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Family Reflections-Inspiring Christian Growth!

Family Reflections-Inspiring Christian Growth!

By Pastor Greg Hagan
Have FUN and enjoy the ride! I am Pastor Greg Hagan along with my wife Ranae and our three grown daughters to share stories and insights into the wacky life of our family to inspire you.

I am a Christian Husband, Father, Evangelist, and Ordained Baptist Minister from outside Gulf Shores Alabama living life and sharing stories on Marriage, Love, and of course God's Word.

I am available to Preach and Speak in your Church within 2 hours of Foley, Alabama.

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Sermon Ephesians 4:11-16 Your PART, PURPOSE, PROGRESS, and PROVIDER! Functions of a Christian and the Church
My very first challendge and sermon as Pastor of Magnolia Springs Baptist Church. Please make sure to LIKE and FOLLOW for more to come!! Pastor Greg Hagan
July 21, 2019
Sermon John 14-17 Divine Marching Orders Series
Tonights message on John 14:12-14 Greater Works and how to have your prayers answered! Magnolia Springs Baptist Church Magnolia Springs, Alabama
July 8, 2019
Family Time! Talking USA once planned to Nuke to Moon and Travel memories as a family!
Join Ranae, Breanna, and I talk as we talk about some Crazy facts, Church updates, and creating life long memories as a family. No one EVER wished they had spent more time at WORK!! Love is spelled TIME!! Invest it with your loved ones and create lasting memories each day!
April 2, 2019
Sunday Sermon Where was JESUS? Those days between the cross and the resurrection.
Follow along as we explore some breadcrumbs left by God in the scripture for an amazing story of triumph and COMPLETE victory! Some of the verses we will reference. Psalms 16 and Acts 2:25-32 David explaining how God will not leave Jesus soul in Hell or the Grave. Luke 23:43 where Jesus states he is going to the temporary place called Paradise or Purgatory to close it down with a shout of triumph! Taking the old testament saints HOME!! 1 Peter 3:18-20 and Collosians 2:15 describes how Jesus gloated over those in Hell Epheians 4 How he led the saints out Three battle gounds for the arch rivals God and Satan-- God's Home Isaiah 14:12-15 Neutral Earth Garden of Eden and the Cross and Finally in Hell on Satan's ground Revelation 1:18 Finally we see the loving  Jesus stop to minister to a troubled Mary at the empty tomb! John 20:17 Come enjoy the journey through the Holy Word of God
April 1, 2019
Beach Reflections-Be still and know that I am GOD!
My first remote broadcast as I  sit and enjoy a great sunset on Fort Morgan beach in Gulf Shores Alabama. Reflecting on the verse to "Be still and know that I am God!" Subscribe and enjoy! Thanks for listening!
March 31, 2019
What Is GOOD in Hell? Sunday Sermon. Where will you spend eternity?
What is GOOD in Hell? Is a sermon that I hope makes you think and answer the question....WHERE WILL I SPEND ETERNITY?  Come along as we explore a Live Cam view into Hell from Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. Theis is also part one of a two part sermon with the second part coming next Sunday when we answer the question....WHERE WAS JESUS DURING THOSE DAYS IN THE TOMB? God bless you, Pastor Greg Hagan
March 24, 2019
Middle Child Characteristics, Whataburger, and finding a Church Home!
Listen as we start out with Middle Child characteristics then devolve into sociopath symptoms followed by WHATABURGER and finally finding a Church home. This episode is very lively and we have a lot of fun! Enjoy Family Reflections along with us! Send me a message or let me know how the podcast is blessing you.
March 21, 2019
SUNDAY SERMON Let's go fishin' comparing fishing to sharing Jesus with others.
Sharing Jesus and evangelism are hard things for us Christians to do. We are full of excuses and reasons why we cannot do it. Today please open your heart and listen to this message comparing fishing and its equipment to sharing Jesus. Join me in Becoming a Fisher of men as Jesus has called and equipped us to be. Pastor Greg Hagan
March 17, 2019
3.15 FAMILY FRIDAY! Take out the TRASH! When to be selfish in your marriage
Join Breanna, Ranae, and myself as we discuss being selfish in our marriage. Just good old fun and Family mayhem! Pastor Greg Hagan
March 15, 2019
MARRIAGE MONDAY-- Livin' on Love the early years!
Join my wife Ranae and I as we discuss LIVIN' on LOVE and the early years of our marriage.  The struggles and the only constant and security in our relationship is LOVE and holding onto each other. Listen and please let us know how the podcast is helping you and your life. If you are looking for God's spouse to share your life with or have been married we hope to encourage you and share our story. God Bless Pastor Greg and Ranae Drop us a note at....
March 11, 2019
Sunday Sermon--WHAT IS WORSHIP?
Think about the preparation you put into getting ready for worship today.  Bathing, shaving, picking out the right outfit, color coordinating, matching your spouse and children's outfits, etc. What about your Spirit preparation? Your heart and mind? Did you just put on a good perfect Christian costume?  God desires and deserves.... Celebration and Joy for his salvation. Jesus is alive and God is NOT Dead! That is cause for celebration on this Resurrection Sunday Broken and humbled people. Let's be real with each other and God as part of worship Listen to be challenged to "TAKE OFF THE COSTUME" and truly Worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Pastor Greg Hagan email
March 10, 2019
The Leper squint or window. What is Worship?
As we prepare for Worship Sunday I want to challenge us to prepare our hearts and minds. No doubt we will dress in our Sunday Best and approach Worship as a weekly routine that we follow unless we find some reason to "skip" this Sunday. But I want us to remember what Worship is and to conside the JOY and Celebration we should have in our lives as we worship a mighty and awesome GOD! Listen to discover what a LEPER SQUINT or WINDOW is and how it can change our attitude toward worship!!
March 10, 2019
Family Friday--Breezy, Jessica, Ranae and I talk modeling and demonstrating Love
Meet some of the Crazy family! Breanna (Breezy) the middle child and Jessica the youngest join Ranae and I to discuss... Mom and Dad demonstrating and showing what being "In Love" is. To model and encourage our daughters to find Husbands who love and adore them as well. I felt as the Father to three daughters the best thing I could do for them was to Love their mother and be the best example of what they should look for in a husband! Putting family first even above the Church when needed. If I don't support and grow my family I cannot lead as a Pastor. We all wear different "hats" and have lots of roles we fufill in life and finding time to do and be all things is tough. We have to prioritize things and FAMILY needs to be at the top of the list! Love being together and enjoy every moment. LAUGH and have FUN! Life is too short and kids grow up fast! Enjoy it while you can. We hope that these Podcasts are an encouragement to you and your family. Please drop a note to me at Find me on facebook at Let me know how we can help and as always I am here to answer your Bible questions. Give suggestions for future podcasts and episodes as Ranae and I will be back Monday with Marriage Monday!
March 8, 2019
Do something of Kingdom Value each day and make much of JESUS!
24 hours....tick tock.....tick tock. We all have the same God given number of hours each day at our disposal. We choose what to do with those hours. What do we choose to do with them? Think about what you did for God yesterday? How about last week? Last Month? When was the last time you REALLY did something FOR God with your time he has blessed you with?  24 hours is like money deposited in our account of life and we spend or invest that gift of time in something. We choose TV time, Internet time, Family time, Alone time, but how about KINGDOM time!! Here are three goals I see with each day..... 1. Do SOMETHING of KINGDOM VALUE. Do something to convert your fleeting minutes into things that will last for eternity. LOVE others, READ your Bible, PRAY, do something that will add eternal benefit to you or someone else. 2. SEEK GOD'S DIVINE APPOINTMENTS. Each day God is there in your life and you need to SEEK to join with what HE is doing around and through you. Maybe you bump into an old friend and they might need some encouragement. Basically when I have something go unexpected in my life I ask " God is that you?" "What would you have me to do of Kingdom Value with this interruption or DIVINE APPOINTMENT?" 3. MAKE MUCH OF JESUS! Nothing adds Kingdom Value more than making much of Jesus! Praise Him, sing to Him, talk about Him, and absolutely tell others about Him. Never stop making much of JESUS! God Bless and keep you and as always.....GO DO SOMETHING OF KINGDOM VALUE TODAY!! Pastor Greg Hagan
March 5, 2019
Marriage Monday. How we met and three foundational truths to Marriage success
My wife Ranae and I have been successfully married for almost 31 years now by God's Will and Grace. We want to encourage you in your Marriage and even singles in your search for God's Will and Choice for your spouse. This is the story of how we met and married along with three pillars or things we feel have sustained our marriage over the years. 1. Friendship FIRST. Long before we met we developed a deep open relationship with each other. No physical attraction (since we never met of course) and no strings attached. Not trying to impress the other or hide anything we had open and honest communication. That is where Marriage starts and ends is on the personal connection or relationship we have with our spouse. 2. Three become One not just two becoming one. In order for a Godly marriage to be successful it must involve and revolve around the author and creator of marriage.....GOD. He must be the strand that holds us together and we must build a marriage around Him. Who created and defines Marriage? GOD ALONE! Marriage is not an institution of man, but a loving creation by God for one man and one woman to enter into through His name.  3. LAUGH! AND THEN LAUGH SOME MORE! Life and marriage are tough you have to learn to laugh in the valley, and of course when it reaches the mountain top. Don't take everything so serious. ENJOY LIFE AND EACH OTHER!! So enjoy the podcast and please reach out to us. Even to just say Hi or ask any questions we can help you with. We are asking for suggestions ot topics that you want to  hear about. And remember I am here to answer and encourage you with any Bible questions you may have. God bless and go do something of KINGDOM VALUE today! Pastor Greg Hagan PS Please rate and SUBSCRIBE to the podcast before you leave!
March 4, 2019
Laughing at life's Curve balls! How I missed two connecting flights by less than 10 seconds in one day!
Join with me in enduring and watching one of life's untypical days unfold! Sometimes we realize we are just along for the ride!
March 4, 2019
Who I am and my Background
PLease make sure to get in touch with me with questions, thoughts, suggestions, or just to say Hi. or
February 26, 2019
First podcast and Introduction of who I am.
I am an ordained Southern Baptist Minister who has a passion to share and teach God's Word. I want to be available to help you grow and understand God's Word on a deeper level than ever before. Plese let me know any questions that you have that I can help answer for you from the Holy Word of God. Contact me on my website/blog at or on
February 26, 2019