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Paul Hickey's Data Driven Daily Tips

Paul Hickey's Data Driven Daily Tips

By Paul Hickey
Paul Hickey is a business leader, digital strategist and web developer and Voice Designer who is starting to get loud while documenting the journey of helping businesses grow. We talk Alexa Skills, Google Actions, Google Analytics, Social Media Content Creation, Facebook Ads, SEO, Paid Search, Web Design and more, as well as the occasional interview with business owners, marketers, educators, entrepreneurs and just overall badasses. Thanks for listening!
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Episode 313: How To Properly Post Duplicate Content On Medium To Avoid Getting Banned
Well, you learn something new every day, even when you've been in the content and SEO game for more than 13 years.  Recently, I was banned from Medium for duplicate content. You see, I have posted more than 550 articles on Medium, all of which I'm the original author, but I first had posted all of them on my own website blog at  I figured I'd get flagged for this at some point, but pushed forward, because the awareness from Medium articles is pretty solid.  I have a new way to go in and let Medium know about the original post, using the Canonical URL option under the Advanced Settings.  Apparently, LinkedIn Articles also has this option, so I'll be doing it there as well.  Now, I highly recommend that businesses create content daily in the form of video, transcribe into written blogs, extract the audio, post to podcast outlets like Anchor, and then to YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium and Google My Business.   This is a way to post duplicate content, but keep the SEO juice.
October 2, 2020
Episode 312: Why I Got Banned From Medium, And How It Helps You
A couple years ago I did a Data Driven Daily Tip on how much SEO juice I was getting by creating original content, normally in the form of a video for YouTube, then taking the audio, using it as a podcast episode, and transcribing it into a written blog, always posting it on my website,, as well as LinkedIn and  Well, I recently found out I've been banned from Medium, likely for duplicate content.  This, after posting more than 500 articles in this way, and benefitting from some SEO juice in the process.  I definitely don't regret getting banned from Medium. Here's why:  I'm the thought leader and the content creator. I own the content.   I have more than 500 pieces of original content each posted in more than 5 places, including Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, my own website and of course, up until now, Medium.  As you'll hear in this audio, posting this duplicate content on Medium over the last three years, still benefits me, even while banned.
September 18, 2020
Episode 311: How To Voice Enable Your WordPress Blog Content for Alexa and Google Assistant
Reasons to voice-enable your WordPress Blog/Website: – More than 500 million active users get their information from Alexa and Google Assistant – Accessibility (which doesn’t get talked about enough) – It’s super easy with The Voice Designer WordPress Plug-in This audio shows you the tactics and strategy to voice-activating your blog content for Alexa and Google Assistant.
September 10, 2020
Episode 310: How To Promote Your Alexa Skill With Quick Links
One of the main challenges with Alexa Skills is discoverability. How do you find them? Marketers and business owners are constantly telling me - "hey Paul, all this Alexa Skill stuff is cool and everything, but how do I let people know about it? Does our business have to promote it in order to gain users?"  My answer is always, unequivocally YES, you have to promote your Alexa Skills in order to drive user adoption.  I've blogged and vlogged at length about how businesses can benefit from Alexa Skills, and Amazon continues to roll out solutions for not only Voice App developers, but also marketers and business owners.  The latest was announced at the end of July, 2020, at Alexa Live, and it's called Quick Links. As explained in this video/audio, Quick Links are a way to embed a link to your Alexa Skill in your website, email marketing blasts, social media posts and more, that allows a user to click a button to either launch an Alexa Skill immediately on one of their devices, or send their device a reminder for later to launch a skill.
September 9, 2020
Episode 309: WordPress Featured Plug-in: Redirection
WordPress Featured Plug-in: Redirection - how to ensure your website has no broken links! Very helpful tips for WordPress SEO.
September 7, 2020
Episode 308: WordPress Featured Plug-in: Mailchimp For WooCommerce
WordPress started as a blogging platform, but now hosts more than 70 million websites, and is the most used content management system (CMS) in the world.  It has become one of the top marketing engines, and when integrated properly with other free marketing tools like Mailchimp (an email marketing platform) and WordPress plug-ins like WooCommerce (for eCommerce), your website can become a full business, complete with an integrated marketing CRM and optimized shopping cart with physical and virtual products.  This podcast features a WordPress Plug-in, Mailchimp for WooCommerce.
September 7, 2020
Episode 307: Voice Design - How To Fix Dialogflow Error When Deploying Google Actions from Voiceflow
Voiceflow is an amazing no-code Voice Design tool, that allows Voice UI Designers like myself to author voice apps and deploy them to both Alexa and Google Assistant. However, sometimes, Google Assistant has other plans. :)  Recently, Google made some updates and it kind of ruined the process for uploading Voice apps to the Google Actions Console from Voiceflow.
September 7, 2020
Episode 306: How To NOT Break Your WordPress Website
Keeping your WordPress website fully functional, secure, safe and as speedy as possible is really pretty simple. It’s about keeping an eye on the following 4 things. -WordPress Core Version Updates -PHP Version Updates -Plug-in Compatibility -Theme Compatibility Now, most theme developers are on top of any WordPress Core Releases. That’s their main job, other than adding features to their themes. When you see a Theme update from the backend of your WordPress website, it’s your Theme Developer doing one of two things (telling you that their getting ready to be compatible with the next upcoming WP Core version, or telling you that they’ve added new features to the theme that may enhance your experience as a content manager / designer).
September 4, 2020
Episode 305: How To Generate Leads With Your Alexa Skill and Google Action Voice Apps
Today I’m very excited to talk to you about how to generate leads via your Alexa Skill or Google Action voice apps.
July 30, 2020
Episode 304: How To Set Up An Amazon Alexa Developer Account
Hey everybody, thanks for watching this is a relatively simple tutorial video on how to set up an Amazon Alexa Developer Account. Here we go. The first thing you're going to want to do is visit So i've typed in and you'll see this screen here that says Amazon Developer Services and Technologies. The next thing you're going to do is click on Amazon Alexa. Now once you get to the Alexa page you're going to click the sign in link, and even though you don't have an account yet, you're still going to want to click the sign in link. And then after you click the sign in link, you can go down under new to Amazon and click "create your Amazon account." Now you're in the