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Coffee By Two

Coffee By Two

By pawan
Interesting conversations over a podcast.
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Upcycling, and saving the planet, with Shailaja Rangarajan of Rimagined

Coffee By Two

Upcycling, and saving the planet, with Shailaja Rangarajan of Rimagined

Coffee By Two

Everyone is a quizzer with Sai Ganesh from India Wants to Know
Sai Ganesh and a few of his friends wanted to make quizzing more accessible and fun. Over numerous rounds of drinks, they came up with the idea for India Wants to Know - India's first panel quiz show. In this episode we speak about:  a) Quizzing evolving over the years  b) How access to information means everyone can be a quizzer  c) How India wants to Know is different from your regular quiz  d) Why shifting to online after the pandemic actually helped India Wants to Know  e) Future plans for India Wants to Know 
October 20, 2020
To entrepreneurship and back with Madhavi Das, founder, Bamboo Tribe
Madhavi Das quit her corporate job to start Bamboo Tribe, a sustainable fashion brand. But the garment industry is a tough place for outsiders. After 3 years, she inched back into corporate life. In this episode, we speak about: a. The reason for her quitting her well-paying job to get into the garment industry  b. The people she had to deal with  c. The additional skillsets she had to pick up when she turned entrepreneur (just for context, she is an IIM grad)  d. What fascinated her about bamboo  e. Buyer personas and the changing tastes of the consumer  f. The moment she realized that she needed to get back into a full-time job 
September 18, 2020
Preserving rural art forms with Vinay Prashant
Vinay Prashant worked for 18 years in the corporate sector before jumping headlong into the social sector. He co-founded Tamaala, an enterprise that works to promote and sustain rural art forms. In this episode, we speak about: a) Why rural art forms are dying b) Why do people migrate from villages c) The loss of skillsets after artisans move to the city d) How Tamaala is trying to bridge historic art forms with modern technology e) How COVID 19 has affected artisans and Tamaala
July 22, 2020
Srijata Bhatnagar - The Setback Leadership Explorer
In times of crisis, people always turn to leaders for direction. It's also a testing time for leaders.  We have seen some heads of state mislead their people and make false proclamations. At the same time, few leaders have emerged as torchbearers in crisis management. Srijata Bhatnagar has made a career being a guide and mentor to leaders. She believes that leadership is a skill, not some inborn talent that only a few a lucky to have. A work and leadership experience that shook me led me on a path to understanding leadership better. There is no perfect leader but one thing is sure - we can all become better leaders if we care. In our conversation, I got a chance to ask her: a) How can you teach someone leadership b) What can you learn from a bad work/leadership experience c) What set her off on this unique path d) How do leaders approach her e) How easy, or tough, is it to change after assuming a position of leadership d) What will the post-COVID 19 leaders look like I hope this conversation sets you on the path to becoming a better leader.
May 26, 2020
The Apocalyptic Virus
The Covid 19 virus has brought the world to its knees. While there is a lot of information (and misinformation) going around, I wanted to delve a little deeper into this crisis and understand viruses better. Dr. Ananya Tupaki is a microbiologist with a keen interest in infectious diseases. Here are some of the things we cover in this episode: - How do medical professionals know that they are battling a new and unknown virus and how important is identifying patient zero? -India is a crowded country and some people are paying scant regard to social distancing. Why is this so important now? Though Covid 19 has a fatality rate that isn't as high as some other viruses, why should we take it seriously? -The last few outbreaks (SARS, MERS, Ebola) didn't spread across the globe. What is different about the Coronavirus? - How our choices and way of life are bringing us closer to forests and animals that are carrying potentially deadly viruses. What are some of the lessons we can learn from this tragedy? Thanks, Raghav Kini for enabling this and Dr. Ananya Tupaki-Sreepurna for coming on my podcast and explaining things in a way the layman can understand.
March 22, 2020
Upcycling, and saving the planet, with Shailaja Rangarajan of Rimagined
Sustainable is trending.  But what does it really mean?  Most of us don't really think about our consumption patterns, especially since buying just requires the click of a button.  It's just easier to buy instead of taking the trouble to upcycle or consume less.  Shailaja quit her corporate job to begin Rimagined, an organization dedicated to upcycling. Now, upcycling and recycling are two very different things and in this episode, you will know why.  We are now into the second month of the year and most of our New Year's Resolutions have long since faded into oblivion.  But if you want to re-imagine waste and how you can do your bit for the planet, this episode is for you. 
February 7, 2020
The after-life of a creative director with Kunj Shah
Kunj was an advertising creative director who quit her full-time job to follow her varied passions that include travel and cooking. Today, she takes up select projects, travels, and has already hosted two food pop-ups. In a world where everyone wants to be a digital nomad and influencer, I sat down with Kunj to ask her what exactly it is like to live off the grid. Is it all about working on top of mountains and on beaches? Is it a life devoid of any worries? Listen to the podcast to know what Kunj has to say about life after stepping away from the rat race.
December 13, 2019
First sip
I'm not sure when it hit me. It must have been at one of those soulless office parties where the high point was the gossip. Don't pinch me. I wish I could sleep through this. Seriously. What was I even doing there? There's got to be more to life and work than this. You know those conversations you have with people that stir your imagination and make you believe that anything is possible? Exchanges that leave you energized instead of deflated. A lot of them happen over a coffee, or a chai, or a beer. There is this Bangalore concept of By Two Coffee where two people share a cup of coffee. It's more for the conversation and the company, the coffee just working as a lubricant. There is no shortage of inspiration around us, just that we don't choose to see or acknowledge it. You open the newspaper and read about a motley bunch of people that are creating a super cool app or are experimenting with an idea instead of just talking about it. Or a corporate slave who exchanged their pay cheque for organic farming. You hear about a friend or colleague who has gone ahead and actually created something instead of expending all of their energies on shallow water-cooler conversation or gossip sessions that end with a bruising headache and you ask yourself -  "How did they get the courage to do that." "I wish I could pick their brains a little." "Do they have access to a secret code that I don't?" That's precisely why I started this podcast. To have conversations with these people I read about in newspapers. And from friends.  What are the odds of you randomly asking someone you find interesting - "hey, can I pick your brains" and them replying"sure". But I found a magic bullet. Sort of. "Hey, would you like to be on my podcast?" That shifts conversation. "Podcast. That sounds interesting. Tell me more." They say you're the average of the five people that you surround yourself with. It's true. The whole term crab mentality comes from the behavior of crabs when they are placed in a bucket. Any crab that tries to escape is immediately brought back down by the others. I thought a podcast would be a great way to meet people who inspired me in some way, people I could learn from.  When something doesn't turn out the way we want it to, we have a list of excuses. "The client didn't buy it." "The boss scuttled my idea." "Not enough money."  But this podcast is fully handled by me - the editing and the writing. I get to say - "here, I made this." It's all on me.  The preparing, recording, and editing takes time. But I also get to create something from scratch.   I write about my guests, because, well, I am a writer. Not being a rich industrialist's kid who has all the resources in the world to make a crappy album doesn't bother me. So stop by when you have a little time. Or when you need a different perspective. When you need an escape from mind-numbing conversation. Welcome to Coffee By Two, a place where interesting conversations happen over a podcast.
December 5, 2019