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Reframe Your Mindset for Success

Reframe Your Mindset for Success

By Paul Corke
Based on the uncertainty and change in the world right now there has never been more important to look after our mental health and enhance our mindset. Paul Corke, author, speaker, futurist and founder talks about the Mindset Equation which is simple steps we can all follow with drive and determination in the form of an equation to be successful. Paul has completed 30 years of research into mindset, success and happiness and he shares his stories, insights, tools, tips and techniques so you can reframe your mindset for success.
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The Mindset of a Leadership Explorer with Don Schmincke
On this episode of Reframe Your Mindset for Success I have Don Schmincke. For over 35 years, Don and his team have consulted and trained executives in North America, South America, Europe, and India.  Additionally they have conducted leadership research excursions in South Africa, Japan, Bhutan, Vietnam, South Korea, and North African regions. As a best-selling author, Don trains 700 CEOs annually, and can be found sharing his unique methods at keynote speeches or implementing them with clients.  His scientific methods make him the thought-leader in applying genetics, evolution, and anthropology to strategic growth. The industry agrees, finding it a refreshing alternative to the trendy theories and "programs-of-the-month" that frustrate senior executives: - Acclaimed as a Top 10 speaker for the world’s largest CEO organization. - Author of best-selling books "The Code of the Executive" and “High Altitude Leadership” (with NBC Emmy-nominated climber Chris Warner). - Published in over 14 languages, - Featured by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and more than 60 industry publications annually. Today, Don flies 200K miles annually working with clients across every industry including healthcare, manufacturing, non-profits, distribution, technology, communications, finance, and insurance.  He occasionally can be found at universities inflicting his unconventional techniques on innocent graduate students!  Now, after working with over 7,000 CEOs, Don and the team have validated the protocols for success.  This is a fascinating podcast episode with Don on Leadership and Mindset. One not to be missed...
May 13, 2022
The Mindset of Hybrid Working with Gary Cookson
On Reframe Your Mindset for Success today is Gary Cookson a Hybrid Working, Leadership and Hr Expert.  Gary is a father of four and a husband of one, and runs a successful business in his spare time. He helps individuals, teams and organisations become even better at what matters to them. His book, HR for Hybrid Working, is due to be published 3 June 2022 by Kogan Page. He’s sure to mention this more than once. He has extensive experience leading and directing HR, OD and L&D functions across all sectors. His clients like working with him as he is authentic, honest, knowledgeable, communicative and people focused, with a broad and deep range of skills and experience – and a glance at his prolific social media output will verify this. Gary is a leading expert in the design and delivery of online / virtual training programmes, as well as an inspiring and entertaining keynote speaker and trainer on a range of leadership and HR issues. He was recognised in HR Most Influential: Movers and Shakers 2019, and is an HRD Connect Thought Leader. Gary has some great stories and insights into mindset and hybrid working.
May 05, 2022
The Mindset of a Soldier and Business Leader with Floyd Woodrow
On this episode of Reframe Your Mindset for Success I have Floyd Woodrow DCM MBE. Floyd is the chairman of Quantum Group & CEO Super North Star and Compass for Life foundation. Floyd is also the founder of Chrysalis Worldwide, a world leading values based organisation and has an excellent track record of success as a Military Leader, Director, Non Executive Director, Consultant and Negotiator. One of the youngest soldiers ever to have been selected for the elite SAS, Floyd Woodrow is now a renowned speaker on leadership and performance coaching world-wide. Floyd has established an international reputation for designing and running leadership and elite performance training in Sports, Business, Government, Police, Not for profit organisations and Schools. While he was serving, Floyd realised the importance of continual learning and wanted to continue down this path of pursuing excellence when he left the military. He’s also written several books including Learning to Learn, and more recently, The Warrior, The Strategist and You in which he outlines the “Compass for Life model for leadership and life”. Floyd shares his story, insights into his mindset, the importance of having a Super North Star and how a compass provides the framework you need to achieve balance. It’s great to have Floyd on sharing his expertise and insights on the podcast. Enjoy! Keep smiling:) 
March 08, 2022
The Mindset of a Creator with Scott Leiper
On this episode of Reframe Your Mindset for Success I have Scott Leiper. Scott is Creator at Imaginocity & The Learning Lab. Scott makes the often complex memorable, simple and effective. He creates and hosts immersive learning experiences and products and has a passion for creating innovative learning solutions with a human centred focus. And it is great to tap into the mindset of a 'Creator' with Scott. Enjoy the episode and keep smiling :)
February 22, 2022
The Mindset of an Impact Driven Leader with Steve Pipe
In this episode of Reframe Your Mindset for Success I am talking with Steve Pipe. Steve has had a successful career with 20 years researching how Accountants and their clients can build better businesses, better lives and a better world. Many more years as a strategist, best-selling author and keynote speaker. And even being named “UK Entrepreneur of the Year” and “The World’s Most Highly Rated Accountant’ But in 2018 he decided to retire. And before he physically does that in a few years’ time, he is giving everything away to help businesses benefit themselves and others by focusing on his core belief that every single business – regardless of size, location, sector, age or maturity – can make our world a better place. This is a fascinating episode I am sure you will enjoy - keep smiling :)
January 27, 2022
The Mindset of an International Speaker with Professor Damian Hughes
On this episode of Reframe Your Mindset for Success my guest is Professor Damian Hughes. Damian is an international speaker and best-selling author who combines his practical and academic background within sport, organisational development and change psychology, to help organisations and teams to create a high performing culture. He is the author of eight best-selling business books which have been translated into ten languages. He was nominated for the 2007 William Hill Sports book of the year award for Peerless, his biography of boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson. He has also co-authored a critically acclaimed biography of boxing legends, Thomas Hearns in Hitman: the Thomas Hearns Story and his biography of Marvelous Marvin Hagler became the UK’s best-selling sports biography. He was appointed as a Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change for Manchester Metropolitan University in September 2010. He is the co-host of The High Performance Podcast, an acclaimed series of interviews with elite performers from business, sport and the arts, exploring the psychology behind sustained high performance. He has served as a member of the coaching team for England Rugby League, Scotland Rugby Union and a wide range of international and national sporting teams. His innovative and exciting approach has been praised by Sir Richard Branson, Muhammad Ali, Sir Terry Leahy, Sir Roger Bannister, Tiger Woods, Jonny Wilkinson and Sir Alex Ferguson. I met Damian about 10 years ago and have been fortunate to listen to many of his keynote talks, read his brilliant books and been able to chat all things sport and football with him.  So it is an absolute pleasure having Damian on the podcast talking about mindset, culture and high performance.
January 10, 2022
The Mindset of a Thought Leader with Trevor Merriden
With me today is Trevor Merriden who is a Thought Leader, Speaker, Journalist and Entrepreneur.  Trevor is the founder and MD of Merriborn Consulting – an influential business dedicated to developing both high-quality content for our clients and vibrant, engaged networks to maximize its impact for lead generation. Trevor had previously been a journalist for 25 years, including spells as deputy editor on Management Today and the editor and then editor-in-chief at Human Resources magazine. He was the author of 3 high profile and well received business books and have made many appearances on radio and TV, including BBC, Sky and CNN. In his spare time he presented “The Business” – essential listening for SMEs in Hertfordshire on Radio Verulam. He was a regular speaker and chair at seminars and conferences. And many moons ago he was also a senior economist at the Bank of England. Trevor talks about his story, his mindset and the importance of choosing your mindset everyday. Enjoy the episode!
December 15, 2021
The Mindset of a Footballer with Neil Mellor
With me today on Reframe Your Mindset for Success is Neil Mellor. Neil Mellor spent ten years as a professional footballer from 2002 to 2012, representing Liverpool, West Ham, Wigan, Preston and Sheffield Wednesday. Neil's football career came to an abrupt end at the age of 29 due to a recurring knee injury and with playing football being everything Neil had ever known he needed to reframe his mindset to build a new career. Neil now has a successful career as a Sky Sports pundit and key note speaker and talks to use about his mindset, his career and some practical mindset tips we can all use to help reframe our mindset. Enjoy the episode and keep smiling :).
November 19, 2021
The Mindset of a Table Tennis Player with Trevor Manning
On Reframe Your Mindset for Success with me today is Trevor Manning. Trevor is an ex-international Table Tennis Player who represented Barbados, was Caribbean Junior Champion and played Table Tennis across the Caribbean, the UK & Europe. Trevor also has had a career as a qualified Nurse and Occupational Health Advisor within organisations. Trevor shares his story and insights into the importance of mindset. Enjoy the episode and keep smiling :)
November 12, 2021
The Mindset of a Business Coach with Sarah Cooper
Today I am joined by Sarah Cooper who is a successful business woman, entrepreneur, business mentor & coach. In this episode Sarah talks about the importance of mindset, shares insight into the Miracle Morning and her adventures filming through her TV career. Sarah's mission is to inspire 𝙔𝙊𝙐 to 𝘿𝙍𝙀𝘼𝙈 𝘽𝙄𝙂 and rediscover that ANYTHING is possible in this one precious life.  Enjoy the episode and keep smiling :)    
September 22, 2021
The Mindset of a Mental Health Expert with Sean Liddell
Today I'm talking with Sean Liddell who is a mental health expert who after an extensive corporate career now runs his own business Mindful Training Ltd. Sean is MHFA Mental Health First Aid trainer, Suicide First Aid, Mindfulness, Resilience and Wellbeing expert. We talk about the importance of our mental health and Sean shares his own personal story which explains why he set up business and he provides some amazing insights for us all to tap into on mindset. Enjoy the episode and keep smiling :)
July 21, 2021
The Mindset of a Breathing Expert with Joel Jelen
In this episode we will talk mindset and the importance of knowing how to breathe with Joel Jelen. Joel has worked in media for 20+ years in the fast paced world of PR within print online and broadcast. He began learning about breathing education in 1995 to balance out his work and lifestyle. He has since turned that into a successful business over the last three years and has studied with breathing experts globally. This is a really insightful episode about something we take for granted in every day life but how many of us are actually using our breathing to maximum effect and understand it's impacts on our mind and body if we don't get it right? Enjoy the episode and keep smiling :).  
June 22, 2021
The Mindset of a Thaiboxer with John Bullock
This episode taps into the mindset of British Thaiboxing Champion John Bullock. John was a professional Thaiboxer for 8 years and won the British Lightweight Title in 1983. John knows what it takes to compete at the top level of sport and he is also a very successful businessman. Having sold a successful property business for a life changing sum. John now runs Pain Point Coach using experiential learning to help people overcome stress and be the best version of themselves. Enjoy the episode!   
May 20, 2021
The Mindset of an Athlete with Karen Darke
In this episode I talk to the amazing Karen Darke who is a British paralympic cyclist, paratriathlete, adventurer and author. She competed at the 2016 Rio Paralympics winning Gold in the Women's road time trial, following her success in the 2012 London Paralympics winning a silver medal in the same event. Karen has completed some remarkable adventures around the world and shares her insights into what makes her successful.  Listening to Karen makes you realise what is possible if we put our minds to it.   
April 14, 2021
The Mindset of an Entrepreneur with Oliver Thompson
In this episode I am speaking with an old friend Oliver Thompson who is a Personal Impact Expert and Author. Oliver is on a mission. He’s believes that everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and successful however often lose their way. Because of this he is passionate about helping organisations to improve the way they do business and operate now and in the future. Oliver works with clients such as Mastercard, Warner Bros. Estee Lauder and Uk Athletics creating measurable results. His work helps to shift mindsets to a more open and innovative way of thinking. Oliver is also a celebrated keynote speaker and author of How to Train Your Business Brain. We talk about mindset along with Oli's challenge of running 7 marathons on 7 days which he is currently training for and tap into some real great mindset nuggets of advice. 
March 22, 2021
The Mindset to Change Course with Neil Francis
Neil Francis is the author of Changing Course, The Entrepreneur’s Book, Positive Thinking and Inspired Thinking. He is currently the chairman of a digital agency, Pogo Studio, and a trustee of Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland. When I read his book Changing Course I was so inspired by his story and his amazing lessons I knew he was a the perfect fit for this podcast. Enjoy!
February 21, 2021
The Mindset of an Adventurer with Barry Hayes
This episode is one not to miss with adventurer Barry Hayes.  I first met Barry back in 2014 when he had rowed the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii with no previous experience ocean rowing experience. Listing to Barry's story is amazing and he's also a talented speaker and writer who has also rowed the Indian Ocean in aid of research into Parkinson's disease.  Tapping into Barry's mindset and his story is amazing and I relate this to the Mindset Equation for Success. Let me know what you think of the episode. Enjoy.  
February 01, 2021
The Mindset Equation for Success
Paul reveals the Mindset Equation for Success. 30 years research into happiness, mindset and success have culminated in this equation. It’s a combination of mindsets that makes the most successful people a success.
January 19, 2021
The Plateau of Latent Potential
In this episode I reveal an idea that is so powerful when you understand the plateau of latent potential and how we can all be successful with small steps and persistence. An idea worth not just knowing but understanding.
November 26, 2020
The Placebo Effect
In this episode I talk about the Placebo effect and how the mind literally has the power to shape your life even when your faced with the greatest of setbacks.
October 29, 2020
The Perception Prison
In this episode Paul talks about what stops us achieving our goals in life, the importance of our beliefs in shaping our perception and how to avoid the perception prison.
September 30, 2020
The Power of Your Mind
In this episode Paul explores the power of our mind and the importance of reframing our mindset for success. He also reveals a big secret we should all know when it comes to our brain power we can all use to be successful. 
August 21, 2020
The Burning Platform
In this episode Paul talks about the Burning Platform we all face in life right now during these times of disruption and change. He also shares practical mindset tools and tips to help you assess your mindset for now and in the future. Once you understand the Burning Platform you then understand the importance of your mindset to the times we now live in. 
July 22, 2020
Reframing My Mindset - My Story
Paul provides his background story so you can understand why he has reframed his mindset, the lessons he has learnt and a very important question he has for you. Paul shares a life changing experience he had as a young man and how this has shaped his mindset for success.
July 07, 2020
Welcome to the Reframe Your Mindset Podcast
This episode Paul introduces you to the new podcast and explains what to expect in future episodes.
June 23, 2020