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China Flexpat

China Flexpat

By Patrick Frick & Francis Kremer
The China Flexpat podcast interviews professionals in China to help people from all over the world find the best jobs in China.

We uncover myths and show the truth about challenges and opportunities when looking for a life in the Middle Kingdom.

Flexpats are like expats, but flexible. Highly interested in China's business world, culture, people and language but without the backing of a multinational company that provides large salary packages.

We want to show you how you can become a well paid and happy China flexpat with the right skills and mindset.
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#35 How to work in Chinese e-commerce going global with Simon de Raadt

China Flexpat

#99 Find your place in China's rising economy with Gianni Girolami
This is an episode for China experts and Chinese language professionals. Gianni explains how you can start your China-related career in Europe, get transferred to China, and then transferred back to Europe. Build a 10-year plan for your life, your family, and your career, and adjust your plan in the process. Get financially independent by building multiple income streams.  Embrace the clash of cultures and use it to raise your kids in a winning mindset.  Think out of the box, welcome change, and define your own unique value as a "Flexpat". Use your job like a real-life MBA.  About Gianni: Work: Podcast: Douyin: 杰哥和雁姐 WeChat: Jiening-GG LinkedIn:
August 13, 2022
#98 "I had to go to China to find my passion" with Felipe Cabrera
This episode shows us how you can grow into an expert with a successful business from a rather generic background and stay adaptable to upcoming changes in China. Learn about the coffee industry in China, upcoming trends, and how to build up a network to boost your business. Find out how businesses nowadays draw more customers into their shops. What are the key skills to be successful in China and how you can prepare for all kinds of challenges? Find Felipe on LinkedIn: Find Felipe on RED:
July 30, 2022
#97 Take your engineering career to China! With Bruno Lhopiteau
This is a special episode for engineers and technology nerds who want to build their careers in China.  Get a big picture of the Chinese economy from international companies to State-owned enterprises, and even Belt and Road projects. Learn about R&D processes and copycats. Entering new markets and going international from China. What does it take to build your complete engineering and business career abroad? Is it still possible today? Check the children's book 阿凡提  ā fán tí - can you read it as well? About Bruno: WeChat sivecochina  LinkedIn
July 23, 2022
#96 Probably the "most German" city in China with Marieke Bossek
This is a special episode for the German community in the Shanghai area. You learn about a complete flexpat career from university to retirement. Including all challenges, happiness, and fears along the way. Not only, but especially for Germans. Share this episode with your German friend! The German Center is a "home away from home" for German companies in China. Taicang is probably the "most German" city in China. Find the German Center Taicang here: Find Marieke on LinkedIn WeChat: MariekeBossek Email:
July 17, 2022
#95 Employing people with disabilities & Career success factors with Nadav Ben Simon
1) Flexpat Career Development from coming to China to leaving China 2) Deep dive into changing the perception of employing people with disabilities 3) Success factors for developing your flexpat career Last: The Inclusion Factory is hiring flexpats. Please reach out to Nadav. Learn more about the Inclusion Factory: Connect with Nadav on WeChat: NadavBS Or per email: Find Nadav on LinkedIn:
July 10, 2022
#94 Advice by seasoned China flexpat (20 years) - Dr. Wolfgang Wagner.
Content:  1. Unique lifestyle as 72-year-old flexpat  2. What kind of people does Wolfgang spend his time with?  3. How did he change his lifestyle since he first came to China?   4. How does he spend and invest his income?  5. How does he find the energy for his active flexpat lifestyle?  6. How does Wolfgang see his future in China?  7. Wolfgang`s advice for young flexpats   a. Learn Chinese   b. Keep your connection to your own country and culture while you live in China   c. Build wealth, don`t waste your income. LinkedIn: WeChat: wrwagner Website:
June 29, 2022
#93 Steps to start a career from scratch in China with Steven Senshan
Steven’s Steps To Starting From Scratch in China: 1. Set your long-term goals the moment you set foot in the country. 2. Whatever anyone says to you, you must learn Chinese. 3. Research, research, research. 4. Pursue a diverse set of paths within the direction that you are heading in. 5. Get out of the foreigner bubble and meet new people. 6. Embrace difference, but don’t lose yourself. Find Steven on LinkedIn: Find Steven on Instagram: Find Steven on Weibo: Find Steven on RED:
June 12, 2022
#92 Achieving work-life balance in China with Alex Exner
Content: 1. Unique lifestlyle as young entrepreneur in Shanghai 2. What kind of people does Alex spend his time with? 3. How did he change his lifestyle since he first came to China?  4. Did this have an impact on his client base? 5. How does he spend and invest his income? 6. How different is his life compared to before? 7. How does he gain the energy for his flexpat lifestyle? 8. How does Alex see his future in China? 9. Alex`s advices for the Flexpat community           a. Try different things and change your perspective           b. Build a community and get to know people           c. Actively ask others for their experience and advice Connect with Alex: LinkedIn: WeChat: alex4_97 Instagram: alex4_97 Website:
May 22, 2022
#91 Portuguese Special: Chinese culture in law and advocacy with Wallace Wu
Neste episódio vamos falar da área do Direito. Como um advogado brasileiro com experiências estudantis e profissionais em escritórios na China, Wallace vai nos contar sobre as similaridades e diferenças do Direito no Brasil e na China, as diferenças culturais, o que esperar de um trabalho em um escritório chinês e como um profissional do Direito brasileiro pode atuar na China. Sim, é possível! Além disso, ele vai nos falar sobre seu curso de Direito Chinês na universidade mais prestigiada do país, a Tsinghua, e dos encontros da Comissão das Relações Brasil-China no qual ele é vice-presidente.  Siga o Wallace no Linkedin:
May 19, 2022
#90 The lifestyle of a flexpat: Verena and Francis share their stories. (Recorded before lockdown)
In this episode our guest Verena and Francis discuss various important parts of a typical flexpat or expat lifestyle. This was recorded before the lockdown.  1. What is unique about your flexpat lifestyle?  2. What kind of people do you spend time with?  3. How did you change your lifestyle since you first came to China?  4. How do you spend and invest your income?  5. How can you buy an apartment in China?   6. How do you coordinate and arrange job and private life?  7. How do you see your future in China? 8  Some advice for flexpats Connect with Verena on LinkedIn:
May 15, 2022
#89 Lockdown Special - Flexpat career after COVID?
Topics discussed:  - How to deal with the current Covid crisis?  - Will there be new job opportunities for flexpats?  - How can flexpats:   ○ differentiate on the job market?   ○ deal with different cultures and regulations?   ○ cope with the current lockdown?   ○ plan their career?   ○ Start their own business? Janine has made it her purpose to make lifelong learning accessible to anybody globally and to unlock everyone’s full potential.  You can join her projects for free and get inspired. Try it out! Her email and   Tune into her newest project for lifelong learning:  Join the free "Monday Morning Motivation" community with lots of motivation to start your week:  Add Janine on WeChat: "janine_ja" to get added to the wechat group. Find Janine on LinkedIn
May 08, 2022
#88 How to plan your flexpat career with Barry Kirkwood
Find Barry on LinkedIn:   1. What is the key to "get hunted" by headhunters and find good opportunities?  2. How can flexpats differentiate on the Chinese job market? How can they show their unique value?  3. How important are technical skills and technical experience?  4. What skills should flexpats focus on to develop their career?  5. What should flexpats know about employment law?  6. How does a flexpat career path in China look like?  7. What can flexpats do if they don`t get a visa?  8. How can flexpats start their own business and get a work visa?  9. Is it possible to be a flexpat in China without speaking Chinese? 10. What can you do to improve your Chinese?
April 23, 2022
#87 Self-marketing and improving long-term job chances with Oscar Fuchs
Learn from Oscar, a seasoned flexpat and career advisor. How can flexpats:  - "get hunted" by headhunters and find good opportunities?  - differentiate themselves in the China job market?  - practice their cultural adaptability skills?  - train their networking skills?   - build long term relationships  - improve their long term job chances?  - build a personal brand using LinkedIn?  -  grow their network? Tune into Oscar’s "Mosaic of China" Podcast here, with lots of stories of professionals in China: Find Oscar on LinkedIn: Mosaic of China:
April 10, 2022
#86 German Special: 15 Jahre im technischen Top-Management in China mit Mario Bock
Mario Bock lebt seit 15 Jahren in China und leitet als Werk-Direktor bei Hörmann Changshu Door Production die Produktion vor Ort. Von Downtown Shanghai bis zum Dorfleben in einem Vorort von Changshu, kennt Mario alles. In dieser Episode teilt er seine Erfahrungen als deutscher Manager in China und die damit verbundenen Lernkurven, unterschiedlichen Arbeitsweisen sowie Empfehlungen für Neulinge.  Karriere-Entwicklung zum Werk-Direktor Lifestyle-Unterschiede Großstadt/Dorf Top Management Positionen in China Kommunikation im Job Recruiting und HR-Strategie Performance messen Vor-und Nachteile des Flexpat-Lebens Arbeitsverträge und Gehälter
April 05, 2022
#85 Running a service business as a flexpat with Marion Campan
It was Marion`s dream to come to Shanghai. She prepared long in advance to get an internal transfer here, and then developed her special consulting skillset in the "strengths" area as a coach. The coaching market is very competitive, and Marion made sure to differentiate from both flexpat and Chinese competition. Today, she shares her coaching, consulting and entrepreneurship journey, and what you can learn from this experience.       Connect with Marion:  WeChat: MarionCAMPAN Instagram: intandid_coaching  Website: Content: 1. How did Marion come to China and how did she get into consulting? 2. How can flexpats build an expert status? 3. What are the main challenges to start a business? 4. How can flexpats deal with the administrative process in China? 5. How can flexpats make their business sustainable? 6. How can entrepreneurs stand out and create value? 7. How can flexpat entrepreneurs differentiate on the Chinese market? 8. What is the value of Chinese language and cultural adaptability skills? 9. How does growth happen and how does it feel? 10. How can flexpats prepare to start their own business? 
March 30, 2022
#84 Taking European heritage to China through F&B products
Lina shares with us lessons learned on a long flexpat entrepreneurship journey in China. Since 2010, she has consulted 100+ projects with 1000+ B2B meetings accross a dozen industries as well as 200+ individual clients, all looking to enter or expand their business in China. Lina is a real influencer, she also runs her own "China Business Cast" in which she shares many more stories of entrepeneurs in China. Find it on your podcast app and learn more! Find Lina on Linkedin Her email and company page   Tune into Lina`s "China Business Cast" here, with lots of stories of entrepreneurs in China Content: 1. How did Lina come to China and how did she get into international business? 2. What is special about the European Food & Beverage culture and how can it be introduced in China?  3. What is the key to achieve long-term success with an F&B brand in China market? 4. Why do the Chinese consumers buy European F&B products?  5. How can a flexpat entrepreneur create value to customers? 6. What are the main challenges as an entrepreneur? 7. How can flexpats learn to be an entrepreneur? 8. What is Lina`s career advice to flexpats doing business in China? 9. What can international brands learn from Chinese brands? 10. How was the F&B market affected by the pandemic? 11. How do Lina`s customers learn from her? How can you learn best?
March 26, 2022
#83 Portuguese Special: The Football Industry in China / A Indústria do Futebol na China
Description in Portuguese: Vocês pediram e aqui está a primeira entrevista em português Europeu! Neste episódio, falaremos sobre futebol na China, tendências de desenvolvimento e os desafios deste setor, oportunidades para estrangeiros, diferenças na cultura de trabalho na China e muito mais! Como é o setor do futebol na China? Quais são as tendências de desenvolvimento da indústria do desporto e, em particular, do futebol na China? Que oportunidades existem neste setor para estrangeiros? Quais são os maiores desafios do setor? Que conselhos darias a um estrangeiro que queira trabalhar neste setor na China? É viável seguir carreira profissional neste setor na China? Que plataformas permitem aceder a oportunidades de trabalho neste setor para a China? Quais as especificidades da cultura de trabalho na China e, em especial, no setor do desporto e futebol? O que é diferente de Portugal? O que torna a China um país atrativo a nível profissional? É preciso chinês para vive e trabalhar na China? O quão importante é a integração cultural? É sabido que a China é um país recheado de oportunidades para estrangeiros e que a indústria de futebol na China tem assistido a um franco desenvolvimento nos últimos anos. Está na hora de perguntar ao treinador de futebol Rui Vitorino, a viver há sete anos na China, como está o panorama desta indústria na China, quais os desafios e quais as soft skills que um profissional estrangeiro tem de ter para conseguir trabalhar na China.
March 15, 2022
#82 For Women: International Career Development with Ana Juricevic
Ana Juricevic was 27 years old when she moved to China with her fiancé to work as the Office Manager for a German textile company. Ana is a Hangzhou-based flexpat coming from Croatia. She is also a community manager of Girl Gone International – a community that gathers women who travel. In this episode, Ana talks about   - international career development for women  - her experience in China; how and why she moved to Hangzhou  - what kind of working opportunities women can find in China  - leadership differences between Europe and China  - how to combine career and family  - how to lead a fulfilling life in China   Connect with Ana Linkedin:  WeChat: anajuricevic Instagram: @anajuricevic
March 13, 2022
#81 First China job - Better Job - Own Business with Stephan Thaerigen
Stephan Thaerigen has been working in Shenzhen, China, for more than 10 years. His first job in China was under very basic conditions so he soon searched for a better position through networking and hosting fun events where he quickly met his future boss. After his corporate career he decided to build his own company, helping foreign businesses with quality control and inspection of products on the ground in China. Now he is hiring other flexpats to meet the growing demand for trustworthy and reliable quality management and inspection services. Connect with Stephan on LinkedIn:
February 13, 2022
#80 Salaries, differentiation and purpose with Chloris Liu
Listen to episode 80 with Chloris Liu to learn about: 3 main trends in the job market for flexpats How flexpats can differentiate from Chinese professionals Salary packages including benefits for flexpats How to afford a good lifestyle by increasing your value Know your purpose for working in China Flexpats need to learn Chinese Current opportunities Connect with Chloris on LinkedIn:
February 05, 2022
#79 Portuguese Special: Oportunidades de intercâmbio Brasil-China
Neste episódio, o Rafael irá trazer um panorama da atuação de empresas chinesas no Setor Elétrico brasileiro e dos investimentos que tem sido feitos (e oportunidades de intercâmbio Brasil-China que que eles trazem!). Ele também irá explicar um pouco sobre as ondas de investimentos chineses no Brasil, em qual fase estamos, quais empresas estão chegando no Brasil e quais conhecimentos os profissionais brasileiros precisam ter para se destacar e entrar neste mercado de trabalho. No âmbito estudantil, o convidado irá compartilhar sua experiência na renomada universidade de Pequim, os projetos que desenvolveu em parceria com grandes empresas de tecnologia e dicas para aplicação.  Siga o Rafael no Linkedin:
January 29, 2022
#78 In China for 17 years and starting a company with a Chinese partner with Barbara Ex
Listen to Barbara's rich experience of living in China for 17 years and what led her to start her business "White Space" in Shanghai.
January 22, 2022
#77 GERMAN SPECIAL: Vom China Fan zum Geschäftsführer mit Jan Assmann
Jan hat sich ganz bewusst für ein China-spezifisches Studium entschieden und kam 2000 als Praktikant nach China.  Er ist heute Geschäftsführer und blickt auf eine erfolgreiche Flexpat Karriere zurück. Er teilt seine Erfahrung und Tipps. 1) Ablauf von China-Studium und Job Einstieg 2) Abgrenzung von Expats und chinesischen Bewerbern 3) Unterschiede von Expat und Flexpat Jobs 4) Chinesisch Kenntnisse sind wichtig, aber nicht entscheidend 5) Stärken und Schwächen von deutschen Flexpats 6) Tipps für junge Flexpats 7) Über die deutsche Schule Shanghai Jan Assmann auf LinkedIn:
January 09, 2022
#76 Being a YouTuber in China with Alex FaBB
Alex FaBB has been living in China since 2015 and is producing Youtube content for his Italian target audience. His channel has reached more than 80,000 subscribers by now. In this episode he shares his insights and advice on creating social media content in China and explains what it takes to become a YouTuber in China, what the social media landscape looks like and how you can find your own niche. This interview was conducted by our new team member Sofia Xavier. Check out his Youtube Channel here:
December 26, 2021
#75 Speaking Chinese opens many doors for flexpats with Sofia Xavier
Learn from professional interpreter, Sofia Xavier: What level is enough to work in China? How to study Chinese efficiently? How to keep going when you lack motivation? Surviving without Chinese vs. living with language skills? Connect with Sofia on LinkedIn:
December 12, 2021
#74 Working at German automation technology giant "Festo" in China with Martin Kimmich.
Martin Kimmich has decided to accept the offer for an international assignment in Shanghai/China and is the Vice President HR responsible for the region Greater China at German automation technology giant "Festo" with more than 2000 employees in China since July 1st 2019. In this role Martin got to understand the big differences in work culture in China and especially the differences in HR. Learn from his experience! In 10 minutes he provides useful food for thought about these topics: How marriage, housing, cars affect salary expectations Work culture, power distance and eye level Communication behaviour 24/7 on WeChat Scheduling on an ad hoc basis Flexpat opportunities in product development Combining Chinese Speed with German Quality Being aware of Chinese history, culture and present society By learning Chinese - the China experience gets even more impressive
December 03, 2021
#73 B2B Sales in China explained by C.J. Ng
In a nutshell, C.J. helps companies achieve better competitiveness and resilience through improving their people's performance. In this 34 minute episode you will especially learn about B2B sales in China. We uncover wrong assumptions and give practical advice on how to build and develop your sales team and how to deal with Chinese customers and local competition. Enjoy! Connect with C.J. on LinkedIn: Get the FREE kindle book here: "Winning the B2B Sale in China"
November 20, 2021
#72 Leadership: Applying flexpat skills to supply chain management
Kimberly Kirkendall has over 35 years of international business experience in multiple regions, with a focus on China and Asia. A decade in operations, manufacturing and supply chain. Adding in the second decade in accounting, and then in the last twenty years as a consultant and interim executive. With her consulting business she improves operations and communication for clients with business all over the world - China, France, Vietnam, Argentina, Israel, etc. 
November 13, 2021
#71 Portuguese Special: Empreendedorismo, inovação e negócios femininos na China
Vocês pediram e a vez dele chegou! Neste episódio, falaremos sobre empreendedorismo, inovações e negócios femininos na China! Quais são os principais desafios de se começar um negócio do zero? Como expandir? Qual o poder das comunidades? Sabemos que se aventurar em um novo negócio é difícil mesmo em nosso país, mas quando estamos em um lugar bastante diferente, é preciso muito mais disposição. Mas você não está só! Iniciativas locais podem te dar um apoio jurídico e financeiro, as conexões que você constrói serão seus grandes aliados e aprender a língua e a cultura é essencial não só para entender o ambiente e os clientes que pretende atender, mas também para articular e ser estratégico perante os diversos atores sociais. Esse assunto te interessa? Encontre a Thauana em
November 13, 2021
#70 Flexpat entrepreneur hires flexpats to differentiate from Chinese competition
Boris Boullot, entrepreneur of a European-Chinese company in Shanghai does industrial subcontracting from China ( & distribution of high technological optical equipment in China ( In this episode you can learn all about it and why he hires flexpats to differentiate from Chinese competitors. Connect with Boris on LinkedIn:
November 13, 2021
#69 Bridging business cultures and practices with Ian Mote
Ian Mote is a Shanghai based finance professional with 25 years of experience in Europe, Middle East, and Greater China. In China he's been working and living for 17 years and has vast experience working in various companies ranging from large banks to corporations and startups.  In this episode you'll get useful food for thought about these essential topics: Curiosity and open-mindedness  Working in China is not better or worse - it's different Opportunities in cross-border functions  Centralised business decision making in China Regional roles spanning all of Asia Handling compliance issues
October 09, 2021
#68 Portuguese Special: Como ir para a China sendo um engenheiro de produção?
Quem disse que você precisa ter viajado o mundo ou trabalhado em diversas empresas para conseguir um emprego na China? As oportunidades vêm para aqueles que estão preparados, dispostos a encarar desafios e aprender muito no processo. Neste episódio focado no público brasileiro, o Juliano contará como ele construiu seu caminho até a China dentro da única empresa na qual ele já trabalhou. Não há só um caminho para atingir os objetivos, não é mesmo? Também conversaremos sobre o mercado de peças de reposição na China, o intrincado sistema de logística e poder do famoso churrasco brasileiro. Siga o Juliano no Linkedin:
September 25, 2021
#67 Leadership: Production & Quality Management with Tobias Lamm
The German national, Tobias Lamm, has been living in China for 4 years, working in production and quality management at a large manufacturer of textile machinery. His daily tasks include enhancing production efficiency as well as quality figures by leading the local teams. Being the interface to the German headquarters, cross-functional project management and intercultural sensitivity play an important role to succeed in this challenging position. Learn valuable lessons from Tobias in 15 minutes. Connect with Tobias on LinkedIn:
September 25, 2021
#66 All you need to know to become an expat yourself with Thomas Neubert
Thomas Neubert is leading a local Chinese sales team at Grob Machine Tools China. They are selling world class, high tech 5-axis machine tools as well as manufacturing and assembly systems, mostly for the automotive and aerospace industry. Combining the cultural advantages of German and Chinese culture in the sales team is a key challenge in his daily work. In this episodes, Thomas shares his unique insights in his work and life in a Chinese 2nd tier city, Dalian. Additionally he will give advice on how to enter the fast growing Machine tool industry and how to become an expat for a foreign company. Connect with Thomas on LinkedIn:
September 08, 2021
#65 Flexpats should learn from Chinese returnees, so-called "Haigui"
Many industries, including strategy consulting, is more mature in Europe than in China. In many cases, European business models have been transferred to China - along with expats to build organizations.  Europe-experienced Chinese professionals return to China in order to establish European culture and processes in their home market.  "Returnees": The huge benefit is the language and culture barrier. They speak both English and Chinese, in some cases a third language, such as French or German. They can "read the air" in China, as it is their home market.  Shengyun (Alex) Lu sharing his story and advice - how he made it to partner in a Chinese consulting firm, how he wins business from both international and Chinese customers and how he builds his Chinese team and establishes an international culture. What can flexpats learn from returnees? Respect both cultures push and speak up (European way) or adapt and confirm (Chinese way).  Connect with Alex on LinkedIn:
August 26, 2021
#64 Leadership episode: How to build a global business based in China with Andy Klump
Andy Klump is a renewable energy executive with 20 years of solar energy, storage, and technology experience. He has been living and working in China since 2002. He is the founder, owner, and CEO of Clean Energy Associates, a solar energy and storage technical due diligence and engineering services firm with a presence in 13 countries with over 170 employees. Developing his company, he has hired many flexpats over the years and knows exactly how and why foreigners should work in China. That's what you'll learn in this leadership episode. Connect with Andy Klump on LinkedIn: Visit his company's website:
August 11, 2021
#63 Portuguese Special: Conciliando trabalho, estudos e família na China
Como fazer um balanço saudável entre trabalho, estudos e família? Afinal, tudo acontece muito rápido na China e as cobranças são altas! Diante de pessoas que estão sempre a procura de perfeição e excelentes resultados, é preciso ter estratégia e muita disposição! Neste episódio focado no público brasileiro, falaremos sobre o ritmo de trabalho e como o networking é diferente no Brasil e na China. Também falaremos de oportunidades de atuação na área de relações internacionais e como falar o mandarim te coloca em posição de tomador de decisão, e não um mero expectador. Siga o Rodrigo no Linkedin:
August 07, 2021
#62 Leadership episode: How to develop consulting businesses in China with Michael Teubenbacher
Michael Babilon-Teubenbacher has been working in the context of China for 10 years and has vast experience in driving transformation and change as well as developing leaders and organizations in an international context, specifically at the interface between China and Germany.  Having arrived in China in 2011 for a 3-month consulting project, China has not let go of him. After successfully developing one project into an automotive account, he drove the setup of a local legal entity and finally returned to China as CEO in 2017. Since then he has been driving the localization of the consultant team and together with this team successfully diversified the client base across the automotive industry and beyond into automotive supply, lighting, automation and more.   This is what you'll learn:   1. Why China continues to stay attractive   2. How to grow a team in China  3. Consulting industry in China – amongst multinational as well as local companies  4. Motivating and retaining a diverse team of consultants  5. How to develop business in China, specifically in the consulting industry  6. Why focus needs to be on specific competencies, not on nationalities  7. Which opportunities do exist for Flexpats Connect with Michael on LinkedIn:
July 30, 2021
#61 Understanding China with Frank Sieren
Frank Sieren is a bestselling author, documentary film maker (ARD and ZDF) and China specialist for various German newspapers and magazines. He has been living in Beijing / China since 1994. The London Times calls him "a leading China expert in Germany." In this episode Frank shares his bird's eye perspective on the labor market for foreigners in China and delivers a very clear message: Get unique skills and see the world through Chinese eyes if you want to get a job and succeed in the Middle Kingdom. Key learnings in 30 minutes: If you’re highly specialised in key technologies, you can make demands. In more traditional fields it’s becoming more difficult. Westerners in China need to see the world through Chinese eyes and history. In the past, the west has set the tone in business. That changed. Shenzhen beats Silicon Valley in many ways. Now is the time to copy from China while sticking to our values. Follow Frank on LinkedIn: Get access to the daily briefing of China Table: Get Frank Sieren's latest book "Shenzhen"ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=frank+sieren&qid=1627049990&sr=8-1
July 23, 2021
#60 Create your own opportunities with Chris Reinert
Chris Reinert has over 10 years of recruitment experience and successfully placed candidates in APAC (Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia), Europe, and the USA. In this episode he explains how you can create your own opportunities at different stages of your career and find suitable jobs without competing with locals but solely building on your strengths. This is what you'll learn in 15 minutes: How to create your career plan? What to focus on at which stage of your career? What to do with your strengths & weaknesses? How to create your own opportunities? Recent trends in China Follow Chris on LinkedIn:
July 17, 2021
#59 Leadership episode: Building teams, hospitality and flexpat skills with Mikael Bouchet
French Revenue Management Expert, Mikael Bouchet, has worked in China for the past 12 years. He is Senior Regional Commercial Leader in the Hospitality industry and having worked for some of the largest companies the hotel business, we discussed in this 17 min episode what does it mean to be a Flexpat leader in China and what soft skills you need to develop in order to become successful.  This is what you'll learn: Differences of hospitality between China and Europe How to retain employees How to create a pipeline of great candidates How to make your Chinese team think internationally Principles of leading a team The added value of flexpats Needed qualifications, language and soft skills Connect with Mikael on LinkedIn:
July 09, 2021
#58 Electric Vehicle Careers in China with Bill Russo
Bill Russo is the Shanghai-based Founder and CEO of Automobility Limited, a strategy and investment advisory firm helping its clients to create the future of mobility. His over 35 years of experience includes 16 years as an automotive executive, including 17 years of experience in China and Asia.  Bill is also currently serving as the Chair of the Automotive Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. In this episode he explains what makes the Chinese EV industry special and how it affects the necessary skillsets of flexpats seeking work in it.  Food for thought: In China, the electric vehicle is a platform for digital consumption Chinese EV prioritise user experience, not driving experience To work in Chinese EV companies, a whole new skillset is needed This is what you'll learn in 20 minutes: Concerns of data-collecting cars by foreign brands How Chinese companies solve Chinese problems  Why Chinese EVs prioritise user experience, not driving experience Where do foreign professionals fit in?
July 04, 2021
#57 Teaching in China - What you need to know with Nicolas Labatut
Nicolas Labatut has lived in China for 12 years and became an expert in both international and bilingual education in China. During his time in the rapidly growing education market, he has co-led the expansion of international schools in the region whilst managing large teams. Just recently Nicolas, has started his own business, to bring even more high-demand products and services like education, to China. In this 15 minute episode, Nicolas shares his view on the current job market, practical advice for future and current teachers and finishes with his personal advice on starting your own business. This is what you'll learn: Teaching in China: Why do Chinese and international schools need international teachers? How can flexpats find jobs in the Chinese education industry? What are the key skills of flexpats compared to professionals back home? How should flexpats prepare for a career in China?  How can they use their time in China to prepare for what happens next? Entrepreneurship: How can flexpats start their own business and what does it take to succeed? Family: How to manage family life as an entrepreneur and how to pay the bills? Which school system should flexpats send their kids to? Connect with Nicolas on LinkedIn:
July 01, 2021
#56 Leadership episode: Setting up R&D centers in China with Peter Willemsen
Peter Willemsen has been living in China for 12 years and has vast experience in setting up Chinese R&D centers from scratch and building successful engineering teams in the automotive industry. As President of Rheinmetall Automotive Investment Holding China he oversees a turnover of more than 1 billion EUR and more than 4,500 employees across several WOFEs and JVs. In this outstanding 40min leadership episode you'll learn everything you need to consider if you will become a flexpat manager in China, especially in engineering related fields. This is what you'll learn: Dealing with high employee fluctuation How to reduce risk of knowledge loss How to get tax benefits How to build an R&D center from scratch Motivation, targets and KPIs for R&D teams What companies should localise R&D The role of leaders in China Technical expert, expat or flexpat? Standard of living for flexpats Connect with Peter on LinkedIn:
June 22, 2021
#55 Portuguese Special: "Por dentro da melhor universidade da China!"
Por que estudar na China? Como essa experiência pode te diferenciar de outros profissionais? Há muitas bolsas de estudo disponíveis? O mandarim é uma barreira? Essas e outras perguntas serão respondidas nesse episódio focado no público brasileiro. Nele mostraremos o crescente interesse da China pelo Brasil e como isso pode ser uma ótima oportunidade para os estudantes brasileiros na China, hoje. Também falaremos sobre as diferenças e similaridades dos sistemas educacionais em ambos os países e como é estar dentro da melhor universidade da China, a Tsinghua. Quer saber sobre uma iniciativa que une professores e estudantes do BRICS? Visite Escute pelo (se você está na China, use o VPN para evitar problemas).
June 22, 2021
#54 Updated: Alibaba & Soft skills with Yassine Regragui
French FinTec expert, Yassine Regragui, has worked at Alibaba and Alipay for several years and was responsible for launching the multi-lingual version of Alipay. This task has been a huge challenge, which Yassine succesfully overcame because he had the right mindset and was able to embrace change quickly. He adapted to Jack Ma's core values. To succeed at Alibaba you need an IQ, EQ and the LQ. What exactly these values are, we have discussed in an exciting 16 minutes episode. This episode has a strong focus on soft skills which are crucial for your success in China. Food for thought: Ask yourself - do I have a network and do I add value? Having a foreigner in a Chinese company system is a positive provocation and keeps the system developing! Beside my hard skills - do I have the necessary soft skills? Am I emotionally intelligent? Can I adapt to new teams 12 times in a short time? Can I speak to people in their mother tongue? Follow Yassine on LinkedIn:
June 14, 2021
#53 Special: Three Flexpats' practical advice
Three successful flexpats are sharing their advice and experience in one episode! 27 minutes well spent for your China preparation! 1) How a Chinese professional comes to Germany to study and work for a large German company. How she plans to eventually go back to China (after 15 years), with her family. Back in Germany she starts her own consulting business and also teaches at a university. 2) How a German expat family leaves Germany, goes to Slowakia and then China, working for a large German company and finally starts her own company, back in Germany, to help female expats to plan their career. 3) How a European architect is attracted to China, gets international experience and wants to start his own business with a global design network. 4) How business women in China can combine career and family. Its so much easier than in Europe. 5) How European students and professionals can prepare for a career in China. 6) Don`t just dream of a great career and family. Do it!
June 04, 2021
#52 Work for others or start your own business in China?
Born in Albania, raised in Italy, Ervis Micukaj is now a successful small business owner in China. After 5 years of working in different jobs in Shanghai, Ervis decided to start his own business in the IT service industry. His experience of 7+ years in China allows him to compare working for others in China and starting your own business. Now, after more than two years of being an entrepreneur, here is his advice to the next generation of foreigners entering China for the first time or returning after the pandemic. This is what you'll learn in 25 minutes: Failed intercultural communication at work Working for others or starting your own business? For which tasks you’ll be needed in China Not yet networking nor studying Chinese? Mistake! Why the workforce will be fully localised in 5 years Good reasons to stay in China long-term Connect with Ervis on LinkedIn: Check out Ervis' business:
May 29, 2021
#51 Great career + 4 kids in China? Yes!
German Expat Career and Life coach, Rebecca, lived in China for 7 years, working as a flexpat at a Volkswagen joint venture. She has not only managed to grow from an entry level position in HR into a management position, but also dealt with a busy family life together with her husband and 4 kids. Overcoming many expat and flexpat related challenges over the years made Rebecca start her own business "SheExpat" which helps women go abroad, thrive abroad and successfully return home later. In this 30 minute episode you'll learn about crucial aspects of careers in China with a focus on combining family and work. This is what you'll learn: How flexible must flexpats be to get good jobs? Why it feels natural in China to have both kids and career How "SheExpat" helps women go abroad and thrive. Why 2-5 year expat-assignments will disappear. Why repatriation needs to be planned from the beginning. Visit Rebeccas's website: Connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn:üppen-b401b489/
May 24, 2021
#50 Service or Coaching entrepreneur in China? Learn Chinese!
Adina Deacu is an Environmental Psychology Researcher & Consultant and has been living in China since 2012. As a foreign entrepreneur in the service industry in China, it is extremely hard to get customers' attention, trust and therefore, business leads. Adina has found ways of distinguishing herself by attending purely Chinese networking events, accessing vast sources of information, only available in Chinese language and understanding her Chinese counterparts from their point of view. In this compact 13 minutes episode, you'll learn about the impact of learning Chinese on your business and how you can learn the language, even as a busy flexpat. This is what we talked about: How to stand out as a foreign entrepreneur How to make it as a coach or service provider How to solve problems in a Chinese context The importance of information only available in Chinese How to learn Chinese as a busy flexpat Connect with Adina on LinkedIn:
May 16, 2021
#49 Working on local contract at Bosch China...How to?
Amelie and her partner have found work opportunities in China. He was an expat, she worked on a local contract at Bosch in Suzhou! In this episode, Amelie explains the process of getting hired at such a prestigious company and how the job on a local contract worked out for her. The difference to expat packages is huge, but as a couple in this situation, it can be a real win-win. This is what you’ll learn in 30 minutes:d Moving to China as an ambitious couple Working on local contracts as an expat spouse How to convince someone to hire you Adapting to new language, new industry and tasks Why salary is not most important Work conditions on local contracts Planning life back home after the expat life Connect with Amelie on LinkedIn:
May 13, 2021
#48 German husband and Chinese wife run a 30 million USD business in Shenzhen.
German IT-entrepreneur, Arne Weber, has been living in China for 10 years. Together with his Chinese wife, they have built their company Faytech from scratch, growing their turnover from zero to 30 million USD and over 300 employees worldwide in only 10 years. Do you think this is fast? Chinese speed is even faster. Learn from Arne why he is not always working at Chinese speed and why it is getting easier to start businesses in China as foreigners. Among others we talked about theses topics: Why set up a business in China and not in Germany?  How do Chinese work ethics affect your business?  How to run a business as husband and wife  Can foreigners keep up with Chinese speed?  Why producing and selling from China will become easy  The only two options left for flexpats Connect with Arne on LinkedIn:
April 30, 2021
#47 Expat Assignment Prep. and More with HongHong Xu
HongHong Xu, originally from Beijing, has moved to Germany 30 years ago with hardly any money in her pocket, studied hard and got to work at the world’s largest chemical company, BASF. She learned to work between two cultures and through her traditional approach "hard work and humility", she got promoted and assigned to work in Hong Kong for 5 years. After 24 years in the corporate world she has started her own company Peking Bridge, which helps European and Chinese companies overcome their intercultural obstacles. In this 30 minute episode, HongHong shares a wide range of crucial flexpat advice: This is what you’ll learn: Working between European and Chinese cultures Expat assignments & Family decisions Busting traditional ideas "I am the expat, not my husband!" Succeeding back home after being an expat abroad One tool to make Chinese teams collaborate better internationally Transition from corporate work to entrepreneurship or professorship How European students learn about China in business school Connect with HongHong on LinkedIn:
April 16, 2021
#46 Winning jobs in post-pandemic China with Ruddy Swinnen
Ruddy is originally from Belgium and has 25 years of experience as a Business Leader, -Psychologist and Entrepreneur in Talent, Leadership & Organisation Development, including 15 years in China. In this 15 minute episode he explains what modern managers, who are dealing with China, need to do in order to not only survive but also thrive in post-pandemic China. This is what you'll learn: The 10 best jobs to do in China Which of the top 10 jobs will stay? What challenges will arise after 2021? Why post-pandemic management is more about people How to adapt to the lifestyle of post-pandemic China How to make yourself more flexible!? Connect with Ruddy on LinkedIn:
April 13, 2021
#45 Hermann Simon: Hidden Champions of China
Hermann Simon is the Founder and Honorary Chairman of Simon-Kucher & Partners. He is an expert in strategy, marketing and pricing. He is the only German in the “Thinkers50 Hall of Fame” of the most important management thinkers in the world. In German-speaking countries he has been continuously voted the most influential living management thinker since 2005.  In China, the “Hermann Simon Business School” is named after him as he has shaped the Chinese fascination of the concept of Hidden Champions like no-one else. In this 20 minute special episode he shares his view on the future of Chinese Hidden Champions, flexpats' opportunities in them and a broader view on globalisation of organisations and their workforce. This what you'll learn: How to transfer your corporate culture to global branch offices Working with China today vs. 20 years ago Comparing Europe, the US and China from an expat’s view What are Chinese hidden champions? How a Chinese business school got named after Hermann Simon Why Chinese companies will also need foreigners in top management Get access to his books and more information on his work:
March 28, 2021
#43 How to get hired at Alibaba with Chloe Goncalves
Chloe Goncalves, originally from France, is a digital marketing & e-commerce expert, currently working as Asia E-commerce Manager at L’Oréal. Before joining L’Oréal, Chloe worked for 4 years in Alibaba’s Hangzhou headquarters which she entered through Alibaba's Global Leadership Academy, for which she was selected among 3,000 applicants. In this episode she shares her advice on how other young professionals can land great jobs at Alibaba or similar companies and what you can expect to experience there. This is what you'll learn in 30 minutes: How to get admitted to the Alibaba Global Leadership Academy The unique working conditions at Alibaba Meeting Jack Ma How to land a job at Alibaba nowadays Job opportunities in ecosystems around tech-giants Key learnings while working in China Connect with Chloe on LinkedIn:
March 21, 2021
#42 Using Sinology for China Marketing with Giada Sannazzaro
Giada is originally from Italy and has studied Chinese language and the economic and cultural dynamics of contemporary China. During an internship in Beijing, at one of the leading foreign-owned WeChat agencies, she has learned all the basics to jump-start her career in China related marketing. The Corona-Crisis has forced her to move back to Italy but she seized the opportunity to help an Italien company enter the Chinese market. In this episode she shares her experiences in China and what you can expect if you decide to follow a similar career path. This is what you'll learn: Working with China from abroad Internship in China vs. Italy Insights in Chinese marketing practices Getting familiar with Chinese business & culture Studying Mandarin as a life-long task Connect with Giada on LinkedIn:小玉-793080154/
March 13, 2021
#41 Special advice for young professionals + Pakistan/China business
Arslan is originally from Pakistan and has become an entrepreneur, developing the private sector between Pakistan and China. He has built several organisations that promote exchange and learning between the two countries and its peoples, both in business and culture. Arslan holds both a bachelor's and master's degree from North China Electric Power University in Beijing. In this episode he shares his advice on how to succeed in China, based on his extensive experience studying in China, working for numerous Chinese companies and even setting up his own businesses. This is what you'll learn: China/Pakistan business relations  Channels and tricks to find a job Degree vs. hard work - What’s better? How to achieve financial freedom Why you won’t get around learning Chinese The importance of having a mentor Connect with Arslan on LinkedIn:
March 07, 2021
#40 The ideal (remote) work place for young people with Marina Espin Farran
Originally from Spain, Marina has studied mandarin in Beijing and later graduated from Nankai University in Tianjin with a master's degree in Chinese economics and politics. Marina’s fluency in Mandarin and love for China has helped her career soar, opening the door to a whole new world in tech. Now she is the Head of Business Development for Yodo1, a renowned company within the gaming industry which operates 100% online. In this episode Marina explains in detail why you should consider working in the gaming industry. She will give unique insights, like actual salaries, nailing a job interview, work conditions and potential for your personal development in this thriving industry that is setting new standards in the way we live and work. Is this the future of work? This is what you'll learn in 50 minutes: 4 must have skills when entering any new industry Salary and working conditions in gaming Top reasons to work in the gaming industry How gaming changes traditional industries Perks & challenges of working 100% remotely How to be convincing during an interview How to apply at Yodo1 now + vacant positions How to grow and get promoted at Yodo1 Connect with Marina on LinkedIn:
February 28, 2021
#39 Our first native Chinese guest's view on flexpats, foreign brands and marketing
Miro Li is a native Chinese and has been living in Hong Kong for a decade, now living in Shenzhen. In 2017, Miro founded Double V., a consulting company helping overseas brands enter the China market. In 2019, Miro founded CHINAble Academy, a training and resources sharing platform for foreign industry leaders to offer courses and workshops about China business, Internet, e-commerce and marketing. In this episode, Miro shares her native Chinese perspective on foreign brands trying to enter the Chinese market a well as foreigners trying to work in China. This is what you'll learn: Misconceptions foreign brands have when entering China Where flexpats can add the most value Why China’s generation Z is the key for your branding Why China is not one whole market Foreigner vs. Returned Oversea Chinese  How to immerse yourself in Chinese culture Connect with Miro on LinkedIn:
February 13, 2021
#38 Your first job in China - a business crash course!
Robbert Gorris is originally from the Netherlands and has developed a strong interest in China very early. He studied in Taipei and has been living in China for 12 years. His kids went to a Chinese school which taught him invaluable lessons in Chinese culture. Just recently he moved back to Europe to help more foreign companies set up their businesses in China. In this episode he shares not only his story of his first job at the Benelux chamber of commerce in Beijing but also his view on China's future and young foreign graduates' opportunities in it. This is what you'll learn: How he picked his first job in China Why work for a chamber of commerce? The one thing he would have done differently Do foreign kids enjoy Chinese school? Differences between western and Chinese education Is coming to China still worth it? Connect with Robbert on LinkedIn:
February 06, 2021
#37 The ultimate beginner's guide to working in logistics in China with Xavi Sanz
Xavi Sanz was born in Barcelona (Spain) and has studied and worked in numerous countries around the globe. Three years ago he accepted the challenge of his company to build a Chinese branch office in Hangzhou to expand their freight forwarding business into China. Xavi came to China with his wife and kids and has experienced China extensively from both a professional and personal side. In this episode he gives practical advice on how to work in logistics in China and explains how a complete life in the Middle Kingdom can look like. This is what you'll learn: Two ways of working in China logistics Working conditions in freight forwarding How to build trust with customers as a small company Why learning Chinese matters How kids cope with growing up in China Connect with Xavi on LinkedIn:
January 29, 2021
#36 Get solid work experience - move to China to study more - then build your own company!
Nadezhda is originally from Kazakhstan, studied in London and has moved to Hangzhou three years ago. After obtaining her Chinese master's degree, she has decided to start her own marketing agency in China, called "SanQ". Now she uses her extensive work experience from her time at the world's leading cosmetics brand to create the best social media and branding solutions for businesses in China. In this episode she shares how she has decided to take the brave step to start her own business in the midst of the current pandemic and how this career path might suit you, too. This is what you'll learn: Deciding between a corporate job and entrepreneurship What it takes to succeed in marketing in China Why starting a business during a pandemic is not as hard as you think Proper networking through community building and volunteering How to obtain a residence permit that allows you to start a business Connect with Nadezhda on LinkedIn:
January 20, 2021
#35 How to work in Chinese e-commerce going global with Simon de Raadt
During his 10 year stay in China Simon has become an expert on cross-border trade and logistics from and to China. Although E-commerce has been booming for years there are still many online sellers struggling with their sourcing and shipping out of China. Simon is making a difference and creates a seamless and transparent supply chain to empower online sellers. In this episode he shares his personal advice to newcomers in this field and provides an outlook for flexpat opportunities in Chinese e-commerce going global. This is what you'll learn: Do’s and Don’ts while communicating with Chinese customers  What e-commerce jobs are done by foreigners? How long it takes to make your business profitable in China Europe vs. China - better place to start a business? Leading cities for a career in e-commerce Outlook for flexpat jobs in e-commerce in Asia Connect with Simon on LinkedIn:西蒙)-56b0048/
January 14, 2021
#34 Easier for flexpats? International BD and sales with Sascha Rensen
Sascha Rensen is originally from Germany and has started his career in China as a teacher at a university in Nanchang. After some time in the country he has successfully transitioned into a business developer for a Chinese construction company and is now based in Wuxi. In this episode he explains what it means to be a foreign sales guy or business developer in China and how that helps the organisation you work for. This is what you'll learn: Working with Chinese colleagues Identifying your strengths and using them Properly dealing with compliance issues Networking and relationship building How he interviews and hires Chinese and foreigners  Connect with Sascha on LinkedIn:
January 08, 2021
#33 Interview preparation and self-positioning for flexpat jobs in China with Noriko Takagi
Noriko Takagi has conducted 5,000 interviews and placed 300 executives in East Asia. Her long work experience across three continents allowed her to neutrally work in international and multi-cultural environments and adapt to change quickly. In this episode she shares practical advice on how to properly prepare for job interviews in general and also provides hints on how you can differentiate from expats or local talent to get the job you want: with flexibility, speed and focus! This is what you'll learn: How to position yourself in China How to prepare for a flexpat job interview Nervousness & questions during interviews How to land the job and get hired Why Japanese companies let their expats study Chinese Advantages of hiring flexpats in international teams Connect with Noriko on LinkedIn:
January 03, 2021
#32 Mastering Chinese social media marketing with Arnaud Frattini
Arnaud is originally from France and has been working in China for 5 years. He started his career in Chinese social media marketing very early and has experienced both the social aspects of working in Chinese teams but also the professional aspect of designing localised marketing campaigns across many popular social media platforms. In this episode he shares his insights on how foreigners can succeed in this tricky market with the right skills and attitude: Creativity, Critical Thinking & Hard Work. This is what you'll learn: How to learn social media marketing Must know trends in Chinese social media Beside the obvious WeChat - what else is important? Working in Chinese teams: How to behave? Designing marketing campaigns across cultures Necessary skills to compete with local talent Connect with Arnaud on LinkedIn:
December 19, 2020
#31.1 Working in leading Chinese industries like mobile devices, IoT and blockchain with Karl J. Weaver
Karl J. Weaver is a US citizen and has worked in numerous flexpat roles in Taiwan and Mainland China since 1985. As a bilingual (English & Mandarin) public speaker he shares his first hand experience of leading the charge of mobile payment development in China in the past 3 decades. We found Karl to be an unlimited source of advice when it comes to China's leading technology industries such as mobile devices, internet of things and blockchain. Take a pen and note Karl's advice on how to land a job in these lucrative industries during this 20 minute episode. This is what you'll learn: Essential communication and language skills Building leverage to increase your salary How to identify a matching Chinese company Working remotely for a Chinese company? Building trust to land your dream job The advantages of a global job Opportunities in mobile technology, IoT and blockchain Connect with Karl on LinkedIn:
December 11, 2020
#31 Making it easier for Chinese companies to hire you with Leonardo Marra
Leonardo is originally from Italy and has worked in the UK and China for many years, mostly in international sales, across several industries. In this episode he shares his personal experience of working in a Chinese work environment and what challenges and perks you can expect when coming to the Middle Kingdom. As the host of the International Business Podcast, he has developed a clear sense of what international business people need to learn before taking off to new adventures abroad. This is what you'll learn in 20 minutes: What it’s like working for a Chinese boss Working with Chinese colleagues Essential skills you need to work in sales Why you should learn Chinese early in your career Is a career in China still worth it? Listen to Leo's podcast here: Connect with Leo on LinkedIn:
December 05, 2020
#30 Recruiting and career advice from nearly 30 years in China with Jim Nelson
Jim Nelson has been active in China since 1991.  In his past activities he led an electronics factory, an investment management company and has started a microfinance loan operation. Today, his company, SHI Group China recruits trustworthy talent for western companies active in China. His goal is to find the best candidates with character, skills and leadership ability. In this episode he shares his vast experience gained through nearly 30 years in China. This is what you'll learn: The 1,000 year old Chinese advice about hiring that is still valid today What is character recruiting? The importance of background checks The one profession that will make you last in China How to nail a job interview  Connect with Jim on LinkedIn:
December 02, 2020
#29 Building a China career from scratch with David von Schwerin
David von Schwerin is originally from Austria and has been living in China for 15 years. He holds a rare Chinese green card, is married, has kids and has built his career in logistics in China from scratch. In this episode he shares his rich experience collected building his successful flexpat life. This is what you'll learn: How an internship in China influences your career Losing your feeling of entitlement How to increase your value on the job market over time Major differences of the service industry in China The value of speaking Chinese Connect with David on LinkedIn:
November 28, 2020
#28 Must-know advice for international students & graduates looking for jobs in China
Irina is originally from Russia and has been living in China for the past 6 years. Beside her work, she is volunteering at BeHive Shanghai, where she meets countless international students, young professionals and hiring companies. In this episode she shares clear and detailed advice on how to effectively apply for jobs nowadays in China. Especially for all students who did not graduate from a top university of the world, this episode contains advice on how to stand out and pave the way for your early career. This is what you'll learn in 20 minutes: The best ways to apply for jobs as student or young professional Job hunt on career fairs in China How to use networking events effectively  What companies post jobs in WeChat groups Requirement: Top university degree or your own projects? Chinese or English? The best first step for international students! Connect with Irina on LinkedIn:
November 22, 2020
#27 From teacher to health entrepreneur in China with Najma Mohamed
Najma is originally from the US and has started her China adventure as an English teacher in Shanghai. This way she had the opportunity to learn more about China and of course, its eating habits. Unfortunately she experienced health problems caused by the drastic change in her nutrition and eating habits. As Najma has worked in nutritional consulting in the US before, she decided to start her own company in Shanghai with the mission to help people align their physical requirements with proper nutrition to prevent such health issues. In this episode she will share her story of transitioning from English teacher to health entrepreneur in China. Connect with Najma on LinkedIn:
November 15, 2020
#26 Working in English language media & entertainment in China with Judith Teunissen
Judith is originally from the Netherlands and has been living in China for 5 years. Since the beginning she has been working as a talk show host at Radio Beijing which made her an expert in the fast growing sector of English language media and entertainment. In this episode she shares her advice on how to land a job in the media field and how to stand out of the crowd. As traditional ways of job searching will most likely not get you the desired results, Judith explains what to do and what it takes to succeed in English language media and entertainment in China. What you'll learn: What it's like working in a Chinese media company What kind of skills and personality it takes to succeed How to find opportunities and get the job The mindset to thrive in an ever-changing environment Connect with Judith on LinkedIn: Check Judith's show on WeChat!
November 07, 2020
#25 Transitioning from Expat to Flexpat with Till Kundt
Till Kundt was a typical expat in Shanghai, sent to China by a large German company. He lived a comfortable life with his Chinese wife and four kids. After only two years in the country he had to transition from expat contract to local contract. He and his family accepted this challenge, made some significant changes in their lifestyle and are now leading a fullfilled flexpat life in China. In this episode Till explains the following aspects of his life: Life as an expat in Shanghai The different life as a flexpat in Taicang Home-schooling of his kids in China Living in an international community His take on current job opportunities Connect with Till on LinkedIn:
November 01, 2020
#24 Young Flexpats' Networking and Integration in China with Sabine Neuhaus
Sabine Neuhaus is from Switzerland and currently works as a lawyer in Shanghai. At the same time, she is a board member of the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce which made her an expert about professional networking in China. In this episode she shares her own rich experience and insider advice on these essential flexpat topics: What is active post-event networking? How much time does effective networking require? How much money does networking really cost? How young flexpats can network at low cost How employers can encourage networking More activities that will increase your network automatically 5 challenges for young flexpats and how to overcome them Connect with Sabine on LinkedIn:
October 18, 2020
#23 How Indians get great jobs in China with Ramesh Ramaswamy
Ramesh Ramaswamy is originally from India and has worked around the globe. Almost two years ago, German automotive supplier giant Bosch has offered him an opportunity in China. In this episode he shares the truth about the job market and work life for Indians in China. Ramesh is also pointing out the specific challenges for his fellow Indians, how to overcome them and succeed in the booming Chinese tech sector. Specific topics covered in 25 minutes: How do Indian professionals get treated in China? What does the job market look like for Indians in China? Self-reflect about how you appear, act and speak. How to effectively communicate with Chinese people. What specific technical fields bear most opportunities for Indians? How to impress a typical Chinese employer? Connect with Ramesh on LinkedIn:
October 10, 2020
#22 How to quickly find a job after graduation in China
Marlene is from Austria and studied full-time in Beijing. Her program was entirely taught in Chinese and right after graduation she has quickly found her first job in a German-Chinese joint venture. This was only possible because she has mastered the art of networking and speaks excellent Chinese. In this 18 minute episode she shares practical advice about how you can achieve the same: Specific actions to boost your networking skills How to make yourself feel at home in China Do’s and Don’ts for newcomers Busting myths about opportunities for foreigners Why foreign students need to step up their game Connect with Marlene on LinkedIn:利晓莲-83753b125/
October 03, 2020
#21 How to grow into a leadership position in China with Jan Lambacher
Jan Lambacher has been living in China for more than 10 years. He worked his way up from an entry level position, through different companies and departments which equipped him with the skills that he needs today as a General Manager. In this episode Jan walks us through a typical flexpat career, step by step. Here is what you'll learn in 20 minutes: Pros and cons of working for SMEs and large corporations How to pave the way for an international career already in university The mindset and actions to fully use your learning potential in China How simply being a foreigner can open doors if you play your cards right How to grow into leaderships positions as a flexpat Connect with Jan on LinkedIn:
September 26, 2020
#20 Essential knowledge for international expat managers in China with Gabor Holch
In Chinese tier one cities there are millions of people who want to make it big - and so can you. In the next 40 minutes you will learn what it takes to be successful as an international expat manager in China. Gabor Holch has been living in China for 18 years, built his own company and advises multinational companies in intercultural leadership and management. In this episode he explains how you can play your cards right to find opportunities in China and prepare for this great new adventure of being an international manager in this very new environment. Key take-aways: - The essential skill sets for expat managers in China - What multinationals look for in international managers - Differences in the scope of responsibilities - Solutions to kick start your China career - Starting with nothing in China Connect with Gabor on LinkedIn: Read Gabor's Blog:
September 14, 2020
#19 How young foreign graduates can find opportunities in China!
Wanna know why you should throw your CV out the window? Do you know how big the piece of the job market pie for young flexpats really is? What 3 key skills will get you in the talent pool in China? The fast track ticket to get into China on a visa and good income. Entry level salaries for young engineers, marketing professionals and teachers? National and local job websites that contain most opportunities. These and more questions will be answered by Ricardo Moreira who has helped thousands of young graduates find opportunities in China through his program "Pitch Bootcamp China". All the websites you need: Zhaopin - 51job - BOSSzhipin - Liepin - YJBYSWang - Wechat Accounts and Websites for Internationals HiredChina - Jobtube - eChinaJobs - WeHustle - HelloCareer / JingJobs - ChinaJobsDaily - ForeignHR . Talent Development Programs (examples) Alibaba Global Talent Development -’s management trainee programs - JP Morgan China Talent Development  - Job Placement Programs CRCC Asia - Pagoda Projects - CIP - Remote Internships Virtual Internships - Government or University Programs (examples) British Council (UK) - INOV Contacto (Portugal) - Teaching or Study programs in China (examples) Hutong School - CIIE - Campus China 留学中国- CUCAS - Study Abroad -
September 06, 2020
#18 Working at Chinese startups with #yourchinaguy Jan Smejkal
Jan Smejkal aka #yourchinaguy is originally from the Czech Republic and has shaped and fostered the startup community in China like no other person at a young age. In this episode he shares his many insights in this ecosystem and gives clear advice to foreigners looking for work opportunities at Chinese startups. This is what you’ll learn: The most prominent place for innovation right now Three types of Chinese startups that hire foreigners Can foreigners even compete with Chinese talent? Opportunities arise as many foreigners left China recently How NOT to apply for a job in China Pros and cons of working at startups Connect with Jan on LinkedIn:
August 22, 2020
#17 Finding Food & Beverage Jobs in China with Daniel Pedraza
Daniel is originally from Spain and has been living in China for 8 years. At Eibens Consulting he worked with countless F&B companies in China such as exporters of agricultural products, whole sellers, hotels and restaurants. In this episodes he shares his observations in this fast growing sector and its opportunities for flexpats.  Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn: Wanna enter the Chinese market with your F&B products? Visit
August 15, 2020
#16 Advice from the only foreigner at the Chinese billion dollar e-commerce platform you never heard of...
31 year old Australian, Brett, is the only foreign employee at, the billion dollar e-commerce platform that you've probably never heard of. In this episode he shares practical advice on how other foreigners can get good jobs in Chinese e-commerce as well.  In 20 minutes he walks us through the perks and the downsides of working in this industry as well as details such as salary, application process and tips on how to sell yourself as the best candidate. Connect with Brett on LinkedIn:
August 06, 2020
#15 A headhunter's advice to foreign professionals with Hsiao J. Chiu
Hsiao is heading JP Contagi, a leading international search consultancy with offices in China, Switzerland and Germany. In his long career as a headhunter in China he shares his insights in the current job market. In this episode he points out challenges as well as opportunities for foreigners seeking work in China. We are talking about interesting details such as salaries, regional differences and sought-after skill sets.  Connect with Hsiao on LinkedIn: Check out his company's website:
August 04, 2020
#14 Starting your career with management consulting in China with Marco Beba
Marco has always been fascinated by both strategy consulting and the economic growth in Asia. He says, in consulting you can learn a lot about various industries and business in general in just a few years, especially in Asia.  After studying in Germany and getting his first Asia experience during an exchange semester in Hong Kong, he decided to go to China, to learn the language and to do an internship - in consulting, of course.  In this episode Marco shares a wide range of practical advice on how you can find a good consulting job in China and what it takes to succeed. Connect with Marco on LinkedIn:
July 26, 2020
#13 Better safe than sorry - how to get the right health insurance in China
Jonathan has been living in China for 12 years. As the General Manager of Abacare in China, an international insurance broker with more than 20 years of experience, he assists foreigners and flexpats settling and gearing up for their life in China.     In this episode, you will learn about hospitals, how insurance works and the importance of getting covered - especially for flexpats in China. If you have more questions, reach out to Jonathan on LinkedIn:
July 18, 2020
#12 How to manage your money as a flexpat in China with Armando Flores Chiu
Armando, originally from Mexico, has been in Asia for the last 6 years. The latest 4, he has been guiding over 400 flexpats and expats in East Asia to become #FinanciallyFit and aware about their financial situation as a global citizen. In this episode you will learn about planning your personal finances better as an expat or flexpat in China. Different tax situations, living expenses and more options to save money are factors that will influence your financial status during your time in China and beyond. Connect with Armando on LinkedIn:
July 03, 2020
#11 An IT & Software expat experience with Philip Hinterreither-Kern
Philip has been working in China for 3 years. For his Austrian company he had to manage the IT and Software team in China at the young age of 25. He had to face challenges like management of a Chinese team and the language barrier but he learned how to overcome them.  Listen to his unique experience and learn what advice he can give to young expats and flexpats in this field. Connect with Philip on LinkedIn:
June 30, 2020
Best of Season 1 - A brief summary of 10 episodes
In this final episode of season 1 you will learn the most important advice and statements by all previous guests on the China Flexpat Podcast. In 15 Minutes Patrick and Francis are summarising highlights and notable advice collected from 10 episodes. We would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have!  Connect with us on LinkedIn: Patrick:傅潘睿-5b2942112/ Francis:
June 27, 2020
#10 Career & family in China with Martha Carolina Sanchez Garcia
Martha Carolina is originally from Mexico. By working for an automotive supplier giant in Germany for many years, she decided to move to China to work as an expert in the booming autonomous driving sector. She took this big step together with her family. In this episode she shares her experience and advice in order to help people who face the same challenge of combining family and career in China as a Flexpat. Topics covered in this episode: Advantages of going abroad with your family. How to convince your employer to send you to China. How to build your own position if you don't find a suitable vacant one. Benefits and challenges for Flexpat families. Getting used to the Chinese way of life. Get in touch with Martha Carolina on LinkedIn:
June 22, 2020
#9 Working in e-commerce in China with Dr. Renata Thiébaut
Renata is originally from Brazil and has been working in China for 15 years. Working with leading e-commerce giants such as Alibaba and bringing western brands to China made her an expert in this field. In this episode she shares her insights in the job market and gives practical advice how to succeed in this booming business. What's covered in 15 min: The best opportunities within e-commerce What are necessary skills to find a job? Where to find the best job offers? Downsides and perks of working in e-commerce How can foreigners add value in China Connect with Renata on LinkedIn:
June 15, 2020
#8 Coaching multinational companies in China with Jamie Dixon
Jamie Dixon has been living in China for 13 years. From teaching English at first he is now successfully coaching managers of multinational companies all over the country. In this episode he gives clear insights on how life in the training industry looks like and what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive environment. Topics covered in 24min: 1. What are multinational companies struggling with in China? 2. Why is there a need for training? 3. How does the job market for coaches and trainers look like? 4. Pros and Cons of working in the training industry. 5. Jamie's top 3 factors to succeed in China. Get Jamie's book "Shaping Paths - How to Design and Deliver PRACTICAL Training" on Amazon: Connect with Jamie on LinkedIn:
June 12, 2020
#7 How to tackle Finance & Administration in China
Florian is an expert in finance and administration in China. Starting his China career on a scholarship program by the German government, he quickly gathered invaluable work experience in international companies in several Chinese cities. Now he is finance director in Nanjing and shares his take on corporate administration, finance and regulatory affairs with you. Topics covered: The impact of scholarship programs on your career How to manage a career transition successfully The biggest challenges in Chinese corporate finance and administration  Personal challenges as an interface between two countries Why is a career in China attractive? Advice for your career development Connect with Florian on LinkedIn:霍夫安-6917474/ Get Florian's book on Amazon:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=florian+hobelsberger&qid=1591516694&sr=8-1
June 07, 2020
#6 The mindset to survive and thrive in China
Lars-Åke Severin has a military and security background connected to the Swedish royal family. He has been a flexpat in China since 2005. As Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China as well as Founder and CEO of the security consultancy PSU he shares his wisdom on mindset issues of foreigners in China and gives invaluable advice to thrive in this challenging environment. Topics covered in 20min: “You never get cheated, you allow yourself to be cheated." The mindset to overcome problems in China The greatest obstacle for newcomers Time runs differently in China What can be a key competitive factor being an flexpat? Connect with Lars-Åke on LinkedIn:åke-林奇辉-severin-53aa2a9/
June 04, 2020
#5 From English teacher to CEO in China - Advice by Sven Agten
Belgian Author and Keynote Speaker, Sven Agten, first came to China as an English teacher in 2004. 15 years later he his the CEO of a German multinational company in China. Speaking Mandarin and being married to a Chinese wife, he is integrated into Chinese life as one can be. Topics and advice covered in this episode: What you can learn while living in China for 15 years How new flexpats can prepare for a life in China What can westerners and Chinese learn from each other Sven's biggest mistake in China Why more people should consider working in China Connect with Sven on LinkedIn: Get his book (German and Dutch versions available):ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=so+schafft+man+china&qid=1591018318&sr=8-1
June 01, 2020
#4 The reality of working in the law field in China
Daniel Albrecht is an experienced attorney at law and runs an IP agency in Beijing. In this episode he points out the real challenges of working in China and gives practical advice for newcomers. Topics covered in 15 minutes: How does the job market for attorneys look like in China? What are the biggest challenges and opportunities? What's the best part of working in China? Differences between international and Chinese law firms. Required skills to succeed in the law field in China. Reach out to Daniel on LinkedIn:
May 30, 2020
#3 Lessons learned from 25 years of doing business in China
Peter Becker, a 73 year old General Manager currently working in Changzhou, first arrived in China 25 years ago. In this episode Peter shares his vast experiences of working and living China and gives practical advice for the next generation of Flexpats. Topics answered in this interview: What do Chinese people expect from you? What kind of team do you need to be successful in China? Differences in communication between foreigners and Chinese What are the basic requirements to get hired in China? Do you really need Chinese language skills? Connect with Peter Becker on LinkedIn:
May 27, 2020
#2 Studying and finding Internships in China
German student, Marco Sauer, shares his first-hand experience of studying in China and how he found a suitable internship. Some of his insights will be surprising to many of our listeners who are planning to move to China, listen carefully! Questions answered in this interview: Why should you do an internship in China? How to find the perfect internship in China? How do Chinese professionals treat you as an intern? Do you need Chinese language to do an internship in China? Can you make local friends while studying in Shanghai? If you want to reach out to Marco, please connect with him here: On WeChat you can find him under the ID: MarcoSauer008
May 25, 2020
#1 Prepare for working in China with Anna Miller
The experienced HR Manager in Suzhou, Anna Miller, shares practical advice for people who seek work opportunities in China. Topics covered in 20 minutes: What motivates people to move to China Necessary preparations before departure Starting the job hunt A closer look at opportunities for women Connect with the guest Anna Miller: Check out Anna's coaching website for women abroad
May 21, 2020