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Patience & Hustle Daily

Patience & Hustle Daily

By Lance Smith
Patience & Hustle Daily is designed to share tips, and motivation for those starting out with their side hustle, and to those full time entrepreneurs.
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It’s been a while...
It’s been a while! Here’s an update.
December 5, 2020
When life throws curveballs
How to take on life’s challenges.
October 8, 2020
H A P P I N E S S // P O S I T I V I TY // C R E A T I V I T Y
Sometimes in life you have to re-create yourself. It's not changing who you are, it's just setting you up for who you're meant to be. 
September 2, 2020
Staying Self-Motivated
How to stay motived on tasks.
July 15, 2020
Where I am. What I’m doing.
A quick update on my life 😄
June 25, 2020
Keep Your Eyes Open To Opportunities
Stay open to opportunities that may be in front of. Also, got some updates on some big changes for me 😎
June 1, 2020
The WHAT and the WHY
May 19, 2020
Finding Your Niche
How to find your niche...
April 25, 2020
Using These Limitations To Grow
COVID has caused some limitations on us creators. Those limitations will only help us become better at what we do.
April 12, 2020
3 Things Creatives Can Do During COVID-19 Quarantine
Quarantined or self quarantined, there are three things creatives can do to stay productive.
March 22, 2020
The Creative Process
Why are you creating the content? What problem are you trying to solve? Where is the content going to be hosted? Who is the audience on that platform?
March 14, 2020
Focus On The Gear You Have
Focus on the gear you have, not the gear you don’t have.
February 23, 2020
Update On Me - Coffee | Film | Photography
Where have I been? What have I been doing? 
February 10, 2020
Not Feeling Creative
There are times where  I just don't feel very creative. I'm drained. That's ok. I step back, and get refocused, and re-inspired. 
January 26, 2020
Getting Refocused
I lost my focus, and I didn't like who I was turning into. I had to make a change. 
January 20, 2020
Settings Goals for 2020 - with guest speaker David Bradley
I brought in a heavy hitter for you today! David Bradley is a Sales & Marketing Manager for Grant Cardone Training, founder of, and the author of "How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone." Today we talk about how you should be setting your goals, and what you can do to ensure that you achieve them in 2020. 
January 3, 2020
Happy New Year!
Nothing changes unless you do!
January 1, 2020
2020 Is Almost Here!
What are you plans for 2020?
December 29, 2019
End of a decade
Let’s get started on those new goals!
December 26, 2019
4 Tips For Better Photos: Lessons I've Learned
I was into photography about 10 years ago, and the camera I was using  died. I didn't pick up photography again until this year. During that  time, and now, I have learned a lot about photography, and wanted to  share a few tips that have been helping me capture better photos.       If you like the products you saw in the video, click here to purchase.  These are affiliate links. By using them to purchase, it helps me earn a small commission! I  appreciate your support! Sony A7III  Sony 24mm f1.4 G  Sony 16-35 f4  Sony 85mm f1.8  PolarPro ND 2-5 Peter McKinnon filter Step Up Ring Follow me on instagram:  If you like the music in this video, and want to use it for yours, pick  up one month free with MusicBed using my affiliate link!
December 15, 2019
I Didn't Finish My 12 Week Content Creation Challenge
I didn't finish the challenge I created, but did I actually fail? Sony A7III Sony 24m f1.4 G Sony 16-35 f4 PolarPro ND 2-5 Peter McKinnon filter 62mm-82mm Step Up Ring Follow me on instagram: If you like the music in this video, and want to use it for yours, pick up one month free with MusicBed using my affiliate link!
December 7, 2019
Peloton Commercial Controversy?
Marketing. M A R K E T I N G Peloton did it right. Let me know what you think of the commercial.
December 4, 2019
Whose expectations are you trying to live up to?
December 2, 2019
When plans don’t go according to plan
Subscribe to my YouTube channel here:
November 23, 2019
Photography Day Fail!
yeah... It was tooo cold to out for too long. Check out the full video here:
November 12, 2019
3 Ways To Get Out Of That Creative Rut
It happens to all of us at some point. We get into a creative rut, but what can we do about it? I have 3 ways that help me, and hopefully they can help you too!
November 5, 2019
The Reason Why You Don't Create Content
There is one reason why you don't create content. 
November 4, 2019
3 Ways To Get Out Of Your Creative Block
Sometimes you have a creative block, and just do not feel like creating.  It happens! I have 3 tips to help you get over that block, and get back  to creating!   Follow me on instagram:  If you like the music in this video, and want to use it for yours, pick  up one month free with MusicBed using my affiliate link!
October 25, 2019
They say opportunity only knocks you answer the door? or walk away?
October 20, 2019
How To Get A More Cinematic Look To Your Videos
Watch the video on YouTube
October 12, 2019
Week 2 of 12 Week Content Creation Challenge: Teach Me Something
The truth is, you are an expert at what you do. In week two's challenge,  I wanted you to teach me something from your expertise. So what I did  for my video, is pose a question on Instagram "What is the key piece of  communication in your video, blog, and podcast?" I got some great  responses, but I can tell you this, none of them were exactly what I was  looking for. I'm glad! That means I have something to teach to you.
October 5, 2019
Week 1 of the 12 Week Content Creation Challenge: Who am I? What will I be covering over the 12 weeks?
This weeks challenge was to make a Video, Podcast, and Blog, introducing who you are, and what you will be covering over the 12 weeks during the challenge. Curious? Want to join the fun? It's free! It's just a challenge to hold you accountable! Follow me on instagram:
September 28, 2019
Thank you so much for you all you do for me! Without you, this podcast is not possible!! Follow me on Instagram @PatienceAndHustle 🙌
September 18, 2019
Give More Value
GIVE GIVE GIVE, and it will result in getting more business, more followers, and more opportunities.  Subscribe to my YouTube:
September 15, 2019
G O C R E A T E !
September 8, 2019
How To Start Your Podcast
It's easy. I break it all down for you. It's now up to you get started!
September 2, 2019
Right Now Is Your Time
Put yourself out there. Take a chance. Do that thing you’re afraid of. That first step is the absolute hardest. After that it all goes by so fast, you start asking yourself, “did I really just do that?” Life feels long, until you’re laying in a bed at a hospice with your family surrounding you, waiting there, holding your hand, reminiscing over all the memories you had together. Until your breathing slows down, you let out that final breath, and your soul leaves your body. Even though you may have time, don’t waste what you have. Right now, is the time. It is the only time. Step out. Take that leap. Start that business. Ask that guy or girl out. Get on that plane and travel to that country you’ve always wanted to visit. Write your book. Direct your movie. Create your history. Right now, is the only time.
August 31, 2019
5 Ways That You Can Post Lots Of Content Across Multiple Platforms
I call it the 5 to 1 Method. Simply put, you take 1) Long form video, then 2) pull the audio to make a podcast, then 3) Make a 1 minute highlight video for social media, then 4) Transcribe the audio into written format to write a blog or article, then finally 5) use the tips/tricks/quotes/ or anything else that was really special in the video to make static graphics for social media. 
August 29, 2019
An update on what I've been doing
I have been away for a little while, and just want to give an update on what I've been doing. Let's just say, I've been busy! The way things are looking, I will be even busier coming soon! I'll keep you posted on all the exciting stuff I'm working on!
August 21, 2019
Are you creating enough content?
Watch the video here: Check out my website:
July 22, 2019
Get to know Lance
I posed a question Instagram, asking my followers what they wanted to know about me. They asked, I answered. 
July 4, 2019
Why Create?
Why create? Let me tell you why... Have questions, DM on instagram!
June 25, 2019
The Equipment I use for Podcasting, and audio editing
I talk about the primary equipment I use to record podcasts. 
June 9, 2019
Where Have I Been?
I've been out of commission for the last couple of weeks, so this is what has been going on. 
June 1, 2019
Why Be Authentic on Social Media?
The only way to truly grow authentically, is to be authentic. 
May 19, 2019
Make Your Message Clear
   Make your message clear, by delivering content that is based around your brand and your mission.  Making a good connection with your audience takes you being aware of the content you’re putting out. You want to post content that is within your brand.  These things may not always look like it’s part of your brand, but if you understand a bit more of the individuals mission and goal in life, you’ll see why they post certain content.  Let’s look at Grant Cardone, and Gary Vaynerchuck. Grant Cardone has multiple companies, including a sales training company, and real estate company. At surface level, you would think that he would only be posting content that is around his businesses. Maybe just videos of him working with his team, one on one with a client, or pictures of some commercial real estate. You look on his Instagram and what do you see? You see a lot of videos of him speaking, you see promo videos, you see bits of the shows that he produces during the week. Then you see pictures and videos of his family, and occasionally videos of him and his wife working out, and you think “how does this fit into sales training, and real estate?”  It’s all a part of his bigger “WHY”. His brand is about creating an abundant life so that you can really take care of you and your family’s life. To get out of the middle-class trap. For him, his family is a very big part of his brand, because that is what is at the core of his mission. Taking care of his family, and showing you what you need to do, in order to take care of yours. Now Gary Vaynerchuck, doesn’t show his family in his content, because that’s his choice. He wants his family to be his own experience in a sense. His dad is on his vlog every once in a while, because of wine library TV. But Gary mainly focuses on what he does in the daily, to show you that it takes hard work and patience to make things happen. He is focused on removing the excuses you have for not doing what ever it is that you want to do, every day. Gary teaches exactly what you need to do to make money today, and how to grow your followers on social media, and how to create massive amounts of content. He does that by going out and flipping items he purchases at garage sales, because he grew up flipping baseball cards as a kid, and knows that it’s this easy thing that anyone can do. He talks about his $1.80 strategy of going on Instagram, looking up a hashtag, consume the content, and engage, then do that over and over. He runs a media company, but he’s talking about flipping stuff you buy at garage sales, or at target. Doesn’t seem like it matches with his company, but it matches his core “WHY”.  If you’re posting some content on your page, make sure that it is in line with your brand. It should be a piece of what your overall mission is. You want to make sure your viewer can easily understand your brand, what you do, what you stand for, what you’re accomplishing, and who YOU are. 
April 30, 2019
The Best Way to Grow Your Client Base
Right now, reach out to your current client base, and ask them to introduce you to three of their friends.. You need to make more money and grow this new business you have, and you think the only way to do that is to go out and knock on every door, send everyone a Direct Message, to spend money on advertisement. That is one way to do it, but there is a more effective way, to show quicker results.  Getting your current client base to introduce you to at least 3 of their close friends, whom they think could benefit from your products and services, is the easiest way to start growing. Pick up your phone and either call, or send a video to your current client, asking them this. “If you have received any value from my products and services, would you introduce me to 3 of your friends who could also benefit from the products and service that I offer?” What will they say? If they find your products and services of any value, and they should, they will gladly introduce you to 3 of their friends.  Why is this important? Your client’s fiends, trust your client. Which means when you get the opportunity to speak with them, there will automatically be a foundation of trust built. They trust their friend, and they trust their friends recommendations. Now all you have to do is work on closing them on getting the same value that their friend is getting.  Here’s the best part of this. When these new people become clients, you repeat the process. If one client can bring in 3 friends, and you close 2 of them, that’s now 2 new clients. Then if those 2 introduce you to 3 people each, and you close 4 of them, you now have 6 new clients in total. That’s a much easier, and quicker way to grow your client base.  There’s value in cold calling, but when you get someone in the door who is warm , and trusting already, that’s much easier. 
April 14, 2019
Get Engagement
You have an idea for a post, a video, a blog, or something else. You’ve posted it. A couple of likes. Maybe a comment. You start asking yourself, “how do I get more engagement on my posts?” First of all, let’s not focus on the likes. Let’s focus on the comments. The DM’s. The real engagement. How do you get more of that? There are 3 core elements that you will need to get more engagement on your content. If you go back and watch your favorite YouTube videos, Instagram posts, tweets, etc… You will see these 3 elements in every single one of them.  1: Entertainment value Entertainment comes in many different ways. It doesn’t have to be a cat falling off a dresser, or a funny joke told while screaming into a microphone, or even getting hurt trying to do some parkour. Unless are the things that are you niche, then by all means, do those things. Other than that, let’s look at a couple of people. Grant Cardone, and Gary Vaynerchuck. Why do they have so many views, comments, likes, follows, etc?  Let’s start with their entertainment value. Look at the things they do, the places they go, the events they put on, the online shows they host. It’s fun to watch. You might not get to travel all over the world, or have a nice produced vlog, but you can harness this piece from them. They are doing the things they love to, and are having fun doing. That transcends into the production of the videos, the blogs, the webinars, the books, the Instagram posts, the live streams, and other content they put out.  You need to be documenting the behind the scenes. Show people who you really are. Be yourself. Have fun! That’s a quick way to bring entertainment to your content.  2: Solve a problem There are a lot of different kinds of content out there. Some may go viral, or get a lot of engagement, and makes you start thinking “why is this so popular?” Yes, the content is entertaining, but what problem does it solve? Some content simply solves boredom, and the need for entertainment. What problem does Netflix solve? In a simple way, it fills the void of entertainment in your life. Maybe you cannot afford to go on trips, and have your own adventures. So, you watch them to get your fix.  Solve a problem. People go to the internet for answers. Be the source of solving a problem in your niche. If you’re an automotive fanatic, maybe you are the go-to source of information on vehicles. Everything from simply repairs, to purchasing your next vehicle. You solve a problem, and people want it in an entertaining way, so it keeps them engaged.  3: Call to action So, here you are. You’re entertaining. You solve a problem. But now what? You need a call to action. Watch those popular videos you keep going back to on YouTube. You’ll see Grant Cardone, and Gary Vee asking “leave a comment on what you think of ….”, or “Be sure to comment, like and share” They add in the all-important call to action. It’s like in sales, you have to ask for the close. If you don’t ask, don’t expect to get anything.  There are some easy ways to do this. You could pose a question to get someone’s opinion on the subject you’re talking about. It could be that you ask someone to leave questions in the comments.  Example on the car fanatic scenario. If you’re comparing sports cars, you might get a poll from the audience member. Like, “Comment below, Ferrari, or Lambo?” or “If you were given any car in the world, what would it be? Comment below to let me know!” Simply call to actions. Or the simple ASK, “If you liked this content, be sure to subscribe, like, comment, and share with a friend!”  Easy enough right? What are the 3 elements again? 1: Entertainment value  2: Solve a problem 3: Call to action
April 2, 2019
The 5:1 Method of Content Creation
Creating content is easy! This 1 minute audio clip will teach you everything you need to know about how to easily, and effectively create multiple pieces of content through my 5:1 Method. 
April 1, 2019
Get Focused!
You do NOT lack purpose! You lack FOCUS! Today's episode is all about regaining focus on your mission, and goals. I bring on an expert coach, Elizabeth Cantu, who will help you get some actionable tips to get more focused. Follow me at
March 13, 2019
Getting More Listeners
How do you get more listeners? Solve a problem!
March 5, 2019
Networking Is Important
You will not be able to do EVERYTHING! Networking will help you find those who can assist where your weaknesses are, and you can find ways to help people where their weaknesses are. People need your product and services, and extending a hand and introducing yourself is how you identify those people. 
February 18, 2019
Tim Coe - Personal Branding
This is an excerpt from my recent podcast episode on Personal Branding. Check out Tim Coe on his site for more marketing, and branding tips. 
February 12, 2019
Personal Branding - Hank Norman
This is a soundbite of a previous episode I did on personal branding. Hank Norman was brought on due to his expertise in the marketing, and branding field. He has worked with stars like Grant Cardone, Gloria Mayfield Banks, Mel Robbins, Tim Storey, and many many more.  To learn more from Hank Norman, click here:   
January 21, 2019
Personal Branding Tips
On this episode I bring in two marketing, and branding, experts to help you improve your personal branding! Tim Coe, and Hank Norman
January 13, 2019
3 Tips to improving the audio quality of your podcasts
   Thank you for tuning into Patience and Hustle Daily! I have a really big podcast coming soon that you will NOT want to miss! It’s all about the best and greatest tips on branding. I’m not doing the podcast alone though! I am bringing two amazing people to help me with it. I’m bringing in Tim Coe who is out of the UK, he is an incredible marketing expert, and bringing in the Hank Norman of 2 Market Media. Hank is a media guru who has worked with famous people like Grant Cardone! This will be an episode you will want to watch out!  In the mean time while that is currently cooking, I want to bring you something fresh to hold you over and give you some added value. I want to give you 3 things you can do to improve the audio quality of your podcast. 1 Get a pop filter, and move a little bit away from the microphone.  A pop filter will help screen out some of the air, to help prevent those “Plosives”, like the P, and B. With that you can position that about 5 inches away from the mic to also force you to keep your distance. Why though? This will help you will harsh sounds that may come through when speaking so it doesn’t Peak the signal and cause distortion.  2 Set the recording level accordingly. When you’re testing out the sound, set the volume to just a little over half way on the meter.  You don’t want the recording level to be almost maxed out, because if you get louder it could peak the signal, again, causing distortion. When you go back to edit the audio, you can boost the signal, add in compression and make up the couple of decibels that were lost. Setting the recording levels correctly will help eliminate a lot of post editing issues you may come across. 3 When editing, you should always use what is called a “high pass filter” This is done with the Equalization plug in that is in the audio software you’re using. Whether that software is GarageBand, Ableton, ProTools, Audacity, Audition, or something else, it will have an EQ plug in. You’ll want to find a spot between 0 and typically 100 hz, where it just cuts out the low shelf noise, but doesn’t affect the natural sound of your voice. As you move it around, if you cut too much you’ll hear your voice sound thin, and not normal, so you just back it off until you don’t hear an actually difference in your voice. I know that seems weird, like, when you edit, it should change the sound of something, right? In most cases. With editing, sometimes it’s about eliminating something that just doesn’t add any quality. Using a high pass filter will help cut out any low humming noise that may just muddy up the audio quality.  There you have it! 3 easy things you can do that will make a big difference! If you have questions, let me know! Hit me up, ­
January 7, 2019
How To Promote Your Podcast
Stacy A. Cross from, and, helps me deliver the BEST ways to promote your podcast! These creative ways will help you grow your audience, and get you message out to more people! You do NOT want to skip over a single second of this episode!
December 29, 2018
Knowledge is NOT Power to check out the new guide to start your own podcast, as well as new shirts and hats!    Knowledge is NOT Power You’ve heard knowledge is power. Well, I’m here to tell you that is wrong. Knowledge is not power.  Knowledge alone hold no power without action. I recently met up with a buddy of mine, Eric Jones, who you can find on Instagram as Doctor Dapper. He is the owner of LFLS Shoes, like father like son, and Riff Marketing. He started giving me some really great advice to improve my Instagram page, and grow my brand.  Later that day I started listening to a book called “The 12 Week Year” by  Brian Moran. In the beginning of the book he starts talking about this concept of “knowledge is power” is in correct, and that without action, knowledge is useless. That really got me thinking about what Eric had told me to do about my branding, and Instagram page.  There are two options: 1- I can just keep doing what I do and ignore the knowledge I was given, or 2- I could take action and use the knowledge given that has been proven to work for him and many others that he has helped with their brands.  So you see, the knowledge alone won’t help me unless I do something with that knowledge.  Not all knowledge is created equal. So you have to first make sure you’re not just taking advice from just anyone. You want to see that they’re drinking their own medicine before you take a sip. Make sure this person you’re taking the knowledge from knows what they’re talking about, and show proven success with it.  Is knowledge power? No, it is not. Knowledge with Action, is power. 
December 23, 2018
The Best Advice When Creating Content
I’m going to give you the biggest piece of advice when creating content. Deliver it as if you are only delivering it to one person. But wait Lance….100’s of people are going to see the content?!? Yes, but what you want to do is make a personal connection with that individual. One thing you will notice in my podcast episodes is I always say “YOU” and not “You all” or “HEY EVERYBODY!”, that’s because I’m talking only to YOU. At any given time that an individual is listening, reading, or watching your content, it’s just you and that person. When you can make a personal connection to that one individual, you will start seeing a change in the reactions you get. If you simply try to address “EVERYONE”, then how is that content special? How are you going to make a personal connection to someone? You won’t be able to. Hank Normal, the media Mogul, sent out a tweet that said “If you want to fix all your media problems, only speak like you are only speaking to me.” He teaches this in his video course called Star Power. You can check it out on my website,, and sign up for that today if you want to learn how to fix even more of your media problems. That is it for today! So remember, when you create content, you are creating it as if you’re speaking to one individual person. Make a personal connection with them. Have a great day.
December 20, 2018
Your New Years Resolutions
Just before January 1st you start writing out your New Years resolutions. You post it all over Twitter, Instagram, facebook, snapchat, You’re going to get into shape. You’re going to start a podcast. You’re going to make $100,000. You’re going start your own business. You’re going to read 100 books. You’re going to, you’re going to, you’re going to…. You’re going to give it up 2 months later. That’s what happens. It happens because you go about these goals all wrong. You think just because it’s a new year, that something is magically different? Do you really think that because you now have to write a new year on the rent check, that somehow you are a completely different person? Just over night, you transformed into this go getter, get things done, resilient, persistent person? The problem is 2 fold. 1: You don’t remove time from setting the goal, to taking action on the goal. It should be immediate. You write it down, you action on it. Then you write it down the next day, and you take action on it. Immediately. Take time out of the equation. 2: Your goals are not big enough. Figure out what it is that you really want, then reverse engineer that. You have to know what you’re shooting at, in order to hit the target. Take the big goal, and chop it into smaller goals that compound as you achieve them. So stop waiting for the new year to start on your goals. That’s just an excuse for not taking action. There’s nothing new about the new year. It’s just another year. What you do today though, is what actually makes change, and makes a difference.
December 18, 2018
It's easy to get started with your own Podcast
Todays episode is little unique. I am recording it with different equipment than I usually do. Today I’m using a basic USB microphone with an added pop filter, and Audacity software which is free. I want to demonstrate that you do not need $1000’s worth of equipment and software to start producing a podcast.
December 15, 2018
Why motivation does not work.
Motivation alone does nothing for anyone, they need something actionable to go with it.
December 12, 2018
Lessons from 'The Dead Poets Society'
One of my all time favorite Robin Williams films is "The Dead Poets Society". About a year ago when I was watching it for about the millionth time, I decided to write a blog on some lessons learned from that movie. In this episode, I am reading that blog to you. I hope you enjoy!
December 8, 2018
The Middle Class Trap
This is the episode I bring back periodically as a reminder of goals. To get out of the Middle Class trap. No longer do I want to be held back due to finances, but rather be free and help people more.
December 6, 2018
Stop Over Complicating Starting
Too often you over complicate things, and you then keep yourself from actually starting anything. You over complicate a project at work. You over complicate that email you’re trying to send to a prospective client. You over complicate a gift you’re going to give to your wife. Yes, all of these things should take good thought, and consideration, but you should not over complicate them. Here’s your actionable tip: If you find yourself struggling to start something, because it seems too complex, just pick 3 things you can quickly do to start. Then, when you finish those 3 actions, pick 3 more. Rinse and repeat as needed. What you’re doing is you’re forcing yourself to start. Once you start that momentum will carry you. One of the hardest parts about starting, is actually starting. Starting something, means you actually have to do something. You have to take some sort of action. It means you have to step into the unknown, because you don’t know what to expect. You have to enter the uncomfortable, unknown of what the outcome will be. Will it succeed? Will it fail? You won’t know until you actually start. The hardest part of starting, is starting. And the longer you wait, the longer it takes.
December 5, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Shorten The Gap Between The Idea And Action
Record a video on your phone Write it down Type it out Record a voice memo Whatever you need to do, short the gap between the idea and the action of creating content.
December 3, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Lessons About Tonality on #BulletProofFriday
Jason Howland shares insight on how to use tonality properly in sales, and just everyday interactions. Tonality is key to get the a message across, as it helps paint the full picture of what you're trying to say. It is what helps drive the proper emotion behind the words you're saying. Twitter: Instagram:
November 30, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - The difference between Passion & Purpose
Stacy A. Cross, from, shares the difference between purpose and passion.   Check out the full episode on iTunes, Stacy A. Cross Show. 
November 28, 2018
Patience & Hustle - #DontGetWeakWednesday: Patience & Hustle
On today's show I discuss 3 ways one could use time to their benefit and how to master patience which can be your downfall in starting and growing yourself or a business.  -- Visit for more self-improvement tools Email me to ask your questions. 
November 28, 2018
Patiencer & Hustle Daily - Be more social on social media
Seriously, become more social on social media. The keyword there, is social. That is how you improve your engagement, the value that you give, and your audience growth.
November 27, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - What you're doing, is what you should be doing
There will be times when you start asking yourself, if what you’re doing, is what you should be doing Every day it seems it’s the same thing.  You wake up, you do the work, you go to bed, you wake up, you repeat it. You keep pushing, and you keep doing, and it’s the same grind every day. It can seem like you’re going nowhere. I want you to know, that if what you are doing right now, is contributing to you being able to do whatever it is that you want to do in life, that you should stick to it. How do you know if it’s contributing? Ask yourself these questions, Am I learning new skill, or even improving on current skills, that will help me accomplish what I really want to do? Is this contributing to my mission, and goals monetarily? That’s it…two questions. If you answer YES to at least one, then it’s the thing you should be doing right now.  Look, if it’s not contributing to you monetarily, then you have a few options. You either go find something within it that will contribute, or do something on the side that will contribute, or go find something else. Look, I work a day job. It does two things for me. It teaches me new skills, and improves my current skills. Skills like, sales, leadership, management, organization. All things that will help me in the future. It also allows me to keep the lights on at my place, and help me pay for the programs, and equipment I need to do business, and now this business of audio editing, and video editing, pays for itself. This is why you should keep doing what it is that you’re doing.
November 26, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Grant Cardone on The Middle Class Trap
I made a compilation video of Grant Cardone talking about the middle class, and how it is a trap. The mindset behind the middle class, is have just enough to survive, but the problem is that you're not really surviving. We were all sold on this idea of buying a home, going to college, investing in Wall Street, but that system is broken.
November 23, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - "Adapt" rather than "React"
Sometimes you can have what seems like, a million things go wrong in a day.   You could start off by burning yourself on the stove, then have a flat tire, be late for a meeting, lose a client, get into a wreck, lose your wallet, stub your tub, forget to let the cat back in, and accidently leave grandma at the supermarket. It happens. Joking about the grandma part!   There are days, you know you’ve had them, where it seems as if nothing is going your way. One thing after another is not working out. It’s not how you react to these situations, it’s about how you adapt. To react is to “respond or behave in a particular way in response to something.” To Adapt is to “Make something suitable for a new use or purpose.”   When something goes presumably not in the way you intended, if you “react” you’re simply just responding, and not doing anything about. You may complain, or waste time, or pass blame. If you adapt to that same circumstance, then you are taking action on it. So something doesn’t go according plan, rather than you sitting around complaining, or arguing, or some other reaction, you adapt to the situation at hand, and act on a solution. From a business stand point, if you lost a client to a competitor, rather than curse, or scorn, or be upset, you should be following up with them, reaching out to new clients, getting referrals from existing clients. By adapting, you’re not wasting any time, and you’re formulating a solution rather than focusing strictly on the problem.   So instead of reacting when things go “wrong”, Adapt and overcome the situation.  
November 19, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #BulletProofFriday: By Faith, Not By Sight
Every Friday on Patience & Hustle Daily, Jason Howland delivers the Bullet Proof message to help you gain market share, while the rest of the world is taking the weekend off. Twitter: Instagram:
November 16, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Stacy A. Cross delivers the message each Wednesday, to help you get your mind, and your hustle ready for the rest of the week.
November 14, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Improving Your Skills
So, this last week, I started working on improving my craft in video editing, and graphic design, which led me to this message to you today. It’s about the importance of constantly improving on what you do. Here are a few reasons why you should be improving your skills, and how to do so Improving your skills will make you more efficient in the skill, and produce higher quality output with the skill. You always want to be striving for better quality, and efficiency, as this will help you provide a higher value to your clientele Improving your skills will also help you develop better self-discipline. Sometimes working on a skill is not always fun. If you want to improve your long-distance running ability, you have to do various exercises to build up the endurance. It won’t be as fun as actually going out and competing, but it’s necessary. When I was working on some different graphic design techniques, and some video editing techniques, it wasn’t fun when I struggled through trying to learn. As I began to build that skill, and learn how to do these new things, that’s when it became fun. I could finally put the skill to work. Improving your skills will help you stay competitive. In this day and age, information is everywhere, and everyone has equal access to it. So how do you stay competitive when trade secrets are, well, not so secret anymore? You improve your skill, which as mentioned above, will help you provide better value to your customers.   So, you now know a few reasons why, so HOW do you improve your skills? The internet is your friend. Figuratively of course. Everything you need to know is on the interwebs. Just go to google, go to YouTube, and search what you’re wanting to improve on, or what you’re wanting to learn. The problem is, that since there is a lot of information, how do you know what information is good? That part takes a bit of personal-judgment, and research. It may be more work, but it’s the best way to learn something new. You have everything you need in the palm of your hands. You could always reach out to someone who is doing what you’re wanting to learn, or improve on and ask questions. Maybe they offer courses, online training programs, YouTube channel, or mentorship. This is a great way to build a network as well. If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, and can’t find the right person to give you some quick tips, you may just have to dive in and learn on your own. Nothing wrong with that. I highly advise doing research, or reaching out to someone first though. It can save A LOT of time, and also help you figure out what NOT to do, which is equally important.
November 12, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #BulletProofFriday Take Responsibility
Why are you not closing deals? Why is everyone slamming doors in your face? Why are you not getting the things you deserve? Jason Howland explains why in this episode of #BulletProofFriday Twitter: Instagram:
November 9, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Two Tips To Success
Two quick tips to success in anything that you do. Let’s go   1: Find a problem, solve it, teach others to solve it. Maybe the company you work for is trying to increase sales. Find ways to increase yours, then teach others the processes you took to do that. Or maybe they’re trying to improve efficiency in a particular area of the company. Take that on as your personal responsibility. When you can solve a problem in a company, or in an industry, you will start to stand out. Especially if you start teaching others how to solve it. This will help you also break out of obscurity, in the company. If the company doesn’t recognize your hard work, and give you credit, maybe you should you find a new company who values you, or start your own company to solve that problem for companies. 2: Give more value Similarly to #1, these go hand in hand. When you seek out a problem to solve, more than likely you don’t get a paycheck to solve that particular problem. Here’s one example: Your job is to close deals, to make sales. A problem the company has is that their people aren’t making enough phone calls though. You’re not being paid to solve that problem, but if you take that problem on, give more to the company than what you’re paid to do, you’ll see more success in the company, and more opportunity. Same goes for when you’re working with a client. When the value exceeds price, price no longer becomes an objection, and makes closing the deal easier.
November 6, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Don't Be Busy, Be Productive
Too many people are just running around being "busy" not getting anything really done. If you're one of them, then STOP IT! It's time to be productive. Produce. Create. Make $#!+ happen!
November 2, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Press Record
You do not need fancy equipment to get your message out. Just Press Record and put it out there.
November 1, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Being A Leader
Being a Leader   Being a leader means telling someone the truth, that they don’t want to hear, but they need to hear. Imagine the injustice you’re doing by avoiding those important conversations? Imagine someone is not performing at their maximum level, or at the acceptable level. Do you leave it alone? Do you brush it under the rug, and not address it? That’s hurting not just them, but it’s hurting your company, your business, your customers. As a leader, you have to speak up, and take care of your household. If someone is bringing negativity into your place, or gossip, or slander, you cut that out as soon as possible. You don’t want that to spread, and trust me…it will. It’s your duty, to protect the culture, your family at your business.   Here’s the best part about being a leader. You don’t have to wait to be given a specific title to become one. You first have to set high standards for yourself, and stick to them. Take charge. Take person ownership, and responsibility. You cannot tell someone to do something, that you are not willing, and doing, yourself.
October 30, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Which Medium Is Best?
When starting out, you may be wondering which medium is best to put your energy in to. Is it video? Is it audio? Is it written? Is it a combination? The truth is, there’s not one that is better than the other overall. Each consumer, takes in information differently, and each creator produces content differently.   If you are a stronger writer than you are a speaker, then start with blogging. If you are a stronger creator with video than writing, then do video content. If you are stronger with just speaking rather than being in front of a camera or writing, then focus on audio.   You will want to focus on your strengths. Too often, you don’t start something because you’re not confident in your ability to do the task. So, in order to start, start with your strengths. You can always learn the other mediums as you go, but don’t let the fact that you’re not strong in one area, keep you from creating content around your message and mission.
October 29, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Silence The Noise
There's too much noise around you. Learn to silence it.
October 23, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - The 5:1 Method
Long form video Podcast 1 minute video Blog Quote Graphic   Five pieces of content from one video. Your move.
October 22, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Three Types of Employees
This episode is really geared more toward those working at their resource center, or as most call it, the 9-5. Business owners, managers, supervisors, and everyone else, you should listen too. Today, I’m talking about the three different types of employees.      There are three types of employees. 1: Those who do less than what they’re paid for 2: Those who do only what they’re paid for 3: Those who do more than they’re paid for   Those who do less than what they’re paid for typically complain before they get to work, when they’re at work, and when they’re off work. They don’t want to be there, they don’t like what they’re doing, they think they’re entitled to more than they’re getting. They’re constantly below goal, and pass blame to someone else on why they’re not hitting them. And you think you’re entitled? Guess what? You’re not entitled to anything!   Then there are those who do only what they’re paid for. They show up on time, they leave on time, they hit the bare minimum on goals. You can’t really count them off for anything, but you they don’t deserve praise either. Some of these people are looking for that praise. That pat on the back. Atta boys. Why? Because you showed up on time? Because you sold a few products? That’s what you’re being paid to do! You don’t deserve some congratulations, for doing the job you were hired to do. This is the real world. Not everyone gets a trophy for showing up.   The last group, the few and far in between, are those who do more than they’re paid to do. They find problems they’re not being paid to fix, and fix them. They take responsibility and go beyond what is expected. They show up earlier, and stay later. They never complain. They have made themselves valuable assets within the company. They are never satisfied and always pushing themselves further. They take care of themselves, and never ask for praise. They do the job, because they know what needs to be done, and then some. They innately build up others around them.   Let me ask you, out of those three types of employees, who do you want on your team? As an employee, which type are you? Now that you know the three types, which type will you now become?
October 18, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Preparing Yourself For Success #DontGetWeakWednesday
Stacy A. Cross and Wendy Y. Bailey My guest today, Wendy Y. Bailey is a BEAST at showing her clients how to double, triple, quadruple and quintuple their profits. Sometimes it means making little tweaks in language or strategy. Or, she may work on developing and implementing an income acceleration plan. Either way, it's her greatest joy coaching clients to create extraordinary results in their businesses.   I Charge for That™ are the four most powerful words in selling. These words involve beliefs about yourself and money, your limiting beliefs about selling and how you show up in selling conversations. The I Charge for That™ mindset means you have a profound belief in yourself and the value you bring to the marketplace. The words, “I Charge for That™” embody the spirit of your beliefs and flow effortlessly from the tongue. These words demonstrate your high self-esteem and establishes success on your own terms. The I Charge for That™ mindset means you also have dogged determination in setting and achieving your goals. You’re able to excel by setting clear boundaries that safeguard your professionalism and expertise. The I Charge for That™ mindset means that you have crazy faith in your selling conversations, knowing your most ideal clients ALWAYS recognize how you can help them, they WILL say “Yes!” and they will readily make the investment in your programs, services and products. Learn more and buy her book: Learn more about Coaching, Income Acceleration, and WendyY    Like Share | Download(8)
October 17, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Are you making a difference?
ARE YOU MAKING A DIFFERENCE Are you making a difference in the lives of others, and in yourself?
October 16, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - What business would you start?
Today’s episode is a follow up to my previous episode, where I posed the question “how much money do you need today, to quit your job?” If it were tax free, how much would it be? What’s your number? And what would you do with it?  I got a mix of answers. Some picking $100,000. Others $1mil, and some said even more than that. I dug a little deeper to see what folks would do after they got the money. Some would invest it, some would pay off debt, some would start a business. What I want to make clear, is that this question isn’t about you being able to be bought out of your dreams. It’s really to help you figure out, at what point, what number, would you feel comfortable jumping ship into this idea. Check this. If you had enough money in reserve to pay for your basic necessities like, housing, food, utilities, etc… that would last for 2-3 years, you could go focus on this business idea you have, and not worry about failing. At the end of the 2-3 years, if the business failed, or just didn’t get off the ground, you’ve lost nothing. You could go get a job again. You didn’t lose any money; you didn’t get behind on bills. That reserve money was strictly for living expenses only. The business had to pay for itself. So if you were to accumulate, or be given enough funds to pay those basic needs, for 2-3 years, what kind of business would you start?
October 15, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #BulletProofFriday: Service
Service comes before money. Jason shares this concept of how you should pursue service with your customers, your friends, your spouse, everybody. Become a servant first. Twitter: Instagram:
October 12, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Excuse or Self-awareness?
My good friend Jason Howland is bringing you an incredible message on whether you are actually self-aware, or just making an excuse.  
October 11, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday Passion, Profit, Fear
Stacy A. Cross talks with Lucas Rubix about loving what you do, but making sure you are making money in your business.   ----- Lucas Rubix is The Coaches Coach - his company helps passionate coaches get more clients, make more money and book themselves solid. Lucas believes that you cant make money by just simply doing what you love. You have to build an actual, real life business around your passion, you need to know know your numbers AND you need to build a solid sales funnel / marketing plan so you can get your message no only out there but get it heard! This episode will blow your mind after you realize that there are somethings that you SHOULD be focusing on in your business.  Website / Academy: Instagram: Links:  Sponsorship / Questions Email:  Subscribe: Join The Comfort Killers : Be My Guest: Books Mentioned: The Comfort Killers Book : The 4-Hour Work Week: Chapter 3
October 10, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - What Positivity Really Is
What is positivity? #podcast #Tuesday #PatienceAndHustle
October 9, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Attitude: Find A Solution
Not everything works the way it should all the time. Tonight, was one of those nights.
October 8, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Your 9-5, and side Hustle
I was featured on the Stacy A. Cross Show podcast, where we talked about working a 9-5 job, and working a side hustle. You gotta catch the the full podcast,  
October 4, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday: In The Box Attitude
It's Wednesday once again, and @stacyacross brings a fire episode, which you need to hear the full thing of! Check this link out here: Or just listen to #DontGetWeakWednesday for a quick FIRE episode! #podcast
October 3, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Four Key Elements
I have never been able to write out what I have done to get the success that I have now. I have written out the single greatest piece of writing that I have ever done. Only, because it shows the foundation on which my success stands.
October 1, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Have A Guarantee, guest: Jason Howland
Jason Howland from Action Closers Academy, is bringing #BulletproofFriday. You HAVE to have a guarantee on what you're selling! Twitter: Instagram:
September 28, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Increase Your Sales Knowledge
You need to increase your sales knowledge. Doing so will result in you getting more of whatever you want in life.   I recommend these two two sales trainers. Check them out, and pick one. Grant Cardone Sales Training: Victor Antonio Sales Academy:  
September 27, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday: Why You Need A Mentor
Replay / Repurposed YouTube stream that published last week.  I had a private call with my mentor that I opened up to The Comfort Killers. And now we are having a part 2 and I want you to join!  Is it important to have coaches or a mentor in your corner?
September 26, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Focusing On Your Strengths
You should be using your talents, and strengths. The greatest things you do, are the ones that are most natural to you. If you are really good teaching, find ways that you can teach, and train others. If you you’re great at writing, then you best be putting out blogs, or articles frequently. Whatever it is that you’re naturally good at, and love doing, DO THAT! I challenge you to figure out what it is that you’re great at, and if you’re not doing that thing, start immediately!
September 24, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #BulletProofFriday: Their Why, Guest: Jason Howland
Jason Howland explains why, their why is most important.
September 21, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday: Appreciate The Journey
Stacy A. Cross from,, bringing another fire episode on Patience & Hustle Daily today.
September 19, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Wake Up. Work.
It’s Simple. Wake Up. Work.   Sometimes you may not feel like waking up. Sometimes you wake up, and you don’t feel like working. Do it anyway. Or if you don’t, don’t complain. You cannot complain about not having the things you want, because you didn’t do the work necessary to get it.   If you are the type of person who has to plan things out, plan it the night before. This way when you get up, you can hit the ground running. This will also help you prevent wasting time in the morning, or all day, trying to plan things out.   Don’t make excuses. If you want to get something done, then do it. If you don’t, and you know you wasted time, then don’t make an excuse that you didn’t have enough time. It may be beneficial for you to cancel your Netflix account.   Short. Simple. Wake Up. Work.       
September 17, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Get Around Quality People
You’re the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with... Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are they helping or hurting?     Music credit:
September 15, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Legacy
Legacy > Currency   What legacy are you leaving behind?    
September 15, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday: Trust
Trust is one of the most important pieces of a business. Stacy A. Cross brings the message today, talking about the importance of trust.
September 12, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #BulletProofFriday: Take Time Off
Taking time off is important.
September 7, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday: Changing Your Mindset
Stacy A. Cross & Dr. Kim D'Eramo My guest today, Dr. Kim D'Eramo is a physician, bestselling author of the MindBody Toolkit, and Founder of the American Institute of MindBody Medicine. During medical school, she developed a strange illness with joint pain, bloating, headaches, weight gain, aching and chills all over, and severely low energy. After seeing doctor after doctor… dozens of them over an almost 2-year period, most could find nothing wrong and told her to come back if things got worse… She knew about “mind over body,” and that she was somehow creating this pattern, so she tried to heal herself… but failed miserably. Until she realized the solution existed in a new relationship between her and her body.  She quickly learned how to work with her body, opening up to what it needed, and allowing herself to receive it. It felt harmonious when she did this, and instantly lifted her energy, so she kept going. Within 10 days, her body was completely healed. Many doctors, even integrative ones, are trying to “fix the problem” rather than release it at its root. That requires more and more complexity of medications, diet, supplements, or testing. Since you’re not addressing the root cause at the deepest level, the problems get worse and worse as you continue searching. To learn more about Dr. Kim's MindBody approach to healing visit: To learn about the 3 Ways to Start Living Your Soul Purpose watch her webinar REPLAY by visiting:   Email if you are interested in a follow up show!    Remain uncomfortable,  Stacy A. Cross
September 5, 2018
Patience & Hustle Dialy - C Average
So I posted a picture of the letter “C” and asked people if they could tell me what it represented it means. I even added the disclosure that it might be a trick question. Which it was in a way. I got some really great responses though.   First off. After I read these I came to a very interesting realization. These words that people chose, were the first words that came to mind. Which means that it’s probably a word that is very important to them. Things like collaboration, clarity, character, confidence, chocolate, which is very important.   What’s the first word or phrase or anything that comes to mind with the letter C? I want you to quickly think about that and just store it. That’s a good self awareness practice.   Anyways. What I meant by the letter “C” came about when I came across a post by Stacy A cross who talked about how she was a C average student. I was too. I hated school. I may have been a little lazy, or maybe just not motivated. I did well in computer class, go figure, because of how interesting it was.   I hated having to sit in those hard seats for hours at a time, copy notes off of slides, read chapter of boring books, write paper on subjects I’ve long forgotten, and waking up early in the morning to catch to bus to do it.   I told you it might be a trick question. But Jason Howland of Action Closers Academy got it closest. Saying it was the highest grade he got in high school. With that in mind, this guy is doing pretty well, and always pushing himself for more. He helps train businesses and sales teams the art of sales and closing deals.   I may not be super successful yet, but I’m this C average student who is Creative, Compassionate, a little Crazy, and Confident that he is going to do something amazing with his life. And I will.   That’s what the C represented in my post. Do you know who else was a C average student? Gary Vaynerchuck. 
September 3, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - 3 Keys to Gaining Opportunity
3 key things to work on to gain opportunity   1: Give more than you get             How much should you give? If you asking that question, you don’t understand. It’s not about how much more. It’s not about the number of more units sold. It’s about, are you pushing yourself? Are you self-driven? Do you stay hungry? Are you setting and exceeding goals? Always be resetting your goals.   2: Invest in yourself             Buy some books to help expand your knowledge. Join seminars, webinars, networking events, training materials or platforms. Spend money on improving your skills in any area that will get you moving forward, and setting yourself out above the crowd.   3: Go For it             You have to go for the opportunity. You may have to move, or travel, or step out of your comfort zone. But you have to go for it. Opportunity can be taken up by someone else, if you do not take it first. So go for it          
August 28, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday: A Great Marketing Tip for Your Week
Nick Holladay - VP Customer Success I work with Nick on a weekly basis as a result from signing over to Infusionsoft - He is an expert in solving marketing problems that new and growing entrepreneurs face as we aim to automate and optimize our businesses.  I was interested in learning about best practices and how as entrepreneurs we can do more to automate, capture more leads, generate more sales, wow more customers, and save more time.  To learn more visit:  
August 22, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - How much to quit your job today?
What is your price, and what would you do with it?
August 17, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Get Started by starting
You have talents, you have skills, you have passion, you have all of these things and you know you want to do something with them, but you’re not sure where to start, or how to go about it.   Here is what you need to do. You need to start using them. You need to start sharing them with the world. You have get over the fear of criticism, and put yourself out there. When you share your talents with the world, opportunities will open.   When was the last time you took a chance on yourself? When was the last time you did something that scared you?   The important thing to keep in mind here, is that these opportunities won’t happen overnight. You have to be patient, but you have to work. You have to keep doing whatever it is that you do. Maybe you’re a content creator, maybe you into fitness, maybe you’re into coaching, whatever it is, you just keep bringing value to the marketplace, and keep showing it what you can do, opportunities will open.   Here’s a big tip. Give information away for free. Anyone can go online and find out how to do what you’re doing, but the problem is it takes maybe too long. If you can become the one stop shop for whatever it is that you do, if you can become the library of your space, you will have the attention, and the opportunities. So get started, by starting.
August 13, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #BulletProofFriday: Get back to your why
Jason Howland keeps you focused through the weekend to take the market share that others leave behind, with the Bullet Proof Message.
August 10, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Money is_____.
I recently posed a question on my Instagram account, @patienceandhustle, asking people to fill in this phrase. “Money is_____” blank   Complete that phrase… “Money is____”. The responses I got were great! Money is a tool, money is energy, money is a necessity, money is an accelerant, money is a way to create opportunities, money is freedom.   We were taught that Money is the root of all evil. That’s just not true. In fact, that bible verse is quite misquoted. It actually says “For the LOVE of money, is A root of all kinds of evils”, it’s an attitude problem, not a money problem. Getting rich simply for the consumption, the crave, the desire for it, the LOVE of it. That’s the problem.   Money is a tool, it is a way to get new opportunities, it does help you accelerate your business or even your charity to others. It can create freedom. Finances are one of the leading causes of stress. Not being able to properly take care of your family in the good, and the bad times, will cause undue stress. Imagine a loved, maybe a parent, becoming terminally ill, possibly with cancer, and they don’t have good health insurance, or even life insurance. Who is going to pick up the tab? You. Can you? Can you afford to? Can you afford not to?   Your attitude and desire behind money makes all the difference. So ask yourself today, what is money to you?  
August 6, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #BulletProofFriday: Too Big To Fail
It's important that you ask yourself, "am I too big to fail?" Jason Howland,, shares how to keep your kevlar cranium on during this Friday.
August 3, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday: Stepping out in Faith, with Stacy A. Cross and Bryan humphrey
If you want to step out and do something amazing with your life, you're going to have to have faith, and be a little crazy.
August 1, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Recovery Mode
It’s been a few days since I have done a podcast. In fact, last week got so productive with projects for other people, I was really too exhausted to work on my own stuff. It sounds like excuses, but that’s what I want to talk to you about. See last week I attended a meeting with a group of amazing people, who asked me to help them with their podcast project called, Breaking The Cycle. Check out the page on Instagram at btc_podcast, and I had 2 new clients who needed help with their podcasts as well. I have 4 people I’m working on edits for, and needed to get them done by Saturday. What ended up happening is that I didn’t get very much sleep for a few days, and that led me to physical and mental stress, which caused more fatigue. Which lead me to crashing Friday night, and taking Saturday to fully recover. What lesson did I learn from this? Well, I became very self-aware that I need to recover by getting some sleep at night. With working a day job to fund really everything right now, that leaves me with just a few hours in the evening, and in the morning to work on my own stuff. Organization and time management, I discovered, is vital. I tried to compact too much work in too short of time, giving me no time to recover. In all honesty, I could have reserved some of the work for Saturday, which I had been doing, and got some recovery time during the week. I have the drive to get the work done, but when you run out of fuel, you can’t really drive anywhere. Recovery time is important, so be aware of how much you really need to recover, and take that. But, word of caution, don’t get stuck in recovery mode, to where you get lazy.
July 30, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWedneday - On Podcast, and Growing
Another clip from Stacy A. Cross, on her incredible podcast, the Stacy A. Cross Show! The full episode can be listened to here:   SHOW NOTES Erica Glessing believes that when you tell your story, you change the world. She is an international bestselling author 18+ times over, an expert on happiness and creativity, and is the CEO of Happy Publishing. Listen to The Erica Glessing Show, on itunes or at, an 8-minute daily inspirational podcast for entrepreneurs and lightworkers.   Visit World Class Celebrity Medium to claim your gift:
July 25, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Perfection vs Quality
There is a difference between Perfection, and Quality.  
July 23, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #BulletProofFriday: Determination
Determination! That's the topic today! Jason Howland brings it on #BulletProofFriday   Web: Twitter: Instagram:
July 20, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Focus on the value
You need to be creating content every day. Don’t get caught up in the impressions, the likes, the shares, or that stuff. Get caught up, in giving value. When you get caught up in giving value, the real engagement with your audience will naturally take place. Too often, you get caught up in the numbers game. How many followers, how many likes, how many comments, how many impressions, how many clicks. Shift your focus from the numbers you get in, to the value you give out. The best way to give value is to teach someone something, that can solve their problem. Useful information, that is clear, concise, and actionable. That is the type of content you should focus on. It’s okay to create content that is just there to look nice, and help tell a story. Creative videos, or pictures, with great context that tell a really captivating story, those are great. It solves the problem of people looking for entertainment, something fresh, something unique. So stop worrying about numbers you get from your content, and focus on the value you give.
July 19, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWedneday - What Is Real Wealth?
The Stay A Cross Show notes Akosua Dardaine Edwards is the founder of the Enabling Enterprise Project. The Enabling Enterprise Project is a progressive and interactive programme, which partner with Caribbean and international women’s business support agencies, policy makers and women entrepreneurs from all over the world for the enhancement, empowerment, exchange of ideas and experience and best practice of women’s enterprise and entrepreneurship worldwide. Akosua has travelled and worked throughout countries such as the United Kingdom, Uganda, India, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Kenya and her native Trinidad and Tobago working with women and youth entrepreneurs combining her expertise of entrepreneurship, empowerment and transformation and sharing lessons on the Journey. Visit learn more and to purchase her books.
July 18, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday; Independence
Another Independence Day celebration and I want you to celebrate freedom in your life - Here are 3 ways to shape shift independence for Health, Wealth and Happiness, right now.  Links:  Sponsorship / Questions Email:  Subscribe: Join The Comfort Killers : Be My Guest: Books Mentioned: The Comfort Killers Book : The E-Myth Revisted:
July 11, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - The challenge of being a leader
One of the challenging parts about being a leader is having the tough conversations. If you’re a business owner, a manager, or some sort of team leader, having those tough conversations is part of the role. I want to share a couple of quick tips you can use when situations come up, that require the tough conversations.   1: Do not react to your first reaction. What I mean by this is to not act hastily, take a moment to sit back and reflect on the situation. You do want to address things in a timely manner, but you also want to remain professional, and fully informed. Sometimes you may miss some information in the moment of receiving the complaint, or the observation, or seeing or hearing something. Take a quick moment to breathe, and assess the situation, and then, we get to #2   2: Listen. It’s important to hear out the person. You may have a tendency to already have your mind made up about the outcome, and you forget to listen to what they have to say. It is very possible that they will just make excuses, or try to BS their way out of it, but it’s still important to listen. You really don’t know how they will react, maybe they fill confess and admit they messed up, or maybe they will blame someone else, whatever it is, listening will help you deliver the well thought out, outcome in a professional way. Don’t let someone else drag your good name and image into the ground, by letting them get you worked up to where you say or do something that makes you look bad.   Those are my 2 biggest tips. Don’t react to your first reaction, and listen.
July 10, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - A Winning Community
Having solid relationships is so important in life. Over the past couple of years, I have been fortunate to connect with some amazing people. Social media has made it so easy to connect, and network with like minded people. What’s amazing, is how though these social media sites you end up getting connected with other people, through someone. There’s now a group of us that stay connected, share each other’s content, and collaborate on ideas. One of the best parts is that you start working together on projects. I started this podcast, with just myself in mind, but what I figured out is that it is difficult to create a podcast, even a short one, every day of the week. That’s where the #DontGetWeakWednesday with Stacy A. Cross, and #BulletProofFriday with Jason Howland came in. These are just two great people I’ve connected with, and they graciously let me curate their content into my daily show on a weekly basis. There are other people I’m connected with that we bounce ideas off of each other, give real honest feedback, and help connect to others. This is the kind of stuff you can do when you have solid connections with people. You can get value, as you give value, and everyone is looking to help each other grow. It’s a winning community, start building yours today.    
July 9, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - From 9-5 to 5-9
So you have this great idea for a product or service, you’re really excited about it, you started drawing up your ideas, but you work a 9-5 so you don’t know how you’re going to find time for it. It’s easy. You change your thinking. You see, you’re looking at it backwards. You don’t have a 9-5, you have a 5-9. You just gained 8 extra hours each day. 8 hours for you and your business idea. You can wake up early, work on it, go to your job, crush it there, get off work, work on your business for 4+ hours. Don’t be in such a rush to get out of your day job. First off, let me stop calling it a day job. It’s really your first flow of income. That’s what you will call it now. Your first flow of income. You need to focus on growing that, to put money aside to invest in yourself to grow your first flow, and your 2nd flow. The old excuses of not having time are now nulled and voided. You no longer are a 9-5, you are a 5-9. This is the foundation on which you will build upon.
July 7, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #BulletProofFriday: Increase Your Importance
Increase your importance by bringing Value!
July 6, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday; Know Your Client
If you have a business, or thinking of starting a business, one very important element is knowing who you are targeting in your business. Who is that idea target? It's important to know who this is for. Stacy was in Chicago for an event when she recorded this episode, and shares some amazing tips with us for todays episode.   Subscribe on: Website: Itunes (Apple): Stitcher: Google Play (Android):
July 4, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Stop Procrastinating
Too many people want to wait to start doing something. That’s call procrastination. They want to wait to have everything in order, or wait to have the website built, wait to have a plan, or wait to have enough inventory, or wait for whatever excuse they come up with. It’s procrastination.   There may be some things that need to in place before you can fully execute on something. Take for instance, if you wanted to invest in real estate, but you don’t have the funds, you kind of have to wait on that. In the meantime, though, what could you be doing? For something like this, you have to wait because money is a factor, you could be taking action to go out and make more money to get the finances quicker. You also could be educating yourself more, so when you have the funds to drop, you’re even more educated.   If it’s something like, you want to start a blog, or a vlog, a podcast, you want to sell tshirt or your art, you want to do photography. You don’t have to wait for these things. You have a cell phone, you can blog, vlog, podcast, do photography, and even sell tshirts straight from your phone. You don’t have an excuse to not take some sort of action. You just want to procrastinate. So stop procrastinating.
July 3, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - 5 Quick Fixes by Tim Coe
Tim Coe,, is a marketing expert, author, and content creator. In this episode he shares 5 Quick Fixes for your business, and your brand.
July 2, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #BulletProofFriday: Be Careful With The Good Times
Be careful with the good times. Never let up on the throttle or you will lose momentum. This is the message Jason talks about in this episode of #BulletProofFriday Twitter: Instagram:
June 29, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - On The Road Podcast Ep 1
Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Why am I focusing on these things?   This is episode 1 of a new series I will be posting once, or more a week, where I record a podcast episode on my phone while driving. Sometimes my best thoughts come to me when I'm on the road, so I'm going to start documenting those.
June 21, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday The Struggle
Stacy A. Cross brings on guest, Dionna Walker, founder of Business Mom Inc. She shares her mindset on some of the struggles, and how it's levels to getting what you want in life. You have to go through the levels, and Dionna shares that insight on how to handle it.     Dionna Walker is From Dayton Ohio, she is the Founder of DIONNA HELPING HANDS, a non-profit that help low income families in my city with clothes, food, furniture and more! Dionna is also a mother 6 kids and married. She is the founder of BUSINESS MOM INC, a Business Management Firm for Mothers looking to start a business! Dionna has 3 published books and her most recent book is called THE MOMMY HUSTLE, a book that will inspire and uplift women and business women in all areas of life.   Website: Dionna Helping Hands Facebook: Links:  Sponsorship / Questions Email:  Subscribe: Join The Comfort Killers : Be My Guest: Books Mentioned: The Comfort Killers Book : Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz:
June 20, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Have Integrity
Bitcoin - The New Nigerian Prince It seems like at least 2 times a week, I get a message from someone claiming they can get 200, 300, even 400% returns on investment. I already know what they’re trying to sell me…something about bitcoin, and mining bit coin. It’s a scam, we all know that. These bitcoin scammers are the new Nigerian princes. It is a total waste of my time to sit there and humor them, by replying back. They usually open up conversation with something about an opportunity, and I simply reply back “Send me your best pitch.” Then the fun begins. They tell me all about this big scam, and send me these pictures of text messages from supposed investors. The thing is, they’re all using the same photos of these text streams. The exact same photos. You can read these fake text streams, and be like “Yeah, that’s fake…” Then after you humor them for a short bit, you call them out, they get angry, then block you. With all that being said, this is what I want to tell you about. Have integrity. Sell something that is going to actually bring value. You need to be solving people’s problems, making their lives better. Not making them worse. I’m sure you have an incredible product, or service, and it solves some big problem that people, or companies have. Great! Stick to it! Never waver from that honesty. If you don’t have a product that you believe in, if it’s not bringing value and you know it. Go find something else to sell. This world is full of opportunities, so don’t be afraid to go and get them.
June 19, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - No More Trying
Stop Trying Start Doing   The word "TRY" and all of it's synonyms are hereby removed from my dictionary. I will no longer use them, as they are only a crutch to hold myself back.
June 18, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday Virtues
Stacy A. Cross brings another incredible edition of Don't Get Weak Wednesday. You will not want to miss the full episode, where Stacy goes through the entire list of 13 Virtues.     Personal Growth.  Spiritual Growth. Entrepreneurial Growth. Grab your free book: Buy my new book:   Email: Twitter: Instagram: Web:  
June 13, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Rejection
When you’re doing sales, and you keep getting rejections, you can start to think “what’s wrong with me?” You have a great product, you ask the right questions, you bring a great amount of value, but you keep getting rejection.   The truth is, it may just not be the right time for the buyer.  It may be the right product, it may be the right price, everything is good…it just legitimately is not the right time. That’s why persistence, and follow up, and rapport building are so important.   Staying on the mind of the prospect, continually giving value when you follow up, is important. One day, that prospect is going to need your product, and will be in a position to invest in your product, and you best be the first one on their mind when that happens.   If you’re worried about not obtaining this one prospect, if you’re freaking out, then your pipeline is too small. You need to be hammering on doors, punching digits on a phone, typing out tweets, snapping some chats, being on facebook, Instagram, youtube, everywhere. Leads are there, you just have to go get them. Rejection doesn’t hurt as bad, when you have a full pipeline, and know you can always try calling them another day.
June 12, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Healthy Body Healthy Mind
Healthy body, healthy mind   Since June 1st, I have been exercising regularly, eating a lot healthier, and I’m feeling the results.   Overall, I feel healthier. I have not eaten any greasy fast food, or a lot of sugary junk food. I have had a couple of chocolate chip cookies though, but it’s a lot more under control than it was before. So what kind of changes can you expect when you start exercising, and eating right?   Well, what I have experienced so far is that I have more energy, more focus, I’m sleeping better. I feel getting more sleep has actually helped me with remembering things better as well. I usually have to write things down, or I will forget, but I am noticing better retention which I attribute to be more rested. My sinus allergies have also been under control. Usually this time of year, I’m popping allergy pills just to breathe. But by eating cleaner, cutting out the grease and the sugar, I’ve noticed improvement.   I was a struggle in the beginning. Usually starting is the hardest part. I challenge you to make a change, a healthy change. Start exercising, start eating right, start drinking more water.   A healthy body = A healthy mind
June 11, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Stop Breathe Reset
We are desensitized to alarms. Their urgency of emergency no longer registers in our minds. We hear a whistle, it’s simply a whistle. Not an alarm of emergency. We hear a siren from a cop or ambulance, it’s just a siren. We hear a car alarm go off, we don’t run outside to see if someone is breaking into a car. We just want the alarm to stop.    This month of June for me, is about health. Not just physical, but mental health as well. This really made me start thinking about the alarms that our body gives us, to tell us when things are just not right. When it’s time to stop…breathe…reset…   I have personally found these alarms to come in the form of lower energy, frequent headaches, tense muscles..especially around the neck and shoulders, inability to focus, becoming easily agitated…I know this is starting to sound like one of those medical commercials with all the side effects…but the point is, sometimes we ignore these alarms that our body and mind are giving us, and in return our body can crash hard. If you take intermittent moments to just stop..breathe..and reset, it will better for you in the long run. 
June 9, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday - Health
Stacy A. Cross talks about starting at your own pace when it comes to healthy personal development. You do not need to listen to people who tell you that you need to do cross fit, or some other exercise program. You just need to start, jump in for the sake of jumping in.   Personal Growth.  Spiritual Growth. Entrepreneurial Growth. Grab your free book: Buy my new book:   Email: Twitter: Instagram: Web:  
June 6, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - You Need A Game Plan
You need a game plan.   The month of June for me is about Health. This health, Wealth, and Happiness challenge came about from a friends of mines podcast, The Stacy A. Cross Show. She talks about health, wealth, and happiness in her shows, and really got me to thinking that I need to work on this myself.  So I’m challenging myself to make a change in June, to improve my health by eating better, exercising more, and growing in knowledge. Growing in knowledge, I’m doing fine with. Reading books, doing training daily. The eating healthy, and exercise part has been a bit more of a struggle. The first 3 days, I didn’t really eat healthy. I was getting away from junk food, and eating out, but I did both of those things. The big problem is that I did not have a game plan. I have no direction, no clear goals, and those are vital to making a change, and setting new habits. You need a game plan. Here is how you build a game plan. You first need an overall goal. You need to define very clearly, and precisely what you want to achieve. Then you need to break that overall goal, into weekly, and daily goals. This makes it more consumable. Every single day, you have a clear vision of your plan, you write down your goals for the day, your game plan, and work to accomplish it. The small victories will amount to big wins.
June 4, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Guest: Jason Howland, Consumers & Creators
Jason Howland shares how there are two types of people. There are the consumers, and the creators. Which one are you? Twitter: Instagram:
June 1, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Your What, Not Your Why
What is your “Why”…you know what, on second thought, forget your “WHY”. Focus on WHAT you’re going to do. You talk about your “why” all day long, but without the “WHAT you’re going to do”, you WHY means nothing.   Layout an action plan and take action on it. Don’t plan on taking action, as soon as you write down your step number one, take it. Don’t hesitate. Remove time from the equation. If Step One about WHAT you’re going to do about your WHY, is call on 10 people, call them right then and there.   There’s no waiting. There’s especially no whining. Don’t whine about not having the time. In the amount of time, you were whining about not having time, you could have used that time to do what you were whining about not having time to do. There. End of podcast… If I were on Brad Lea’s “Dropping Bombs” Podcast, there would be an explosion sound for that. I’m not going to copy him though haha.   Layout step one of WHAT you’re going to do about your WHY, and take action on it.
May 31, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday: Stacy A. Cross with special guest, Delto Eli Alcantara
Stacy talks with Delto Eli Alcantara about how his military experience has helped him in his civilian life.   Subscribe on: Website: Itunes (Apple): Stitcher: Google Play (Android): ------ Main Content:  Delto Eli Alcantara is an U.S army veteran who founded Elite Credit Consultants, a credit repair and consultant agency ( Elite Credit not only repairs your credit but builds financial freedom. Contact them today for a free consultation. Links:  Sponsorship / Questions Email:  Subscribe: Join The Comfort Killers : Be My Guest: Books Mentioned: Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks : The Comfort Killers Book :
May 30, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Healthy Habits Challenge
Are you taking care of yourself? My good friend Stacy A. Cross, talks about Health, Wealth, and Happiness in her podcast “The Stacy A. Cross Show.” And this inspired me to do something. I’ve been working on improving my health, but have struggled to really focus on that. I eat healthy for a few days, then fall back into the junk. I’m trying to exercise more, but not having healthy eating habits in a way reverses the work you do. It’ll keep you from really progressing. So I’m challenging myself over the next 3 months to focus on Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Starting in June, I’ll be focusing primarily on eating healthier, and exercising more. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing every day. To build up that habit When you take care of your body physically, you in turn are taking care of yourself mentally as well. If you eat right, and exercise, you’re going to sleep better, you’re going to have more energy, and you’re going to feel better overall. My challenge to you, is to look at what you are eating, and how you feel daily, and realize there’s a correlation. If you’re body and mind are feeling drained, if you’re suffering from allergies even more than usual, it’s more than likely a result of your diet. Improve your physical health, which will help improve your mental health.  
May 29, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Handling Internal Objections on #BulletProofFriday
The toughest objection you get in the sale, is the same objection you have internally. Jason shares how to overcome that objection, and win in the close. Twitter: Instagram:
May 25, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Passive Income
Thelonious C. Jones, and Stacy A. Cross come to you today for #DontGetWeakWendesday. Thelonious talks about passive income through rental properties. This was specifically geared toward truck drivers, as a means for them to make supplemental income in the times that trucks break down, and they cannot be on the road. The important facts that Thelonious talks about though, are important for everyone to listen to.     Personal Growth.  Spiritual Growth. Entrepreneurial Growth. Grab your free book: Buy my new book:   Email: Twitter: Instagram: Web:  
May 23, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Yanny or Laurel, #Hashtags
This was the context to my Yanny VS Lauren post. There's nothing really special about it, except for the fact that I hopped on a trending topic, and used trending hashtags. The results were what was interesting. ---- This is pretty interesting. Remember that whole “what color dress is this”, thing? Well. Now we have another one, and this time I can explain it. • When people hear his audio, some hear the name “Yanny”, and others hear the name “Laurel”. #yannyorlaurel #laureloryanny • Being a sound guy, I knew I could figure out what’s going on. • Here it is 1: An audio clip of the word “Yanny” and “Laurel” are playing at the same time. Yanny at high frequency, Laurel at a lower frequency. 2: Depending on the quality of your speakers, it may not pick up the lower frequencies. 3: Depending on your ears sensitivity to frequencies, you may only hear one or other even with good speakers. • I cut the Lowe frequencies out in the video to where you hear “Yanny” more clearly, and the. Cut the high frequencies out, where you hear “Laurel” more easily. • An interesting thing is, a friend of mine only heard static when I cut the low frequencies out. She couldn’t hear “Yanny”. • Just like color vision, we all hear frequencies slightly differently. Some may not have the ability to hear certain high or low frequencies, based off age, exposure to loud noise over periods of time (causes hearing damage), or just genetics I’m sure. I’m no rocket genius when it comes to that. • An interesting thing that popped up, and I thought I’d throw my 2¢ at it. Since I’m in the world of audio. • #audio #recoding #video #yanny #laurel #whatdoyouhear #hearing #experiment #instagood
May 22, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Recovered
I'm now recovered after a few days of resting, getting re-energized, re-committed, and re-focused.   Here is an excerpt from my latest blog to talk about what happened:   I dropped a cookie on the floor   Kind of a strange name for a blog, I know. This really happened though. Twice. In the same evening. It’s currently Saturday morning, 00:34 or 12:34am, as I am writing this. This week has left me physically, and mentally exhausted. Mid way through the week I was feeling drained. I couldn’t hold myself together it seemed. The best way to describe how I was feeling, was that I dropped two chocolate chip cookies on the floor. I love chocolate chip cookies. What a waste of a good cookie. That’s when I knew my body was feeling the wear of the work, and time I have been putting in. Working a day job 7-5, then working out 30min-1hr after work, then doing another 2-3 hours of my side work. I’ve been doing this routine for a while, and I could feel my body needing rest. I continued to push through regardless.   Read the full article at:
May 21, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Gray Skies
Not every day is a sunny day, but that doesn't mean you can't make it a sunny day. Jason Howland brings us bullet proof friday, talking about how to make gray skies, into sunny days. Twitter: Instagram:
May 18, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #DontGetWeakWednesday "Don't Get Fooled By Gurus"
Stacy A. Cross is back, and is on fire! Raw, no fluff, pure energy, is what she is now bringing. Bringing it on her terms, and no one else's. In today's episode of #DontGetWeakWednesday, Stacy talks about running your business, and life on your terms, and not being controlled by the outside world.     Personal Growth.  Spiritual Growth. Entrepreneurial Growth. Grab your free book: Buy my new book:   Email: Twitter: Instagram: Web:  
May 16, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - What You Learned About Money
  There is a gap in the educational system, that doesn’t teach people how to handle money. They don’t teach how to make it. They don’t teach how to keep it. They for sure do not teach how to multiply it. #1 Sales is not a bad trade. We all have had bad experiences with sales people, or maybe with ourselves in sales. It’s because the salesperson didn’t know what they’re doing, so they had to use bad techniques which turned into a bad experience. #2 It’s ok to get your money right. It’s not greedy. You shame people who have wealth, while we sit here and struggle financially. Would you still shame a wealthy person if you suddenly found wealth? If you were no longer struggling with finances, and could help your family financially, would you still hate that people are wealthy? No. You wouldn’t. So stop hating and focus on your life, and getting your money right. #3 College education is becoming more and more inefficient. It’s not a guarantee you’ll get a job. I talk to so many people who have degrees, that no longer use the degree. They now see that it’s a waste. They’re doing something else they’re happy with, or haven’t been able to get a job doing the thing they studied. The tides have shifted. College education is no long a must have, unless you want to be a doctor or lawyer. Educate yourself on money. I recommend @grantcardone and @therealkiyosaki  
May 15, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Taking Your Own Medicine
I took the weekend to myself. I talk about taking time to reboot, recharge, and reset, but I hadn’t been practicing what I’m preaching. My body started feeling weak, muscles were tense from stress, I needed a recharge. Have you felt like that before? You have to take time out, to unwind. Not every weekend. Not the whole weekend. Just enough to reboot. After a weekend of not doing any work, watching some movies, spending some much needed time with friends I haven't seen in a while, I’m recharged. I hope you took time for yourself this weekend. The new week is about to begin. Are you ready?
May 14, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Find Your Style
Find your style and run with it. You’re unique. You know what you like, so why hide it? Why not just be you? That’s the best version anyway. Trying or wanting to be like everyone else, never resulted in someone standing out. Do you remember that Apple commercial, where everyone was in an auditorium wearing all gray clothing, and watching this person on a big screen. Then this lady runs in with bright red shorts, and a bright white shirt, throws a sledge hammer smashing the screen? Inspired by George Orwell’s 1984. Challenging the status quo. Disrupting the norm. Be yourself. Find your style.
May 13, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - #BulletProofFriday "Counterintuitive"
Jason Howland's #BulletProofFriday is exclusively featured on Patience & Hustle Daily. In this episode Jason shares about counterintution. What does it mean to be "Counterintuitive?" Is that even a word? Jason explains... Twitter: Instagram:
May 11, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Cut Out, Then Add More
Sometimes it’s better to cut things out, rather than trying to add more. There is a time for more, but that is not what this episode is about. This episode is about learning when to cut things out of your life that are not adding value. What to look for: If people in your life are adding drama, and stealing your time, it’s time to have that serious conversation with them that you cannot spend as much time with them, and sometimes not any time with them. Your time is precious, it’s limited, and you have no time for their drama anymore. What about how you spend down time? You may need to cut those time wasting video streaming programs out. I know for me, I would sit and binge on a show for hours every single day. I love movies, and tv shows, but what ends up happening is that I take moments for myself, and end up taking a few hours. Those services make binge watching very easy, and it can be very addicting. Cutting things out is a lot more challenging than adding more. The benefit though is far greater. Cutting out those things that rob you of your time, opens up more time for those valuable things in your life. The ones that add to your dreams, get you closer to your goals, and help you fulfill your mission.
May 10, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - The Attitude of 'Stop Trying & Just Start Doing'
The Attitude of 'Stop Trying & Just Start Doing'   Stacy A. Cross talks about setting goals bigger, better, higher, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Stop trying, and start doing.   Email: Twitter: Instagram: Web:   Grant Cardone: Twitter: Instagram: Web:
May 9, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Your Other Passions
Taking time for your other passions is important. You may have a passion for what you’re doing on the daily, but you have other passions. Making time for them can spark creativity in your other passions. You may love videography, but also have a passion for drawing. Do so drawing each day. Let your brain reset for a short moment. It’ll disrupt your day if you’ve been focusing on a project all day long. That disruption is like getting up and walking away to get a fresh look, except now you’re causing your brain to get creative in a different way. Try that next time you find yourself stuck in a slump when working on something. Break away from it, get the creative juices flowing with other things, then come back to the project with rejuvenation.
May 8, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - The Biggest Obstacle
Hard lessons, but necessary lessons to learn Life isn't fair You’re not owed, or entitled to anything You have to be willing to do things you don't want to do Despite all the trouble of the economy, life, competition, you are your biggest obstacle You have to get over the mentality of “I don't like this,” “I can't do this,” “I'm no good,” or anything else negative. You have to have a “Can Do” attitude. The only reason you would hate something like singing, dancing, working out, reading, Sales, or anything else, is because there's something about it that you don't know. YOU are your biggest obstacle. No one else is keeping you from doing what you want in life. You cannot blame anyone else, and you cannot feel owed or entitled.
May 6, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - How To Get Opportunities
How do you get opportunities? By solving problems If you can first solve a problem, then teach others to solve that problem, you will land opportunities, and new doors will open.   It starts with your attitude, and mindset. This means No excuses. No whining. No complaining. No blaming others, or other things. Accepting responsibility for your outcomes. Having patience. Putting in the hard work that no one else is willing to do. There are no bad days. Does the hard work pay off immediately? No. The energy you put in, the work, is all an investment. You position yourself as the expert at something, by solving the problem consistently. In fact, you become so knowledgeable about how to solve the problem, that at some point others begin to seek out your advice. They reach out to you, rather than you trying to reach out to them to help solve that problem. So ask yourself problem do you solve?  Or, what problem do you want to solve?        
May 5, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Jason Howland talks about "Procrastination"
Jason Howland shares #BulletProofFriday, and talks to us today about the cause of procrastination. Twitter: Instagram:
May 4, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Energy and Potential
The misplacement of energy, and potential is what throws you into places that do not benefit you, and rob you of what you’re capable of. But how do you get out of it? You have to divert your energy elsewhere, because where energy flows, there your life and circumstances go.   First you have to make a decision. A decision to make a change. What’s something positive, beneficial, fulfilling, rewarding, what is that one thing you really want to do deep down inside of your being? This will require some soul searching, some self-awareness, and some testing. Once you start figuring out some ideas of what it is you want to do, you have to start doing, and adjusting.   Once you have that thing figured out, then your energy can fully be poured into it. There won’t be any “free time”, you’ll realize that time isn’t free. Time cost you money whether you doing something with it, or not. You could be building on this idea you have, being productive.  Or you could be binge watching tv which would be wasting your time. You’d be losing time and not having anything to gain. Be warned though, when you start acting on this idea, this thing you want to pour your energy in, you will not see immediate returns on your investment. It’s possible you may not see any. You may have to adjust, recalibrate, and push though difficult times.   If you’re not where you want to be, or at least in the lane you want to be in, and you’re feeling your potential is being wasted, the find ways to divert your energy elsewhere. Even if it’s just on the side of your day job.   
May 3, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Stacy A. Cross & Grant Cardone on BOBA
Stacy A. Cross from The Comfort Killers speaks with Grant Cardone on his book, Be Obsessed or Be Average. This is an incredible episode with the legend himself, Uncle G.   Full Podcast Episode: Email: Twitter: Instagram: Web:   Grant Cardone: Twitter: Instagram: Web:
May 2, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Sales Is Service
Sales is about service. It’s not about slamming someone with products, trying to force them to buy. You have to find out what their problem is, so that you can then present them with a solution. If you’re talking with a prospect, who has never purchased from you before, probably doesn’t even know who you are, do you think laying on high pressure tactics is going to close a deal? No. It’s not. If I were to ask you if you enjoyed sales, you would probably tell me you hate sales. The truth is, sales is every conversation you have, and the commission is whatever outcome you’re looking for. If every conversation were high pressure, intense, it’s all about your way and no one’s else’s way, you would not be having very many conversations. People would avoid you. If you can bring value by giving, and giving, and giving, when it comes time to ask you’ve got a lot better chance than you would have ever before. Get creative. What products, or services do you have that could build value today, to help you land a sale tomorrow? You won’t be able to close everyone on one call, with one conversation. Sales isn’t about high levels of pressure, it’s about high levels of service.
May 1, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Monday Marketing Tip
  Would you rather have 10,000 followers, with and average 2-3 comments per post, that are probably just spam, or would you rather have 2,000 followers, with 5-10 average comments from people who add value, and regularly engage? Honestly, we would all rather have both. The follower count and engagement.   We want people to follow our brands, be engaging, and maybe even purchase our products or services. More often than not, we get hung up on the numbers. You constantly look the follower count every day, hoping it goes up, like that solves any problems. If you have 8,000 followers who don’t engage, probably are not real, don’t comment, and don’t purchase, then are they even really truly followers?   What can you do? 1: Be more engaged with your audience first. Don’t expect other people to be engaged if you’re not 2: Stop worrying about the numbers. The follower count doesn’t mean anything If they’re not truly following, engaging, and if you’re really good enough, buying.   So, for your Monday Marketing tip, Be engaged with you audience. Listen, watch, respond.
April 30, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Just Do
If you have an idea, or something you’re wanting to do. Just do it.   I want to make this message as clear as possible for you. Stop overthinking this thing you want to do or try, and just do it.   You have nothing to lose. If you try, and fail, you simply are right where you started. You’ve lost nothing.   This is the how you get this idea out there, and start doing. Press Record on your phone. Record a short video of you doing this thing, this idea. Documenting.   If you’re good, the market will tell you. If you’re bad, forget what people think. If you really want to do this thing, you will keep doing it over and over, failing and failing, learning and learning, doing and doing.   That’s it. Short and sweet. Just do.  
April 29, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Push Through
Even when you do not feel like it, still do it. You may not feel like writing that blog. You may not feel like making that podcast. You may not feel like calling that client. Do it anyway. You will feel so much better finishing that task for the day. Don’t put it off for tomorrow, when you know you need to do it today. To be honest, I didn’t want to do a flash briefing. It’s Friday night, I had a long day at work, then a long evening working on some editing projects. I’m tired. Plus, it is difficult to come up with content every single day. By pushing through though, I’m able to finish the last task of my night. By pushing through those mental barriers that tell you to just quit, to cut it short, to stop while you’re ahead, to take it easy, to not take that last phone call, to not help that last client, to not create that last piece of content for the night, by pushing through you push out that weakness. You push through that average thinking, because you know you that you can’t stand out if you’re just standing in the crowd.  That last client, that last phone call, that last piece of content, could be the one thing that causes you to stand out, and catapult you toward your goals. 
April 28, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Bulletproof Mindset: Be Yourself
No one likes getting a sales call at 5pm, while you're eating dinner with your family. What if you could change the way you make the call, so that the receiver would be more willing to listen? Jason Howland shares some tips with us today on how to achieve this. Twitter: Instagram:
April 27, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Thriving Under Pressure
It’s take a certain personality type to stay calm under pressure, and chaos. Like when the building is burning down, you’re the person who is calm and directing people where to go. You thrive in those high pressure situations. The more chaotic the better.   It’s a unique feeling one has, when things start going crazy around you, but you remain calm. It’s like you’re in this happy spot where you’re functioning at 110%. You’re in your element. When things go down everyone else starts looking for that person to guide them with what to do, and where to go.   Being this kind of person takes a lot of responsibility though. You, being the one the others look toward for direction, have to be willing to take on responsibility for anything that may go wrong per your direction. Not many are willing to accept that responsibility.   I don’t know if this type of personality is something that is genetic, or something that can be learned or even taught, but I do know that those who possess it, should embrace it.
April 26, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Self Control & Discipline, Guest: Stacy A. Cross
From the 9-5, to full time entrepreneurship, Stacy A. Cross of the Comfort Killers talks about why you need self control and discipline. You have to respect, and honor your time to get things done. When you no longer have that comfortable paycheck rolling into your bank account every two weeks, you have to stay focused on your time, and working your revenue streams.    Get the book: on Amazon: Email: Twitter: Instagram: Web:
April 25, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Between The Idea & The End Result
Take action on your ideas! With GUSTO!!!  Which is “enjoyment or vigor in doing something. Style of artistic execution” Write down that idea, and get in the habit of taking action. But how? By doing. Sounds easy enough, and it is! This is a like a muscle, you have to work it, on a regular basis, in order to build its strength, or to tone and define it. Here’s an example: I had this idea to put my podcast logo on a coffee mug, and on the other side the customer could customize it to have their name, favorite hashtag, quote, or whatever on the other.  Do I know how to make this really work? No. But, I took action, and will figure it out as I go. It’s a cool idea, and I acted on it. If it works out, awesome. If not, awesome. I took action on an idea, a cool idea at that. I lose nothing, but could gain a lot. Think about all of those ideas you once had. Maybe you had this idea where instead of people calling a taxi cab, they can call you for a ride instead. So instead of getting a taxi that had cigarette burns in the seats, dirty floors, some weird smell, and a cab driver that hates his life, they get you and your nice 2017 Honda Accord. It’s clean, it’s friendly, it’s affordable, and it’s convenient. What a great idea that would be! That’s such an ubercool idea… But, you didn’t take action on the idea, and now some Joe Schmoe is making billions on this idea. I’m not saying my coffee mug idea is anywhere in comparisons, but you know what it is? It’s part of my repetitions on taking action. Between the IDEA and the PRODUCT, is ACTION. 
April 24, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Going Into The Work Week
Going into the work week can be stressful. Don’t let it be. Embrace it. It’s an opportunity to make a difference, and move closer toward your goals.   Yes, it will be full of useless paperwork, meetings going longer than they should, technical problems, incomplete assignments, and just the general fires that must be put out on a daily basis. But you know what? It’s going to be okay.     This is your week. This is your career. This is your life. This is your opportunity.   Here are three quick things to focus on this week:   1: Making a difference. Focus on making a difference, not just in your life, but those around you. 2: Learn something new. Seek out knowledge in your endeavor. A little more knowledge never hurt anyone, in fact it does quite the opposite. 3: Getting things done. Just that. Get stuff done. Don’t waste time sitting around the coffee maker, or sitting in the break room. Stay focused on the work at hand, and get stuff done.  
April 23, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Believe In What You're Selling
Believe In What You're Selling I don’t do design, and content creation work for everyone. I have to believe in your product, and your message before I will agree to work with you. When I started studying graphic design back in 2007, I made a decision I was never going to use design and marketing to promote products that I didn’t believe in. I saw the power behind design, the influence it can have, and the outcome it could cause.  Think about how many lives tobacco companies have affected, or even war propaganda.  Marketing, and design, is a powerful tool.  Now, not taking every prospect out there is the opposite of what some would tell you. Some may tell you to take every opportunity to start making some money and building a power base. I may lose in the short term by taking the opposite approach, but it’s a choice I have made. I will not lower my morals, or standards, for a quick buck. I challenge you to do the same.  Never sell a product you don’t believe in. If you do not believe it is of the highest quality, and can positively affect someone’s life, don’t sell it. Find something that you believe in. If you wouldn’t sell it your own mother, then why would you sell it to someone else’s?  Stay true to your beliefs and morals. Yes. You may leave some money on the table now, but it will give 10 fold in the future. Patience & Hustle. That’s the name of the game
April 22, 2018
Patience & Hustle Daily - Create Content Daily
How to create content daily. Figure out your mission. That’ll take so leg work if you don’t know it already. What’s the thing you stand for? What problem are you’re going to solve? I teach people to create content daily.  Why? You need more exposure to get more customers. More customers mean more money. More money and financial discipline, means you become financially confident  I teach you the 5:1 method of content creation, so you can get more exposure, and more customers, and more money.    5:1 method: Long form video. Video audio converted to podcast. Long form video condensed to 1 minute video so social sites. Audio from video, transcribed to a blog. Quotes in the blog designed into quote posts for social media.   You will find though, a fair warning, it is time consuming. You can do it all your own. My question to you though, is how much is your time worth? You can’t make more time, but you can buy time. That’s where I come in. People pay me to help them create the content, because by me giving you time, and content, it allows you to focus on customer acquisition.  Figure out your message, the problem you’re solving, and create content using the 5:1 Method, to show you solving that problem.