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The Path Hunters Podcast with Paul Lam

The Path Hunters Podcast with Paul Lam

By Paul Lam
This is a podcast dedicated to helping you unleash the beast from within so you can fearlessly pursue a life of purpose and passion. From fears, sacrifices and pushing yourself to the limits we bring on an inspiring person or message to hear about their journey to living their life of purpose and passion. Tune in each week to unleash your inner beast and become a path hunter today! Learn more at
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PH - 99 | Ray & Laura Blakney | How To Find Your Why

The Path Hunters Podcast with Paul Lam

Episode 100
Latest episode of The Path Hunters Podcast with Paul Lam
August 19, 2018
PH - 130 | Cameron Mattis | Create A Side Hustle With Online Courses
Cameron Mattis is the head of sales and account management at Teachable. An ed-tech and online education expert, he's helped thousands of people and businesses create their first successful online courses.  Get a free month trial with Teachable with this link For more information check out Instagram:
April 24, 2018
PH - Sunday Sessions
All you path hunters out there lately I've discovered a new company that allows you to listen to unlimited audiobooks for $8.99  a month as I found audible to be a pain because you're paying $15 for only 1 book or if you return it.  Currently, on the trial version, I had to share this link  Where you get can get a 2 month trial for free instead of 30 days! (and I get 1 month on my end)  More info at
April 22, 2018
PH - 129 | Paul Lam | Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
This week's episode is a bit different today, I wanted to jump onto this week and inspire some of you and experiment as well on my new zoom h1 recorder.  Mobile podcast recording will allow me to share my thoughts as I'm being inspired throughout the day, and that way I can share with you and bring you on the journey as well. Maximizing the full day.  a few other ideas as well.  Check out more podcast episodes at
April 17, 2018
PH - 128 | Traver Boehm | Man Uncivilized | New Age New Men
Traver Boehm is the author of Today I Rise, a TEDx speaker and men’s coach, currently practicing intentional nomadism. He is the founder of the Man Uncivilized Movement redefining the way around the globe experience their masculinity by uniquely blending both the Primal Masculine with the Divine. Topics Traver and I spoke about are: Traver's Journey What it means to be a man uncivilized What men are struggling through right now Instagram:
April 10, 2018
PH - 127 | Paul Lam | Let's Down To Business
The first quarter of 2018 is done, and I had some time to think about what has happened so far up until now. Digressing everything about what the plan is, and where I'm heading to next.  How real does it get from here on out, and how much more can I give, and touching base on the roots of why I do what I do.  It's a constant reminder to humble myself on top of being confident to take my life into my own hands. Check out more at Instagram:
April 03, 2018
PH - 126 | Mike Giannulis | From Over 500lbs to A Life Of Abundance
Mike Giannulis is an entrepreneur & coach specializing in business growth and digital and direct response marketing. I run a small coaching & consulting firm helping businesses achieve maximum profits. In 2012, I was on a weight loss TV show called Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. I had him onto the Path Hunters Podcast to chat about his journey, his lessons, and his whole weight loss journey too. Check out more info at Instagram -
March 27, 2018
PH - Sunday Sessions
Learning different things from a different perspective has been definitely one of those things that allowed me to look at life in such well-rounded manner.  I'm so grateful everyday for even being born in Canada and looking forward to many things to come as I continue to learn new things all the time. I hope you enjoy this episode check out more at Instagram:
March 25, 2018
PH - 125 | Noah Laith | How Coming Close To Death Can Change Your Views On Life
Noah Laith is best known for his unequaled ability to source deals at below-market-value prices.  In the last 17 years, he built a real estate asset management fund and a personal net worth of US$30 million on this knowledge. He is actively investing in The Netherlands, UAE, Thailand, South Africa, and Spain, where he is now Managing Partner of Riereta Equities. Check out more at Instagram:
March 20, 2018
PH - Sunday Sessions
Resolve + motivation = Success That's what I've come to the conclusion after learning so much about myself by asking all the hard questions I had to ask.
March 18, 2018
PH - 124 | Kay Fabella | Empower A Woman & She Empowers The World
Kay Fabella is a storyteller and business strategist, who crafts words for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to pivot with purpose and connect with the people they were meant to serve. She's a world-recognized speaker, author and trainer who's been featured in international media like the Huffington Post and El País. She's also a co-founder of a bilingual brand + website agency, Brand in a Bottle.
March 13, 2018
PH - Sunday Sessions
This Sunday episode I wanted to touch base on 2 tips on how to deal with self-doubt and overworking yourself. As most of you know I love talking about my own experiences as I'm going through this whole entire motion myself and this time around I wanted to touch base and tell you my experiences after being burnt out and really feeling the mental and physical strain, and what I plan on doing about it. I hope you enjoy this episode~
March 11, 2018
PH - 123 | Jake Heilbrunn | Off The Beaten Trail
Jake Heilbrunn is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, surf-loving nomad, and entrepreneur. He has spoken to over 12,000 people of all ages, sharing his story and inspiring audiences to live with purpose and follow their intuition. Jake's work has been featured in Psychology  Find out more at Follow on
March 06, 2018
PH - My Life Long Mistake
The moment you step into your true self and re-invent yourself that is the moment you have true power over yourself. I've spent my whole life trying to blend in with my surrounding when I knew deep down at an early age that I was different but I didn't have the guts and courage to step out on my own until last year in 2017.
March 04, 2018
PH - 122 | Heath Armstrong | Who Cares What Others Think Just Do You
I had an opportunity to chat with a digital nomad that is in the e-commerce space making 6 figures, and we didn’t chat about that but more about his upcoming project the new sweet ass journal to develop your happiness muscle in 100 days. He was on episode 75 for The Path Hunters Podcast Today Heath comes on for another round with me chatting about his new project, and other topics as well.  Topics we spoke about are:  Heath's new affirmation cards. Benefits of being honest and genuine in business. Benefits of meditation and visualization. Why you should just believe in yourself. and so much more! Find out more info at Follow me at  Send me an email at 
February 27, 2018
PH - Black Panther Is Awesome
Black Panther, Is an awesome movie because they tied many topics and lessons into a superhero movie! Definitely should watch it!
February 25, 2018
PH - 121 | Rachael Lowe | Actions Are Better Than Inactions
I wanted to bring on my friend Rachael Lowe onto The Path Hunters Podcast as she's on an interesting journey in her life.  She is now transitioning back into a job in order to further develop herself and sharing her insights on this experience.  Follow me at Send me an email at
February 20, 2018
PH - You Ran 8 out 10 KM
At times I know that we come up short on our goals, but the intentions were there, the passion, the drive, the hard work but even though you brought all that to the table you still came up a bit short. That's alright because sometimes this happens you have to look back at how far you've gone, how far you committed to this and you know that you'll continue that walk!
February 18, 2018
PH 120 | Majeed Mogharreban | How To Re-Write Your Life & Live It The Way You Want It
After generating over $1,000,000 from speaking, international best selling author Majeed Mogharreban helps entrepreneurs Make Money Speaking from free and paid speaking gigs. I had to bring Majeed and talk about his journey and experiences as I too will see myself standing on stage as well and speaking.  Find out more info at Follow me at Send me an email at
February 13, 2018
PH - Top 5 Recommended Books For 2018!
I believe I've read more than 500 books already and over time I come across some books that really has a new way of thinking. These are the top 5 I recommend and my reasons why! Extreme Ownership By Jocko Willink: 5 Second Rule By Mel Robbins: Zero To One By Peter Thiel: F.U. Money By Dan Lok: Side Hustle By Chris Guillebeau: Find out more info at
February 08, 2018
PH - 119 | Jeremy Ginsburg | 4 Years & Still Going
Jeremy Ginsburg joins The Path Hunters Podcast, a world traveling who has been traveling for the past 4 years and still going strong sharing some insights of his journey.  Find out more info at Follow me at Send me an email at
February 06, 2018
PH - Taking Action
Stick it out. Find out more info at Follow me at Send me an email at
February 04, 2018
PH - 118 | Jason Moore | Shifting To A New Reality
Jason Moore - Host of The Zero To Travel Podcast, Co-host of the Location Indie Podcast and Curator of The Location Indie Community. Jason is a world traveler promoting and helping individuals create a new life of freedom for people. Living life on their own terms. Find out more info at Follow me at Send me an email at
January 30, 2018
PH - Just Move On
Hey everyone this episode I'm going to chat about a "loss" that I had recently after losing a client and talking about what I did next. This drove me to build a new online course surrounding Instagram and teaching people how to use it to connect with people, tie it to your business and so much more, but none of this would be possible if I hadn't lost that client.  Find out more info at Follow me at  Send me an email at
January 25, 2018
PH - 117 | Rachel Epp | Empower A Woman & You Empower The World
As the owner and founder of Miss’es Clean, Rachel Epp has always had a passion for cleaning. When she made the switch to clean with natural cleaning products in 2007, her goal was to create an environment for her clients to come home to that was stress-free and safe from toxins. Single mom and building businesses I knew I had to bring Rachel onto The Path Hunters Podcast. Find out more info at Follow me at  Send me an email at paul@pathhunters.c
January 23, 2018
PH - 3 Tip To Connect With People
Connecting with people and building better relationships really comes down to being kind to people. Taking time to be kind and treat everyone all the same and making sure they feel loved. Growing up my mom used to tell me this all the time. Treating everyone the same whether they're a CEO or a janitor because we're all humans at the end of the day. Find out more info at Follow me at  Send me an email at
January 18, 2018
PH - 116 | Tommy Breedlove | Shed Away & Be Reborn
Tommy Breedlove founded the Choose Goodness movement. Having Tommy onto The Path Hunters Podcast to chat about why it's important to shed away the ego, practicing extreme ownership, and being completely honest with yourself. Those are the components to allow for true growth. Which Tommy described in this episode.  Find out more info at Follow me at  Send me an email at
January 16, 2018
PH - 115 | Brian David Crane | Entrepreneurship, The Dark Side of Digital Nomadism & One Raw Conversation
Entrepreneur turned Digital Nomad I had Brian David Crane jump onto The Path Hunter's podcast here with me today.  The Topics we covered are: How did Brian get into Entrepreneurship Who influenced him early in his life What's the dark side of digital nomadism How do you make money from apps? and so much more! Find out more info at Follow me at  Send me an email at
January 09, 2018
PH - 114 | Juvan Langford | The Next Level of Men
Empowerment Coach & Global Speaker, JuVan Langford is the Founder of Choose Higher Intl, a global personal transformation agency that delivers immersive men’s and women’s only weekend events, spearhead an immersive business & leadership academy. Find out more info at Follow me at  Send me an email at
January 02, 2018
PH - Micro Goals
Merry Christmas & Happy New Years! I wish all of you nothing but the best, and be safe out there. This week I'll be talking about setting yourself up with micro goals.  Find more episodes at
December 21, 2017
PH - 113 | AJ Leon | This Is Not Your Practice Life
At the pinnacle point of his career AJ Leon, founder of the creative agency Misfit Inc was working as an investment banker in Manhattan was offered a major promotion that was going to make him well over 6 figures walks into his $10,000 office overlooking the city and started to break down as he knows he was faced with a decision that will forever change his life! check out for more on AJ
December 19, 2017
PH - Habits
just a slice of motivation this week, about creating habits.  As things end off for 2017 and on our way to 2018 one of the biggest lessons I've learned is that success isn't about aiming for the giant wins and hoping that thing's will come your way. It's actually about creating small wins, and developing habits that make's thing's a lot easier for yourself!
December 14, 2017
PH - 112 | Nate Ginsburg | Never Giving Up On Your Freedom
World traveler, yogi, entrepreneur. Nate Ginsburg joins me today on The Path Hunters Podcast.  Nate jumps onto the podcast to chat with me about his journey as a freelancer. It was definitely an amazing insight to hear about his journey.  More info at Free 1hour Coaching Session with me
December 12, 2017
PH - What's New
Hey Path Hunters! I wanted to catch up everyone with some amazing news that's going on!  Cheap website hosting! Use this link here: I'm offering a free 1-hour session with me exclusively for podcast listeners I'm officially on Spotify now!  Search up "Path Hunters" on your Spotify app Subscribe and share.
December 07, 2017
PH - 111 | Whitney Powell | Empower Yourself Like An Athlete
Sponsored athlete, Film producer, content creator and world traveler! Today's guest is Whitney Powell, and I had to bring her onto the Path Hunters Podcast to chat with her about the mindset of an athlete.  Some things I asked were, Any surreal moments in Whitney's life while traveling? Can an athletes mindset be learned? Who is her biggest influencer Why it's so important to be consistent More info at
December 05, 2017
PH - 110 | Bruce Langford | Activate Your Mindfulness Mode
A fellow podcaster, mindfulness coach, host of The Mindfulness Mode Podcast, Bruce Langford came onto The Path Hunters Podcast to chat about his journey and why mindfulness is important for people to learn.  The things we spoke about is  Bruce's journey from the very beginning as a teacher The importance of meditation  
November 28, 2017
PH - 109 | Bri Seeley | Give Yourself Permission To Leap
Bri Seeley is a serial entrepreneur, author, and founder of The Inspirational Woman Project. A coach that empowers women to take the leap of faith and empower them to live their lives in the way they see fit! Her new book "Permission to Leap"   has recently just launched!  Thank you so much, Bri for coming onto the podcast with me Find out more about Bri at and check out the show notes page at
November 21, 2017
PH - Empowered
Happy Thursday Path Hunters! This past Tuesday I got to speak to the Ultra Spiritual JP Sears, a Youtube sensation with over a 100 million views and hearing about his journey and sharing some of his wisdom.  Check out this episode here! Today's episode I'd like to talk to you about the conversation I had with a friend of mine that is going to be a new father. I asked him what his feelings are with this new upcoming blessing!
November 16, 2017
PH - 108 | JP Sears | How To Feel Your F*cking Feelings
Youtube Sensation with over a 100 Million views on his Ultra Spiritual Comedy Series, Author of the book “How To Be Ultra Spiritual,” JP Sears empowers people to live more meaningful lives.  JP Sears jumping onto The Path Hunters Podcast today to chat.  How to deal with haters Why truly feeling your feelings is important Getting out of your comfort zone What true risk is offending an entire country and being threatened Check out the show notes at
November 14, 2017
PH - Travel Now
Hey Path Hunters! Today's episode I wanted to structure it differently today, I went into the community I'm currently in right now and asked everyone in the community what can you learn from traveling? So this episode I dove into everyone's comments on that and I hope you enjoy this episode :)
November 09, 2017
PH - 107 | Damion Lupo | Don't Hold Back On Your Life
Today's guest is a Best Selling Author of 7 books, host of the Transformation Nation podcast, owner of 40 companies over 25 years and founder of his own martial art called Yokido™. I had the pleasure of speaking to Damion Lupo and talking to him about his journey and life. Check out more info on show notes page at
November 07, 2017
PH - Legacy | Bruce Lee | A Legacy That Still Applies To Our World Today
This Thursday episode I chat about what it means to express yourself 
November 02, 2017
PH - 106 | Lily Fouts | Why Adversities Will Change Your Life
Today's guest I have Lily Fouts in the house. Her story is literally like a movie, she grew up as a child fugitive on the run from her father for a period of her life then has fully taken a turn on her life.  Today she is a digital nomad living life on the road, and enjoying this new location independent lifestyle.  For more info check out for more in the shownotes
October 31, 2017
PH - 105 | Paul Lam | Why Stories Will Change Your Life
I recently did an episode with Shelli Varela from The Yes Effect Podcast as Shelli and I chat quite often about life, and one day she asked me to join her on her podcast and talk about why I do what I do.  And let me tell you how raw and uncomfortable it was for me to go into that, and dive deep into why I do what I do. I thought this was a wonderful idea to share this episode because it's a wonderful way for me to connect with YOU the Path Hunters tribe and get to know where I come from a bit.
October 24, 2017
PH - 104 | Mitch Loar & Sarah Loar | The Evolution of Couples
Today's guest is Mitch and Sarah Loar from an amazingly fun couple that I really enjoyed talking to.  We dove into cutting down on your material possessions How Mitch and Sarah got started What they did to prepare for their ultimate vision of being location independent Why it's easier for men to let go of their material things than women the ins and outs of housesitting and so much more! Check out for more info!
October 17, 2017
PH - Follow Your Own Path
Spend this one and only life of yours well, by intentionally doing things based on what YOU truly want to do.  I know most of the time there's always challenges with family not understanding, or you feel that there's an obligation to be the perfect son or daughter. It's hard when you want to live your purpose and passion.  What I'm certain about is that if you're daring, and go after the things that you want in life, with the mindset of making it work then you will definitely have no regrets in that, and your family will definitely understand because they're your family. I hope you enjoy this episode and the short snippet of inspiration!
October 12, 2017
PH - 103 | Dena Adriance | The Insider's Guide to Digital Nomads
Book recommendation: Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel I love interviewing digital nomads, by definition they are people who share the love for travel and leverage the internet to create a source of income to travel the world.  As I've always said before that travel makes you smarter, it allows you to see the world. Adds to your perspective on life, and grows you as a human being. After traveling to multiple places in the world.  My guest Dena Adriance, recently started her digital nomad journey and is 1 year into her newly built business.  We got to hear her story on how she started and how she created this whole lifestyle for herself.  What I enjoyed about this conversation is that it's so fresh, Dena started her journey and when I spoke to her she was 7 months into her journey. I hope you enjoy this episode and thank you to Dena for joining me here on the podca
October 10, 2017
PH - Level Up You
Grab a copy of my new eBook - Gun To Your Head: From Gun Point to Car Crash: Real Life Stories of Overcoming Adversity Path Hunters!  Excited for today's episode about leveling up you, lately, I've been thinking a lot about leveling up as a human being. Most of the time people tend to run away from their chaos, adversities, or problems but I personally think that you should be present in it. Be with it. Why?! Because it can grow you as a human being.  Throughout our lives, we have constantly challenged over and over again and every time we stand up and rise up to the challenge we come out victorious.  For example, when we were younger, we had to learn how to ride a bike, at that moment we felt lik
October 05, 2017
PH - 102 | Dustin Main | Discover Why Travel Can Change Your Perspective of Life
Recommended book! The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself Path Hunters! This episode I brought on another Digital Nomad that has been traveling for about 8 years now, my guest Dustin Main jumps onto the Path Hunters Podcast to share his journey and process on how he became location independent.  Dustin is a lifestyle entrepreneur, Digital Nomad and has built himself a business surrounding his passion and we dove into many stories.  Why Travel is so important for growth. Myanmar and falling in love with the adventure. Journey into the unknown and exploring the world.  When is it ever enough? How life can have twists and turns. The inspiration you may be looking for may not come to you immediately. Why you shouldn't force the process of growth. It was so fun to chat with my friend Dustin about all of this and I hope you enjoy this episode!
October 03, 2017
PH - Story Time
Path Hunters! A story when I was going through a series of unfortunate events, and today I'll be talking about one of those experiences. It was when I was laid off from my corporate job not once but twice! So I know that sometimes being laid off can be devastating and it was definitely devastating for me. I wanted to run my thought process at that moment for everyone to listen.  I always try to empower everyone listening to this podcast through my own experience because if it wasn't for all these series of events I wouldn't be here talking with everyone today.  So in a way, I give a lot of thanks to these adversities. 
September 28, 2017
PH - 101 | Summer Slevin | How To Live Intentionally
Path Hunters! I always love conversations with people who are living the location independent lifestyle and especially ones that have recently just started like my guest here today.  Summer Slevin is a freelance digital marketer that I got in touch with and hearing her journey to how she got location independent was exciting. We spoke about her journey, what it was like at the time working a job she didn't like and how she took and went on a road trip then over to working for Stu Mclaren owner of Tribe and got to hear her insights on working remotely. I really enjoyed this conversation because Summer has this amazing energy that is super contagious and I really enjoyed chatting with her and looking forward to seeing her new book launch very soon.   Cartoon - Your Stories (feat. Koit Toome)
September 26, 2017
PH - 100 | Chris Reynolds | How To Start Networking
I love this new book I'm reading!  Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win Hey, Path Hunters,  Today's guest is the Host of The Entrepreneur House podcast and the Entrepreneur house event in Northern Thailand. My guest Chris Reynolds jumped onto The Path Hunters podcast today sharing his insights on the concept of "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with"  We drive into the mindset portion of it. The concept of surrounding yourself with high-level entrepreneurs and ideas on how to find them.  Chris gives a lot of credit to networking, and what he does to get into these high-level entrepreneurs world.  Networking Techniques  Chris mentioned that networking is so important to developing great relationships, and a few suggestions are attending events and paying a little bit more for the V
September 20, 2017
PH - Level Up Lessons
A book that I recently love is Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win Path Hunters! Every so often I get asked, "Paul how do you stay so positive?" and I really want to dive into this episode and talk about how positivity is a choice even when things are tough.  I believe that there is always room to feel grateful at all times. Even when you think that you have nothing to be grateful for, if you take a few minutes of your time, I think you'd find something to be grateful for.  Gratitude leads to positivity, which allows you to project that outwards into your life. When meeting someone, when connecting with people it flows.  I dive into this episode and talk a bit about this and explain how to do it. I hope you enjoy this episode!   
September 14, 2017
PH - 99 | Ray & Laura Blakney | How To Find Your Why
Check out Paul's ebook as well with real life stories on how I overcame adversity! Titled: Gun To Your Head Fellow Path Hunters,  It's one thing for married couples to get together a nice long day of work, sitting down at the dinner table and another thing when you spend the majority of your time together as a married couple, business partners, and travel the world because you aren't tethered to one location.  My guests here today Ray & Laura Blakney are exactly that, a married couple, business partners and is passionate about their English learning language empire Live Lingua. So I had to bring them onto the Path Hunters Podcast because it's hard enough being in a relationship as it is already but add being business partners, traveling together to the mix. It got me really curious about how they're doing it. We get into amazing topics such as
September 12, 2017
PH - Possibility
Check out my Ebook as well with real life stories on how I overcame adversity! Titled: Gun To Your Head Hey Path Hunters! This quick episode I'll be chatting about turning something impossible to possible. As I conduct more and more interviews I'm always trying to understand how people transition from thinking something is impossible to possible.  How does someone get to that conclusion? How do you tap into this power? There really isn't a right answer to this but what I can do is give you my answer on this! For more episodes check out
September 08, 2017
PH - 98 | Lisa B | How To Make Things Possible In Your Life
Book Reference: Untethered Soul-Micheal Singer Path Hunters! Today my guest is a female photographer, creator, and overall an amazing human being, Lisa B jumped onto the Path Hunters Podcast to talk about her journey after losing her father but from that she found her passion and that is photography. Surrounding Yourself Around Like-minded People Lisa has a superstar mindset where she explains why it's so important to surround yourself with like-minded people and how that she only has a handful of friends where she'd get together with and talk about goals, inspirations, and motivations. By doing this she elevates herself and those around her to take on life.  Just Do It After feelin
September 05, 2017
PH - Bonus | What You Need To Do
Hey Path Hunters This week's episode I chat about the desire. You need to have the desire to do what you need to do. I know at times things are tough, and things aren't easy but you owe it to yourself to start.  I hope to inspire some of you out there to entertain the idea to start a side hustle because if you know that deep down you know that the corporate 9-5 job isn't for you, and feel a bit trapped like I was, then you NEED to take a look at the idea of starting one.  I just recently pre-ordered Chris Guillebeau's new book "side hustle school" I recommend you pre-order one because I personally have interviewed Chris and most of his books offer some great actionable tips and insights and real life case studies of people living and doing what you desire to do too.  I know that you're capable of this, and I hope you enjoy this episode.  
August 31, 2017
PH - 97 | Gabby Wallace | Why You Should Start Now
Gun To Your Head: From Gun Point to Car Crash: Real Life Stories of Overcoming Adversity Ebook!  Hey Path Hunters! Today's guest I have an awesome soul, Gabby Wallace a Youtuber with 350,000 subscribers. Gabby creates online courses helping adults learn English as a second language all across the world. Launching her English learning channel in 2011 she is a passionate digital nomad that has an amazing journey. By saying no to the norm, and choosing her own path, she took off early in her journey to teach English in Japan  Side Hustle Gabby was explaining that during her time in Japan she knew
August 29, 2017
PH - 96 | Close To Death
Hey Path Hunters! Quite recently I've been asked what motivates me, and why do I do what I do.  A conversation that really dug deep into the root of why I do what I do has been a really interesting one.  I've narrowed it down to two things, and that is being held at gun point and being born from an immigrant family.  Those 2 things really empowered me to do what I do.  I hope you enjoy this episode! 
August 24, 2017
PH - 95 | Jonas Overgaard | Why You Should Take Action On Your Life
  PH - 95 | Jonas Overgaard | Why You Should Take Action On Your Life   Hey Path Hunters! Chiangmai Thailand had allowed me to connect with so many people that are living their life on their own terms. Meeting amazing people like my guest today Jonas Overgaard from Denmark. An entrepreneur that started his journey to Thailand and created an IT solutions company but after realizing that the corporate world wasn't for him.  Just go out and validate  After getting to know Jonas this year I noticed that he has been an actions type of guy. Instead of taking time to planning and planning he would take action and try and validate his ideas. One thing he does recommend is for people to take actions. There was so many topics we touched on with this episode and it was really fun to have Jonas onto the podcast thank you so much my friend for coming onto the Path Hunters Podcast.     Follow Jonas
August 22, 2017
PH - 94 | Know The Destination
Hey beautiful Path Hunters! Knowing your destination is important as you're navigating through life. If you don't have a clarity on where you want to be in life, then you'd be running around jumping from one thing to another.  Taking time and step back to figure out what you'd want to do, where you want to be, even finding your passion is super important. Now, it doesn't mean you need to have full clarity on exactly what you want to do because things do change and unforeseen things come about.  By doing this though, you'll be able to execute and at least set a direction and path to obtain that goal.   
August 17, 2017
PH - 93 | Ron Tuch | How An Army Vet Went Location Independent
    Hey Path Hunters! Today's guest is an army vet turned lifestyle entrepreneur. Started his journey when he got back from Afganistan and had difficulty adjusting back into society but Ron Tuch knew one thing, and that was he wanted to take life into his own hands, follow his love for travel. Never Give Up In the beginning of Ron's journey, Ron was looking into partnerships with a friend of his in Calgary Canada, and during this time suddenly that same friend had decided to take a different path in his life, and Ron was faced with a choice. To either go back home or to keep going and build a location independent lifestyle for himself. Which is a great story of never giving up even though it may seem that you don't have any other options. Ron kept going and never gave up. Chiangmai was the Final Destination Hearing and reading about Chiangmai Thailand, Ron too was ready to take off to get out there to be surrounde
August 15, 2017
PH - 92 | Be Obsessed With Improvement
>>>Purchase my new eBook
August 08, 2017
PH - 91 | Palle Bo | Why It's Not Too Late To Live Your Life
  Hey Path Hunters! Today's episode is an exciting episode where we break another limiting belief. I chat with many people about the digital nomad lifestyle, and typically whenever I have these conversations with someone a bit older, mature. The typical answers I get is "oh I'm too old to do that" " I have a mortgage to pay" "I have kids" "you need to be rich to do that" but most of the time these are just limiting beliefs. I've interviewed many digital nomads in the past from Jasper Ribbers who Airbnb's his home and created a $60,000 income while traveling the world full time as a digital nomad or Gen & Nick a digital nomad couple who travels the world full time has their business all run online as well too. This time around I get to break another limiting belief that you're never "too old" to start living your life to the fullest. I have Palle Bo the host of The Radio Vagabond podcast, from Denmark. What's special about Palle is that he started his digi
August 01, 2017
PH - Bonus
Hello Path Hunters! Today's episode is about building MOMENTUM! Your day starts the moment you open up your eyes the moment you wake up, what you do next will determine your day, and how it flows throughout the day.  A HUGE one I always practice is gratitude, Using the Five Minute Journal or Heath Armstrong's The Sweet Ass Journal  One thing I like about these journals is that you're able to write out your priorities for the day and tackle them. It helps me a lot and gets my mind off from thinking about what I have to do throughout the day.   Stack the cards in your favor, working with what you have.  >>>
July 27, 2017
PH - 90 | 5 Life Lessons I Learned
Hey Path Hunters! A quick episode about 5 life lessons that I learned personally myself after a huge transition of leaving my corporate 9-5 job in November 2016, then taking off to Asia to be surrounded by Digital nomads. I hope you enjoy this episode
July 25, 2017
PH - 89 | Hunting For Knowledge
Hey Path Hunters! This is a short episode for the week, I wanted to dive deep down on actively hunting for knowledge, and becoming a path hunter! Why it's so important for you to choose your own path and build that life that you've always wanted.  As I grow as a podcaster I continue to improve, change, learn, grow and continue to think how I can continue to serve the world.  It's always something that's on my mind, and with this I always want to inspire others to walk down that as well.    >>>Purchase my new eBook
July 21, 2017
PH - 88 | Sean Croxton | Why Greatness Is A Choice
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July 18, 2017
PH - 87 | Why You Have To Want It Bad Enough
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July 13, 2017
PH - 86 | Calvin Simpson | How To Empower Yourself
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July 12, 2017
PH - 85 | What To Do When You're Having A Bad Day
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July 06, 2017
PH - 84 | Anil Gupta | How To Find Clarity Within Yourself
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July 04, 2017
PH - 83 | Jasper Ribbers | How To Create An Income With Your Home
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June 27, 2017
PH - 82 | Life Isn't a Script
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June 23, 2017
PH - 81 | Calvin Simpson & Filip Sierpinski | How Three Guys Took a Shot at Their Dream & What Happened
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June 20, 2017
PH - 80 | Vincent Nguyen | How To Reignite Your Passion
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June 15, 2017
PH - Bonus | Completed!
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June 13, 2017
PH - 79 | Imperfect actions
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June 08, 2017
PH - 76 | Steven Farquharson | How To Discover Your Creativity
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May 30, 2017
PH - Another Bonus | Why Networking Is So Important
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May 25, 2017
PH - BONUS | Free Stuff!
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May 24, 2017
PH - 75 | Heath Armstrong *| How To Be More Happier
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May 23, 2017
PH - 74 | Billy Anderson | How To Leave Your Comfort Zone & Be Courageous
Billy was 5 years old his mom heard him crying in his room. She asked what was wrong and he said “You’re born, you live for a while, and then you die. What’s the point?” It took him years to answer that question. Now he helps other people figure out their “point” and live a life that’s true to them. But years ago, Billy felt stuck. Stuck in a career that looked good on paper but wasn’t fulfilling. He dreaded Mondays and couldn’t wait for Fridays. However, he wasn’t willing to accept that his life had to be like this. Billy finally found the courage to stop doing what the world told h
May 17, 2017
PH - 73 | Everything Is A Process
Path Hunters,  Solo Round here today, writing my ebook definitely wasn't easy. There is a huge process involved.  I noticed as I wrote this book, that I started to really enjoy the process and when the time it was complete, I was a bit nervous to release my ebook.  Listen to this episode to find out why! Check out  for more episodes. 
May 11, 2017
PH - 72 | Robert Botto | How A 28 Year Old Digital Nomad Started His Journey
How A 28-Year-Old Digital Nomad Started His Journey Today’s guest I have a friend of mine that I met while traveling in Chiangmai Thailand. We’ve become really good friends and connected instantly. Robert Botto a 28-year-old digital nomad traveling the world and building a lifestyle business. He shares so much of his insights. His journey, his favourite travel spots, his mindsets and tips on how to get started. I just had to bring him onto the path hunters podcast and chat about all this. Robert shares his story on his journey going from the corporate 9-5 world going through a partnership to helping his family business out to eventually starting his own business. What is really cool about Robert is that he’s still young, and going through all this in life has given him so much experience. Robert a
May 09, 2017
PH - 71 | Luke Benjamin Thomas | How To Stop Backing Down & Face Your Fears
Luke Benjamin Thomas is the owner and founder of Dude Studios. He has been traveling as a digital nomad since early 2013 working on projects that help other digital nomads be able to travel more instead of being tied to their online businesses... And help people get drunk. He's an explorer, always trying new things, a bit of an adrenaline junkie and a guy who can talk for hours and hours if you let him. How To Stop Backing Down & Face Your Fears "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" - Lao Tzu I really love this quote because this is exactly what I and my good friend Luke Benjamin Thomas AKA LBT talks about. We chatted about his journey as a digital nomad as he has been traveling since 2013. He's been so multiple places and is also a podcaster himself as well, he is the host of
May 02, 2017
PH - 70 | Why Everyone Should Solo Travel
Benefits of solo traveling Solo episode with me here today. I hope all you awesome path hunters out there are chasing your dreams, being intentional, being hunters of your own path. I can't thank you enough how grateful I am for all you listeners who listens to my podcast. So THANK YOU! This episode I wanted to go over the reasons why I think everyone should solo travel to another country. I go over a few reasons through my own personal experience why I believe everyone should solo-travel.  Here are some benefits! 1)Even if it's for two weeks, when you choose to solo-travel by yourself you can learn A LOT about yourself! During my trip to South Korea in 2016 I traveled alone for 2 weeks and I learned so much about myself. What I like, what I don't like. What types of food, what things I enjoy seeing and even being alone with your own thoughts, being by yourself you can listen and tap into that inner voice of
April 27, 2017
PH - 69 | Jeremy Enns | How To Start A Digital Nomad Lifestyle
Path Hunters, I have my guest here Jeremy Enns who recently became a digital nomad and living that location independent lifestyle. 
April 25, 2017
PH - 68 | David Brower | How To Feel Alive
How To Feel Alive Path Hunters, Today's guest I have David Brower, he is all about connecting with people authentically through expression, through feeling alive, and allowing yourself to feel. David calls it alivefulness and it's a way to awaken and feel alive through expression. It's amazing chatting with David on the podcast because I believe that this is super important as well when connecting with people. Truly expressing yourself. This episode David told a story about him holding back his emotions, and what he learned. It turns out that allowing yourself to feel, to cry is the best kind of therapy to let out the emotions. I had to bring him onto the Path Hunters podcast   How do you feel alive every single day David mentioned that y
April 18, 2017
PH - 67 | My First Sponsor
Hey my dear path hunters!  This episode will be an awesome one with your good friend Paul Lam.  I wanted to touch base on a few things and catch up on how things are going with my life as you all know I'm basically the human guinea pig to my own podcast experimenting on things and bringing it to all you path hunters to try out.  As the title shows I recently took up a sponsor for the podcast. For about a year now I really didn't want to find and worry about a sponsor for the podcast as I know what it was like listening and being bombarded with so many ads and products that sometimes I feel like I'd be doing all you path hunters a disservice.  But from a conversation I had with one of my podcaster friends I was told that it be a great thing bringing on a sponsor for the show and aligning with a product that you really like personally and having your audience enjoy it as well too.   
April 12, 2017
PH - 66 | Geneviève Gauvin & Nicolas Pineault | How To Focus What Is Important For Yourself & Business
Path Hunters!  This episode is super special and very different and let me explain.  My good friends Gen & Nick from the great anomaly has joined into the path hunters podcast for the 2nd time!  What makes this podcast so special besides them being the first to come back onto the podcast a 2nd time is that during the time of this recording they were still operating the great anomaly but recently they have closed up this business all together and cancel their retreat as well.  But I really wanted to launch this episode anyways because they information that they gave was really great. Also if gives you guys, all the path hunters out there a look into their mindsets before they decided to close up shop.  So they talk about how to figure out what is essential in their business and life.  and so much more insights. 
April 06, 2017
PH - 65 | How To Deal With Haters
Hey Fellow Path Hunters,  I did a quick episode on my iphone I wanted to see how this was going to turn out, and I found it wasn't too bad.  This episode is about how to deal with haters.  Even though there are haters and naysayers this shouldn't stop you from pursuing your dreams.  What really helps is being surrounded by like-minded people. It'll help you level up your life and focus on what's truly important.  It's that vision, that goal, that impact you're going after.  You can't forget that.  Remember that 100 years ago people laughed at the idea of flying machines and flying through the airs and now today we enjoy the benefits of flying to different countries.  YOU MAY ALSO LIKE THESE EPISODES: PH – 63 | Chris Guillebeau | The Art Of Non-Conformity    PH – 60 | Philip Mck
March 30, 2017
PH - 64 | Danny Flood | How To Generate Different Types Of Income
Path Hunters!  This time around I have an amazing Digital Nomad / Entrepreneur. Danny Flood. I met Danny at a speaking event and he was one of the speakers talking about kindle publishing.  I knew right away that kindle publishing was something I really wanted to do myself. So I stuck around afterwards to have a quick chat with Danny.  A few minutes of chatting I asked him if he'd like to come onto the Path Hunters Podcast so we can talk about some of the things we spoke about so that all you fellow path hunters could get some value out of it as well.  Shortly afterward Danny and I were rocking the mic.  He dropped some amazing content.   
March 22, 2017
PH - 63 | Chris Guillebeau | The Art Of Non-Conformity
PH - 63 | Chris Guillebeau | The Art Of Non-Conformity    Path hunters, I’m happy to announce today’s guest is someone I looked up to ever since I picked up his book in 2013 and has followed his philosophy for sometime now. It’s crazy that I get to interview him for the podcast. He’s a New York Times best seller, traveled to every country in the world, host of the world domination summit in Portland Oregon. Better known for his $100 start up book, get excited for the one and only Chris Guillebeau. (check out the $100 startup book) So the cool thing is that I'v
March 15, 2017
PH - 62 | 3 Things I learned From Traveling
Hey you beautiful Path Hunters,  This time around I'm back in Canada again with stable internet focusing on new upcoming projects.  I'm so excited to share 3 things I learned while traveling that I feel that would be very valuable to you.  Traveling around the world has taught me a lot about caring for your fellow humans.  Here are the 3 things that I learned.  1) Come from a place of giving. - Focusing on giving even when you don't understand it but have this gut feeling, this intuition or inner voice to just simply give then you should do it.  2) 1 action is better than 100 ideas written down - I used to write a lot of ideas down but never really executing on anything of them and I realized that taking action even if it's just a small one to move you forward towards your goals is better than just writing them down and never looking at them again. Quite recently for example I just came back to Canada and right away I signed up for a new gym
March 08, 2017
PH - 61 | Shelli Varela | How To Think Like A Possibility Hacker
How To Think Like A Possibility Hacker  This time around I interviewed Shelli Varela, first female firefighter in Canada’s 6th largest city. Graced the tedx stage twice, podcast host of the yes effect podcast. She embodies the path hunters spirit, and what she calls the possibility hacking, deciding that she wanted to pursue a career of a firefighter but at the time there were not female fiire fighters. Later on she asked herself a question “why not me?” The only catch was Shelli is 5’2” and 108lbs. That didn’t stop here though she was determined and after 1162 days later she became a full fledged firefighter.   A huge thing that Shelli mentioned is that it was her ability to constantly say yes and decided to take action which enabled her to do so much. She was living, breathing and visualizing every single day of that phone telling her she got the job as a firefighter. Then it dawned on her, she has cracked the formula and did the
February 24, 2017
PH - 60 | Philip Mckernan | How To Be Truly Vulnerable
Hey Hey path hunters, Todays guest is one I look up to very much so. A speaker that has inspired me to take the leap of faith and take a trip to Thailand. He works with orphans in different parts of the country, an Inspirational Speaker, Writer, Filmmaker and has shared the stage with people such as the Dalai lama and Richard Brandson. My guest today is Philip Mckernan everyone. And a side note, i really love what I do as a podcaster because I get to interview amazing people such as Philip here and it’s always a learning curve for me so this time around I interview him and was completely pushed to my limits, and happy to speak to someone I look up to very much so. So this episode there will be a lot of me being vulnerable asking Philip on things that I’m working through to better serve and impact. Philip touched on a few topics and his views on how to be vulnerable and how people are u
February 16, 2017
PH - 59 | How To Find A Mentor
Hey fellow path hunters,  This episode I'd like share some tips on how to approach mentors, or having virtual mentors.  Most of the time people tell you to find mentors, and learn from them. The one thing that they don't tell you is how to find a mentor, when the mentor doesn't have time.  check out the episode and hear how to approach mentors.  check out the other episodes at
February 08, 2017
PH - 58 | Why You Should Think Entrepreneurially
  Hey hey path hunters! really wanted to take the time to go over why you should think entrepreneurially even though you don't have an desires of creating a multi-million dollar business. Starting side hustle could be very beneficial as it creates another source of income for you. That way you if there were any changes to your life such as having a new born child, or newly married, then you're able to adapt and pivot easily because most likely you'll be thinking about buying a house or a car.  Another point is that you may want to leave your career and focus on the side hustle as it has matched your income or if you just got laid off and you're able to depend on the side hustle for a short period of time.  Lastly and this is happening in Canada and the US that the living standard is rising, but wages aren't keeping up with it fast enough so by creating a side hustle that generates income for you, you're then able to maintain this living standard. 
January 31, 2017
PH - 57 | Continue To Say Yes
As I move through the motions of life, there will come so many obstacles in front of you. Whether it's your family wanting you to be safe, and come back, whether it's financial related, whether it's a fight against yourself.  We're all human and all this is normal. As much as you want to turn back and be where it's safe, realize that if you do go back you'll want to be exactly where you are today! So don't give up. Just keep walking, keep saying "yes."  Have faith that everything will work out. As long as it's coming from the right place and you are 100% genuine then everything will work out. I know that deep down somehow or someway this will all work out.  Continue the fight.  This is a message to all you brave path hunters out there. You WILL MAKE IT.  Believe, have faith! I love you all.  Paul Lam 
January 24, 2017