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Paul Olubayo Presents: The Conversation

Paul Olubayo Presents: The Conversation

By Paul Olubayo
The Conversation focuses upon key issues within the world of humanitarianism and international human rights. Each episode will feature a new guest and explore a range of different human rights based topics & issues. This podcast features a diverse, intersectional and international range of voices in the pursuit of informing people the world over, of critical developments, issues, problems and solutions happening in the world of human rights.
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Paul Olubayo Presents: The Conversation

The Conversation with Victoria Ibiwoye
Hello and welcome to a new episode of Paul Olubayo presents: The Conversation. My guest this week is Victoria Ibiwoye. Victoria is the Founder of OneAfricanChild, a youth-led organization with a mission to create opportunities in underserved communities and unleash the potential in young people through global citizenship education programs. Victoria has partnered with institutions like the World Bank, UNESCO, the United States Institute of Peace, the Global Partnership for Education and several multilateral agencies to influence policies that transform education systems. My conversation with Victoria focuses on the work OneAfricanChild conducts within Nigeria as well as other African nations. Whilst also focusing on the importance of the right to education as a whole. I am deeply thankful to Victoria for joining me in this conversation and sharing her wealth of knowledge on this very important topic. You can learn more about OneAfricanChild at there website: You can directly support the organisation through their current Creating Learning Center Project in Kwara State. The organisation is currently fundraising and any contributions would be greatly appreciated. You can learn more at the following link:
September 29, 2021
The Conversation with Hunter Johnson
Hello and welcome to a new episode of Paul Olubayo Presents: The Conversation. My guest this week is Hunter Johnson Hunter N. Johnson is a documentary filmmaker and photographer based in Minneapolis whose projects seek to advance human rights through visual storytelling. For the last ten years he's been shooting, editing and directing short films, including four years with the traveling documentary team The Perennial Plate. His documentaries have been featured on PBS, The Atlantic, Vox and CNN. He's produced videos for major NGOs such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. His work has also been screened at the United Nations Office in Geneva, The Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival and the AFI DOCS Film Festival. Since 2018, Hunter has been a lead researcher for the Observatory on Disappearances and Impunity in Mexico at the University of Minnesota. Within this conversation we touch upon the importance of Arts Advocacy, the issue of disappearances within Mexico and Hunter's newest documentary: "Until We Find Them"; which focuses on the work of two Journalists - Darwin Franco & Dalia Souza - seeking truth and justice for Mexico's disappeared. I am deeply thankful to Hunter for sharing his knowledge and experience on this episode and I hope you enjoy our conversation and learn from Hunter's work. You can find out more about Until We Find Them at the following links: Website: Facebook:
June 7, 2021
The Conversation with Temidayo Seriki
Hello and welcome to a new episode of the Paul Olubayo presents: The Conversation. My guest this week is Temidayo Seriki Temidayo is the founder of The Man Up Initiative. My Conversation with Temidayo focuses upon the work of Man Up and their goal to challenge and shape the value systems of young men in order to build a more inclusive society. Within this conversation we touch upon a number of different issues including; Man Up's goals as an organisation, the tactics which they use to achieve these goals and the importance of 21st century men the world over being accountable. You can find out more about Man Up at their website: which features a number of articles concerning Man Up's goals including their most recent publication 'The Boy Child: A Societal Approach to Shaping the Men of Tomorrow' I am deeply thankful to Temidayo for sharing his knowledge and expertise on a very serious and pressing issue, and I hope you all enjoy our conversation and learn from Temidayo's insight. -- Bio Temidayo was born in Lagos. He attended Greenwood House School and GreenSprings School for his primary and high school education respectively. He then relocated to the UK for the completion of his further and higher education. Temidayo graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Marketing from Keele University. Upon the completion of his studies, Temidayo returned to Lagos and became increasingly aware of the neglect that existed within the society with regards to the social development of men; both young and old. In a bid to solve this problem, Temidayo created Man Up Initiative. This initiative aims to challenge and change cultural and social norms in men that have stifled their development. Temidayo’s passions do not stop there; he is also particularly interested in human capital development and is launching a company called Vision, which aims to give guidance to young Nigerians with career and entrepreneurial aspirations.
April 21, 2021
The Conversation with Tracy Jawad
Hello and welcome to a new episode of the Paul Olubayo presents: The Conversation. My guest this week is Tracy Jawad. My Conversation with Tracy focuses upon the State of Affairs within Lebanon 6 and half months on from the August 4th explosion at the Beirut port which claimed the lives of more than 200 people and effected so many more. Within this conversation we touch upon a number of different issues including; the myth of the global economy, the need for accountability and the populations who are left behind following large scale violations such as this. Tracy is a Lebanese Citizen. A political researcher & writer who has worked with the United Nations in New York City & the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut. At the time of recording, Tracy’s most recent publication is entitled “Lokman Slim’s Assassination: A Warning” and looks at the death of Free Speech within Lebanon. And is available at the following link ( Tracy has also been kind enough to provide the names and links to a number of mental health organisations with Lebanon doing amazing things. Embrace - IDRAAC - Mind - I am deeply thankful to Tracy for her honesty and insight into what was a deeply personal experience and I hope you all enjoy our conversation and are able to learn from Tracy's account.
March 17, 2021
The Conversation Podcast Trailer
Hello & Welcome to the Conversation Podcast. The Conversation is a new Podcast focused upon exploring key topics relating to International Human Rights. Each episode will feature a new guest who will bring their knowledge, experience and expertise to educate us through a conversation as we explore these issues in significant detail. My intention is to explore some of the most pressing human rights issues of our time, whilst also shining a light on those issues and causes which at many times go under the radar. I hope to provide a space for honest discussion, an educational resource and a forum to share tactics and solutions to some of the problems which plague the world. I’m always open to guests and new information so please feel free to reach out with any suggestions. Twitter: @Paulolubayo Instagram: @Paul_Olu
March 10, 2021