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Dots | Podcast of Paul Syng

Dots | Podcast of Paul Syng

By Paul Syng
"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever." — Steve Jobs
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#6 — Shwetank Dixit (Ex-VP at eyeo | Ex-Opera): Zero to One, Browsers & Leading Teams
Shwetank Dixit has broad experience in product management, technology strategy (including AI strategy), corporate innovation, engineering management, program management, developer relations, technology evangelism, web standards, browser extensions, technical documentation, and conference organization and public speaking. He often acts as a bridge between the pure tech and business realms. EPISODE LINKS Paul Syng: Shwetank Dixit: __ Shwetank's talk at JSConf on Adblocker Circumvention __ Articles by Shwetank Table stakes, KTLOs and Differentiators - Dealing with change: NIH Syndrome, institutional exceptionalism and isomorphic mimicry - Ambitious Leadership __ Book Recommendation: Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing __ Sundar Pichai's OKR tweet - Ad Filtering Dev Summit __ TIMESTAMPS (00:00) Optimism and raising kids (05:39) Zero to one efforts (09:58) Doing things that don’t scale (Airbnb story) (14:09) Behind the scenes: Opera (How browsers work and the future) (24:02) Browser rendering engine monopolies and privacy, user data and cookies (38:00) How online ads help prevent a class system on the internet (42:20) People behind ad block services and their philosophy (48:29) Leadership and future value mindset to tactics (57:36) Ambitious leadership: Voyages, Marathons and Sprints (01:08:06) Being strategic and preparing a business case for executives (01:17:57) Diverse teams and assembling the right people (+ challenges) (01:26:42) Learn how your company makes money and incentives (+ KLO) (01:34:28) OKRs, NIH Syndrome and dealing with conflicts (org dysfunctions) (01:42:34) Different teams and building culture (01:50:28) Giving feedback the right way and understanding team dynamics (01:55:34) Isomorphic Mimicry (01:58:52) Summary by Paul (2:04:45) Advice on how to show up and get hired (remote first)
September 11, 2022
#5 — Isha Singh (Transformation Coach & Change Management Leader) From art to advisory
Isha is a Transformation and Change Management Coach with extensive experience in introducing change and driving adoption with people. She is skilled at structured design and implementation of large-scale complex change initiatives while focusing on a smooth transition from the current state to the target state by providing thought leadership, coaching and training. Outside of work, she is a loving daughter, mom and wife who enjoys spending time with her family. She likes to meditate and focus on holistic health in her quiet time. SPEAKER LINKS Host, Paul Syng: Guest, Isha Singh: EPISODE LINKS Spotify, Apple, Anchor & more: Watch on Youtube  TIMESTAMPS (00:00) Galaxies and spirituality (10:57) How do we know each other (14:50) Memories and lessons learned from college (19:32) Boeing 777 campaign story (24:03) Isha’s current role as a transformation coach (25:10) Understanding macro and micro, connecting strategy with initiatives (28:22) How and when do transformation coaches get involved (32:26) How to get buy-in at the leadership level (38:46) Understanding and knowing incentives that drive behaviour (43:16) Advice on how to navigate a dysfunctional organization (59:12) High five diffusion in management consulting (01:02:12) Cognitive empathy, speaking in grade eight language and asking stupid questions (01:17:10) Isha’s backstory, early years and influences (01:33:12) Radical candour, self-awareness and cultural differences (01:51:57) Who moved my cheese (02:04:04) Learning zone and growth mindset (02:05:02) How coaches and SMEs help leadership navigate a dysfunctional org (02:13:30) Tactical steps leadership can take to address dysfunction and get alignment (02:23:29) 3001 questions all about me (02:24:46) Final words and close
August 17, 2022
#4 — Gayle Charach (Global Head of Sales Enablement): From Camp Counsellor to Sales Leader
Gayle is a Sales Enablement leader with a demonstrated record of success and extensive experience driving cross-functional collaboration, customer and partner engagement and loyalty, and revenue and market share by empowering sales teams with the right coaching, tools and training to maximize productivity. When she is not working, she is a loving daughter, wife and mother trying to live her best life while caring for those in her life who mean the most. SPEAKER LINKS Host, Paul Syng: Guest, Gayle Charach: EPISODE LINKS Spotify, Apple, Anchor & more: CHAPTERS (00:00) How Gayle and I met (02:08) Gayle’s current role as Global Head of Sales Enablement at vArmour (03:34) From Winnipeg to Toronto (07:07) Teamwork, collaboration, and other lessons learned from camp (11:02) Driving results with the STAR methodology (13:54) Trip to Israel and emotional regulation as a leadership skill (19:20) Speaking in Eight grade language for domain experts (23:33) Not fitting into a box and Gayle’s car buying story (32:52) Leading with a story to invite people into the conversation (38:38) Helping logical minds tell emotion-led stories (43:06) From strategy to initiatives, change management and the role of collaboration (52:16) Improving communication bandwidth between people and teams (01:03:25) Building trust and bringing people on the journey by knowing what drives them (01:10:13) Culture and behaviour as a result of incentive structures (01:15:23) Connecting the people at the bottom with the top (01:22:43) How Gayle got into sales (01:28:08) Imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs and trusting yourself (01:33:14) Advice for women looking for a career in sales (01:40:06) Paul’s summary and learnings (01:42:58) 3001 Questions all about me (01:45:23) Closing remarks
August 08, 2022
#3 — Nicole Murphy (Growth Consultant, Ex-Marketing Exec): From a small town to Tall Size, role of coaching & finding your voice
Nicole is a former Marketing Executive turned Founder, Marketing Consultant & Business Coach. Nicole rapidly grew her corporate career in just eight years, from earning $55k as a Marketing Specialist in 2013 to earning $240k as a VP of Growth in 2021. In addition to consulting, Nicole is also a Mentor in a few Toronto Accelerator Programs, where she coaches a variety of early-stage start-ups on how to grow their businesses. When Nicole isn’t working with clients, she is building her own e-commerce company, Tall Size — the first-ever online shopping platform for tall women. As a tall woman, she was sick and tired of how hard it was to find clothes that fit her body, so she set out to solve the problem herself. Nicole’s sole mission in life is to empower 1 million women to step into their most confident and comfortable selves in both business and in life, and she will not stop until she does. SPEAKER LINKS Host, Paul Syng: Guest, Nicole Murphy: EPISODE LINKS Spotify, Apple, Anchor & more: Youtube: TIMESTAMPS (00:00) How we know each other (03:00) Who is Nicole Murphy (Founder & Coach) (05:25) What is Tall Size (08:32) Growing up in a small town (13:13) Influence of family (16:33) Being the tall one out from an early age (20:00) Finding her superpower and community (27:00) Funny dating stories of a tall girl (advice for men) (34:09) Moving to the big city (39:49) Getting hired at (Lesson on how to apply for a job) (49:22) What kind of company you should apply for fresh out of school (57:40) Role email marketing played in Nicole’s career (01:06:52) Obvious things that hold people back in their career (01:08:48) What it was like to become an executive (01:13:13) Leading vs managing the work (01:24:05) Individual contributors vs managers (Org incentive structure) (01:31:58) Leaving the executive role and microdosing (01:44:26) Starting to live life for yourself and closing the first deal (01:56:23) How to show up to client meetings and getting them to open up (02:09:35) Being curious and coach-like (and also hiring her first coach) (02:19:13) Finding her voice and not being obsessed with metrics (02:30:05) What’s better than having a website when starting out on your own (02:32:49) Becoming a coach and coaching other women (02:40:52) Starting and building Tall Size (02:46:32) How to find your customers and build an email list (02:57:47) What’s next for Tall Size (03:02:54) Paul summarizes Nicole’s story (03:06:20) Closing remarks by Nicole
July 17, 2022
#2 — Karan Puri (Sr. Product Manager at TD): From selling media to Product Management & Innovation
Karan is a Sr. Product Manager (External Ecosystem group) at TD Bank with a focus on Digital Identity. He is an Ex Management Consultant who has spent the last 10 years in Banking in Canada with exposure to Mid-Market Lending, Personal Banking, Product Management and Innovation. SPEAKER LINKS Host, Paul Syng: Guest, Karan Puri:   EPISODE LINKS Spotify, Apple, Anchor & more: TIMESTAMPS (00:00) Karan’s backstory (India) (09:40) Dreams of becoming a fighter jet pilot (13:00) Suiting up, long walks, reading books and mental health (19:45) First interview and introduction to media planning (22:50) Client presentation and being coached by inspirational leaders (28:53) Work culture, making mistakes and feeling safe (36:51) Being a generalist and following your curiosity (39:09) Lacoste shocker and Nielsen data (inside joke) (48:20) People don’t know what they want (51:49) Being a visible minority in India and Canada (57:02) Building resilience and work-life balance (01:05:51) Leaders vs managers (vision and focus on outcomes) (01:08:05) Radical candour and giving feedback (India vs Canada) (01:16:35) Working at the bank (the first 6 years) (01:37:53) Present role at the bank (External Ecosystems group) (01:45:20) Key learnings (marketing, product mindset, business case) (01:52:00) Digital identity, fintech and bringing perspective (02:02:20) Important lessons and cultural differences (India to Canada)
July 03, 2022
#1 — Shwetank Dixit (Ex-VP at eyeo | Ex-Opera): Startups, Communication & Product-Led Growth
Shwetank Dixit has broad experience in product management, technology strategy (including AI strategy), corporate innovation, engineering management, program management, developer relations, technology evangelism, web standards, browser extensions, technical documentation, and conference organization and public speaking. He often acts as a bridge between the pure tech and business realms. __ SPEAKER LINKS  Paul Syng: Shwetank Dixit:  __ Listen to this podcast on other platforms: __ TIMESTAMPS 00:00 How we know each other 02:28 Shwetank on how he got started 03:48 How Shwetank got hired by Opera 08:02 Schools, markers of success and making mistakes 11:59 Building a search engine for academic content 13:00 The role of the education system and pursuing your curiosity 14:18 From shy introvert to a public speaker (contrarian view) 22:05 What does a web evangelist do? 26:30 Lesson on reaching out to people on Linkedin (building relationships) 29:10 Humans are suspicious of salesy behaviour 33:30 First stint as a product manager (working on Opera extensions platform) 37:16 Browser extensions, platform monopoly and the risks 39:48 Parallels between product and service-based companies (bringing features or people in-house) 42:16 Role of distribution and client buying decisions 45:52 Sales-led model vs Product-led growth (PLG) 52:20 Future of sales: PLG coupled with sales 56:00 The role of communication in becoming a leader and bridge 01:01:07 Difference between an engineer and senior engineer
June 28, 2022
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June 12, 2022
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June 12, 2022
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