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Paterson 406

Paterson 406

By Shawn Graham
Podcasts from the Department of History at Carleton University. Interviews, public talks, explorations, and experiments in all kinds of history, from the ancient to the digital.
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# Invented Fantasies - Using Social Media to Talk About Pseudoarchaeology

Paterson 406

# Invented Fantasies - Using Social Media to Talk About Pseudoarchaeology

Paterson 406

There Is No Net Neutrality in Digital Archaeology
The fourth Shannon Lecture of 2018, which took place on November 23. Dr Katherine Cook, Université de Montréal. Colonisation, at its core, is the extraction of resources from those without power. What then gets extracted in digital colonialism and what does this have to do with archaeology in Canada? Considering the critiques, questions, and fallout regarding digital corporations, capitalism, and politics over the course of the past year, we are ever more acutely aware of the much darker underbelly of the digital world. Yet we still act as if digital technology is ‘the answer!’ to solving those ‘Great Challenges’ facing archaeology today, namely the lack of equity, inclusivity, access and the unwavering manifestations of (neo)colonialism. This discussion will consider the realities of digitally disrupting archaeology, the opportunities it presents but also the dangers it poses, to argue that not all data, not all audiences, and not all archaeologists are treated equally in digital practice. Digital archaeology will not save us from bad archaeology, so we must decolonize the digital first.
November 26, 2018
Good Intentions|Bad Archaeology: The uses & abuses of Canadian archaeology against Indigenous people
Dr. Kisha Supernant of the University of Alberta joined us for the Third 2018 Shannon Lecture on November 9th. This podcast is the audio for her talk. In the lands currently called Canada, archaeology is often used to tell stories about the history of this place, but often at the expense of Indigenous nations. Throughout our disciplinary history, archaeologists have positioned themselves as experts on and stewards of the past for the good of all, even though those pasts are sometimes not our own. In this talk, Dr. Supernant explore how archaeology in Canada has been and continues to be part of the settler colonial state, centering knowledge from archaeologists and heritage practitioners rather than Indigenous peoples. Dr. Supernant provide examples of how archaeological research has marginalized Indigenous voices, even when archaeologists have good intentions, and makes some suggestions for how we can move toward a better archaeology for the future.
November 12, 2018
# Invented Fantasies - Using Social Media to Talk About Pseudoarchaeology
Steph Halmhofer, professional archaeologist and author of delivers the second 2018 Shannon Lecture.
November 11, 2018
Ancient Art and Modern Crime: How Stolen Antiquities End Up In Our Most Respected Museums
Dr. Donna Yates from the University of Glasgow delivers the first 2018 Shannon Lecture at Carleton University, Ottawa Canada
November 11, 2018