stuck on a Cruise Ship during CaronaVirus Outbreak (My interview with my brother)
On the new and improved Travel Heads radio I interviewed my Brother. We talked the cruise he took just a few days ago that he booked through Passport Kings Booking engine . We then talked about how he got stuck on this Norwegian Cruise because the Puerto Rico ports had closed when he was on his way back due to CaronaVirus. We also discussed networking and entrepreneurship. This is the new first episode of this Podcast. The short code if you want to share this episode is I would appreciate it.
April 7, 2020
Humans in Poverty vs Humans who are well off.
Humans should always treat others the way they want to be humans.
March 17, 2020
YouTube Censor and Demonization. Is this the end of the Quarantine?
I just wanted to discuss how YouTube demonized videos about the Carona. But hopefully this is one of my last podcast even discussing the virus. I would love to move on to other topics and interview travellers.
March 15, 2020
Follow up on the Pandemic and hysteria. How to make it work for you
The supermarket's shelves are all empty and the people do what they are told to do. Some may call it being sheep. Some will call it getting prepared. Whatever the outcome is, there are ways to take advantage of this hysteria from buying stocks at low prices, waiting for the real estate market to crash or just buying some great deals on travel.
March 13, 2020
If you only travel to brag, you are doing it wrong.
In this episode I wanted to discuss how bragging about where you've been should never be the reason why you travel. However, with the Caronavirus running rampart, and possibly changing the way we travel, I had to discuss it as well. Thanks for tuning in. 
March 12, 2020
Clearing up what The Royal TravelCast will be about and open invitation for guest
Thanks again for tuning into the royal travel cast brought to you by Passport Kings.  The Royal Travel Cast is a weekly/daily Podcast where the Passport Kings will interview my recent travel customers, frequent travelers and other Experts in the travel industry. I plan on Uploading a new podcast everyday at around 3pm. 
March 11, 2020
The Intro to The Royal Travel Cast. (Passport Kings Radio)
This is me getting acquainted with my equipment that is going to allow me to bring this podcast to you. If travel is your passion, The Royal TravelCast should be right for you. Welcome and thanks for tuning in.
March 11, 2020