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Blue Skies and Green Pastures

Blue Skies and Green Pastures

By Paula K Adams
A podcast for deep thinkers and people who like to know more about interesting and timely subjects , such as God and all that goes along with getting to know Him and living the Christian life, current events, books and movies, and even occasional motorcycle talk! Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!
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Going Beyond John 3:16

Blue Skies and Green Pastures

Going Beyond John 3:16

Blue Skies and Green Pastures

Are you trying to live the Christian life without the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit is a wonderful and an essential part of our Christian journey. Without Him, we are not going to be able to be the people God wants us to be for Him. Although this can be a controversial topic, I want to try and explain it because it is so important. I am not a pastor or theologian, just a believer who wants to share the love of Christ with the world. If you disagree with my explanation, that's okay. Peace be with you. 
April 15, 2021
The cost of living in a perfect world
Today’s episode combines a book review of Neal Shusterman’s Arc of the Scythe Series with commentary on its parallels with real life . Would you choose a virtual heaven on earth over the real thing if you could live forever ?
April 13, 2021
A story about a brave boy and a king
April 12, 2021
Motorcycle talk with the hubby and son
Listen as my husband and son discuss riding a 1970 Triumph Bonneville 650 . Then my husband convinced me to go for a ride on this beautiful spring day.
April 10, 2021
Trusting God Completely: Devotion
This episode is also available as a blog post:
April 8, 2021
What happens if I don't take the mark of the beast?
Is the Mark of the beast a big deal? That depends on who you know.  Listen to find out more. 
April 7, 2021
3 Reasons Why People Disagree with You (When you’re obviously right ! )and What to Do About it
Is having everyone agree on every topic a goal for a free society? Is it okay to have your own opinions that are not the same as your friends or family? Yes! Today we discuss having freedom of thought. This episode is also available as a blog post:
April 7, 2021
Use it or lose it! Your socials skills matter!
Do you prefer to spend time on your phone more than with other people? Would you rather chat online than with a person in the same room ? Today I talk about the danger of losing the ability to enjoy spending time with real people due to lockdowns and phone addiction.
April 6, 2021
The Most Dangerous Snakes have Two Legs
Snakes are kinda cool . But two-legged snakes are dangerous. False teachings can keep us from being in God’s will . Learn to spot sneaky snakes in your path !
April 1, 2021
Why do we Celebrate Easter?
What is Easter? Did Jesus really die for my sins? What is the resurrection? Are your sins forgiven? Please listen and I hope you have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!
March 31, 2021
Going Beyond John 3:16
The most well known verse in the Bible is only the introduction to knowing the great story of God’s plan for you! I hope you’ll continue your journey of faith by getting into a good Bible study class .
March 26, 2021
Do You Really Know who Jesus Is? On the Road To Emmaus
Today we explore the interesting story of Jesus giving a history lesson to two of his followers and then disappearing from their sight, found in Luke 24 in the Bible. We can discover some important lessons in this passage about who Jesus is and how he works in our lives. I hope you learn something new! This episode is also available as a blog post:
March 23, 2021
You’re rich! Sharing your stimulus money with God
The Bible has a lot to say about money and how we use it . Many of us just received a deposit in our bank accounts and now we have to decide how to save or spend it. Here are a few ideas.
March 18, 2021
“You’ve changed!” What to Do When your Partner is Not the Same Person You Married
This episode is also available as a blog post:
March 15, 2021
What’s in Your Book Pile?
This episode is also available as a blog post:
March 10, 2021
What did you Learn in the Past Year?
Don't feel like reading? Listen to me as I read this blog to you! This episode is also available as a blog post:
March 3, 2021
March 2, 2021
March 2, 2021