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to the girl who...

to the girl who...

By Payton
weekly empowerment blog turned podcast... everything from daily adventures, relationships, and the basics of being a 20 something in society today. throw in your headphones or turn on your car bluetooth and click play.
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14. to the girl who is 3!
its our 3rd birthday!! travel with us back in time to recap what we have accomplished over the past 3 years!
March 26, 2022
13. to the girl who is BACK!
we are back and better than ever ladies and gentleman. after my 4 month 'sabbatical' while studying abroad, i am ready to get this new year off to an amazing start!! here we go! this week's blog as referenced in the pod
December 31, 2021
12. to the girl who rests in change
we are BACK this week with sweet Hayley talking about priorities, rest, and times of change and transition in life. follow along on all our socials to stay up to date with us! on instagram or find all of our socials on the connection page of the website!
August 13, 2021
11: to the girl who is understanding forgiveness
want to hear two best friends talk about one of the hardest daily struggles of life?? then you are in the right place!! we are so excited you are here and ready to dive into the confusing hardships that forgiveness can entail with you, so what are you waiting for?? press play!! our insta:
July 16, 2021
10. to the girl who is learning her worth
RELATIONSHIP MINI SERIES: this week we focus on knowing your worth and how to grow through tough relationships to grow stronger with yourself.  topics: manipulation in relationships, comparison culture, God's view of us, how to practice knowing your own worth
June 18, 2021
9. to the girl who is married
we are back on the mini series!! this time talking about MARRIAGE!! in this episode, JennyWren joins me to talk about what her past 6 months of marriage have been like. Things mentioned in this episode: The Meaning of Marriage, JennyWren highly recommends reading this whether you are dating, single, or engaged!!
June 11, 2021
8. to the girl who is engaged
RELATIONSHIP MINI SERIES is BACK!!! this week we talk with jenah about her engagement, what led up to it, how jenah and michael work through life, opinions and choices, and so much more!! we mention mo isom who is INCREDIBLE and her book "sex, jesus, and the conversations the church forgot", (its on amazon, get it, lets start a book club) i am about to start it and am PUMPED. catch you all next week for MARRIAGE BABY!!!
May 28, 2021
to the girl who practices gratitude
while we take a short break from the mini series, today we focus on learning how to appreciate the little things in life more and how to be grateful in day to day life. today i am grateful for espresso, new music, the sunshine, and amazing friends. in this episode: traitor by olivia rodrigo (go listen now), also referenced the past two blog posts so don't forget to check those out too on the website 
May 21, 2021
6. to the girl who is dating
this week i interviewed my sister and we talked all about dating relationships!! pursuing, exs, and being weird with your person!!
May 07, 2021
5. to the girl who is single
RELATIONSHIP MINI SERIES join me for a chat with my friend lex as we talk about navigating singleness, what the Lord has to offer through it, and how to appreciate your time while single things talked about in the podcast - speak to the silence: will reagan and united pursuit  - A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively, Date Intentionally, Love Faithfully by Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff
April 30, 2021
4. to the girl who is burnt out
real and honest, lets talk about exhaustion follow follow follow (click here!!!)
April 23, 2021
3. to the girl who is in college
this episode is all about my college experience, three years broken down into the things i have learned throughout my time in college so far. includes topics of: relationships, faith, hardships, and more! click this LINK!! to stay up to date with the blog and follow our instagram account!!
April 16, 2021
2. to the girl who interviews her best friend
todays topics include: friendship, biggest life lessons in college, and how to celebrate life. special thanks to arinn for joining me today on the podcast! as always, follow the insta and subscribe to the blog (click this!) *songs we talk about in this episode* 1. Goodness of God (live): Bethel Music 2. Jubilee: Maverick City Music 3. Gracias: Maverick City Music 4. Deja Vu: Olivia Rodrigo 5. Blow Your Mind (mwah): Dua Lipa
April 09, 2021
1. to the girl who is starting a podcast
episode 1 of to the girl who PODCAST!!! I cannot believe this is happening, but here we are!! please interact with me, I would love to know your opinions and feedback! and have a beautiful day!! Follow our insta and the podcast ALSO subscribe to the blog all on our linktree!!
April 01, 2021