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Past Life Present Power with Derek Jameson

Past Life Present Power with Derek Jameson

By Derek Jameson
Hey! I'm Derek Jameson. I am a QHHT Past Life Regression practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach. This interview series is about learning from those who have experienced past life regressions. I have facilitated many QHHT Past Life Regressions and the guests featured on this podcast are those who I helped uncover their soul's history. Follow us as we tap into their Akashic Records and see what these leaders have to teach all of us from their path to awakening.
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Past Life Present Power Ep. 5: Actress Alessandra Torresani
Alessandra is best known for playing Zoe Graystone in the science fiction television series Caprica and Claire in The Big Bang Theory. She is the host of EmotionAL Support Podcast and a mental health and illness spokesperson.  She spent the day with me to uncover her past lives and get answers to all the questions she had been pondering for years. Alessandra's regression took us in the days of the witch trials, explorations, the 70's, and so much more. Check out what she uncovered and what she wants to share with you from her past lives!
August 07, 2022
Past Life Present Power Ep. 4: Advanced Akashic Records Reader Tiensirin
Join Akashic Records Reader Tiensirin and I as we dive REAL DEEP into her past life regression. We talk about searching ancient tablets, human sacrifices of yours truly, how to heal past life trauma, and more. Tiensirin has read the Akashic Records for countless seekers who desire a  deeper look into the ocean of their soul's history. This was one of my  favorite regressions, not only because I was in them, but because there  was so much here for all of you. This interview is truly a gift and a  cosmic download from the Akashic realms. Enjoy the power that came through and please comment and subscribe to my channel for more! If you want to follow the podcast itself you can at the link below. There you will find links for spotify, apple podcasts, and amazon. Check it out!   Follow:
July 31, 2022
Past Life Present Power Ep. 3: Past Life Regression with Actor Matthew Dennis Lewis from 'The Queen's Gambit"
In this episode we meet with actor Matthew Dennis Lewis from hit Netflix shows 'Godless' and 'The Queen's Gambit.'  His past life regression brought forward information regarding his dark past lives as well as lives where he was a protector.  We talk about his healing journey and how his past life regression has influenced his life and career.  Check out what Matthew has to share and what he hopes you take with you on your journey!
July 24, 2022
Past Life Present Power Ep. 2: Healing Negative Past Lives, Galactic History, Sirian and Pleiadian Star Families
In this episode I dive a little deeper into our galactic history and the star races which assist us at this time in our ascension. I talk about my personal encounters with negative entities which are truly past life aspects of me waiting to be loved and integrated. Understanding our galactic history and the star families who work with us, will help us navigate the challenges we face while healing our fears of abandonment, vulnerability, and being open to receiving love.   I felt this was a necessary conversation before going into the interview series because we must take the time to understand why we feel such deep wounds and pain and how we are meant to work with the energy. From this understanding we can understand the past life connections we all have and why they are so important to us and our Akashic Records.   This was my experience with a beautiful Contact Retreat with Lyssa Royal  Holt who channels two primary beings. As each participant has their own  experience, mine was specific to understand some negative entity  encounters, which we come to find is not truly negative, but aspects of  us wanting to be healed. You can find Lyssa Royal Holt at  Website:
July 18, 2022
Past Life Present Power Ep. 1: Series Introduction and Personal Story
Welcome to my new series 'Past Life Present Power with Derek Jameson."   In this series my guests will be past life regression sessions that I  have conducted over the years.  These incredible galactic humans are  here to share their story with you in hopes of connecting us deeper  together in a beautiful unified consciousness. Through their stories we  will see who they are are, where they've come from, and what their  mission is.  Join me in this first episode as I tell my personal story  of what led me to doing the work I do today! IG: @derekjameson, @pastlifepresentpower, @wonderfullightbody
July 08, 2022