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Building The Sandwich with Artisan Storytelling

Building The Sandwich with Artisan Storytelling

By Paul D. Kreiter M.Ed.
Craft your perfect presentation like an Artisan chef crafts the perfect sandwich: with a clear vision and intentionally layered ingredients and details, and served for the enjoyment of the audience. Become an Artisan Storytelling, and transform from presenter to performer, because your audience deserves an amazing show every time.
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Let It Go or Let It Linger
Do you have to, do you have to, do you have to, do you have to let it linger...or do you have to let it go?  What to make of 2020 and 2021 thus far?  We have been tested and I believe we should hang on to the lessons we've learned/are learning.  When we push outside our comfort zones we usually find out things we never knew about ourselves.  Same idea should be applied to your speaking role.  If you don't test your limits, how will you ever know what you could be?
May 7, 2021
Spring: The Season of Renewal
What can you do in the face of seemingly insurmountable difficulties, after a long, cold, Covid-19 winter? Meet these challenges head on, with courage and conviction and welcome Spring with open arms!  In life or on the speaking stage, the show goes on and you must perform at your best at all costs, because someone is always counting on you to deliver the message they need to hear to keep them moving in the right direction.
April 26, 2021
2020 and this first part of 2021 have been relentlessly difficult.  And this should remind us that we need to be and stay prepared, because the unexpected is inevitable, but our preparation and delivering despite is mandatory.  Whether life has you stuck, or your nerves creep up on you prior to taking the virtual or live speaking stage, you need to be ready; because someone in that audience is counting on you!
April 19, 2021
The Scary Side of Speaking
Speaking to an audience, virtual or in person, can be a scary thing.  But, sometimes the things that scare us the most provide us the greatest opportunities to learn something our courage and resilience.  Just like that Halloween haunted house we never thought we could make it through or that horror film we never thought we could finish, you may surprise yourself with your ability to succeed on the speaking stage.
April 10, 2021
Staying Sharp
As a presenter, it's our job to engage our audience, no matter how tired we are or overwhelmed we might be.  No matter what, we must stay sharp to deliver the perfect message for our listeners.  In this episode, we discover some of the creative benefits of being tried, and how these ideas can actually help you as a performer.
April 2, 2021
Back to School
The COVID 19 pandemic has brought so much unpredictability to our communities, and if you have children who attend school, you understand this in a special way.  But, this uncertainty may actually have taught us all something new; that there is creativity in the unknown.  Performers call this improvisation, creating something useful from seemingly nothing.  We are all improvising these days, a skill that can yield outstanding results.  Presenters, too, can learn a great deal from improv and grow as performers.  We'll explore this in Episode 4: Back to School.
March 26, 2021
You're Not Perfect and Neither Am I
Our imperfections highlight our unique qualities; these are to be celebrated, not shunned. In this episode of Building The Sandwich with Artisan Storytelling, Paul Kreiter helps you embrace the things that make you, you and be the most confident performer you can be.
March 19, 2021
Hidden In Plain Sight
Sometimes we can't see what's right there in front of our faces, until we are ready to see it.  A slight change in perspective, of our angle, a new idea to consider is all it takes to lift the veil and show us what's been there all along.  
March 11, 2021
Welcome To The World of Artisan Storytelling
The chance to share your message in front of an audience is a chance to change a life.  So, let's not waste the opportunity.  Talent agent and speaking coach Paul Kreiter gives you the format to build your sandwich and connect with and inspire your audience. 
March 3, 2021
Introducing Building The Sandwich with Artisan Storytelling
Build your presentation like an Artisan chef builds a sandwich: every detail and ingredient compliments the next, layer by layer the themes and flavors work together to serve the audience a delicious gift.  Become an Artisan Storyteller!
February 27, 2021