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The Pastor & The Counselor

The Pastor & The Counselor

By Pastor Ryan Brown & In-Him Christian Wellness
Welcome to The Pastor & The Counselor, a podcast where Pastor Ryan and Counselors from In Him Christian Wellness regularly sit down to talk about life issues, mental health, and how we can intentionally pursue Jesus right in the middle of our struggles. Everything about this conversation is relational and practical
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Relationship Check-Up
On today's episode, Pastor Ryan Brown, Jon Burchard, and Corryn Vento talk about how to do a relationship check-up. After more than a year of shut down, remote working, and social distancing it's a little challenging to figure our how to re-engage.  For more information:
July 29, 2021
Mental Health Check-Up
On this episode of The Pastor and the Counselor, Pastor Ryan Brown, Jon Burchard and Corryn Vento talk about why it's important to to do a mental health check and some simple questions we can use to evaluate how we're doing.  For more information:
July 22, 2021
Fighting Fatigue
Pastor Ryan talks with Jon Burchard and Corryn Vento, the resident counselors from about how to recognize and form a practical battle plan for fighting fatigue. This is such timely conversation, but it is also profoundly useful as we continue to live our everyday lives.
July 15, 2021