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Business Talk With Luke Guy & Team

Business Talk With Luke Guy & Team

By Luke Guy
Here we discuss strategy with business leaders to help you hit your goals faster.
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21: Tracy Lamourie Shares Her Legendary PR Skills & the Mindset of Champions

Business Talk With Luke Guy & Team

21: Tracy Lamourie Shares Her Legendary PR Skills & the Mindset of Champions

Business Talk With Luke Guy & Team

43: Michelle Seiler Tucker Shares the Lessons Gained from Selling over 1000 Businesses in her Firm
Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. She holds the M&AMI (Mergers & Acquisitions Master Intermediary) title, as well as Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Professional (CM&AP) and Certified Senior Business Analyst (CSBA). Michelle also owns many other businesses in several different industries. As a 20-year veteran in the M&A industry, she is regarded as the leading authority on buying, selling, fixing, and growing businesses. She and her firm have sold over a thousand businesses in almost every vertical and have a remarkable track record of success. Michelle can provide your audience with insight into building a sustainable, scalable, and sellable business utilizing her proven techniques outlined in her newest book Exit Rich®, a Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Seller.
August 04, 2021
42: Shaahin Cheyenne Shares the Power of Until and Multiple Streams of Income with Ecommerce
Shaahin Cheyene Born in Iran,Cheyenne is an award-winning entrepreneur, writer and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles, California. He is the CEO and Chairman of Accelerated Intelligence. Through Accelerated Intelligence, an Amazon Marketing & Advertising Agency, he manages the selling of his products and helps other Brand Owners to scale their online sales not just in Amazon but other marketplaces like: ebay, shopify & Walmart. Cheyene shares his passion for Amazon through his Amazon's Course: Amazon Mastery. learn more
July 16, 2021
41: Andy Petek Shares His Journey of How the Coloradoprenuers Came to Be, Valueing Your Services, and Resilience.
Andy Petek is the CEO of Daydreamer Media, a production company focused on changing the future of online storytelling by empowering voices of all kinds. A long-time entrepreneur and startup investor, Andy coaches young business owners with consumer goods brands when he's not out on set or in the studio working on podcasts, video projects, or live events. Andy loves to teach bootstrapping and optimization to maintain work-life balance and create disruptive businesses while keeping yourself motivated and healthy. Mental health is his primary focus of community work and a paramount element of his leadership practices. He's also a massive Star Wars nerd... Learn more at:
July 08, 2021
40: Ken Kerry Demystifies Review Based Marketing and the Value of Empathy
Ken Kerry is the Co-Founder, CEO, and Executive Creative Director of DTC giant Script to Screen, a performance-driven marketing agency with 30 years of experience transforming companies, such as philosophy, Amazon Blink, Shark/Ninja, Gwynnie Bee, and Nutrisystem, into bestselling brands. He developed This Works Marketing based on consistent feedback from clients who have benefited from successful branding and sales-generating direct marketing campaigns conducted by Kerry and his team. He can discuss how anticipating the psychology of your consumers and addressing it on video via images and action can help your business grow. He can also discuss brand commitment. He has decades of experience creating ads featuring irresistible offers for top-name products and services. He is an expert on content marketing. Learn more at:
July 07, 2021
39: Mitch Beinhaker of Beinhaker Law Shares the Value of Tenacity, Adaptability, and Mistakes to avoid.
Mitch Beinhaker is a business lawyer and estates attorney who runs a virtual legal & consulting practice representing business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals. He is an author, speaker, and host of The Accidental Entrepreneur Podcast where he interviews entrepreneurs, inventors, authors, and social media influencers. In each episode, they share their ideas and experience to help the listener get a better hold of their own business. His legal practice, Beinhaker Law, provides business and estate services to other small business owners. Whether you are just getting started or have been operating for a long time, the practice can help you with all your general legal needs from contracts to client agreements, from purchasing a new location to onboarding a key employee. They draft all types of agreements and handle most business transactions. To learn more about their products and services, visit them on the web at
July 03, 2021
38: Jan Cavelle Shares Timeless Wisdom on the Power of Resilience and Finding Joy in Your Work
Jan Cavelle is an entrepreneur from the UK who has a few decades of running micro and small businesses behind her. She is very familiar with all the challenges that go with that, having started one from the kitchen table when her children were small and she was a single mother, to go on to build that into a multi-million turnover business. Jan has put her entrepreneurial experiences together with her passion for writing together a book aimed at helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses during the big leap of 1-10m. Called Scale for Success and it now out in the UK from Bloomsbury and on 6th July in the US. Learn more here:
June 25, 2021
37: Terry McDougall Shares Her Brilliance of Uniting Professional Success with Personal Happiness
Terry McDougall is an Executive and Leadership Coach and CEO of Terry B. McDougall Coaching. She works with high-achieving professionals and business owners who are “successful but not satisfied” to help them expand the overlap between their professional success and personal happiness. She's also the author of the Amazon bestseller Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms. Learn more @
June 11, 2021
36: Shawn Casemore Shares Winning Strategies for Mindset and Sales
Shawn Casemore helps business owners and executives accelerate their sales. He’s an author, speaker, consultant and expert in b2b sales.
June 09, 2021
35: Paul Baron, CEO of The Wall Printer USA Shares his Thoughts on Product Research, Determination, & the Power of Quality
Paul Baron is the founder and chief executive officer of The Wall Printer USA. Paul is responsible for all executive functions, assuring the growth of the corporation and of the businesses that purchase a Wall Printer. His decades of business experience span B2B, B2C, retail, manufacturing, distribution, international business, and franchising. Paul has personally developed and launched products and service business concepts and supported successful growth and increased valuations, through customer targeting and acquisition, vendor relations, and strategic partnerships, leading to revenue growth or exit. Learn more at
June 04, 2021
34: Marcel Petitpas Discusses the Importance of Agency Profitability
Marcel is an agency profitability optimization consultant, keynote speaker and the CEO of Parakeeto. He’s on a mission to help the average agency get the information they need to be more profitable. From sharing educational content and resources to creating tools at Parakeeto to make measuring the most important metrics easier – everything he does is aimed at making agency profitability more accessible. learn more at
June 03, 2021
33: Michael Levitt of The Breakfast Leadership Network Talks about the Dangers of Burnout
Michael Levitt is the founder & Chief Burnout Officer of The Breakfast Leadership Network, a San Diego and Toronto-based burnout media firm. He is a Keynote speaker, host of the Breakfast Leadership show, a Certified NLP and CBT Therapist, a Fortune 500 consultant, and author of the new book BURNOUT PROOF. Add meeting notes
May 31, 2021
32: Paul Wright Shares the Power of Being an Impact Driven Entreprenuer
Paul Wright is a business trainer and certified coach to mission-driven leaders. His strengths reside in helping entrepreneurs to launch and grow businesses, and his passion is to help release other’s full potential for the common good. Learn more @
May 28, 2021
31: Greg Kihlstrom Shares the Power of Adaptivity, and Lessons from Multiple Successful Businesses
Greg Kihlstrom is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and he works with companies on customer experience, employee experience, and digital transformation initiatives. Learn more about him here:
May 27, 2021
30: RJ Singh Shares the Value of Extreme Discipline and the Power of Consistently Implementing Habits
A Corporate and Endurance Athlete, a Self-Mastery Mentor, and a devoted Family man.. With the right support of mentors, study, and practice he has been able to achieve self-discipline, self-awareness, and find purpose through self-imposed adversity which he calls crucibles. He firmly believes that the strength and discipline of your habits will determine the magnitude of your IMPACT. RJ’s on a mission to lead by example and help empower executives to maximize success across all areas of their lives through the power of habits. His philosophy is that the path to personal transformation and real freedom can be found in your daily habits. That's why he developed a framework in order to enable individuals to become the best versions of themselves. To get started, you can download his comprehensive guide of 10 Ultra Habits below that you can apply daily for FREE.
May 26, 2021
29: Luke Guy Talks With Shaun Clark the Founder Of High Level (Extreme Version)
How Much Money Are You Leaving On The Table With Your Current Marketing Clients? If We Could GUARANTEE To Increase Your Revenue With Our White Label Software And Solutions Would You Be Interested? Set Up A Free Call Today: Be sure to visit our web site:
May 25, 2021
28: Mark Herschberg Shares Insights into the Mindset of Winners & the Career Toolkit Book
Mark is the author of The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You. Educated at MIT, Mark has spent his career launching and fixing new ventures at startups, Fortune 500s, and academia. He’s developed new software languages, online marketplaces, new authentication systems, and tracked criminals and terrorists on the dark web. Mark helped create the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, MIT’s “Career Success Accelerator”, where he’s taught for twenty years. Mark also serves on the boards of non-profits Techie Youth and Plant a Million Corals. Learn more at
May 24, 2021
27: Julie Moe of The Gutsy Mama Project Shares Her Story
Julie Moe found creative, financial, and personal fulfillment by building Squarespace websites, and it is her mission in life to help amazing mamas do the same thing. Julie left her full-time gig in the music business to take a running leap into entrepreneurship because when she searched for it, she realized that the kind of company she wanted to work for didn’t exist yet. She wanted a job that gave her location and creative freedom, and she knew she wanted to take control of her earning potential. So in 2015, Zooby Media was born. Then, in 2019, she realized that other moms want financial, creative, and location freedom, too, so she created her group coaching program, The Gutsy Mama Project. Since then, she’s helped dozens of moms build businesses they love that earn them four and even five figures every month—allowing them to ditch their 9-5s and their mommy-guilt without sacrificing their finances. Her work has been featured in The Chicago Tribune, Vice, Billboard Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and others. She lives in Nashville, TN, with her husband, Geoff, and their daughter Roxanne, where they love taking in all that Music City has to offer. Learn more at
May 21, 2021
26: Brandon C White Shares the Lessons of Two Successful Exits
Brandon C. White is an entrepreneur with two exists (so far), angel investor, a former venture capitalist, and worked in Marketing at a $200b internet company (AOL). Brandon started his professional career in technology as a pioneer on the Internet in 1996 as the Founder/CEO of Worldwide Angler, Inc. Worldwide Angler was recognized the number-one social networking and e-commerce site for sport fisherman on the internet. Brandon bought the company back from the investors and led it to a successful exit to a large media company. He’s currently the editor of Build a Business Success Secrets print newsletter and host of the accompanying podcast. They offer a playbook on how to master your mind, tune your body and build a successful business. Brandon lives in Half Moon Bay, CA and enjoys road biking, surfing, fly fishing and going fast. Learn more about Brandon here:
May 19, 2021
25: Patrick Kurowski of MarketKeep Shares the Mindset of Rising to the Challenge
Patrick Kurowski is the CEO/founder of MarketKeep. A digital marketing agency for small businesses. Headquartered just outside of Baltimore, MD MarketKeep helps their clients connect with their customers in the moments that matter most to them.
May 15, 2021
24: Luke Guy Talks To Justine Mader About Her Story & New Changes At Business Talk Podcast
Justine Mader is a moderator for Dean Graziosi and a podcast host at Virtually Limitless. Luke and Justine go over her success and talk about the latest updates at Luke's new podcast
May 14, 2021
23: Swire Ho the Promo Guy Shares His Wisdom
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Swire immigrated to Los Angeles in 1996. He is a proud Chinese American who speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. He trained as a sound engineer, working at recording studios and entertainment agencies before starting his own firm, Hellman Production, Inc, 2003 in Los Angeles. Swire and his team successfully produced attractive, personalized DVD and CD cases and custom merchandise like T-shirts, earning a Score award in 2009, for small business success. His business eventually grew so popular, he decided to sell Hellman Production in 2013 to focus exclusively on the promotional product industry. Government Certifications LSBE, WBE, DBE, MBE, SBE Swire is a proud SFG1 certified kettlebell instructor from #StrongFirst. He finds calmness through yoga, organic gardening, and enjoys being in nature.
May 13, 2021
22: Dr. Troy Hall Teaches Cohesion Culture, the Power of the One, and a Tribute to Mothers
Dr. Troy Hall Author | Radio Host | Global Speaker | Talent Retention Strategist and Consultant Featured on the Today Show, ABC, Beyond the Business Radio Show, and CEO World, Dr. Troy Hall is an award-winning culture strategist, speaker, bestselling author, and talent retention expert. His doctorate in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship has sent him across the globe to help leaders create cultures of cohesion and retain top talent in their organizations. Dr. Troy is the author of the Best-selling title, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent, and the Best New Release Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips for Success, and Fanny Rules: A Mother’s Leadership Lessons That Never Grow Old. He was once told he did not have the talent to write. His mom, Fanny, reminded him, “It’s not the successes or failures that shape your life, it’s how you handle them.”
May 10, 2021
21: Tracy Lamourie Shares Her Legendary PR Skills & the Mindset of Champions
Tracy Lamourie, a high profile international award-winning publicist, is the Founder and Managing Director of Lamourie Media Inc. a Universal Women's Network 2020 Woman of Inspiration Winner for the Women In Media award and the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED - Build Your Brand With Effective Public and Media Relations. She is a well-known long-time advocate on a myriad of important worldwide issues and an award-winning international publicist working across industries from major entertainment projects to small businesses. Tracy is passionate about amplifying important messages and being a voice for those who most need one. Recognized by media around the world for her 20-year campaign that ultimately helped free an innocent man from death row to her work getting clients' major media attention and for her local community work, she is the winner of the FIRST PLACE PLATINUM award Hamilton Spectator ReadersChoice for PR 2018, Diamond 2019.A frequent guest on TV, radio and high profile podcasts around the world on topics of leadership, empowerment, and entrepreneurship as well as all aspects of media and public relations.
May 07, 2021
20: Ryan Buckley, Sports Industry Expert Dives into Analytics, Mindset, & the Value of Networking
Ryan has six years of experience in the sport and hospitality industry, with a focus in business development. Most recently, Ryan was the Vice President at the Lakeland Magic, NBA G League affiliate of the Orlando Magic. Ryan was with the organization since its first season in 2017 and focused on ticket sales, corporate partnership sales, and sponsorship activations. He is originally from Long Island, NY, but made his way down to Florida where he received both his undergraduate and Master's degree from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, where he currently resides. Outside of sports, Ryan is on the board of the American Red Cross Central Florida Chapter, Adjunct Professor at Florida Southern College, and President-Elect of TigerTown Rotary Club. If you want to find out more be sure to check out
May 06, 2021
19: Mike Solitro Discusses the Power of Every Day Improvement
Mike Solitro is a consultative leader and the founder of Accomplished RE, where he helps real estate professionals find that they are better. He is also a Real Estate Attorney, and an Associate Broker with Kinlin Grover Real Estate. He graduated from Syracuse University and Suffolk University Law. He has worn many different real estate hats and consistently looks to deliver exceptional outcomes, communicate effectively, and relentlessly solve problems. Mike now calls Cape Cod home with his amazing wife, two young sons, and their energetic dog. He serves on Leadership Cape Cod's Board of Directors, and is also a member of Cape Cod Young Professionals, and Entrepreneurship for All’s Business Accelerator.
May 03, 2021
18: Mary the MTG DADDI!!! Shares How She Consistently is a Top Performer
Known as the MTGDADDI!!! MARY A Cazares, first got started in the mortgage industry senior year of high school!! MORTGAGES is all she's ever done and she's seen it all from 12% rates down to the recent all-time covid lows. She thrives in the consumer direct world but also realizes the tremendous value of social media... She leads her team by example as a Producing SVP for the Federal Savings Bank. Her mantra for success "focus on the work and the numbers will follow". Find her @
April 30, 2021
17: Bradley James Shares the Legacy of Beepods & the Secret of Goal Achievement
Brad James is a rogue beekeeper and the CEO of Beepods, challenging the norms of keeping honey bees by leveraging science, data, and grit to ask “Why?” over the traditional “This has worked for me…” At Beepods, they create complete beekeeping systems that provide hardware, training, outreach, and data tools to schools, businesses, non-profits, and backyard beekeepers all over the world. Teaching and practicing a reflection-based, sustainable philosophy, Beepods' goal is to see a world where pollinators thrive. With aggressive innovation, intelligent observation, and unapologetic audacity, Brad and the Beepods team pursue solutions to make this vision a reality in our lifetime.  Learn more @
April 29, 2021
16: Lindsay Sutherland, Passive Income Extraordinaire Shares Tips on Mindset & Winning in Business as a Mom
Lindsay Sutherland, working mom and serial 'side-hustle-prenuer' has successfully figured out the magic to creating a business while working full time and raising kids despite difficulties in her marriage. She now teaches other working moms how to build a business, take back their power, and live life on their terms with harmony and balance. Lindsay is a dream chaser who left her corporate job for a log cabin in the woods - who is a homeschooling mama of 4 who loves gardening, raising sheep, and riding horses. IN THIS PODCAST you will find heart-guided business mentorship, clarity coaching, online marketing strategy, inspiring interviews and SOOO much more. Find Lindsay at
April 28, 2021
15: Chase Mcallister Uncovers How to Build & Scale Your Business & Digital Presence
Chase Mcallister, Founder of UNRL.IO (unreal). UNRL.IO has two divisions, one is a SAAS provider to agencies across the globe, the second is a Full-Service Media Agency providing lead generation to high ticket business owners across North America! Our platform provides 250+ white label services and our agency works 1-on-1 with companies to build their digital footprint and automate their sales pipelines. our agency was built on the foundation of lean six sigma, the method that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically reducing waste and reducing variation. with these underlying principles in place, we've helped over 150+ businesses succeed in their online market.
April 27, 2021
14: Nicolene Elhadad Shares Her Story of Crushing It in Business with Multiple Streams of Income, Overcoming Adversity, and Overall Awesomeness
Nicolene Elhadad "My husband and I met in 2004 while working for Celebrity Cruises and we have been together ever since. After several years of working at sea, we got engaged in the most romantic setting in New York City, after which we finished our last working contract and moved back to South Africa to get married. Literally three days after coming back from our 3rd wedding (yes we said “I do” three times) we started to work on our business. From mom’s garage to owning and running several successful businesses with branches across South Africa. This journey so far has taught us more life lessons than we ever thought possible. I have a passion to share how it is to work while being married to a foreigner, having money issues, taking risks, the big and the small fights, taking chances, believing in each other, hassling long nightly hours, buying your first property, getting into property investment, starting a family, what is it like to have twins, growing your businesses, traveling the world all while figuring out future plans. This is my story in a nutshell, but I would love to hear and help you to create yours." Nicolene Elhadad. Find out more here
April 26, 2021
13: Chris Wilson Drops Some Beats on Business & Musical Entrepreneurship,
"In 1985, during my college orientation, I spontaneously reinvented myself. I dropped out of business school before I even started and moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. I didn’t want to wait, have a backup plan or play it safe, I just did it. I knew at age 18 if I didn’t pursue my dreams I would regret it for the rest of my life. I started my first business (a guitar school) in my apartment in 1990. That business grew steadily and evolved from a guitar school into The Academy of Music and Art, Inc. a performing arts school with 25 employees that teach music, art, dance, summer camps, and theatre. In 2019 we had over 650 students. I am the author of the book: Marketing During Tough Times. My next book is Music School Reinvention. It will be available in 2021. As a business coach, I help people start their first small business. I specialize in the service sector with marketing and business operations. I have a course “The Reinvention Formula” on There are 2 more courses (The Start-Up Formula and Marketing During Tough Times) scheduled for release in 2021." I love talking about how to start a business and inspire others to do the same. Here's my info:
April 23, 2021
12: Jodi Krangle Voice Actor Extraordinaire Shares Tips on Mindset, Goal Achievement, and the Power of Authenticity
Jodi Krangle has been a voice actor since 2007 and has worked with clients from major brands all over the world including Dell, BBVA & Kraft. She’s also a singer and has put out her own album of jazz, blues and traditional tunes ( Over the years, and doing what she does, she’s learned a lot about sound and how it influences people. Her podcast on this subject is called Audio Branding: The hidden gem of marketing. For more information on that podcast, visit and for more information on Jodi, visit 
April 22, 2021
11: Debra Ohstrom Dives into Investing, Persistence, and Goal Achievement
Debra Ohstrom has worked in the Investment industry for over 27 years. Spending much of her time working with Financial advisors to help them build portfolios and educate their clients. She has earned an MBA in Finance and a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. She recently started an online business to help people directly with financial planning and long-term investing courses through her website She is on a mission to help everyone understand how to have their money grow over time and live the stress-free life they deserve.
April 22, 2021
10: Steve Werner Shares His Story on the Power of Storytelling, Consistency, and Putting Yourself Out There
6 years ago Steve left his corporate job to change lives through live events and public speaking. Since then he has: Held 63 sold-out events for himself and clients Built more than 138 different presentations Spoken on more than 200 live and virtual stages including Harvard’s business summit on marketing, influence, and conversion. He focuses on helping coaches, influencers, and small business owners grow through webinars, one to many sales presentations, and live events
April 20, 2021
09: Michael Cohen Discusses Family Business, Mindset, & Overcoming Fear
Michael Cohen is an entrepreneur at heart. He had a successful design firm in NYC in the 90's, created and sold an internet company with his sister a few years ago, currently own two pawnshops just outside of Washington, DC, dabble in real-estate (home building), improv artist, host a TV show called Baltimore Loves Talent and host a podcast called Second Scene for a non-profit organization called Dweebs Global. A few harder parts of his life have been the loss of my best friend/brother due to his addictions and living two blocks from the World Trade Center during 9/11. To find out more check out &
April 19, 2021
08: Will Tarashuk Discusses the Power of Podcasting
Will Tarashuk, Founder of Ambiguous Podcast Solutions.Ambiguous podcast solutions was founded by four Hofstra University graduates, in May 2019. With a combined 12+ years of industry experience, we created one of the first podcasts solution management companies in the industry. We have developed certified trained professionals to provide solutions to all your podcasting needs. Very similar to traditional managed service providers, here at Ambiguous, we offer full-time support Specialize in helping influencers, brands and businesses how to best utilize RSS technology in order to grow their following. Whether you are pro and have been in the industry for years are just getting started everyone needs a team. Let Ambiguous Podcast Solutions be that team that takes you to the next level.
April 16, 2021
07: Candice Dugger Dives Deep into Business, Bullying, and Quality Education for Children
Candice Dugger is an Author, Speaker, and Fortune 100 trainer on Gen Z Bullying and Telecommuting your Childs Education. She is the founder of Bullied Broken Redeemed and Reimagine Education Conference specializing in helping children heal from bullying while finding the best educational platform to support that journey.
April 15, 2021
06: Eleazar Perez Shares His Story of How He Helps Coaches Crush 20k months
Eleazar Perez helps coaches build and sell their coaching programs, high ticket using organic strategies. He has traveled the world, been mentored under millionaires, and lived with them in Serbia for some time, he grew a successful and profitable coaching business. Now his focus is to build more 6-figure earning, coaches who LEAD from the front and sell their expertise while impacting more lives!
April 14, 2021
05: Marcus Chan Shares His Experience with Helping B2B Salespeople Crush it!
Marcus Chan is the Founder of Venli Consulting Group. He helps B2B sales professionals sell more and sell better without needing years of experience through his coaching and training programs. Marcus is an executive member on the Forbes Business Council and has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Salesforce and as a LinkedIn Top Voice for his results.
April 14, 2021
04: Cesar R Espino Discusses Real Estate, Mindset, & Publishing Oh My!
Cesar R. Espino is the creator of You Can Overcome Anything! Podcast Show, You Can Overcome Anything Book Series, a real estate investor, mind coach, business consultant, and multiple #1 best international book author. His passion and highest intention are to empower, inspire, and motivate others to reach their full potential. Cesar offers a variety of tools and services to help people improve their current situation. Cesar is creating opportunities for people to have a chance at life regardless of people’s background, and or current situation.
April 10, 2021
03: Aaron Welch Discusses the Inner Game, Overcoming Obstacles, and Crushing it in Business
Aaron Welch is a Marine Corps Veteran who started doing small business marketing in 2000, internet marketing in 2001, and social media marketing in 2006. He’s started multiple businesses (both successfully and unsuccessfully), raised venture capital and partnered with billionaire investors, is growing a thriving digital marketing agency and consulting business, and has worked in startups, small businesses, and Fortune 100 enterprises. Lift Digital Marketing is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency specializing in generating new leads for service-based businesses focused on growth. They provide search marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, local marketing, conversion rate optimization, analytics & reporting, web design & development, and HubSpot agency services. By delivering digital marketing differently, they’re able to provide the most personalized and highest performing marketing campaigns possible.
April 09, 2021
02: Rocco Di Piero & Zack Karkoszka Share How They Help Loan Officers In Crazy Times
Listen in as we learn more about the mortgage industry and the leaders inside this niche. Rocco Di Piero and Zack Karkoszka are the co-founders of Surge Mortgage LLC, also well known as the Veteran Referral Program. Their main goal is to help as many loan officers and mortgage companies as possible surge to new heights! They're able to achieve this and help so many mortgage professionals through their wide range of offerings. Some of those offers include their VA lead generation system, their in-house call center, their new realtor launch program, and they even hand over their full mortgage marketing toolkit / CRM software to those wanting to generate their own leads.
April 08, 2021
01: Jarin Introduces Luke Guy
Today we go deep with Luke Guy on his journey!
April 06, 2021