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Pat's Chat

Pat's Chat

By Pat
Weekly talks with people that have awesome stories to share. Entrepreneurs, Startups and many more - why are they successful, where have they failed?
Open talk with interesting people, focus on Malaysia and South-east Asia...

Full video episodes available on my Youtube channel:

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Pat's Chat Ep. #044 - Sinan Ismail, The Digital Durian Founder

Pat's Chat

Pat's Chat Ep. #044 - Sinan Ismail, The Digital Durian Founder
Born in Malaysia, spent the first few years in UK, completing his studies back in Malaysia at University Sains in Penang (Computer Modeling) he started as 3D Animator. Never great at drawing, he founded Digital Durian, struggled, re-bounced, changed the business model, came up with new ideas, struggled more in pitching his ideas (being rejected) Awesome story, that then developed in a unique success story that is second to none. Didi & friends and Omar & Hana - 6 billion (!!!) views on Youtube - can't miss this episode with this humble and incredible entrepreneur - Sinan Ismail   Connect with Sinan:
October 07, 2021
Pat's Chat Ep. #043 - Nadia Jalil, The Social Impact Advertiser
Is it a coincidence, that many of my guests studied law before eventually becoming entrepreneurs?  How did Nadia start her awesome social impact advertising company? Social impact because everyone can earn some money advertising for their customers. Car Wrap is one of the awesome services MyBumb is providing, supported by technology and a mobile platform.  Much more shared by this great entrepreneur, fun and exciting chat with Nadia Jalil, CEO at MyBump Media.   Connect with Nadia:
August 27, 2021
Pat's Chat Ep. #041 - Anushya Safira, The 'Mênê' Founder
Always interested in fashion, Anushya shares here awesome stories growing up as a 'Chindian' the struggles and what she has taken from that experience. Starting her career as fashion designer, shoes, dresses to eventually move into more PR/Marketing roles. Working couple of years at Neubodi, launching and running some admirable CSR programs especially for breast cancer awareness!   Finally launching her own businesses with Mênê some info on the name and her motivators, the challenges and also her ideas, putting her passion of fashion and marketing and then even CSR under one umbrella.
July 16, 2021
Pat's Chat Ep. #040 - Benjamin Croc, The HR-tech Enthusiast
Living in Malaysia for 10 years, Ben is originally from France. Now the Co-founder/CEO of the HR Tech company BrioHR. Awesome story about his journey from School to not one, but 2 (!) MBAs, via being and auditor, becoming head of finance, working for great companies such as McKinsey and Lazada to finally found his own company.  Talking the MBAs, becoming an Entrepreneur, challenges in HR and how their product solves those...short-while and definitely insightful.   Reach out and connect with Benjamin:   ...and BrioHR
June 24, 2021
Pat's Chat Ep. #039 - Rizal Azis, The Incomplete Leader
Malaysian but not born in Malaysia - living abroad in Australia and Japan for almost 15 years. How did it feel to come back to Malaysia? And what were the motivators? Venturing into his own business, not starting 1, not 2 but 3 companies at the same time. How does he manage the time? And why does he call himself "the incomplete leader"?   A great talk with Rizal, insightful, inspiring...  Connect with Rizal on
June 11, 2021
Pat's Chat Ep. #038 - Mallory Loone, The Creator of Opportunities
3x TEDx Speaker, Mentor/Judge at Startups events, Committee Member at Tulips Movement   - women-centred Malaysian based Community Interest Company (CIC) and of course Co-Founder at Work Inspires - Mallory is a highly energetic entrepreneur.  Sharing her journey from studying accounting, training and coaching and finally becoming the founder of her company. Talking about corporate culture, leadership and how digitalization is changing companies, respectively how companies and leaders have to adopt.   Connect with Mallory on
June 03, 2021
Pat's Chat Ep. #036 - Marjorie and JJ, The EMERGE Esports Co-Founders
Coming from different backgrounds, Marjorie and JJ are among the Co-Founders of EMERGE esports, a Singapore-based professional gaming and esports talent management company. While Marjorie already is the deputy CEO and co-founder of DIFY Singapore, JJ is a long-time passionate gamer.  What is the status of esports in Asia and how did COVID influence that. How did they meet to found that company and what are the current challenges?  Great talk with 2 young entrepreneurs, about their journey and how they help gamers in the industry.   Follow and connect with them:
April 23, 2021
Pat's Chat Ep. #035 - Pui Mun, The Construction Software Founder
Grown up in Kuala Lumpur, studied Law in UK, to return and disrupt the construction industry with an awesome management software. Pui Mun shares her stories, her journey from law, to construction and technology. What was her motivation? What triggered her? And how can she digitize a truly non-digital industry? Short-while and insightful - refreshing, an inspiring person.  Don't miss out to connect with Pui Mun:
April 15, 2021
Pat's Chat Ep. #033 - Wuan Xin, The Children-Entrepreneurs Builder
Grown up in Penang and studying in Australia, Wuan Xin tells her story from side-hustling and how to properly manage time with the main-employer, being a founding member of Food-Ninja (a zero food-waste company) and the how they had to put an end to that start-up. Only to start a new company AI Talents that will help children to become entrepreneurs. Great insights, an awesome inspiration - but listen for yourself...   Get in contact with Wuan Xin: Instagram: @aitalentpdc
March 12, 2021
Pat's Chat Ep. #032 - Dato Sri Ganes, The TVET thought leader
How can someone be so passionate about training and skills development? Over 20 years in business with the SG Education Group, that he founded and leads, Dato Sri Ganes shared his story and granted deep insights in his past that led to what he is today - a thought leader in Technical and Vocational Education and Training, a tech evangelist...  How did the education and TVET ecosystem changed over time, why is learning skills so important and how did he get involved in the Drone business? A fantastic talk to start the 2nd year of my podcast - honored to have such an impressive personality on my show.   Connect with Dato Sri Ganes: and visit his website at
March 04, 2021
Pat's Chat Ep. #031 - Shayna Teh, The Auditor turned Entrepreneur
Studying and being an Auditor for 10 years to follow family business. But entrepreneurship was more of what Shayna wanted to be in her life. Designing shoes was at the beginning of that new journey. Awesome stories around her Schuster company that had a very specific selling point. Unfortunately that didn't bring the success yet...other business followed, mainly in the F&B industry, when she finally founded Food Market Hub with her husband. Fast forward, they just secured a 4mio USD investment - some new stories and adventures to share.   Connect with Shayna on
December 18, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #030 - Ranukka Singham, The Image & Perception Coach
A refreshing, inspiring and insightful chat with an image and perception coach. Ranukka shared openly about her background, why she studied optometry and how that influenced her early business life. In the second part, we talked about how she became an entrepreneur, her company and her experience in coaching and consulting in appearance, behavior and communication.   What is data-driven employee branding? And how did these topics change over the past years?    Connect with Ranukka on
December 10, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #029 - Geeta Lachmandas, The Healthy Cooking Coach
Relocated from Singapore to Malaysia with a bachelor degree in law. Geeta was looking for other things to do, started cooking to become eventually a recognized chef and teacher in healthy cooking. Fantastic talk with an inspiring women - a cancer survivor, a mother of three - about her journey, cooking, healthy food, cooking classes and much much more.    Connect with Geeta:
December 04, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #028 - Jan Wong, The Youth Entrepreneur
Started entrepreneurship early at 17, a side hustle to studying...or was it even earlier? Is entrepreneurship something you have to have in your blood, or can you learn it? How did Jan learn from the success and failures of his 8 companies that he (co-)founded?  A great chat with a young, very inspiring entrepreneur, talking openly about his own failure and downs and how he improved with every set-back.   Connect with Jan on LinkedIn:
November 05, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #027 - Zac Liew, The Fintech Entrepreneur
Studied law in UK to eventually start a career in a bank, followed by a tech company which made the ideal foundations to start a FinTech company. Talked with Zach about the challenges and opportunities in having a co-founder of a different generation, the Fintech terms and of course the awesome rise of Curlec.   Connect with Zac on LinkedIn:
October 30, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #026 - Ms Suchi, The Laughter Queen
Just back from the UK, I was able to chat with famous Ms Suchi, when she served her quarantine days in a hotel in Singapore. Taking about laughter therapy, depression, early detection and signs. Also about suicide - and her tips on how everybody can 'survive' those difficult times...   Don't miss to connect with Ms Suchi on all her social media, especially Linkedin:
October 09, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #025 - Dr. Jason Leong, The blessed, fighting comedian
Stand-up comedian Dr. Jason Leong is the guest for my small anniversary show, the 25th episode. Everyone knows already that he was a medical doctor, turned very successful comedian. So I talked with him on challenges being comedian, regrets, his boundaries on what to make jokes about and of course some of his favorite topics: TCM and the malaysian government. He shared how much of a show is real-life examples and how he manages shit-storms.  ...and of course, we had some conversation around his awesome achievement being a Netflix star since September this year. Hashtag blessed. Lots of fun and so many insights - enjoy :)   Connect with Jason:
October 02, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #024 - Laila White, The Fitness & Wellness Creator
Born and raised in Singapore among 8 siblings, with a difficult childhood being molested and even raped at young age. Later became Single-mom, left with 200'000 SGD of debts, she explains in here inspiring stories how she made her way back, built her businesses around Fitness & Wellness as her greatest passion. Impressive personality, a lot to learn from, don't miss out to follow and connect with Laila:
September 25, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #023 - Peter Kua, The Data Science Evangelist
Peter grew up in Penang, Malaysia and went on to study in US. Back in Malaysia, he ventured into Data Science to eventually become one of Malaysias' highly decorated evangelist. Building a huge community under Asia Data Science , he was hired by MDeC to build the Big Data Framework and help the country do become more mature in this area. After leaving to Media Prima to become Head of Data Science & Analytics, he also took over another community on Facebook: Big Data Malaysia.  Talking about use-cases in Media, how he built a team, the challenges, community and of course the newly developed AI blueprint in Malaysia.   Reach out and connect with Peter:
September 18, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #022 - Simon Li, The Memory Grandmaster
Winner of several memory championships and owner of numerous memory records, Simon Li from Hong Kong talked with me about how he found his passion in the memory science, methodologies and how he build his company around helping students and business people to improve their memories...   Connect with Simon on LinkedIn:
August 28, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #021 - Dr. AJ Minai, the brand storyteller
TEDx Speaker, serial entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, brand storyteller, public speaker...there's a lot to learn about and especially from AJ. What makes a great storyteller? Someone that manages to create a double-episode of Pat's Chat as it was impossible to stop just after 30 minutes? :) Of course it's a lot more.  But what is AJ's past, what stories behind his Name and the suit&tie he always (or at least mostly) wears? What are his roots? What he learnt from 200+ public speeches, what are his ventures about?   Entertaining, exciting, refreshing, inspiring...   Connect with AJ on LinkedIn:
August 21, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #020 - Anuj Kulkarni, the training and innovation consultant
Born in India in a family of artists, his early jobs made him travel around the world. Working in the USA, Europe and Singapore, he learnt a lot about different cultures and different approaches to learn and innovate. Now focusing on digital learning and helping companies and individuals to develop an innovative mindset, Anuj shared some inspirational stories from his experience. And of course we discussed the fact that companies should not only innovate when they are forced to do so by any crisis....   Follow Anuj on Linkedin:
August 07, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #019 - Andrea Zsapka, the coach, dancer and community builder
Born in Hungary, Andrea started dancing at the age of 6. A passion that accompanies her entire life.... An interesting story about love brought her to Malaysia, where she started building communities, companies, webinars, events and much more.  Where does she source all that energy and how does she manage to work on all those projects? How did dancing influence her business life?  Don't miss this episode with that truly passionate, energetic and power full woman!   Connect with Andrea on Linkedin:   and don't miss out on her upcoming event, October 1st-4th, 2020:
July 30, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #018 - Daniele Gambero, the Propenomist
Description to follow....
July 02, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #017 - Gladys Tan, Facilitator Virtues Workshop and Mentoring
Gladys grew up in Malaysia, moved to Singapore and is currently back in Malaysia. Being flight attendant for both Singapore airline and Malaysia airline, she eventually started to learn and love virtues. But what are virtues, how can it be learnt and applied? Gladys impressed with her knowledge and ideas around the topic...   Reach out to Gladys:
June 25, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #016 - Wandalyn Tan, Founder Caltan Training and Consultancy
Audit Manager turned author, career coach and speaker. Wandalyn grew up in Philippines and is now working in Dubai. What made her move and stay there for nearly 11 years now?  Also we talked about NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) the application and how Wandalyn is using it to help people...   Reach out to Wandalyn via:
June 21, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #015 - Garry Chow, CEO Asia Mediation Center
A "KL boy", Garry studied law to become a better negotiator. However finding out, that there was more, or something else, he became an expert in EQ and used his skills as mediator to teach, coach and working with people towards finding win-win solutions. An insightful discussion about emotional intelligence and mediation...  Connect with Garry on:
June 11, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #014 - Noor Shahiwan, the Solar Energy Social Entrepreneur
Iwan grew up in Ampang, studies Biology first to then complete a Master in environmental Science and Management. Before and during starting his Solar Engergy company, he worked as a VIP chauffeur and fleet organizer for an IOC event and the Laureus Awards, which took place in Kuala Lumpur in 2014. But the most awesome stories come from his venture as a social entrepreneur, helping people to get electricity - subsidized by his own companies commercial products.    Follow and connect with Iwan on and see his awesome projects on
June 05, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #013 - Umar Munshi, the Islamic Fintech Expert
Born and grown up in Singapore, Umar figured out early, that studying wasn't his thing. Traveled across South-East Asia staying for some years in Indonesia, building and leading startup's including a restaurant.   What made him to eventually move into Fintech? How does Islamic Fintech differentiate from 'non-islamic'? What are his social entreprises about and how did he support the financing of more than 8000 homes in Indonesia?   Follow Umar and support his companies:
May 29, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #012 - Vyasa Kandasamy, the man behind "Conversations that matter"
After studying mechanical engineering, he launched a first an integrated chip design company, followed by a reward/incentives design company to eventually become CEO of Cad training center. An awesome story, how he made his experience in those different industries, talking about the struggles, challenges and of course also how his current business had to adopt during this COVID-19 time.   Follow Vyasa on:
May 22, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #011 - Babu Priyavrat, the "AI Geek"
Grown up in India, he's was traveling and relocating to other countries throughout his life. Settling down in Malaysia back in 2011, he started to focus more on AI, founding a community called "AI Geeks" that has now more than 8000 members in 6 countries.   Connect with and follow Babu on:
May 15, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #010 - Jimmy Lee, CEO/Co-founder of Foodie Box, YummyLicious and many more...
Born in Penang, he was studying law, only to start a video editing company first. Making his first million, before going through some tough struggles, to eventually venture into the food business. In this inspiring Chat, Jimmy discloses some awesome stories of success, struggle, failures and for the first time - which I'm especially proud of! - he shares the riddle that was brought to him in Starbucks by a stranger, that changed his live forever.   Follow Jimmy's channels:
May 08, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #009 - Diana Nguyen, "The JoyFool Artist"
2nd generation Vietnamese-Australian....or is it Australian-Vietnamese? Diana shares some of her struggles and challenges in her early life, the relationship with her mother and much more experience about her live as an artist. Multi-talent being an actor, TV host, MC, stand-up comedian and many more....her way to talk and share is simply inspiring and truly "JoyFool" Follow Diana on:
May 01, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #008 - Roshan Thiran, Founder and CEO of Leaderonomics
Moved to US to study under a soccer scholarship - started working for Exxon Mobile and GE to become all about Leadership. No wonder people such as Jack Welch and John Maxwell also have been authoring content for Leaderonomics. But what was the reason, Roshan founded this company and what changed in those past 10 years since he did so?   Connect with Roshan:
April 28, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #007 - Jocelyn Goh, The engagement video producer
Jocelyn is from Singapore and after working couple of years with Alibaba - visiting even the HQ in Hangzhou couple of times, she decided to start her own company last year. Producing engagement videos and helping companies to produce their videos and doing livestreams seems to be a great offer at the times of general lockdowns. However what are her challenges and what are the advantages of engagement videos? In this chat, Jocelyn is share some of her awesome experience working for companies and why she decided to start her own biz. Follow Jocelyn on
April 24, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #006 - Mei Phing Lim, Founder of Got a Phing
Grown up in Penang, Malaysia - her path went quickly southwards, via Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Travelling a total of 37 countries, she was finally launching her own business  - coaching and training Next-generation Leadership. She's a fast raising star on LinkedIn, sharing awesome content not least by her fantastic podcast #gotaphing  Follow Mei Phing:
April 22, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #005 - Joy Abdullah, The Strategic Marketing Specialist
30 years of experience in Marketing, Joy shares his awesome insights in how marketing changed, what are the differences between Branding and Marketing, and how both are so important, especially in difficult times.   Follow Joy on: #3MinuteMarketing #GrowYourBusinessWithJoy   #CreateTheEdge   #joyspeaks
April 17, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #004 - Sha-En Yeo, the Positive Psychology Expert
Today's chat with a TEDx speaker, book author and founder at Happiness Scientists - Sha-En Yeo from Singapore: 10 years running her business at Happiness Scientists, helping people having a happier life. Why did she give up her job as a teacher? How does positive psychology differentiate from "normal" psychology? And most importantly, what is the formula of happiness, especially in this difficult time?   Connect with Sha-En on   LinkedIn: Facebook: Website:   Resources: Self-assessments for happiness: Workplace Well-being: Sha-En speech:
April 14, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #003 - Max Liang, the Feng Shui Master
Max grew up in Singapore, feeling some powers, that were un-explainable, even his family didn't believe what he felt. Interested in Science, he studied Biochemistry, worked as a Microbiologist, until something changed his life and he moved into  Metaphysics, WuXing, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui. Now 12 Years later, he explains in this informative talk with me what it was about and how TCM and Feng Shui fits in todays' modern world.   Connect with Max on these channels: LinkedIn: Facebook: Web:
April 10, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #002 - Carrie Anne Yu, the Chinese Market Strategist
Talking with Carrie from Hong Kong about how she became an Entrepreneur, starting being a school teacher and then ventured into Marketing...  What are the popular marketing tools in China and why you absolutely have to use them (and work with people that understand them) to enter the China Market.   Connect with Carrie via these channels;
April 03, 2020
Pat's Chat Ep. #001 - Homam Alghorani, the Hologram Man
First episode of my new chat and absolutely honored, that my friend from  Startups.Zone, Mr. Homam Alghorani is my first guest.  Born in Syria, he eventually relocated to Malaysia for his studies and starting his own businesses.    References: - Link to the Survey: - Homam’s LinkedIn:
April 03, 2020